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plan of salvation is the wisdom and all subjects-Letters to the Author of power of God, but is folly and weak- an Article in the Edinburgh Review on ness in the estimation of human wisdom; Evangelical Preaching—The Truth of that the gospel denounces wrath against the Gospel, demonstrated from the chaall who reject it, and against all the racter of God manifested in the Atoneworkers of iniquity, and promises un- ment, in a letter to Mr. Richard Carbounded happiness to believers. The lile- Remarks on the General Resurrectreatise contains much forcible argu- tion-A View of the Day of Judgment ment, pointed illustration, and energetic — Remarks on the Sanctification of the appeal ; and its general tenor will com- First Day of the Week-Remarks on though some views are brought

vist that the Character and Empire of Satan

and the sermon preached in Surrey will not meet universal concurrence Chapel, in 1842, on behalf of the Bapamong them, as, for example, that “it tist Missionary Society. never can be true of any that shall The next volume is to comprise the eventually perish that Christ died for author's works on the Romish and the them, nor can it be duty for such to Unitarian controversies. It is said believe that he died for them.” There that it is now ready for the press, and is in such assertions, in the judgment that it will be published as soon as posof many, an apparent incompatibility, sible after the subscriptions for the first at least, with the apostolic language, volume are received. We hope that “ Through thy knowledge shall the other valuable performances which apweak brother perish for whom Christ peared in his life-time, on Providence, died ?” “Destroy not him with thy meat on the Principles of Biblical Interpretafor whom Christ died.”

tion, and on the Figures of Speech, will Among the minor articles are A constitute parts of the series, and that Letter to the Emperor Napoleon, Sove a respectable subscription list will enreign of Elba, on the most important of courage their speedy appearance.


Notes, Critical, Illustrative, and Practical, on trial to which it can be subjected. These

the Book of 'Job : with a New Translation, positions are defended with much learning and and an Introductory Dissertation. By the good sense, and several important topics, inci. Rev. ALEERT BARNES. Carefully rivised dentally introduced, are admirably illustrated. and compared with the last American edition. Independently of the commentary, respecting By the Rev. John Cumming, D.D. Vol. I. which we shall say nothing till the second volume London: Routledge. Pp. 414.

appears, the introductory dissertation is worth In the introduction, which extends to one

four times the price of the book which conhundred and twenty-eight pages, this able com

tains it. mentator maintains that Job was a real person, Popery: its Character and its Crimes. Bu who lived in some part of Arabia Deserta, lying between Palestine and the Euphrates, some


With Fourian time between the age of Terah, the father of

Illustrations from MSS. and Rare Books Abraham, and that of Jacob; and that the

London : 16mo. pp. x. 343. Price 5s. cloth. work was composed by Job himself in the Patriotism requires that vigorous efforts period of rest and prosperity which succeeded should be made to disseminate among all classes his troubles, came to the knowledge of Moses of the community a knowledge of what popery during his residence in Arabia, and was adopted is, what it has done, and what it is intent on by him to represent to the Hebrews, in their doing. The exertions that have been made trials, the duty of submission to the will of during the last fifty years to misrepresent it, hy God, and to furnish the assurance that he its insidious advocates and their infidel allies, would yet appear to crown his own people, have been lamentably successful, and thousands however much they might be aflicted, with of our countrymen appear to be quite willing abundant blessings. The book, considered as to be beguiled. The very same causes whicha a poem, he describes to be a public debate, con lead many of the children of wealthy dissenters ducted in a poetic form, on a very important to join the established church, are leading the question pertaining to the divine government; children of wealthy church people to hanker the object being to teach that God will eventually after Romanism : aversion to heart religion; show himself to be the friend of the righteous, the desire for something to answer the purpose that there is true virtue wbich is not based on of religion which is congenial with the carnal selfishness, and that real piety will bear any mind; and the love of fashion. We welcome,



therefore, the publications of all who have of The Experimentul Guides," studied popery, in order to portray it faithfully, Eternal," " Life of Bunyan," &c. &c. Lonand put the British public on its guard. Mr. don: Ward and Co. 24mo. pp. 196. Tayler is of this class, and he has illustrated the subject by reference to facts and documents

It will be deemed a proof of our weakness, which to most of his readers will be new.

