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The Contributions from CottenPunct Chapet Presteign

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Sunday Sebool, First

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The Contributions from Glas.
Contributions tar da 0 10 0

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Jamaica Sehools ...
Contributions, for du. 1 9 9

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$ Suitrations, for da 0 20 0

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Epink *** 1. o" tia EPT of the Baptist Missionary Society, up to

8. Continuery from low Herud.

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Subscriptisas and Dozatosas ia aid of the Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by William Brodie Guraey, Esq., and sereel Vorta Peto, Esq., Treasurers, of the Rev. Joseph Angus, M.A., Secretary, at the Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, London : in EdinstaG#, by the Rev. Caristopher Anderson, the Rev. Jonathan Watson, and Joko Macaodrew, Esc.; in Glasgow, by Robert Keitle, Esq.; in Dubliy, by John Parkes, Esq., Richmond Street; in Calcitta, by the Rev. James Thomas, Baptist Mission Press; and at New York, United States, by w. Colgate, Esq. Contributions

..!40 be paid in at the Bank of England to the account of “ W. B. Gurney and others."


The Committee have the satisfaction of announcing that they have made the following arrangemeuts for the ming Annual Services.

The Rev. WILLIAM Brock, of Norwich, has engaged to preach the Annual Sermon, on Friday Evening, April 23, at the Wrigh Horse CHAPEL; the use of which has been kindly granted by the Rev. T. Binney and bis friends.

The ANNUAL Meeting will be held at FINSBURY CHAPEL on Tuesday Evening the 27th instant. The chair to be taken at sıx O'CLOCK, by Wm. Vickers, Esq., of Nottingham. Dr. Price and Rev. T. JAMES, of London, Revs. T. WHEELER, of Norwich, T. F. Newman, of Short wood, H. Dowson, of Bradford, and T. BERRY, of Abbeyliex, Ireland, are expected to address the meeting.

At a meeting of the Subscribers to the Society, and Baptist ministers friendly to its principles, held at the Mission House, April 27, 184 among other resolutions, the following was passed unanimously :

" That it be suggested to the Committee to revise the constitution of the Society, and to submit the result of such revision to a meeting of members, to be called for that purpose, before the next anniversary.

The Committee appointed a Sub-Committee to consider the subject, and report thereon.

That Report was received, and after some amendments, adopted. According to Rule 8, a requisition was presented to the Secretary, signed by seven members of the Committee, to call a special meeting to consider it, and for the transaction of other business relating to the Society.

A special general meeting of the members of the Society will therefore be held at the Mission House, Moorgate Street, on Monday morning, April 26th. The chair will be taken at 10 o'clock. A full attendance is most earnestly desired. At this meeting the following document will be submitted for consideration to the members present.

CONSTITUTION OF THE BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY. 1. That the name of this Society shall be the “ Baptist Irish Society."

2. That the object of this Society is the diffusion of the gospel of Jesus Christ, by the employment of missionaries and readers, the establishment of schools, and the distribution of bibles and tracts.

3. That a donor of ten guineas or upwards at one time be a member of this Society for life. 4. That every person subscribing ten shillings and sixpence a year or upwards, and every Baptist minister making an annual contribution or collection for the Society, and one of the executors, on payment of a bequest of fifty pounds or upwards, be considered members thereof.

3. That the concerns of the Society be managed by a Treasurer and Secretary, and a. Committee of not less than twenty members, to meet in London once every month, or oftener if necessary, five to be a quorum. The Committee to be empowered to fill up Facancies.

6. That a general meeting of members only be held every year, at which the proceedings of the past year be reported, and the officers chosen for the year ensuing.

7. That a general meeting of the Society may be called by any seven members of the Committee by giving a month's notice in writing to the Secretary.

8. That the Treasurer present to the Committee, half-yearly, an account of the state of the funds ; and not pay any bills on behalf of the Society, without an order signed by two members of the Committee.

9. That all ministers, members of the Society, at liberty to attend all meetings of the Committee.

10. That a public meeting of the Society shall be held annually, when the list of the Committee and officers shall be read, accounts presented, and the proceedings of the previous year reported.

