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He was,

boing at the same time in the service of victorious over all its enemies, and therefore Sikandar Sahib. Shortly after this he left are encouraged to go forward in the name of his employer, and became a faqir, wandering the Lord, " who wills that all men should be from one place to another, seeking rest for his saved." There is a very interesting Hindu soul; he spent some time in the jungles, after in Sainya, who has for some months beenwhich he came to Matura, the famous holy thinking seriously about his soul, and inquiring place of the Hindoos, but not being satisfied, after the way to eternal life. We trust that he he left, and passing through Agra, heard me will soon confess Christ openly. He is very preach in the Tirpoliya, where he entered regular in his attendance at the prayer-meeiinio discussion, and opposed me, but being ings. defeated, he quietly lest us.

how In the month of November I made a tour ever, deeply impressed by what he had heard, in connexion with brother Makepeace, to and came the next day to our native preachers Bhuteshwar, distant about fifty-five miles from tu inquire more concerning the truth. On Agra. It is a famous bathing-place of the another occasion, when I was engaged in Hindus, and we visited it at the period of its addressing a crowd in the, he great annual mela. It is kept in commemopassed by, and hearing a man opposing me, ration of the marriage of Mehadewo, or " the he came forward, took my part, and consuted great god," one of the most obscene of the the opponent. The following day he came heathed deities. When we arrived but few to me, saying, " that he had been deeply people were collected, but as the great day impressed, and was convinced of the truth of drew nigh crowds were pouring in for the Christianity ; that our books were true, and purpose of bathing and making offerings to that his were false, and the invention of man; the idol. What a painful ibing it is to see that he had been practising austerities for man, created at first in the likeness of his many years, and bad also visited several Maker, bowing before a lifeless stone! Alas, famous places of pilgrimage, but his mind was how much is his understanding darkened ! not at ease ; he now believed Christ Jesus to Yes, it is a beart-rending sight to see them be such a Saviour as he needed, and had rush for a drop of Ganges water for the purisought for. I explained to him the way of fication of their hearts. In that place is a salvation by Christ more fully, and he was so temple in which there are figures of Mahamuch struck by what he heard, that he at dewo, his wife Parwatti, and their son Mahes, once, without hesitation, gave up his shasters, cut out of stone. I have seen the poor Hinor sacred books, to me, and accepted in return dus gazing on them with the deepest adoration a New Testament. He soon after renounced and astonishment, bowing down and making caste, and has ever since continued with our their offerings before them; and more sari lo native brethren, and appears to be a genuine think, that they bring their little children convert. He is of a very willing disposition, with them, who are taught to do the same, reads his Testament very diligently, and 1 and when leaving the temple they, with their trust that “the love of Christ constraineth” children, cry out, Bam Mahadewo! bam him, and that he is daily "growing in grace Mabadewo!" Seeing all this, a missionary and in knowledge of the Redeemer.” For in India may lose all his courage, and well two months past he has accompanied the might he say, “ Who is sufficient ” for such a native preachers and myself on our preaching work as to put down the kingdom of Satan, excursions, and will be baptized (p.v.) on the who is leading these poor people captive at first sabbath of next month. Pray for him, his will ? But “the Lord is with us," who dear brother, that he may be kept through has said, "I will do it." Had the missionary faith unto salvation, and become a hining not the word of God on his side, had he not light” to his benighted countrymen. The his promises, which give him vigour to proLord has also blessed our humble labours in secute his work, and had he no grace, which the villages. A Hindu in the village of does support him, he would soon throw down Sainya has also been added to the church, his arms and abandon the field. Ac the end and I have good reason to think him sincere. of the fair a very interesting man, of high He has been tried much on account of the caste, came to me expressing his belief in religion of Christ, but he has come out of the what he had heard, and seemed much affected. fire as gold well purified. Since the 5th of He visited our tent for three nights, and the October last my labours have been chiefly day he was leaving the fair he came, assuring directed to the district which we have par- us of his sincerity, promising that he wouli ticularly under our cultivation. This district, not forget what had been declared to him, of which has been allotted to brother Makepeace the truth of which he was quite convinced. and myself, has not been cultivated so much We had more hearers than we were able to as that which is under brother Williams's | address. We prenched as long as our voices care. In some of the villages we have been could be heard ; we also distributed many very kindly received, and have much encour- books, which were gladly received, and reagement; but I am sorry to say that we have turned home quite fatigued and exhausted. also many opponents. But we have the pro- May, the Spirit of God, accompany the Inise that the gospel shall conquer, and he word which has been preached in much

weakness, with demonstration and power, and where the raja lives, and his troops are simany, many thousands come forward to le- tunted. This place is larger than that por clare themselves on the Lord's side!