He perhaps, that we should stumble at a word, but, treats of popery, first, as " a spiritual famine," knowing the importance of words as well as showing that 'the principal means employed the respected author does, why should he have by the blessed God in renewing and sanctifying placed a stumbling block in our way? As he the mind of man are undoubtedly the word of

is aware that many of “the fathers who oriGod, the preaching of the gospel, and Christian ginated the imposing ceremonials and mystic prayer;" but that all these popery has grandeur of the Lord's supper" did so, in either, to a considerable extent supplanted, or

order both to put and keep down private judg. else so thoroughly perverted as to render them

ment under the iron heel of selfish and amnugatory, where it has not changed them into

bitious priestcraft;" and that, “another fact vehicles of moral poison.” He ihen treats of concerning the original inventors of such forms it as.. a moral pestilence," dwelling particularly deserves our attention,—they gave magnificent on “ the confessional-purgatory—indulgences

names to the Lord's supper, and strained all the - the worship of the virgin, the saints, and

powers of both the richest languages and the idols-the corrupt lives of its popes and clergy

most brilliant imaginations, in order to express - and the awful extent to which the priest their own awe and admiration, gratitude and usurps the place of God.” The unusual love, for the feast ;'”_

'- we cannot refrain from character of some of the illustrations will

an expression of surprise that he should speak render this an acceptable book to reading so

of it habitually as the sacrament. A sacrament cieties.

is bad enough-we are always sorry to hear the

word from dissenting lips—but the sacrament is Christ's Commission to his Disciples; or the

Does our good friend sympathize with Duty of Christians to make known the Gos the men who “recognized in the sacrament pel to the World, asserted and enforced, in a some mystical and supernatural virtue or Discourse on Mark xvi, 15. With an Ap- efficacy beyond and above anything contained pendir on Preaching, sc, By William | in either the other ordinances of grace, or even Pechs, A.M. London: 8vo. pp. 85. in the oracles of God ?” If so, will be tell us Price 2s.

what it is ? if not, why does he call the Lord's This elegant and judicious sermon, and its supper the sacrament? If we take exception to valuable appendices, inculcate impressively the his phrascology, however, we are happy to obligation of every Christian to make personal

attest the excellence of his principles : he tells exertions for the salvation of fellow sinners. his readers fairly that “he pretends to set The author shows how erroneous it is “ to con- nothing right with them at the sacrament, but fine our idea of preaching to the act of standing by trying to set all things right in every duty of up in a public assembly and delivering a set

life and godliness." discourse on some religious topic, taking as the theme of meditation, or the subject of exposi- A Narrative of a recent Visit to Jerusalem and tion or comment, some sentence of the inspired

several parts of Palestine, in 1843–44. By word,"—to preach being, in New Testament

Join Lowtuin, of Carleton House, near diction, “to proclaim, to publish abroad, to

Curlisle, Third Thousand, London: make known in any and every way, any given

16mo. pp. 151. Price 2s. 6d. cloth. message." He observes that “a letter to a relative or friend, written in a tone of unas

The author, who appears to be a gentleman

advanced in life, and accustomed to agricultural suming modesty, and breathing a spirit of pursuits, having spent about four months in a natural, unaffected earnestness and pathos; a

visit to Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, and parts word 'fitly spoken' to a neighbour in sickness

of Palestine, has given us in this volume a or trouble ; the gift or loan of a book, or even detailed account of what he saw, heard, and a tract, together with numberless expedients of thought during the tour. the like unobtrusive and familiar character, which he tells every thing that occurred, and

The simplicity with which Christian wisdom will readily enough the evidences of a devout mind which his suggest, afford examples of the principle here journal affords, render the perusal of his volume insisted on, and may fairly be considered as fulfilling the requirement in the text, no less than

an agreeable exercise ; though his views on the more formal and public class of Chris- availed himself more fully of New Testament

some subjects would have been modified, had he tian ministrations." Pecuniary, contributions light in his applications of Old Testament protowards the spread of the gospel, he contends

phecy. are not to be regarded as a gift, they are but the discharge of a debt, and they must not in

First Impressions of England and its People. any case be regarded as a commutation for active service, but leave every other mode of

By Huga Miller, Author of the Old Christian usefulness that may still be open, as

Red Sandstone,” &c. London: Johnstone. stringently binding as ever.

