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J. Berg

the franchise, the propriety of declining to vote at “That we desire to record our confirmed dig. the coming election for any candidate who is not approbation of the Government education scheme, prepared to vote against all grants from the public as alike unsound in principle and mischievous in funds for religious or educational purposes." operation, and to express our earnest hope that no

dissenters who have objected to this scheme will Statistica.

allow their opposition to be neutralized by the

adoption of any partial modifications, accommodating Number of churches making returns.......40 the system to their own particular views in special Baptized


cases, believing as we do that any such compromise Received by letter...........


will serve to extend, and strengthen, and perpetuate Restored


the evils of the general scheme ; and we earnestly 458

recommend the churches of this association to Removed by death


admit of no government interference with their Dismissed


educational efforts."


Clear increase.

Number of members

Number of churches..

Sunday scholars.




Received by letter ............ 30

Restored The association is to meet next year at

130 Removed by death

22 Back Street, Trowbridge.


37 Excluded


77 Clear increase...


Number of members

2089 Sunday scholars

3094 This association comprises twenty-three Teachers....

328 churches.

Village stations
...G, Woodrow,

The next annual meeting is to be at King-

..,J. Statham.

stanley, on the Wednesday and Thursday of
Naunton and Guiting.. ..E. Neale.

Whitsun week.

...S. Dunn.
Stow-on-the-Wold ....J. Acock.


W. Yates.

R. White.

of the churches comprised in this body, Hillsley

..G. Smith.

thirty-four are in Lancashire, three in Cheshire, Tetbury............ ...J. O. Mitchell. Uley

..C. T. Crate.

and one in Staffordshire,

..J. C. Butterworth,
.W. Hill,

W. Rose.

..J. Eyres.

Bacup, Ebenezer
..P. M. Hood.

Irwell Terrace....... ..T. Dawson.


R, Cameron.
..T. Jones.

.B. Etheridge.


Burnley................. ...R. Evans.


......J. Pulsford,
Lydney .
...... E. E. Elliott.

Bury (branch of Rochdale) .... J, Harvey,

Chow bent ... At the annual meeting held at Coleford,


W. E. Jackson.

Colne ...... on the 26th and 27th of May, Mr. Penny


..J. Holding. was chosen moderator, and the secretary (we Goodshaw..

...A. Nichols. believe Mr. Woodrow of Gloucester) re Haslingden, Pleasant-street ...J. Blakey.

Ebenezer... quested to continue in office. The circular


..P. Prout. letter, drawn up by Mr. Butterworth is on Hill Cliffe

..A. Kenworthy. “ The Diffusion of Divine Truth by the Press.” Inskip......

.B. Evans. The following resolutions were unanimously

Little Moor-End

.J. Bamber.

Liverpool, Myrtle-street......... adopted :

Soho-street..... R. B. Lancaster.

Pembroke-place ....C. M. Birrell. " That this meeting recommends to the mem Lumb

...J. Driver. bers of churches the importance of connecting Manchester, York-street .......R. Morris. themselves with some Christian Provident Society,

Oxford-road ......F. Tucker. not meeting at a public house, as an especial means

Grosvenor-st......D. R. Stephen. of promoting their temporal comfort and counter

Wilmot-st.Hulme. J. Kay. acting many evils to which other societies are ex. Northwich

.T. Swinton, posed."


............J. Garside. Oldham

.....J. Birt. "That this meeting recognising the spirituality

Pendle Hill

..C. Kirtland, of the religion of Christ, and convinced of the anti Preston.... scriptural character of the union of the church with Rochdale

W. F. Burchell. the state, earnestly recommends the members of Salford churches to unite with the Anti-state Church Asso Stalybridge..

...J. Ash. ciation, as a society worthy of their support, and Stockport ..........

..J. Russell. calculated to promote the principles of the kingdom Tottlebank.

T. Taylor. of Christ."

Wigan, Lord-street.. W. Ellison.;


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The brethren having met at Walsall, May 25, Mr. Williams was chosen moderator. pared by Mr. Blower, was adopted. Messrs. Roe, O'Neill, and Daniell preached. The Se cretary, Mr. T. H. Morgan, consented to

retain office one more year. The following

The annual meeting was at Cloughfold, Meopham...........

W. Pope

W. Garwood.
May 26th and 27th. Mr. Lister was chosen

Sheerness ...

.C. Slim. moderator, and Mr. Burchell re-elected

St. Peter's

...J. Smeed. secretary. Sermons were delivered by Sutton-at-Hono

..J. Neville.
Messrs. Dawson, Aldis. and Harbottle. Tonbridge Wells

.H. Kewell.

