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BREAD OF LIFE. To procure "the meat which perisheth,” man must labour and toil. The fallow ground must be broken up; briars, thorns, and weeds rooted out; good seed cast in, and then the providential blessings of dews, rain, and sunshine, are necessary to develop the life of the future plant, and to ripen the fruit.

These facts are frequently used in scripture to illustrate the great work of preaching the gospel. Men's hearts and minds are likened to the soil, evangelic teaching to the process of culture, eternal, saving truth to seed, the Holy Spirit's influence to dews and rain, and conversion to God and a holy life to the ripened fruit.

The analogies are both obvious and striking. In the former case we cannot have the result without the previous process. Neither can we in the latter. We must have people to preach to, men of God fitted to the work, uncorrupted truth to declare, and the divine blessing to give success.

Alas, how much ground in Ireland has never been broken up at all! It is almost a desert. Its moral aspect is far worse than its physical. There are but few spots of moral cultivation and verdure on which the eye of Christian benevolence can repose. The popular mind of Ireland is like ground full of weeds, and briars, and thorns, in which little but what is pestilential can grow. The wonder is that all virtue has not been destroyed, and it speaks much for the people that they exbibit so much, considering their ignorance of divine truth, and the disastrous influences which have pressed upon them, from all sides, during many centuries.

Our society has done something in this field. Its numerous sch ols, its pious and intelligent readers, and its faithful band of devoted missionaries, have reclaimed here and there a portion of the wide waste. Oh that our means were adequate to our wishes and the present opportunities of doing good.

The Committee have, notwithstanding their yet narrow resources, taken a bold step. But boldness is often prudence, and a sacred daring the highest wisdom. Reader! ponder what follows. It is a resolution adopted at the last meeting of the committee, and not without deep and earnest consideration. May it soon appear to be a step which God approves. That this Committee, cheered by communications from the agents, in different

parts of Ireland, which indicate that there is, at the present time, an unusual readiness to hear the gospel, think it desirable that a few ministers should be requested to visit that island for four, five, or six weeks, according to their convenience, with a view especially to out-door preaching, and that the Secretary endeavour to make arrangements that two should go to the south, two to

the middle and west, and two to the north.” What! exclaims one, perhaps many may, when your funds do not adequately sustain your present plans, plunge into fresh engagements! Yes, but remember this is not a permament one. It is an experiment, and justified by the present state of public feeling in Ireland.

But how is the expense to be met? We hope it will be no charge on the general fund. If four friends will each send £25, five £10, and ten £5, the thing is done, as far as expense is concerned. We fully anticipate special contributions towards this object. Be they small or large, they will be devoted to it, and remember that object is to give to the perishing the bread of life.

Mr. Hamilton has been greatly encouraged during recent labours. His inquirers' classes have produced fruit. Ex Eight of our inquirers have applied for tracts from his letters of July and August baptism, and I think as many more will do may well be entitled,

the same very soon. I have no doubt now


that the hand of the Lord is in this move The desire to hear the scriptures and ment.

to listen to instruction of which we have In addition to their deep poverty, these given the most ample evidence for some poor persons are suffering much. They are

time does not diminish. JOHN Moxastoned, mocked, hissed at, and dirt of the Ghan's last report contains another illusmost offensive kind is thrown upon them in tration of this. the street. Persecution has increased much this week in consequence of my having bap ANXIOUS INQUIRY ABOUT THE TRUTH, tized three converts from popery last Monday The Romanists manifest at present, the evening. I expect to baptize several more next Monday, so that we look forward to explained. There is hardly a day passes that

greatest desire to hear the scriptures read and bitter opposition. I trust the Lord will sup

some do not apply to me for a bible, a testaport these people in the time of trial.

ment, or some tracts.

They are also becoming constant attendants If encouraging tidings come from the at our meetings, and some are beginning to apfar west, other parts are not silent. ply for baptism and church fellowship with us. Abbeyliex speaks again. Listen, reader, This we think it right to postpone for the preand mingle your gratitude with your de sent, that we may have good proof of a real · voted missionary, Mr. Berry, to the change. As they are becoming more enlightGiver of all good.

ened, so they begin to feel the yoke of bondage under which they have been so long.


Yesterday, July 18th, I had an open-air service, and baptized Mrs. H. As is usual The following facts reported in Engas on these occasions I was surrounded by a Mc DONNEL's report for July will be read large concourse of protestants and Romanists. with interest. That light is breaking in If possible, their decorum and deep attention on the minds of those who have long sat were greater than ever. I saw several re in darkness cannot be doubted. It is spectable and intelligent Romanists present for also interesting to observe the struggle the third time. I am sure a better motive which takes place between the attachthan mere curiosity brought them. At the close of the service I announced the impression which truth makes on the

ment to superstitions long cherished, and that on the first Lord's day in the following minds of those who begin to see it. An month I should have a similar service. The instance of this appears in the following notice was received with evident delight. Wishing to preach the gospel to my fellow

INTERESTING CONVERSATION. countrymen who will throng to these services,

Since my last I visited many families of arrange for them as often as possible.

Romanists; among them M. M.'s. He was sick. Two of his daughters and three women,

neighbours, were in the house. One of the Such cheering tokens for good are not confined to these spots.

