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to regard it as really so, or as indicative grain in many fold,-s0 likewise has this of any intention on the part of the parent divine“ seed of the kingdom” the power churches to withdraw from us, at present, of reproduction in the hearts of other that aid which they have hitherto so men; and hence it is termed, "the incheerfully given. It is, in fact, but the corruptible seed of the word of God, natural effect of that gracious influence which liveth and abideth for ever." upon them, which

them at first to Thus it is, that, after eighteen hundred send the gospel to this country ; and years, when the gospel was first given which also led the Saviour himself to to the world by the Lord Jesus Christ, say, under somewhat similar circum- it is still not only living, but, like a stances, “I must preach the kingdom of healthy, vigorous, fruitful vine, has exGod to other cities also, for therefore tended itself, and taken fast hold on am I sent.” They would, indeed, although many lands; notwithstanding the most unable at present do so, realize the determined efforts that have ever been joy which a kind parent feels on seeing made to impede its growth, nay, to a beloved child, prepared by careful eradicate it altogether. Now, seeing training, commence his course in life that the gospel has ever possessed this with a character and acquirements vital and reproductive power, in the which give promise, under the blessing hearts of people of other lands who have of God, of happiness, honour, and use- truly received it,—and after a time has fulness.

not needed the extraneous aid of those Still we would have it borne in mind, who first planted it, for its future conthat this feeling indicates a state of tinuance, as history will abundantly things which may not be trifled with, testify,—why should it not manifest the and that, taken in connexion with the same power here in India also ? If we cutting off of our supplies of European have truly received it, it must develop ministerial labour, by God's continuous the same vitality and expansiveness,dispensations, certainly demands to be it must, after due time, diffuse itself met, on our part, with the most serious among us and by us also, without the consideration of what may justly be aid of its first propagators. If what we expected from us, whether churches or profess to have received as the gospel of individuals, for the promotion of the Christ, does not produce these results, cause of Christ in this heathen land. then it will follow, either that we have

With these impressions, therefore, per- not really received it, or that what we mit us, dear brethren, to remind you, have received is not the gospel. that the gospel, which has been brought The latter cannot be true, for by ten to us at so great expense of money, thousand proofs do we know, that we labour, and human life, from a far have the words of the prophets and distant clime-is a vital and expansive apostles of Jesus Christ—those inspired system of divine truth, ,-a precious seed writings which are the true sayings of which has life in itself, and, like a grain God. The fault of unproductiveness was, of corn committed to the earth, mani- then, only in its not being properly refests its vitality, when received into the ceived; as it is said of some of old, that human heart, by producing the fruits of the word preached did not profit them, knowledge, faith, and holiness :—and, as not being mixed with faith in them that a grain of corn has within itself the heard it. power, when planted in the earth, and Doubtless, the progress of divine truth acted upon by the rain and sun from among a people to whom it is first above, of reproducing its own kind of preached, will differ under different cir


cumstances. In some places the opposi- | its legitimate influence on them. When tion offered to it will be greater than they must cease to depend on foreign in others, and its onward movement succours, at least of a pecuniary nature, will be retarded. Like ground overrun for its maintenance amongst themselves, with jungle of long standing, which or its propagation among the heathen. must first be cleared ere it can be culti-Christians here must become equally vated,-and consequently a longer period concerned for the souls of the perishing of time must elapse before a harvest can millions around them, and the glory be gathered, than in an open champaign of their Redeemer, as their fellow country at once ready for the plough ; Christians in England or America, who

where for ages error has been cared for them and sent them the established, — sustained by venerated gospel ; they must be equally willing to shastras, and an organized and jealous devote their property, and themselves, priesthood,—where superstition has in- to make sacrifices of home, and kindred, terwoven itself with all the religious and comfort, for the cause of God, with and social habits of the people, that it what they have witnessed in Christians cannot be forsaken without convulsing of other lands, since the rise of the the very framework of society,—where great missionary enterprise ; otherwise a people have so utterly forsaken God they will fail in their duty to Christ, as to have scarcely a true religious or and to their countrymen, and greatly moral principle left, as it must be con

dishonour the gospel which they profess fessed is the case with the heathen to embrace and to love. around us : under such circumstances A state of dependence and inertness it may justly be expected, that the pro- always produces a sense of weakness. gress of truth will be slower than in Those who are not accustomed to act countries where equal impediments do for themselves are too apt to entertain not exist. Still, after this allowance is the idea that they are unable to do so ; made, it must also be maintained, that and, consequently, when called upon to even here, or, if it be possible, under make independent effort, the work proyet more disadvantageous circumstances posed often appears most formidable, than are here found, when the truth nay, impracticable. In this light, it is has once obtained a lodgment, it cannot probable, many will view the subject but discover its diffusive properties : it which has now been brought forward : must make progress in spite of all oppo- perhaps it may appear quite chimerical sition ;

