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whose hearts would be broken at the bestow upon you.” You shall share our thought of being left behind ? who, in- sorrows and our pleasures ; you shall stead of refusing or hesitating with share our reproaches for Jesus' name, Hobab, though weeping, would rather but you shall also share those joys like Ruth exclaim, “Entreat me not which are unspeakable, and the few to leave thee ?" Are you willing to and temporary sorrows which you may forego all for Christ ? Do you wish to be called to experience, shall be more live and die in the service of God ? than counterbalanced by “the far more Are you saying, “We will go with you, exceeding and eternal weight of glory" for we have heard that God is with which awaits you when the pilgrimage you.” “Come thou, and it shall come of life is ended, and you shall be adto pass that whatever good thing the mitted into the immediate presence of Lord shall bestow upon us, that will we God.




ASSEMBLED AT LEEDS, MAY 25, 26, & 27, 1847.

DEAR BRETHREN,—We trust you will perpetual slumber, only by the stimunot think it assumption on our part, if | lating efforts of evangelical dissenters. we venture to lay before you our view It is too evident to need proof, that of the dangers which now threaten the all leading statesmen wish for a state churches of Jesus Christ, and of our cor- endowment of every religious sect; a responding duty as faithful servants of plan politically equitable indeed, but a the Lord. We only wish to impart scheme to which, from its open conand receive the benefit of Christian tempt for revealed truth, no devout counsel.

believer can ever be reconciled. The To us evangelical religion appears policy of modern statesmen has been to be placed in imminent danger ; to get a false principle into our statute Satan and the world are employing far book, in some measure too small to more dangerous weapons against the arouse universal opposition, and then church of God than formerly ; instead unblushingly to tell us that we must of persecution, they are trying seduc- extend the operation of a principle tion ; instead of bonds and imprison- which we have once admitted. What ment, liberty, falsely so called ; instead they dare not attempt at once they of imposing fines, they are holding compass by degrees. For instance, a forth bribes. The old system which small annual grant to Maynooth, begun stirred up Christians to resist or escape, by a past generation, was their grand to watch and pray, is renounced for argument for our giving it a large and one to lull us to sleep. Dissent will perpetual endowment; a £30,000 grant now have to pass through that “ en- to all sects for building school-rooms, is chanted ground” of proffered state the argument why we must go on to patronage, on which so many churches bribe the teachers and scholars of all have slept never to awake ; and on sects. Soon they will plead that they which others are kept from entire and ought to build places of worship for all,

which pays

out of the national funds, as well as is with us." Let, then, “the God of school-rooms, and pay the teacher of Jacob be our refuge." religion, as well in the pulpit as in the But secondly, brethren, we should school. They will first tell us, it is unanimously use right means with our absurd for the state to train up Roman fellow men. We must not fail to make catholic priests, and not afterwards all our own people thoroughly acquainted pay them for the work to which it with the principles of dissent. They has trained them, and then add that should all be dissenters, not from cusof course a Protestant (?) government tom, but from intelligent allegiance to

Romish priests, ought much Christ. It is our imperative duty to more to pay the members of all pro- diffuse the knowledge of our principles testant sects,

far more than we have done by tracts, We wish, then, brethren, to suggest to lectures, and public meetings. Thouyou the importance of cordial unanimity sands who know not what we mean by at this crisis amongst all who love the the Separation of Church and State, truth as it is in Jesus,—unanimity in would, if they were informed, approve our earnest supplications to God, and in its self-evident propriety. Thousands the course we take with and before our more need but a little reasoning in a fellow-men. In time of persecution, Christian spirit, in order to convince brethren, “prayer has often been made them. of the church unto God without ceasing." The Anti-State-Church Conference, There is even greater need for prayer and an important meeting of Yorkshire now. Our temptations are more dan- dissenters, held in the town in which gerous, because more insidious.


we are assembled, have recommended fire of state persecution often rendered dissenters to abstain wholly from mere the fine gold of faith yet finer ; but the party politics at the next election, and gifts of state bribery can only alloy and to give no vote at all, where they could debase the precious “gift of God.” not give one for an anti-state-church Yet the former we naturally flee from ; candidate : may we be permitted to for the latter we are strongly tempted second this recommendation? Dissenters to open our hand. Never, therefore, has are often accused of being political

