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The Committee of the Baptist Missionary | pastor, and the Benevolent Institution without Society close the duties entrusted to them a superintendent. last year by the following report of the Painful as these dispensations are, they are labours of their brethren, and of the various not so numerous as the experience of mermeasures they have taken for promoting the cantile companies trading with the countries interest of the Mission. Their holiest services where our brethren reside might have led us have been mingled with much imperfection, to fear. Ten years is the average duration of they have needed the prayers of the churches, continued service in India among civilians. and the merciful and forgiving regard of their If our brethren were compelled to return at as Lord. The Committee trust that these brief intervals, we should have at least eight prayers and that compassion have not been missionaries at home every year. Trying as withheld.

our bereavements are, they are less numerous The Report presented at the annual meeting by nearly one half than the average deaths of of 18 46 was sadilened by the record of the deaih Europeans in such climates. of some of our noblest representatives among There are other alleviations. The labours the heathen. Yates and Knibb had fallen. I of Mr. Francies have been admirably susWe mourned their loss, though not doubtingtained by Miss Harris, who, in addition to that their work was done, and that their many other cares, has carried on all the places would, in the end, be supplied. The services at Jacmel, and gained the admiration Report for 1847 must contain a record as of the whole community. The Committee painful. During the year, our brethren the have now sent to that important field Mr. aod Rev. T. Burchell

, the tried and faithful Mrs. Webley. Five hundred pounds profriend of the negro, and the Rev. E. J. Fran- mised at the last meeting has been set apart cies, whose name will be long fragrant in for their outfit and support. Mr. Lewis, who Haici, and the Rev. H. J. Dution, of Bethany, sailed in 1845 for Colombo, the Committee Jamaica, have fallen martyrs to their work, are enabled to release from that station, and and entered upon their rest. The Committee he has gone to strengthen the weakened band cannot now speak of the unbroken band of of our brethren in India. At Madras an imlabourers in Africa. Our brethren Thompson portant new station has been formed under and Sturgeon are both gone; the place that circumstances that seemed too obviously the once knew them knows them no more. finger of God to justify our refusal, one or The grace that made them what they were, two friends in that city having guaranteed the continued to cheer them in their dying mo- support of a missionary for seven years, if the ments, enabled them to bear witness to the Committee would obtain one. Mr. Page has loving-kindness of their Redeemer, and it will been accepted for the post ; and though it is be recompensed (though itself a gift) “ at the one of much delicacy and importance, they resurrection of the just."

believe that they have been guided to a wise More mysterious, perhaps, than the re- choice. Others, also, have offered for India, moval by death of their breihren, and well and one has been accepted, on condition that nigh as painful, is the ill health of several the funds of the Society will allow of our who are still in the field. They serve, though sending him out. it be only in standing and waiting. They

INDIA. need and have your sympathy, and the Society need it too. In Africa ihe health of several Though it will be seen that numerically of our brethren has failed. The Europeans our strength has been weakened by the and the West Indians have alike suffered, way,” the missions of the Society in India are and the Committee fear that before long it in a prosperous state. A larger number of may be found necessary for some of them to volumes of scripture have been printed than re-visit their native shores. In India three, for several previous years. Three thousand at least, of their brethren have been laid aside volumes in Sanscrit, 69,000 in Bengali, and by the infirmity of age or permanent sickness. 12,000 volumes in Hindi have been issued Mr. Macintosh has been compelled to re- from the press. At eleven stations alone linquish his labours at Allahabad. Mr. Fink 79,549 tracts were distributed by our brethren, has left Chittagong, and Mr. Leonard, of and 40,000 volumes of parts of the word of Dacca, has closed his schools, and seems God. A large number, but small compared waiting for his final summons. From want with the population. Tracts and bibles comof labourers whom God seemed to have called bined are not sufficient to have supplied half to the work, the Committee have not been the people that our missionaries met in the able to provide for these vacancies. In Cal- monibs of June and July at some festivals in cutta the place of Mr. Evans is still unsup- the neighbourhood of Serampore. Two hun. plied. The Lal Bazar church is without a dred and fifty thousand persons wholly given