....W. Savory. The circular letter, by Mr. Nichols, is on

A. Smith. “ The Best Means of Reviving the Piety of Wivelefield ..........T. Baldock. our Churches, with a view to the greater extension of True Religion in their respective Isle of Thanet, June 8th and 9th. M.

The annual meeting was held at St. Peter's, neigbourhoods.” Numerous changes in the ministry during the past year were reported, treasurer, and Mr. Pope secretary for the

Smith was chosen moderator, Mr. Austin viz.—the resignation of the Revs. J. Harbottle and G. Marshall at Accrington, and Messrs. Robinson, Pope, Slim, and Neville

ensuing year,

Sermons were preached by of the Rev. J. Lister at Myrtle Street, The circular letter on the “Christian Mi. Liverpool ; the removal of the Rev. S. Todd from Bacup to Rochdale; and the nistry," written by Mr. Robinson, was adopted. election to the pastorate of the Revs. B.

Statistics. Etheridge at Bolton, and J. Ash at Staly

Number of churches.

13 bridge. The friends at Irwell Terrace,


35 Bacup, announce their having commenced

Received by letter............... 16 the erection of a new place of worship at



57 Waterbarn ; and a similar movement has


Removed by death been undertaken by the church at Ashton.

Dismissed to other churches 16 under-Lyne. The clear increase of members


.... 11 in the associated churches considerably ex

46 ceeds that of last year; and, while all have Clear increase...



Number of members.... felt the pressure of the times, in a greater or


Sunday scholars ........ less degree, most have had to “sing of mercy."

Teachers .... It was resolved :

“That this association would express their decided disapproval of the late parliamentary vote, under the Minutes of Council concerning Education; and

MIDLAND. would earnestly recommend to the churches uni. ormly to decline all pecuniary help under its au

The first eleven churches in the following thority; and would further urge on them the duty of list are in Staffordshire; the next six in voluntarily extending the means of education.”

Warwickshire ; and the remaining eight Statistics.

Worcestershire. Number of churches..........


Brettell Lane...........

.D. Wright.


Willen hall.. ...... .E. Jones.
Received by letter, &c...... 139


...J. Maurice.


Wolverhampton, 2d..
Walsall ...

..J. Williams.
Removed by death.

Dismissed .....

West Bromwich, Prov.

70 Withdrawn..................


Ditto, Bethell...
Excluded ...........


Holy Cross...

Tipton, Zion chapel...John Stent.

.......John Blower. Clear increase


Birmingham Total number of members


Cannon Street ............T. Swan. Sunday scholars


Bond Street....

Mount Zion

.J. M. Daniell.
Day and evening scholars....


Newhall Street............C. Stewart.
Preaching stations..........

Heneage Street......

.C. H. Roe.
Livery Street.......

...A. G. O'Neill.; The next annual meeting is to be held at

Brom grove........

.T. Davis Irwell Terrace, Bacup, on the 14th and 15th


...W. Barker. of June, 1848.


.....W. Rogers. Kidderminster ........J. Mills. Netherton

....E. Thomas.



Pewdley........... The following is a list of the churches and pastors in this association, of which the first twelve are in Kent, and the remaining three in Sussex.

The circular letter, on Consistent Dissent, preBexley Heath..

.T. Coleman.
Borough Green

....C. Robinson.

T. Jones.
Maidstone, 2nd church......

resolutions were passed :

...M. Nokes.

.G. Cousing.

* That this Association, deeply sympathizing | sided, and was re-appointed secretary. in the great and interesting subject of popular edu Messrs. Collins and Bayne preached. cation, and thoroughly conscious that it has not. obtained from the baptist denomination that attention which it demands, and feeling, moreover, that

Statistics. the progress of the cause of voluntaryism is bound Number of churches.....

9 up with the extension of popular education, and


32 that that progress is seriously affected and consider

Received by letter

57 ably retarded by the education scheme of the Com


1 mittee of Council, -do, in conference assembled,

00 urge upon the Baptist Union, at their next sessional

Removed by death

18 conference, to take the subject into their calm deli


12 beration, the view of recommending some general


25 denominational efforts for the promotion of this

55 valuable object."

Clear increase

35 Number of members

996 * That this Association, feeling that the ulti Sabbath scholars

667 mate triumph of the voluntary principle depends Villages preached in ........