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TIK ET BELEE. shor has je seat tite 320

Pe mare, con il maghan Frites, since T 145 are teen envouring is much as

12. vertingisole ny neighbours These is are ast. Pat Teru

1. CUSU Bing roi's word. And,

eces, los 3 be ime to siminister comfort. qua auraient no he same of the Ay Yus a nie wr a jouse an you enter with2 min he an *** 3 spl peasant, is

I eng te comfurties and the sick. * nuo pat plorant not jnergeeter. mer nie per reathe put their sorrows ther Moking tingnya sepiustion - 1. ri ntimatzi isten D De Suresv in one who has tasted to me in themaplus BT Butua mnrer at the Lani s nacious, nust not be alive ention, they had to the question and ins Fors. Srodna megfonduet, styre I understoot they made soon finiringat at ass in a serons 4. Dumore. Mz. VI Clure states, vý. Thay nil maar a man om enl chase there are many who used to go with the We Harton, con

mz'made to do evil. ylio are now con1991, why happenent she with us at the tim, AASTAS PATJ Drhtanle address The

stast in their attendance on the means Wheria wat 7,04 *** porn, varig senenon and inte of zrace, acd are cares y reading the Haay May every“ tren for mad" erabie

word. Three persoos bare giren good t* to Aruva me vi igence in the work of the evidence that they have believed through


A CASE SEEDING HELP, AND WHICH HAS HAD IT. ving till the Readers speak of the Destitution prevails here to an alarming

nuntion to divine things as extent. I have been obliged to discontinue


visiting some families, because I had not the him to the bread of life. Before I went I means of helping them to buy food. It would asked him what value extreme unction was recupy one person's time to answer the to him now. Taking up a pinch of ashes, knocks at my door, morning and evening, by he replied, 'As much as this! Jesus was the poor. A grant from the Relief Fund wounded for my transgressions. His blood Tould greatly assist me. I can testify that atones for my sins. He died for me, and my fellow countrymen are feeling increasingly rose again for my justification. I had to grateful for the kindness shown to them. spend more time in reading in this part. Could I give temporal food, it would greatly There is a great thirst for the word. increase my opportunities of breaking the On my return from E-, I got into a bread of life, and, by God's blessing, spiritual small cottage, and found a family sitting good would be imparted to their souls. around a boy who, by a glimmering light,

was reading in the Irish testament. As I Par. BRENNAN finds the same state of bad often visited them before, they were glad

to see me again. They are anxious for a mind in many of the people in his dis

knowledge of divine things. trict. In his monthly report up to the

The Lord is working a mighty work in our December 31, he states :

land, which all the priests will not be able to ASKING FOR THE BREAD OF LIFE. gainsay or resist. The most ignorant about us Although surrounded with scenes of misery, see it. May the God of all grace work in us, yet the Lord seems to be carrying on his own and by us, for His name's sake. Fork in the hearts of the people. I find the

Thomas CookE mentions several intepoor very willing to hear the word of God. They admit that He is justly punishing them resting facts which show the gradual for their rejection of it. A few days ago I progress of the truth. He also speaks of visited a poor family, and was told that not the efforts made to obstruct it. We one of them had eaten a morsel for two days give a striking example, even during the except one meal. I opened the 6th chapter prevalence of famine and death, of of John, and read what Jesus says of himself, that he was the bread of life come down from heaven.' 'Ah,' said the poor man, The priest of K-warns the people, 'the value of that bread is indeed great. from the altar, of the smiling man from the O God! give us that bread.' Before night mountain, or he will catch you, and you will I got a shilling for them to buy some food. surely be lost for ever. Lately I have had

two or three Romanists attending the bible

class, and Lord's day morning meetings. By Since my last one of my neighbours has these means they have heard so much of the given good evidence that the word of God nature of popery, that they do not go either to has come with power to his heart. He has

mass or to the priest. He tried to keep these attended our meetings for some time. He poor men from getting employment on the told me lately that he felt uneasy that he had Public Works. But I wrote for them to the delayed to confess Christ.