In Sanscrit

In Hindi


Native Preachers.

to idolatry were assembled at that time.| edition of the New Testament, of 2500 Fifteen thousand tracts were distributed among copies, has advanced to the fourteenth chapter them.

of Mark. In the work of conversion the signs of the In all there have issued from the press times are cheering. At one station 173 per- during the year :sons were baptized last year, and a cautious

3,000 volumes. observer states that there is every reason to In Bengali

69,000 regard the whole movement as truly the work

12,000 of God. In all India the baptisms have

84,000 amounted to 331 ; a larger number in one year than our mission has ever known. The being, for the most part, single gospels, state of the people, the extensive diffusion of The number of volumes which have been truth, the weakness of the old superstition, issued from the depository for distribution the rapid prevalence of the gospel in all ages amounts to 45,685. when once it has gained a footing, and has These operations in printing and distributing begun to prevail, all combine with the pro- the word of God in the languages of India mises of the bible, that these successes are continue to be supported by donations rethe drops that precede the shower, the dawn- ceived from the Bible Translation Society ings of a light that is to shine brighter and and other friends in England, from the brighter, even in India, to the perfect day. American and Foreign Bible Society, and

The total number of members in India at from friends in this country. the close of the year was 1842; a clear increase over last year of about 200.

I. CALCUTTA AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. The day-schools are in number 102 ; the Nine Stations--Eleven Sub-stations-Eleven Mischildren in attendance 4390, being an increase sionaries-Seven Female Missionaries--Eighteen of 431.

Financially our Indian churches are not The distribution of mission strength in less encouraging. Three of them entirely Calcutta has undergone no change during support their own pastors. They have raised the year. The churches at Allahabad and besides, in aid of the general objects of the Sadamahl have become extinct through the Society, upwards of £1500. A considerable removal of their members. Mr. Heinig now part of this sum has indeed been given by the occupies Chunar; and Mr. Dannenberg is friends of missions generally, £500 of it being stationed at Agra. a contribution towards the debt of the Society.

PREACHING TO THE HEATHEN AND MUHAMBut this gift speaks as favourably for the

MADANS. character of our brethren and their churches as if they had given it themselves. The Messrs. Aratoon, Leslie, Page, and Wenchurches have also raised about £750 to meet ger, have been engaged during most of the incidental expenses connected with their wor- year in preaching the gospel in the streets of ship. This sum is, of course, not reckoned Calcutta ; and Messrs. W. Thomas and De among the receipts of the Society.

Monte bave been similarly employed about Though in the work of biblical translation one week in each month. Mr. Page has the Committee bave had to deplore the loss of devoted special attention to the numerous Dr. Yates, they devoutly recognize the hand class of people daily crowding the ghats at of God in preserving him till others were the river side. Four native brethren, also, raised up to enter upon his Jabours. Early with the occasional assistance of two or three last year Mr. Leslie entered upon the work


gone out regularly to proclaim the of revising and carrying through the press the good tidings. New Testament in Hindi, The printing bas Mr. Morgan and his native assistant have advanced to the commencement of John, continued to preach almost daily at Haurah, whilst of Matthew 8200 copies, and of Mark Salkiya, and a number of places in the sur. 4000 copies, have been struck off for separate rounding district; whilst from the village distribution.

stations of Narsingdachoke, Lakhyantipur, lo Bengali an edition of the New Testa- and Khari, the glad sound has been proment, of 4000 copies, has been completed. claimed week after week in the villages and There have also been printed, for separate market-places around. distribution, of the gospel by Matthew 15,000 of itinerancies may be mentioned one copies, of Mark 15,000 copies, of Luke 15,000 made across the country from Chogrlah to copies, of the Acts 10,000 copies, of Luke and Jessore and back, by Mr. Page and a friend, · Acts together 5000 ies, of Genesis, with accompanied by two native brethren. They part of Exodus, 5000 copies, whilst an edition were particularly favoured in meeting almost of the gospel by John, of 15,000 copies, is daily with opportunities of preaching to large dow in the press.

crowds assembled in markets. Mr. Pearce In Sanscrit a 'new edition of the book of has also made an extensive tour, during. Proverbs, of 3000 copies, issued from the which he and two native preachers, as they press in the early part of the year, whilst an proceeded up the Hooghly and Jellinghee,


during the year. The congregation has, how. people will be visited more regularly than and effectively in the surrounding villages.