Small 8vo. pp. xviii. 407.

We wish that this discourse may obtain a large circulation,

The author, whose cradle was rocked on the

north of the Tweed, being, in the autumn of Sacramental Experience : or, the Real Secret 1845 in that state of indifferent health and

of Enjoyment at the Lord's Table: a Guide consequent languor which an overstraining of to old and Young Communicants. By the mental faculties usually induces, wisely deRobert PHILIP, of Maberly Chapel, Author | termined to visit the south, and take a view of

his English neighbours and their country. His | bearing upon the subject of which it treats ; intentions were, to lodge in humble cottages, to that he “possessed no treatise, nor was he wear an humble dress, to see what none but aware of any being extant, which had allusion humble men can see---society without its mask to the subject, with the exception of a sermon - and, in the meantime, to explore the form by Charnock, and a tract by the Rev. J. ations wanting in the geological scale of Scot Townsend;" and that therefore he " composed land--the Silurian, the Chalk, and the Tertiary. this small volume.” His work consists of tive Happily be brought with him ample stores of chapters on a variety of subjects appropriate good sense and good humour, with a remark to the occasion indicated by the title; and coliable freedom from prejudices and offensive tains several suitable and simple prayers, and nationality. He returned at the end of two a number of hymns, which if not remarkable months, and the result is a book;-a book such for poetical talent, are pious, and likely to as fathers of families have reason to welcome-prove acceptable. The circumstance of its a book of amusement that is at the same time having reached a fourth edition, is a proof of the instructive, and perfectly devoid of any inju- favour with which the public regard it. rious tendency.

The Bible Remembrancer; intended to assist Prevention better than Cure; or the Moral the Memory in Treasuring up the Word of

Wants of the World we live in. By Mrs. God; including, among numerous useful arELLIS, Author of " The Women of England,ticles, a Scripture Numeration; an Alpha

betical Inder to &c. &c. London: Fisher, Son, and Co.

the Psalms; Improved 12mo. pp. 336.

Readings; a Key to the Promises; and as

Analysis of the whole Bible. By the Rer. Another volume from Mrs. Ellis's prolific INGRAM COBBIN, A.M. Nlustrated with pen. It is uniform with most of her other

Maps and Cuts. London : Partridge and productions, in size and appearance, and is in Oakey. 16mo. pp. viii. 198. ferior to none of them in respect to sentiment,

In this handsome little volume, a great style, or adaptation to existing circumstances. quantity of matter which a young student of The axiom supplying the title is variously scripture will find to be interesting and useful

, illustrated, especially in reference to the subject is condensed into a small compass. Some of of education. The principal practical recom

the many tables it contains are new and curious. mendation is that a system of moral training should be generally adopted both in families and The Geography of Palestine, or the Holy Land, schools in connexion with those means of in including Phonicia and Philistia; with a tellectual improvement by which the age is dis description of the Towns and Places in Asia tinguished. "We commend it to the perusal Minor visited by the Apostles. Specially of all classes, especially heads of families and adapted to the purposes of Tuition ; with ixthose who are entrusted with the instruction of troductory remarks on the method of teaching youth.

Geography, and Questions for Eramination

appended to each Section. By W. M'LEOD, An Antidote to Infidelity. Lectures on the

Head Master of the Mode School, and Erternal Evidences of Dirine Revelation :

Master of Method, Royal Military Asylum, delivered at Silver Street Chupel, in February

Chelsea ; late Master of the Molel School and Marih, 1831. By JAMES BENNETT,

Battersea : Author of ** Arithmetical QuesD.D. With the Discussions that followed.

tions," &c., after the Method of Pestalozzi. Third Edition. London: 12mo. pp. 361. London : Longman and Co. 12mo. pp. 105. cloth.