if it do not, it is wanting in one to some. They will be ready to say, of its essential elements. “Is not What can be done more than is done my word,” saith God, “like fire, and by Christians in this land ? What relike a hammer that breaketh the rock sources, what power, have we to sustain in pieces ?” To the like import says the gospel without foreign aid ? Where the Psalmist, “ All thy saints shall bless is the money to come from, or the men thee, O Lord! They shall speak of the to be found, which are requisite for so glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy great a work? We are few, and weak, power, to make known to the sons of and indigent; utterly incompetent to men his mighty acts, and the glorious anything of the kind now proposed. It majesty of his kingdom."

cannot be denied that the churches are The time cannot, then, be very distant, few and weak, and that they possess if it be not already arrived in respect to comparatively but a small share of this some of our churches, when the gospel world's wealth ; but still they are not must be honoured in the sight of all by so feeble as a desponding mind would

conclude, or as those may suppose who | Bengal, and not a fourth so many as bave not considered well what the are found in connexion with all denomifeeblest can do when animated by the nations of evangelical Christians here. principles and energy of the gospel: nor The cases are not parallel, it is true, is it to be admitted that the churches except in numbers, where the advantage are now working up to the ordinary or is on our side. But modern history will actual power which they possess for furnish several cases in point. To men doing good. Were it so, our prospects tion one only :-Something more than a would be hopeless indeed. It will be hundred years ago, there existed a small well, however, to consider what our pre- band of Christians in the village of sent strength really is. The statistics Hernhutt, in Germany—a feeble band of our last association give the number that stood alone ; people of mean cirof members in our churches at 900 and cumstances in life, but upon whom upwards; and the success with which rested in an abundant measure the God has blessed us during the past year spirit of the gospel. Among this people will raise that number to about 1000. arose a concern for the salvation of the

The attendants on the means of grace heathen; and two of their number, with us, who are not members, will illiterate men, offered themselves, nay, amount to about 2000 more. But to entreated of their brethren to send them confine our remarks to members only, forth as missionaries to the poor Greencan it be said that a body of a thousand landers: the church complied with their persons, either for good or evil, is a request, sustaining them with their affeeble instrument ? that such a number fection, counsel, and prayers. Money of the followers of Christ, enlightened they had little or none to give, and by his word, animated by his Spirit, and with this commenced that series of misimpelled by his commands and example, sions in Greenland, North America, and have not within them the power of the West Indies, which for labours, making vast exertions for the cause privations, and success, have commanded of their Lord and Redeemer ? Nay, the admiration and thanksgiving to God even of sustaining the gospel, and of the whole Christian church. Hence extending it on all sides, even were it is evident that if the power of Christ our present succours withdrawn? As rest upon us,-if we be rightly imbued it regards numbers, our blessed Lord with the spirit of the gospel, numbers when he ascended to heaven did not and external circumstances are of small leave so many disciples on earth, to account: weak and few though Chriscarry on the concerns of his kingdom, tians be, in Christ they can do all as there are now baptist Christians in things.

To be continued.



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"And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain, ... and taught them, saying,

Blessed are the poor in spirit.” So commences the noble and divine on the mount;" - a discourse pre-emiproduction which has been celebrated nently worthy of the Speaker, in whom for eighteen centuries as

the sermon

are hid all the treasures of wisdom and

of knowledge, and peculiarly like him, I in Jesus, and not have exclaimed with “full of grace and truth;"'