There is a good school, and many of the lads

and thence down the Padma, until they had preached the word with diligence throughout to strike off for Barisal, embraced numerous ihe year. Their labours have extended from opportunities of making the Saviour known to Ballvganj to Manicktollah, and on the east the people along their way.

Balliah ghat and along the bank of the canal. The actual results of their labours it is not in the attention of the people they have felt casy to state ; nevertheless the word of the much encouraged. Four persons have been Lord standeth sure. It shall not return unio baptized and added to the church in Intally, him void ; it shall accomplish that which he but the number of members is not much pleaseth, and it shall prosper in the thing increased, owing to deaih, and exclusions, whereto be sent it.

and the removal of several members to other

churches. The attendance on the Lord's day 1. Church in Circular Road-English.* services has suffered liale diminution. Al Pastor............................. Rev. A. Leslie. the service for family worship in the morning

it is pleasing to state that many of the Hindu This church defrays its expenditure from its own

youths belonging to the adjoining English

school have attended for several months The congregation meeting in this place of voluntarily, and behaved themselves with worship continues to be encouraging, thưugh much attention. in respect 10 the spiritual the church has received few additions. The character of the generality of the church sabbath-school and bible-class have been inembers here, Mi. Pearce adds, “ Truth coptinued ; and Mr. Leslie has engaged in

compels me to state that the review of the preaching to the natives. The present num- year affords more occasion for humiliation ber of members is 78.

and sorrow than satisfaction and encourage2.Church in Lal Basar~Mixed.

ment. May God in mercy soon visit us again,

and grant a sanctifying and regenerating Acting Pastor.......... Rev. J. Thomag. effect to the dispensation of the word ard Native Preacher ............ Ramhari.

ordinances of his house." The present numThis church defrays its present expenses from ber of members is forty-five. This church, though still deprived of the

5.-- Church at Narsingdachoke Native, services of a regular pastor, has enjoyed the public ordinances of religion all the year

About 16 miles south of Calcutta. round; the morning services on the Lord's

Rev. J. C. Page.

Pastors... ..... day having beep conducted by Mr. Thomas, whilst in the evening ministers of various denominations have usually preached the gospel. The week-day services have for the

The state of this church is discouraging, 1 ost part been conducted by Messrs. Leslie It was found necessary during the year to aud Page.

The present number of members exclude eleven members, not on account of is 112.

immorality, but of indifference to the means

of grace. The pastors write :-“ We mourn 3.-Church in South Kalinga--Native. over the absence of piety rather than the Pastors......... Rev. J. Wenger, Shujaatali.

presence of vice or wickedness." The attend. The pastor's salary is derived

from the Parent hundred persons. The present number of

ance on the Lord's day amounts to about Society; the other expenses are mainly defrayed by

members is forty-three. Both the church and congregation continue very small, but among the members 6.Church at Malayapur-Native. there has been scarcely any occasion to

About 20 miles south of Calcutta. exercise discipline. The present number is

Pastor thirty-one.

Tro Native Preachers. 4.-Church at Intally-Native.

At this station there have been no baptisms Pastor

.............. Rev. G. Pearce.

Three Native Preachers. The current expenses of this and the four fol. it is hoped, making progress in divine know

ever, somewhat increased, and the people are, native assistant, ce mainly paid by the auxiliary friends

, another preacher has been appointed missionaries and assistant pastors, al sor those this to this station, by which arrangement the six native preachers.

its own resources.

W. Thomas

Five Natire Preachers.

the church itself.