An admirable introduction to the study of Sixteen years ago, Dr. Bennett announced a scripture geography. It deserves the immedouble course of Lectures on Infidelity; on the diate adoption of all schools, families, and bibleInternal Evidences for the evening; of successive classes. Lord's days, and on the External Evidences Chapters on Country Banking. for the evenings of successive Thursdays. They have met with sufficient acceptance

Rogers, One of the Auditors of the Star from the public to pass through two editions,

(Wesleyan) Life Assurance Society. Part Ì. Second Edition. London: 8vo. pp.

64. and warrant the publication of a third at a

Price 3s. Post paid, 3s. 6d. greatly reduced price, two shillings and sixpence, instead of five shillings and six We do not profess any knowledge of the perce. At the close of the Thursday even- subject to which this pamphlet refers; but we ing Lectures, Dr. Bennett allowed himself to are informed that the autlior is a respectable be questioned by the infidels present; this gave dissenter, and his work appears to contain inadditional spirit to the lectures themselves, and formation which it must be important to many the record of the discussions that ensued is en

classes of the community to possess. tertaining as well as instructive. The work

Parting Precepts to a Female Sunday Scholar, deserved to be reprinted, and we hope that the

on her advantages and responsibilities. B lowness of its price will obtain for it an exten

Mrs. J. BAKEWELL, Author of The Mosive circulation.

ther's Practical Guide," Lord's Prayer A Companion for the Season of Maternal So


Friendly Hints to Female licitude. By THOMAS SEARLE. Fourth

Servants," &c. &c. London: B. L. Green. Edition. London : 16mo. pp. 138. Price 2s, cloth.

A suitable little book to put into the bands

of a female Sunday-scholar, when leaving the In the preface, the author telis us that this school which she has been in the habit of “ book originated in an inquiry for some work, attending.

By J, R.

pp. xii. 94.

Pp. 53,

The Stars and the Earth; or Thoughts upon &c., &c., &c. By the Rev. Joux BRUCE, A.M., Space, Time, and Eternity. London :

Free St. Andrew's Church, Edinburgh. London : 32mo. pp. 48. Price 1s.

8vo. Pp. 22. Price 6d. Some curious speculations founded on the

Man's Best Eulogy after Death.

A Sermon length of time taken in the transmission of preached in the Assembly Hall, Canon Mills, June 6, light to the distant parts of the universe. 1847, being the Sabbath immediately after the

Funeral of Thomas Chalmers, D.D. LL.D. &c. &c. Bible Secnes : or Sunday Employment for very By the Rev. JAMES SIEVERIGHT, D.D., Markinch.

Little Children. By the Author of "Mam Published at the request of the General Assembly. ma's Bible Stories." History of our Sa

London: Jolinstone, 8vo. Pp. 16. viour.London : Grant and Griffith,

“ He being dead yet speaketh." A Sermon Twelve coloured illustrations of facts in the prenched in The Territorial Church, West Port, history of our Lord, on cards, with a small com Edinburgh, on June 6, 1847, being the Sabbath impanion volume, in a neat box.

mediately following the death of Thomas Chalmers,

D.D., LL.D., &c. &c. &c. By the Rev. W. K. Education. By Thomas BINNEY. London:

TWEEDIE, Free Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh.

London: 8vo. pp. 18. Price 6d.
Jackson and Walford. 8vo. pp. 72.
Two able addresses delivered at Mill Hill

Scripture History made Easy ; intended for the School : the first, to the pupils, in the year Use of Young Persons. By W. PINNOCK, Author 1842 ; the second, to the Rev. S. S. England, of * Pinnock's Catechisins ;" "Geography made on his introduction to the chaplaincy, April Easy," &c. &c. Revised and Enlarged by Ingram 15th, 1847.

“ The Bible Reader's Cobbin, M.A., Author of Hand Book," &c. &c. With Illustrations by C.

F. Sargent. London : 18mo. pp. 132. Price 1s. 6d. RECENT PUBLICATIONS

Meditations on Romans viii. 32. In Four Letters Approved.

to a Christian Friend. London : llamilton, 18mo. The Standard Edition of the Pictorial Bible; Edited by JOHN KITTO, D.D., F.S.A.