—a discourse thankfulness and joy, Verily this is the which, in the wisdom of its design and Son of God, this is the consolation of the grandeur of its views, in the piety Israel, this is the Saviour of the world. and benevolence of the spirit which it But so it was : to many who saw and breathes, in the depth and permanence heard him he appeared as a root out of of the principles which it exhibits, in a dry ground; there was no beauty in the simplicity of the motives which it him that they should desire him. Yea, inculcates, in the purity of the precepts many who beheld his wondrous works which it enjoins, in the importance of and listened to his gracious words, hated the discoveries which it makes, in the him with a cruel hatred, persecuted him certainty and authority of the truths with untiring malignity, and eventually which it reveals, and the weight of the with wicked hands crucified and slew him. sanctions which it presents, exceeds the It is our privilege that these divine most admired productions of human words have been written for our learnlearning and genius as much as the sun ing; that we can read them and exin its meridian splendour surpasses in amine them for ourselves. May the brightness, in utility, and in glory, the Spirit of all grace open our eyes that we star which twinkles in the distant may see their beauty and their signififirmament, or the glow-worm, whose cance, and remove from our minds every tiny ray may interest those who are at impediment to the cordial reception of ease, but cannot cheer or direct the them! benighted and anxious traveller. Happy We propose to offer a few remarks on the multitudes who surrounded the some of the circumstances connected divine Teacher and heard these gracious with the delivery of the sermon on the words as they proceeded from his lips! mount. The circumstances to which Thrice happy if they knew who it was we refer relate to the time, the place, that spoke to them, and if they received the audience, and the occasion of the his sayings, not as the words of man, delivery of this discourse. but as they were in truth, the words of First, the time. The sermon on the the living God, which were able to mount was delivered during the first sanctify and save their souls ! Blessed year of our Lord's public ministry, and were the ears which heard these words, at the close of his first general circuit of so full of divine wisdom and heavenly Galilee. This remark may require exgrace, as they flowed from the lips of planation. Frequently, during the incarnate Deity--those lips in which course of his ministry, we read that our there was no guile, but on which, if we Lord“ went about all Galilee,” that he may speak so, kindness ever sat en "went through all their cities and throned, and love had impressed her villages,” “teaching, preaching the kingsweetest image! We wonder not that dom of God, and healing all manner of when he had ended these sayings the peo- disease among the people.” There were ple were astonished at his doctrine; the above two hundred cities and villages in wonder is, that any could have heard | Galilee ; and it is probable that our them, could have marked the authority Lord visited the greater part of these, as well as the affectionate earnestness perhaps, indeed all of them, during the with which they were delivered, could course of his ministry. He “went about have witnessed the stupendous miracles, all Galilee” twice during each of the expressive alike of the almighty power first two years of his public labours; and the divine compassion which dwelt and the sermon on the mount was

delivered, as we have just said, at the upon that which was at once a large close of the first of these circuits. The inheritance and a desolate world; there account of this circuit is given by the he erected his altar, and gathered his evangelist Matthew. “And Jesus went family around it, and presented those about all Galilee, teaching in their sacrifices, the fragrant incense of which synagogues, and preaching the gospel encircled the throne of God, and filled of the kingdom, and healing all manner heaven with delight; there stood the of sickness, and all manner of disease cradle of the human race. On Mount among the people. And his fame went Moriah, Abraham, after a journey of throughout all Syria : and they brought three days, built an altar and presented unto him all sick people that were taken to God, in obedience to his own comwith divers diseases and torments, and mand, “his son, his only son, Isaac, those which were possessed with devils, whom he loved.” On Mount Sinai the and those which were lunatic, and those law was delivered, amidst the most that had the palsy; and he healed them solemn tokens of the divine presence. all. And there followed him great The blessings were pronounced on Mount multitudes from Galilee, and from Gerizim, and the curses on Mount Ebal, Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, and as the children of Israel entered the from Judea, and from beyond Jordan.” | promised land; while on Mount Carmel Then, at the close of this journey of the great controversy between Elijah mercy, seeing the multitudes, he went and the prophets of Baal was decided, up into a mountain and taught them. the people exclaiming as with one voice,

And this leads us to notice the place. “The Lord he is God, the Lord he is It is said by the evangelist to have been God.” Many of the most memorable a mountain. It was chosen by our events in the history of our Lord took Lord for convenience. He wished that place on mountains. When about to the multitudes who followed him might choose the twelve apostles," he went both see and hear; he therefore went up out into a mountain to pray, and conto a mountain, and sat on an eminence tinued all night in prayer to God; and which commanded a view of the assembly, when it was day, he called unto him his and taught them. It is the person, the disciples; and of them he chose twelve, purpose which he cherishes, the work in whom he also named apostles.” When which he is engaged, that makes a place he was transfigured in the presence of holy or the reverse. To the impure and three of his apostles, and of two heavenly the profane no place is holy, he con- witnesses, it was on a mountain ; " He taminates whatever he touches ; but to took Peter, and John, and James, and the Son of God every place was hallowed; went up into a mountain to pray. And to him the prow of the ship and the as he prayed, the fashion of his countemountain-side, on which he sat and nance was altered, and his raiment was from which he addressed the multitudes white and glistening. And, behold, whothronged around him,were alike holy. there talked with him two men, which

It is interesting to remark, without were Moses and Elias; who appeared in being fanciful, how many extraordinary glory, and spake of his decease which events recorded in sacred history, and he should accomplish at Jerusalem.” bearing directly on the highest interests When he wept over Jerusalem it was as of men, have occurred on mountains. he was descending the Mount of Olives. On Mount Ararat the second parent of When he foretold the destruction of the the human family first stood when he city and temple, he was sitting with left the ark; thence he looked abroad some of his disciples on the same moun


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