.Rev. G. Pearce.


The designations English, Native, Mixed, refer o the languages in which divine worship is con. ducted

have made substantial progress. The present number of members is six.

7.- Church at Lakhyantipur-Native. which, however, will be required for repairing Abont 35 miles south of Calcutta.

the premises. Pastors ...... Rev. G. Pearce, Rev. F. De Monte.

2.-The Intally Christian Institution, or Three Natire Preachers.

Mission School. The state of things at this station has been This school, which is composed chiefly of very painful during nearly the whole of the Hindu and Muhammadan boys, has been year. There have been no baptisms, and the variable in ils character during the year. school has been closed. At Dhankata, however, For the first six months its numbers were the school has fourished; the scholars having, about eighty; latterly, owing to the temporary during the favourable season, risen in number illness of the master, they have not been so as high as sixty. The preseut number of many. A considerable amount of religious members is seventy-seven.

instruction has been imparted, and several

of the elder boys have evinced a disposition 8.-Church al Khari-Native. favourable to the gospel, one evidence of About 50 miles south of Calcutta.

which is their voluntary attendance on Chris

tian worship at Mr. Pearce's residence. This Pastors ......Rer. G. Pearce, Rev. Jacob Mandal.

Institution, together with three native schools One Native Preacher.

at Mr. Pearce's village stations, is supported The native pastor of the church at this by the zealous efforts of ladies connected with station, and his co-adjutor, have laboured the Circular Road Chapel congregation. throughout the year with commendable dili. gence for the spiritual improvement of the

3.—The Native Christian Institution, or people of tbeir charge. Four persons have

Boarding School. been added by baptism to the church, while

The four young men mentioned as students encouraging signs appear in several others in of theology in the Report of the last year, the congregation. We are happy to report have since left the Institution, and have been that the spirit of liberality has been cherished, appointed to different stations in connexion and that collections for various objects have, with missionary work. in consequence, been made with readiness. It is the more pleasing, that this effort of to other causes, the vacancies thus occasioned

Owing partly to want of funds, and partly mercy originated with themselves. During have not been filled up. The Institution is, the past year the church has enjoyed more therefore, greatly reduced in numbers, and as internal peace than for several previous years; the deficiency of funds is still severely felt by but we are sorry to add that it has not been the Parent Society, and other duties press free from trouble from without, chiefly occa. heavily on Mr. Pearce, it seems probable that sioned by the opposition shown by the agents the school department of the Institution will, of the Propagation Society, who are more for a season, be conducted on a limited scale. active enemies than the heathen themselves.

The female department, under the superThe present number of members is thirty- intendence of Mrs. Pearce and Miss Packer, nine.

is in a salisfactory condition, and numbers

about twenty-five girls. 9.- Church at Haurah- Mired, ................ Rev. T. Morgan. Under Mr. Morgan's care at Haurah is an

English school, aitended at the close of the Regarding the state of this church Mr. year by twenty-eigbt girls and twenty boys ;

and three village schools, at a distance, aro Morgan says :-"I feel some confidence in

attended by 210 boys. stating that we have now more of the elements

The total number of members connected of permanent prosperity than in former years. with churches in Calcutta is 462 ; somewhat The native members have attended the ser- less than last year: of schools seventeen, and vices regularly, and exhibited some pleasing of scholars 988. Our brethren are greatly in traits of the Christian character, but they need of help for schools under their care. have not come unto a perfect man." The present number of members is thirty-one.


Seventeen Stations-Twenty-four Sub-stationsEDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN CALCUTTA.

Twenty-four Missionaries-Nino Female Mis1.-The Benevolent Institution

sionaries-Forty-nine Native Preachers and Has been attended daily throughout the year by about 160 boys and 60 girls, and it is

1.-SERAM PORE. hoped has continued to prove useful to the

Commenced in 1799. youth of a much neglected class of people. The accounts showed, at the end of the year, This town, formerly a Danish settlement, 1 balance in hand of about 1000 rupees, has recently been added to the British do


On Natire Preacher.

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