. the church of Christ had greater need Let us expose ourselves to such a charge to plead, in the words of its Head, no longer. If we have supported “Lead us not into temptation, but measures which we held to be for the deliver us from evil.” Possibly God good of the nation, to be political in has permitted our legislators to treat this sense was simply to be benevolent with such unwonted contempt our peti- or just ; but if our accusers mean that tions against the Maynooth bill and the we addicted ourselves to party as such Minutes of Privy Council, to make us --we have been wrong if we have done more earnest petitioners to a throne of this. Let us present no appearance of grace, than to the throne and senators repeating this wrong ; recognise neither of our land. He wishes to remind us of two parties who are equally deterthat, especially in matters touching his mined to trample under feet your most church, our principal hope should be, sacred principles. not our supposed influence with the The attempt is being made to bring rulers of this world, but our certain all the churches of Christ in Britain into influence with the King of kings and bondage to the state ; reserve your votes Lord of lords. We are sure, brethren, for their entire emancipation. Refuse that in this cause The Lord of hosts to give them to a spiritual slaveholder,

for as such we must regard the legis- | lighten them. Let us not merit conlator who endows religion.

tempt by talking of principle and acting We are aware, brethren, that you on expediency, by proclaiming our prinwill expose yourselves by this course to ciple as from heaven, and voting for much obloquy, and be stigmatized by those who trample on it, as if it were of many current epithets of abuso. Be men. We must stedfastly refuse to not moved, brethren. Take your stand vote for the bribers of the church of on principle. Touch not government Christ. It must be a disqualification money. Vote not for those who would which no temporal ends will permit us lead you into temptation. God has to overlook. Politicians will then begin delivered you from state persecution ; to examine the cause. They will perbe not so ungrateful to him as to yield ceive its merits. They will acquire in to state bribery.

the investigation, a higher sense of the Brethren, we have ventured to appeal nature of religion itself. Like Pharaoh to you, because our only hope in this and his people, if they lose some of their contest is in our God, and in the people favourites from the next House of Comof our God. Worldly rulers, worldly mons, they may be better disposed to ecclesiastics, and worldly men, under- let the Lord's people go-go free from stand not your views of the spirituality all state bondage,—that they may serve of religion. They look upon it chiefly Him. in its social bearings; we, in its relation Events, however, we leave with the to God and eternity. Ignorant of that Lord. Duty, self-denying duty, is ours. spirit by which our Lord governs and Let us only ask of Him grace to be supports his church, they vainly imagine faithful to his truth, whether in the to help the church of Christ, by state hour of persecution or in the hour of bribes and the physical force of human seduction. law. Let our practical firmness en



Many persons, in their eagerness to that believers are cleansed by the blood support orthodoxy as a system, speak of of atonement; that their hearts are salvation by grace and faith in such a purified by faith, which works by love, manner as to undervalue holiness and a and overcometh the world ; and that life devoted to God. But there is no the grace that brings salvation to all ground for this in the Holy Scriptures. men, teaches those who receive it, that, The same gospel that declares salvation denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, to be freely by the grace of God through they should live soberly, righteously, faith in the blood of Christ, and asserts, and godly, in this present world. Any in the strongest terms, that sinners are fear that the doctrine of grace will justified by the righteousness of the suffer from the most strenuous inculcaSaviour imputed to them on their be- tion of good works on a scriptural lieving in him, without any respect to foundation, betrays an inadequate and works of law, also assures us, that greatly defective acquaintance with without holiness, no man shall see God; divine truth, and any tampering with

the Scriptures, in order to silence their ancient nations who professed the testimony in favour of the fruits of grossest idolatries, and modern nations, righteousness, as absolutely necessary in which are either pagan or Mahommedan, the Christian, is a perversion and forgery they will find examples of devotedness with respect to the word of God. Holiness and superstitious piety, which go far is as necessary as faith, but it is neces- beyond those that, under the Christian sary for a different purpose. When name, appear to them to be either methese purposes are clearly discerned, ritorious, or in some way giving a claim there will appear no clashing between to divine favour. The austerities of faith and works, between justification heathenism and of false religion, have by grace through the atonement, and infinitely surpassed the severity of Christhe fruits of this in righteousness and tian superstitions. holiness.