When Mr. Jack- Secretary and Chairman, and succeeded in man comes here I hope he will be baptized, getting them work. Brother S-'s school His early days were spent as a soldier, and is greatly opposed by the priests. Were it he often laments the careless life he led. not so, we should have more than one hundred Now he blesses God that ever he was brought scholars. Their opposition would not avail here.

much, but for their influence in putting the

people on the Public Works. RICHARD MOORE, a reader, stationed in another district, gives a similar testi

Nearly thirty families have applied to be mony. Thus we see that the state of admitted to our church. I was told that mind described is almost general, inas- some papers were put up, in public places, to much as it is observed by all the agents, come to me, and they should have £5 if they both missionaries and readers.

did. I explained to them the mistake, and

that they must give themselves to the Lord, THE VALUE OF HUMAN RITES.

then the people of God would find them out, After inspecting a school, I remained that and receive them, but that honest New Testaday and part of the next, reading the Scrip- ment baptists could not do otherwise than I tures to poor Romanists. Many are neither had done. asbamed nor afraid to declare they believe the priests have not the truth. I'visited a man who would have perished for want, but The ten places where I hold prayer-meetfor the assistance you sent him. I directed | ings are going on well. I visit some every




£ & d.

£ 8. d.
Llangollen, &c., by Rev.
R. S. Jones ............

13 1 0

£ 8. d.
Middle Mill, by Rev. W.

34 00

Graham's Town


53 15 6



The Contributions from CottenPandy'r Chapel Presteign

ham, Cambridgeshire, in the OcCollection

0 12 9

Jones, Mr. T............ 0 10 Otober Herald, should have been Contributions 2 19 0

entered thus:-
Do., for Dove .........
1 2 10

Cottenham -

Collection ............ 18 14 6

Sunday School, First
Contributions, for


1 10 0 SOUTH WALES, on ac


0 8 6 count, by Rev. B. Prico 2000 Anstruther

The Contributions from Glas.
Contributions, for do. 0 10 0

gow acknowledged in the Herald

have been Llandovery

2 0 0 Contributions, for do. 2 10 0 for March, should

specified as follows :-
Contributions, for do. 2 1 9 Por general purposes ... 124 13 6

Contributions, for do. 1 9 9 Jamaica Sehools ...

050 Contributions, for

KirkaldyDove......... 1 80 Contributions, for do. 0 10 0

150 00

..... 20 00


Received on account of the DEBT of the Baptist Missionary Society, up to

March 18, 1847,- Continued from last Herald.

£ 8. d.
£ s. d.

£ 8. d. CORNWALL.


Lincoln 8 13 0

1 10 6


Fynnon Henry

2 12 9 Colchester

6 3 6 Clipstone, balance 0 11 liford, by Miss Rose 0 14 0


Lewes, by Mr. J. Ham-

Neath, Tabernacle 0 120 Thornbury

0 80

2 2 0


Abergavenny, by Misses
E. and S. Evans

1 60 Barnard, Mr. J......... 0 10 0 Street

25 5 0

4 150
Henley in Arden 08 01
Inskip, by Rev. B. Evans 0 12


Liverpool, Soho Street... 3 6 0 Sheffield, Townhead St. 6 6 0 Graham's Town

3 90

Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by William Brodie Gurney, Esq., and Samuel Morton Peto, Esq., Treasurers, or the Rev. Joseph Angus, M.A., Secretary, at the Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, LONDON : in EdinBURGH, by the Rev. Christopher Anderson, the Rev. Jonathan Watson, and John Macandrew, Esq.; in Glasgow, by Robert Keitle, Esq.; in Dublin, by John Parkes, Esq., Richmond Street; in CALCUTTA, by the Rev. James Thomas, Baptist Mission Press; and at New YORK, United States, by W. Colgate, Esq.

Contributions can also be paid in at the Bank of England to the account of “ W. B. Gurney and others."

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