tion of Gwalior denominated the city. On We have just returned from another excur- the morning of the day on which we comsion to Gwalior. I had cherished a desire menced our preaching I went a little before for some months past to visit that place, as my native preacher, who was bringing scripwe bad been meeting with many of the in- tures; I took as many as I could put in my habitants of that city, who seemed very favor- pockets, and soon reached a large open place, ably disposed, and desirous of reading our where I began to read a part of the fifth books. We left home on the 28th of Decem- chapter of Matthew, for the purpose of colber, 1846, and returned on the 14th of lecting a crowd, and in less than five minutes January, 1847. It took us five days to reach I was surrounded with not less than from Gwalior. We preached in all the villages three hundred to four hundred people, who through which we passed, and many heard heard very attentively. All were serious, and the gospel with great attention. On the 3rd many seemed to feel the power of the truth. we began to preach in the city of Gwalior. After having preached as long as I was able, Many hundreds heard from our lips the I distributed the books I had with me, and gospel of Jesus Christ, and sometimes my returned to look for my native preacher. I congregation consisted of more than four soon found him, and took our stand in the bundred persons, who listened with the utmost principal street. We had splendid congregaattention. We had but very few objectors. tions, and preached till we were quite exMany seemed struck with the truth, and were hausted, and then distributed a large number obliged to say that their gods were not the of books. We coutinued for three days our true God, and their religion not divine. We preaching in the Lashkar, and were kindly preached for three days in the city, and also received, and had as many hearers as could distributed many hundreds of gospels and conveniently stand in the street. May God tracts !

bless our poor and humble labours, and may On the 6th we went to the Lashkar, they not be in vain.

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BENARES. In the Benares Recorder of the 24th of November, 1846, we observe the fol lowing statement:An examination of the English and Ver

Bazar Schools. pacular Schools, connected with the Baptist 1. Sudder bazar, Secrole, English, and Urdu Mission at Benares, took place on Saturday departments morning last, at the house of Rev. G. Small, Urdu and Persian ditto.............. one of the missionaries. We were present on

2. Hindi ditto, about.................................... the occasion, and were much interested by

Total the very satisfactory exhibition made. The 3. Chowhatta, Rajghat, Hindi, and Urdu, about 45 number of scholars being greater than could

250 be all accommodated at once in the hall, the Grand total of scholars in attendance different bazar schools were first examined one by one, giving place to each other in Studies completed by the first class of succession; and then the several classes of

Bengalitolah School, the principal school (in Bengalitolah) stepped forward and gave pleasing proofs of their hall in English, by most of the boys. Matther, the

1. Holy Bible, all Genesis in Bengali, and about attainments in general, but especially religious whole : translating from English into Bengali and knowledge, through the medium of the Eng- Urdu, and half of Sermon on the Mount by heart. lish, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali tongues, all

2. Catechism (Keach's), first fifty questions.

3. English Instructor, No. 3, to page 115. of which are taught at that institution.

4. Ditto, ditto, No. 4, to page 25. We bave been favoured with a statement 6. Geography (Clift's), all Asia. of the number of boys attending the several

6. Grammar (Lepnie's), to 18th rule of syntax.

7. Arithmetic, to simple rule of three. scbools, along with a list of the studies com

8. Composition and dictation, spelling, &c. pleted during the year by the highest class of 9. Poetry, several pieces committed to memory. the English department in the last-named school, which may serve as a specimen of the

From this outline of studies, as well a system there pursued

from the general intelligence and proficiency

exhibited by the scholars (especially of the Bengalitolah Central School. English department

higher classes), we think there is much Bengali ditto

51 ground for congratulating the missionaries on Urdu ditto

13 the success of their labours, and for encourHindi ditto ...........

agement to the public to continue and extend their liberality in aid of such educational schemes.




ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. A Meeting for Special Prayer will be held in the Library of the Mission House on the morning of Thursday, April 22nd, at eleven o'clock.


The Committee have pleasure in announcing that a sermon on behalf of the Society will be preached (p.v.) by the Rev. T. WINTER, of Bristol, at Surrey Chapel on the evening of Thursday, April 22nd. Service to commence at half

past six.

A sermon will also be delivered (p.v.) at the Poultry Chapel on Wednesday morning, April 28th, service to commence at eleven. The Rev. Josias Wilson of the Presbyterian Church, River Terrace, had kindly engaged to preach, but serious illness having disabled him, the name of the preacher cannot be announced at present.

SERMONS, LORD'S DAY, APRIL 25th, The following are the arrangements (so far as completed) for April 25th.