With many

The Eclectic Review. June, 1847. Contents. hundred Woodcuts, and thirteen Engravings on I. Life of Lord Sidmouth. II. Religions of the Steel Part VII. London: Knight. 870.

World and Christianity-Boyle's Lecture.


Napier's Florentine History.' IV. Recent Novels Nelson's Large Type Comprehensive Edition of

Tancred and Lucretia. V. Hebrew Literature. Matthew Henry's Commentary, (Unabridged). With

VI. Abandonment of Transportation. VII. illastrative Engravings. Part V. The following

Fletclier's History of Independency. VIII. The new and important fentures in this Work, distin Crisis of 1847, &c. London : 8vo. Pp. 127. Price 28. d. guishing it above all existing editions, will render it at once a Complete Cyclopaedia of Bible Comment, Reference, Historical knowledge, and Scripture

Oxford Protestant Magazine. June, 1847. Con

tents, Illustration. I. A valuable and copious collection

1. The Protestant Principle Examined. II. of Scripture References. 2. Valuable Readings

The Coming General Election. III. An Old Tale, from the Translations of Scriptures by Wickliffe,

New and Strange. IV. Chapters in the Life of an

Undergraduate. Tyndale, Coverdale, &c. 3. Notes on the Manners

V. Representation of Oxford and Customs of the East, &c. 4. Notes on the

University. VI. American Slaves and Irish LaNatural History of the Bible, &c. &c. London: bourers, (Bishop of Oxford and Bisbop of North

Carolina.) 410. pp. 63. Price 18.

VII. John Hampden, (with Portrait

and Autograph.) VIII. Literary Notices. IX Thirty Years' History of the Church and Congre- Parliamentary, Local, and Foreign Record. X. gation in Prince's Street Chapel, Norwich. By

The Class List, Easter Term. Oxford, 8vo. Pp. 206.

Price 18. JOHN ALEXANDER, Pastor. Norwich : 16mo. pp. 46.

The Herald of Peace. June, 1847. London : Christian Experience; or, a Guide to the Per Ward and Co. 8vo. Pp. 31. plexed. By Robert Philip, of Maberly Chapel. Tenth Edition. London : 18mo. Pp. 176. Price 28.

Theodore ; or the Struggles of an Earnest Spirit.

A Memorial of a Departed Friend. By J. OSWALD The Oath of God, a Pledge of Missionary Success.

Jackson, Tutor, Brayton, Cumberland. London : A Discourse delivered before the London Missionary Ward. 1210. Pp. 123. Society, at Surrey Chapel, on Wednesday, May 12, 1847. By GEORGE SMITH. London: Snow. 12mo. “Is there not a Cause ?" An Addresg to the

Churches on the evident Decline of Spiritual Reli.

gion. By ABDIEL. London: Nisbdl & Co. and Buit. ** The Unknown God Revealed." A Sermon 32mo, pp. 15. preached at the ifty-third Anniversary of the London Missionary Society, at the Tabernacle, A Letter from Rome, showing an exact conWednesday, May 12, 1847. By JAMES PARSONS, formity between Popery and Paganism. By CONYERS Minister of Salem Chapel, York. London : 810. MIDDLETON, D.D. New edition, with an abridge Pp. 32. Price 1s.

ment of the author's reply to "A Romanist."

London. PP. 66. Price 18. The Princes of Earth: or Christ's Kingdom perpetuated by Succession, and advanced by Supe. The Apprentice's Monitor, or the History of riority; a Sermon preached in the Poultry Chapel,

Jolan Harris. A Narrative of Facts. Second London, to the Juvenile Members of the London Edition, enlarged. Lonilon : Pp. 18. Price 2d. Missionary Society, at its anniversary, May 14th, 1947. By the Rev. SANUEL MARTIN, of Westminster Chapel. London : pp. 36.