The following article is extracted from On the other hand, there are many a newspaper : who, not discriminating between the “ The continuance of the Rhamazan holiness which is produced by the belief keeps every thing connected with politics of the truth, and that counterfeit piety in the most perfect state of stagnation which is the offspring of ignorance and at Constantinople ; fasting, praying, superstition, think favourably of all promenading all day, and feasting, and who are greatly devoted to external making merry all night, is all that is acts of religion. The man who prays, now going on ; and every thing, except must, in their estimation, be a man in such daily business as cannot be interfavour with God, without considering rupted, is put off till the approaching that he may be praying, not like Paul Bairam. The painfully rigid observance after his conversion, but like the Pha- which Mahommedans pay to the keeping risee for ostentation, or as a legal price of the fast of Rhamazan, throughout for his salvation. If he fasts, however the whole month, is most remarkable, superstitious may be his views of reli- and forms a striking contrast to the gion, it is hoped that God will accept misnamed fasts in catholic countries. so much piety, though it be in igno- Here no exception is made in favour of

If he aflicts himself, and does a fine piece of fish, or a dainty omelette, many things with a view to please God, under the plea of its not being flesh; and appease his wrath, it is hard to nor are any discussions entered into as think, as appears to them, that it will to what may be eaten or what may not ; be utterly without advantage to him in the term fast, or Islam, means total abthe final day of reckoning. A pillar stinence; and from the time the first saint may to them be an object of con- rays of sun appear above the horizon, tempt, but they will not be so uncha- till the Murzzim from the minaret proritable as to suppose that his austerities claims the hour of sunset prayer, no will not be rewarded, or at least gra- morsel of food of any kind passes the ciously accepted in the judgment. lips of the rigid Moslem; and even

These observations forcibly strike us when the Rhamazan falls in the hottest in reading the following account of the months of summer, which it sometimes austerities with which the Mahomme-does, (the lunar calendar used by the dans observe their fast, Rhamazan. Arabians, bringing it of course through

If persons who set so high a value on all the seasons every thirty-three years,) merely external acts of devotion and the hardy Homal in the streets, and the religious austerities under the Christian Caiqnegi at his oars, toils through the name, would turn their eyes to the labours of the day, exposed for so many


hours to the broiling sun, without per- | world of Stamboul, not excepting the mitting themselves even a drop of water Sultan himself, may be seen prometo moisten their parching lips. This, nading in the large open space in front however, is not all, for incredible as it of the Seraskier Pacha's. The sultan, may appear, it is no less a fact, that to who is incog. on these occasions, passes some of the more rigid Mussulmans, almost unheeded through the crowd, even the hours of sunset scarce can be and when he has fatigued himself with said to bring a breaking of the fast, walking or riding, he seats himself in since during the night, when it is per- the shop of a tobacconist near the end mitted to eat, they scarce take what is of the promenade, from whence he sufficient to support nature. During amuses himself in contemplating the the month Rhamazan, which thus con- gay scene before him. In the evening, verts night into day, the nature and the mosques and houses are all partially habits of the Turk may be said to be illuminated the streets are again come entirely changed. Instead of filled, and every calire is crowded with rising as usual, with the first beams of smokers, enjoying the so-long forthe morning, and retiring to rest again bidden chibouque, and amusing themat a very early hour, he very rarely selves with story-telling, magic lanquits his couch till mid-day, and de- terns, &c. till morning's dawn again prived even of the pleasure of his pipe, obliges them to commence their rithus endeavours by sleep to get through gorous abstinence. Thus passes the his weary hours of fast. All except Rhamazan at Constantinople, till the those who are really obliged to work, part of the Bairam which follows lay aside business of every kind, and again, restores things to their ordinary about three of the day, all the gay course."


No great change takes place among upon that cross addressed these words men without suffering on the part of to his disciples : “Are ye able to drink those who are its instruments. The of the cup that I shall drink of, and to birth of Christianity was effected by the be baptized with the baptism that I am agony of the cross; but He who hung! baptized with ?"- Merle d'Aubigné.


“ How do you do, Deacon A.,” said his “friend, have their origin in the fact his friend, as he met him in the street, that you do not pray enough.” "and how is your church prospering ?" “That may be,” added the deacon,

“I am well, sir," rejoined the deacon, “but I fear the greater difficulty is, that "and so are our people. But we are in we do not pay as well as pray." miserable condition. We are cold and They were in debt to their minister lifeless, and what is worse, our minister the salary of nearly a whole year, and seems to be discouraged.”

how could it be expected that he could "Perhaps your difficulties," replied be otherwise than discouraged ? Could



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