The afternoon services marked thus are intended for the young.

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... ...

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Rev. W. B. Bowes

Rev. T. Wheeler




Rev. R. Roff


Rev. T. Swan

Brentford, New

Rev. T. Smith
Brixton Hill (Salem Chapel)... Rev. W. Fraser......

Rev. J. P. Hewlett Rev. J. Branch*
Chelsea, Paradise Chapel

Rev. E. Carey
Church Street, Blackfriars...... Rev. G. Cole

Rev. C. E. Birt, M.A.
Cumberland St., Curtain Road (In May.)
Deptford, Lower Road Rev. J. Kingsford...
Devonshire Square .... Rev.J.H.Hinton,n. Rev. J. Curwen*
Eagle Street.

Rev. T. Swan......... Rev. J. Russell *

Rev. I. Lord

Rev. Jas. Edwards



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Hoxton, Battesland Street ...... Rev. J. Cox
Islington Green
Rev. E. S. Pryce, B.A.

Rev. J. Bennett, D.D.
John Street, Bedford Row...... Rev, J. H. Evans ....
Kennington, Charles Street ... (In May.)
Keppel Street
Rev. T. F. Newman

Rev, J. Sprigg, M.A. Lambeth, Regent Street......... Rev. T. Winter

Rev. J. Bird* ......... Rev. W. Fraser Mason's Court, Shoreditch...... Rev. W. H. Elliott

Rev. J. Peacock Maze Pond

Rev. J. Acworth, LL.D. Rev. W. Fraser* Rev. E. Carey
Mill Yard, Goodman's Fields... Rev. W. H. Black..
New Park Street.......... Rev. C. Elven

Rev, C, Elven
Rev. T.Wheeler......

Rev. J. P. Hewlett
Potter's Bar...........
Rev. R. Ware

Rev. R, Ware






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... ...

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Rev. J. M. Daniell

Rev. J. Cox

Rev. G. W. Fishbourno

Prescot Street, Little

Rev, C. Stovel Romney Street, Westminster...

..." Salter's Hall ......

Rev. R. Roff ......... Shacklewell

Rev, B. Godwin, D.D.
Shakespear's Walk

Rev. T. Moore
Shouldham Street, Paddington Rev. J. Stock......... Rev. I. Soule*
Spencer Place, Goswell Road...

Trinity Chapel, Borough
Vernon Chapel, Bagnigge Rev. 0. Clarke

Wells Road

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Woolwich, Queen Street Rev. John Cox

Rev, John Cox Collections will be made after the above services.

The annual mecting of the young friends of the Society will be held on
Monday, April 26th, at Finsbury Chapel. The chair will be taken at two o'clock
in the afternoon.


Preparatory to the public meeting at Exeter Hall, a General Meeting of the members of the Society will be held at the Mission House, Moorgate Street, on the morning of Tuesday, the 27th of April, for the election of the Committee for the ensuing year, and the transaction of other business. The chair will be taken at ten o'clock.

This meeting is for members only. All subscribers of 10s. 6d. or upwards, donors of £10 or upwards, pastors of churches which make an annual contribution, or ministers who collect annually for the Society, and one of the executors on the payment of a legacy of £50 or upwards, are entitled to attend.

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The annual public meeting of the Society will be held in Exeter HALL, STRAND, on Thursday, the 29th of April: the chair will be taken by Josepp Tritton, Esq., of London, at ten o'clock. Tickets for the meeting may be obtained at the Mission House in Moorgate Street, or at the vestries of the various chapels.


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Ministers and others who intend coming to town to the meetings, and are desirous of being received into the house of some friend, are requested to send an intimation of their wish to the Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, not later than the TENTH OF April. He will have much pleasure in making the necessary arrangements.



Mr. and Mrs. Webley have arrived safely at Jacmel. An account of their voyage and first impressions is given in a letter, dated February 22nd, 1847,

You will be pleased to know that Mrs. spread to a steady breeze, when a terrific Webley and myself have now completed our storm came on almost instantaneously. Here, voyage, and are arrived at our destination. for nearly an hour, we quite despaired of ever This it was our happiness to do on the 12th reaching Jacmel, for our captain and his crew instant. Our voyage was characterized by told us they had never witnessed anything at much mercy, and not unfrequently by immi- all resembling it. You will readily conceive nent peril. Indeed, upon three occasions we of our position, with all our sails out, the expected to find a grave beneath the waters of result of which was, that the entire of the forethe Atlantic. Upon one of these we were part of the vessel was buried in the wave by the scated in the cabin reading, with all our saila storm. Our heavenly Father, however,


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