Tract Society's Monthly Series. The Life of Lady

Ru sell. Lundoit : 18mo. pp. 192. A Sermon preached in Morningside Free Church, June 6, 1817, being the Sabbath immediately after Guide to the Saviour. For the Ycung. Londia: the Funeral of Thomas Chalmers, D.D., LL.D., R.I.S. 18mo. PP. 96.





revise and print the Chinese Bible-conformed

to the English Bible—and they even propose AMERICAX AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.

to call it The received Chinese version : The American and Foreign Bible Society although our missionaries testify that bapheld its meeting for the appointment of tism is not only veiled, as in the English officers in the lecture room of Dr. Cone's scriptures, but is truly and clearly perverted, church, Broom Street, New York, on Tuesday, by these transfer brethren. Their version May 11th, at 9 oclock, and at 10 assembled can never be received by us. The same has in the church, to hear the annual reports of been adopted with the Greek scriptures, and the treasurer and the board of managers. open violations of the sacred text have been The president, the Rev. Dr. Cone, in address- resorted to, to cover up the first command of ing the Society, said :

Zion's King to his believing children. This “ Brethren and Friends of the Bible cause, system will be carried on, until believers' We welcome you to another anniversary of baptism, written as it is in the New Testament the American and Foreign Bible Society. as with a sunbeam, shall be either mystified, Although some of the southern auxiliaries

or totally blotted out of every transfer verhave withdrawn from our union, and we have sion. In this matter we stand alone witnesses not been able to obtain several bequests, for Christ. But the path of duty is plain, for want of a charter, yet the receipts of the and I feel sorrow in my heart for the imcurrent year exceed those of the corresponding mersed believer who is either ashamed or twelve months of the preceding year, and we afraid to come up with us to the help of the have, therefore, good reason to thank God Lord against the mighty. “Buy the truth and take courage.

and sell it not, 0 ye followers of the Lamb.'** “ Unity of purpose and great harmony of The additions of the year to the list of action have characterized the meetings of life members amount to 309, making the your board of managers, and their various whole number 2229. New life directors 26; and ofttimes onerous duties have been dis whole number 315. charged with promptitude and cheerfulness. The publications of the current year

“Our opponents, by their relentless and amount to 18,320 bibles, and 26,200 testapersevering hostility, have frustrated our oftments, Total 44,520. The whole number repeated efforts to procure from the state hitherto published at the depository amounts legislature an act of incorporation ; and we to 211,639. must now wait until, according to the provi The issues of the year have been 12,983 sions of the new constitution, an act shall bibles, and 27,053 testaments. Total, 40,036. be passed, under which all the religious and An account of stock was taken on the benevolent institutions in the state may 20th of April, which comprised 10,091 bibles, secure a name in law. We shall then be and 12,699 testaments, bound. Total 22,777. competent to receive and hold moneys be of the bibles, 69 were German, 276 Welsh; queathed us by the friends of God and man, Testaments, 1,115 German, 520 Welsh. even though we should persist in maintaining The gross receipts of the society during that Jesus Christ was immersed by John the the past year amounted to 31,739 dollars, Baptist, and that the patrons of this society 94 cents; expenditure, 28,158 dollars

, 9! ought not to be disfranchised for • following cents ; balance on hand 2,013 dollars, 66 him as dear children.'

Increase of receipts during the past “ In the further prosecution of our labour year, 533 dollars, 6 cents.

Paid for printing of love, a conflict, severe and protracted, bibles, 17,665 dollars, 86 cents ; salaries, must be anticipated. We stand alone, op- 6,063 dollars, 28 cents. The publications of posed by all the pædo-baptist Bible societies the current year amount to 18,320 bibles

, and in the world. We have religious bigotry, and 26,200 testaments. Total, 44,620 ; the whole numbers

, and wealth, and national establish- number hitherto published, 211,639 volumes. ments against us. Infant sprinkling must be Total number of issues during the perpetuated, or they must crumble and decay; / 40,036. and the transfer dogma will be used to the

China is to be a great battle field. The British and Foreign Bible Society

BAPTIST COLLEGE, MONTREAL. have pledged to the pædobaptist missionaries The friends and supporters of this imthere any amount of money necessary to portant institution will be gratified to learn




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