25 upon the consistent maintenance of the great truth, that the interests of religion and education are be The next annual meeting is to be held at yond the pale of legislative interference,-and feel. | Walsham. ing that the education scheme of the Com nittee of Council is no more nor less than one great bribe, by which to unite the masses of the people in support of the Church and State union; and feeling also

NEW CHAPEL. that for the want of proper training in the true principles of dissent, the people are in danger of

NOTTINGHAM. being deluded by the offers of the government,-do here, and now solemnly pledge themselves that they

A number of friends, some time since will in no circumstances whatever be party to the connected with the baptist church in Georgereception of government aid for the purposes of street, Nottingham, but more recently united education."

in church fellowship as a separate body, and “That the Association views with increasing meeting for worship in Clinton-street in that interest sabbath schools, and considers them an all town, having obtained the lease of a comimportant means of evangelizing the world, and modious chapel in Spaniel-row, the above deacons, and members of our churches, to seek to place was opened for public worship en Lord's promote their usefulness to a much greater degree, day, June 20th, and on Tuesday, June 22nd, by encouraging the teachers by a frequently expressed when sermons were preached by the Rev. affectionate solicitude for their welfare-by keeping James Acworth, LL.D., president of Horton a permanent registry of every child who enters their school and by more frequent special addresses to College, Bradford, and the Rev. J. Mortlock the young from the pulpit."

Daniell, of Birmingham. The attendance on The association withdrew from the church expenditure of upwards of £150 had neces

both occasions was highly encouraging. An at Wolverhampton.

sarily been incurred in the requisite alteration Statistics.

and improvement of the building, towards Nimber of churches....

which the sum of £102 108, 114d. was conBaptized ..

tributed at the collections made at the close

288 Received by letter


of the services. Restored......


Removed by death




215 Clear increase

Mr. John Jones, late of Ponty pool Aca

.............. 129 The next annual meeting is to be held in the baptist church at Gladestry, on the 29th

demy, was publicly recognized as pastor of the Whitsun week, at Parkhouse.

of June. His tutor, the Rev. T. Thomas, the Rev. J. H. Evans of Brecon, and the

Rev. D. Davies took the principal parts of SUFFOLK AND NORFOLK.

the services, which were well attended and Seren churches in the former county ; two

very pleasant. in the latter, Ipswich

CUDDINGTON, BUCKS. .............J. Webb. Otley ....G. Isaac.

Mr. Edward Bedding having resigned the Charsfield ............J. Runnacles.

pastoral charge of the baptist church at Stradbroke...............R. Bayne. Walsham ................J. Seaman.

Speen, being unable to perform all the labour Wort well .............C. Hart.

devolving on him in that connexion, has acBradfield

cepted the unanimous invitation of the Shelfanger..

baptist church at Cuddington, to become Lowestoft ............J. E. Dovey.

their pastor, entering on his labours among The meeting was held at Stoke Green, his old friends and former charge on the first Ipswich, June 1st and 2nd. Mr. Webb pre- Lord's day in July. VOL. X.--FOURTH SERIES.

3 u

........ 19








the example of a regular and constant attendThe Rev. John Jenkyn Brown, having ance upon the means of grace. A few days resigned his charge at Islington Green, has before his death, in reply to an inquiry as to accepted an invitation to the pastoral office the state of his mind, he said, " I' cau come from the church meeting in King's Road, with the lowest, with the thief on the cross, Reading, late under the care of the Rev. J. trusting only for acceptance through Christ." Statham, now of Cheltenham,

Ile regretted that he had not loved and served God more, saying, “ Enter not into judgment with thy servant, for in thy sight

shall no flesh living be justified," and repeated DEVONPORT.

a verse of Dr. Watts :The Rev. C. Rogers, late of Torquay, has accepted the pastoral charge of the church

“Amongst thy saints will I appear,

With hands well washed in innocence ; meeting in Pembroke Street, Devonport.

But when I stand before thy bar,

The blood of Christ is my defence."

The rupture of a vessel during a fit of RECENT DEATHS.

coughing suddenly released him from the pains and weariness of body he had endured

with much patience and submission. May Died on Friday morning, June 11th, 1847, all that knew him follow him as far as he after a protracted and painful illness, Mr. 'followed Christ. Thomas Sale, aged 51 years, for twentythree years a faithful, zealous, and devoted deacon of the baptist church, Wokingham, Berks. In all efforts calculated to promote the good of the church, he was most inde

Died, at Bluntisham, Hunts, the lith of fatigable and persevering. llis labours in June, Mr. William Asplan, sen., aged 83 the sabbath school were continued for nearly years, upwards of sixty years deacon of the thirty years with remarkable punctuality and baptist church in that place. efficiency. As a village preacher he was very acceptable and useful. Possessed of a sound jndgment, he was the counsellor of the young

MISCELLANEA. and the adviser of the more matured. He

PROFITS OF THE BAPTIST MAGAZINE. had in an especial degree a sympathizing heart, always ready to soothe and comfort the In addition to the distribution made at the afflicted, and in cases of distress cheerfully beginning of the year, the particulars of devoting his influence and personal exertions which were published in our number for to procure that relief he was himself unable February, the proprietors have had the to afford. In him the church, the school, pleasure of making the following grants, at the village stations, and a large circle of their half-yearly meeting on the 25th of friends have sustained a severe loss. His love June :to the house of God was a striking feature in his character. In the course of his illness

M. V... Rev. James Simmons

H. B. ......... Cornelius Elven ......... he remarked to his pastor, “I say it not

....... Robert White boastingly, but I feel great comfort from the J. C.............. T. Wigner reflection that I have not to reproach myself

J. A. ......... William Kitchen

E. G............Joseph Preeco... with ever being absent from the house of

..Samuel Kent God when I could possibly attend. I can E. A..........John Trimming truly say, I have loved the habitations of Thy J. F. .... Ellis Evans

M. E. house, and the place where thine honour

.Timothy Thomas...

Timothy Thomas.. dwelleth.” This delight in the sanctuary of

Thomas Thomas... God he was accustomed to attribute to the conduct and example of his venerable parents,

The increasing number of widows of (one of whom still survives him) who froni baptist ministers who need assistance, render his earliest years expected, nay, even com

it important that their friends should exert pelled him to attend whenever the doors were

themselves to promote their interests by open. His father himself, when living, never

promoting the sale of this magazine, the only would allow either business or pleasure to magazine from which baptist widows derive keep him from the house of prayer when the any pecuniary advantage. people of God met for worship. The precept thus combined with example, there is no doubt, very powerfully influenced his

BAPTIST COLLEGE, BRISTOL. character and conduct in atter life. Thus, if On Wednesday, June 30th, the annual parents wish their children to reverence God's meeting of the friends and subscribers to the sanctuary, they must not only train them in Baptist College, Bristol, was held in Broadthe way they should go, but themselves set mead chapel.

E. H.

P. T.

A. D....
M. D...

Essays were read by two of the senior At the meeting for business, held in the students. One by Mr. Young, “ On the vestry, it was stated in the report that a debt evils to be guarded against in associations of £300, at the close of the last session, had, formed for religious and benevolent purposes;" by great exertions on the part of the finance another by Mr. Collier, “ On the restoration committee, been swept off. At the same of the Jews to their own land.”

time it appeared that the receipts of the past They were followed by a powerful address year had not been sufficient to meet the exto the students by the Rev. H. Trend, of penditure. A deficiency remains against the Bridgewater, which, in compliance with the society of about £180. request of the friends assembled at the The reports of the examiners were satispublic meeting, he has consented to publish. factory.


SHOULDHAM STREET CHAPEL, NEAR PAD their proportion, and the number of these DINGTON.

this year is nineteen; six aged ministers,

twelve widows, and one orphan family. The A view of this chapel, as it will appear amount to each of these annuitants” this when improvements now in hand are com- year is eighteen pounds. The congregational pleted, will doubtless gratify many of our collections and donations made specifically readers, who know that in the part of the for the purpose are applicable to needy cases town in which it stands baptist places of wor at the discretion of the committee ; who vote ship are comparatively few, and need to be according to circumstances, either to annuibrought into notice. A portion of the brick- tants who require additional help, or to others work having given way, it has become neces- who were not entitled to it by membership, sary that the front should be rebuilt; and as but who have ministered in Kent, sums of it adjoins dwelling-houses on either side, this various amounts. To widows, orphans, and design has been adopted to prevent its being infirm ministers, eleven gratuities were voted mistaken for a common habitation. The this year, amounting to about £125. The present pastor, Mr. Blake, deserves encou treasurer of this excellent society is Mr. ragement, and we hope he will receive it. Parnell of Kingsland, and the secretary the The congregation, we are informed, is increas. Rev. B. Slight of Tunbridge Wells, by ing; nineteen were added to the church last either of whom information respecting its year, and eighteen more during the last six affairs will be readily afforded. Though the months.

assistance it yields is far less than is adequate to the necessities of many of those whom it

is intended to aid, yet it is highly valuable; KENT UNION,

and as there are many districts in the king

dom in which there are no such institutions, it This society, instituted in the year 1802, for would be a happy thing if benevolent Christhe benefit of aged and infirm ministers of the tians at a distance would make themselves acgospel, and the orphans of ministers, held its quainted with its plans, with a view of oriannual meeting at Greenwich on the 6th ginating something of the same kind for the ultimo. The dividends arising out of its advantage those who sustain the pastoral funded property are equally divided every year office among them. among claimants, who are legally entitled to

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