* The north

women was a Carmelite, and said to me, she gives up," and Mr. MULHERN gladly and them in prayer, for that she was just going to

was very glad that I came in time to join gratefully speaks of success, while de- say the rosary, and, said she, “ You may do scribing the labours of himself and his

worse than join us.' I said I had no objecassistant. It will be seen that persons | tion to do so if I was allowed to offer the are not received without satisfactory first prayer. To my surprise she consented; evidence of genuine piety.

and after I had prayed, strange to tell, the

rosary was forgotten. The indications of usefulness at all our SINGULAR MIXTURE OF TRUTH AND ERROR. stations are encouraging. An increasing de The Carmelite said to me that she was well sire to hear the gospel is evident. I baptized pleased with the prayer, and that she believed two at Conlig recently, and they have since been in the Lord Jesus with all her heart, added to the church. One bad applied two and that nothing vexed her more than that years ago, but we considered the party had any one should think that she trusted in any not sufficiently clear views of the doctrines other than Christ as a Saviour;"but,” said she, of the gospel. Though living five miles off, "you omitted the blessed virgin in your prayer. this friend continued to attend, and has now I would love the preachers well, but for that been added to us with confidence.

one thing, their disrespect to the queen of Our congregation, instead of declining from heaven." I then quoted many passages of the prevalence of disease and mortality, has scripture which declare Jesus Christ to be the rather increased. One of our members was only Saviour. But she contended that the removed last week to that land where the in- virgin had the greatest influence over her Son, habitants never say they are sick.

who granted all that she required of him,




In a few days the poor old man died. I

It is glorious to see so many poor Romanists trust he was sincere in the profession he made striving to shake off the iron yoke by which of firm belief in Christ; for he made no in- they have been burdened so long. "I trust quiry after the priest from that time until he the Lord is working a great work among the died.

people. What follows is from the same party, Many are reading the word of life carefully, and shows what difficulties our brethren and the more they read, the more they see have to contend with as well as the the folly of popery. One of these told me a force of the opposition aroused. Some

few days ago he had made up his mind to means mast be thought of to preventing Christ. He is proving all things, that he

join us, as he was persuaded we were followa repetition of such

may be able to give an answer for the hope

that is in him. I hope he will soon be able I write to inform you that the priest spake to speak in the name of the Lord. in harsh language from the altar against those This week there came a man from the persons who were sending their children to mountain who has given good evidence that the school. When he found that his threats he has seen the nakedness of Rome, and had not the desired effect, he adopted another has come right out from her. May the Lord plan to knock the schools upside down. On hasten the time when all shall know him ! Thursday last, July 29, to my great surprise four gentlemen entered the school without any

Mr. Wilshere, who is supported, as our ceremony. They began by asking the children to whom they belonged, and where they readers are aware, by the trustees of the lived. I said to Mr. D., the parish priest, late Mr. Boyce's fund, and has no more that the children were in terror, and that it immcdiate connexion with the society was very unbecoming in gentlemen to enter than occupying the chapel at Athlone, the school to annoy myself and the children. and kindly superintending our reader He said it was his duty to come and look after there, has been going on more proshis people. This priest and Mr. M., priest perously than we had ventured to hope. of Kilglass, ordered off the children on the The reader, Michael Walsh adverts spot. The younger children began to scream, to his fearing the priests would beat them with their whips as they went out into the streets. I ordered the children to sit down ; more than thirty did; but in spite of all I could do Mr. Wilshere came over to help us, success

I am glad to be able to state, that since some of them got out of the window, rather than be beaten. They acted in a similar way priests and clergymen are dissatisfied with

appears to be coming to our side. Though at the female school after they left my house. 1 have only had a few children these few days yet the congregation continues to be nume

those of their people who come to the chapel, past. The usual attendance is over sixty. We now direct the reader to some

We are getting a member to our church

this day, July 3, by baptism. We have thing more pleasing ; though the pre- every confidence he is a man who will conceding narrative is no wise discouraging: tinue steady. A Romanist also, who comes Such opposition will soon work itself regularly, has offered himself as a candidate out. It only impedes the good cause for fellowship. He is a man of reading, and for a time. In the end, it will be found of a steady, promising character. But we that violence helps the spread of truth. deem it advisable to defer until we have had It proves that the efforts of its friends good proof of his sincerity. are making an impression ; and arbi

A MONTH'S WORK. trary proceedings provoke a spirit of resistance wherever truth has taken any tributed nearly 200 tracts, visited 109 fa.

In the course of the month I have dishold of the mind.

milies ; 300 persons, of whom 168 were A READER's Joy.

protestants, and 132 Romanists, have heard I am glad to inform you, writes Richard ! the word of life from me in these visits to their MOORE, that the spirit of inquiry still grows. houses. I have had many applications for the Bible ; and those who ask for them declare that the priests shall never exercise the same power

John Nash, who has recently passed over them again, or deprive them of the through much domestic affliction in the book which God has given to them to make loss of his eldest son, a devoted young them wise unto eternal life. I trust we are man, continues to prosecute his unosnot too sanguine, for we must wait patiently tentatious labours, amidst growing infor “the early and the latter rain.”

firmities and advancing age.






house, and I gave her one. A few days after

the man died. I have to inform you I got on well, after performing long journeys in various parts of this district during the past month. Many

Since writing what precedes we have whom I visited seemed glad to hear the received another communication from sacred word from me. I met with many also

Mr. Hamilton. While rejoicing in the who opposed the truth. But the Lord Jesus conversion of sinners, feelings of indighelped me in his goodness and power, so that nation will arise at the brutal violence many of these acknowledged that their ca- which has been displayed; and all lamity is God's anger for their sins.

will devoutly pray that the divine presence and grace may be vouchsafed to these converts that they may con

tinue stedfast in the Lord. I find very many more serious and desirous to hear the word these last times than before. I went into a house where many

I write a line to let you know the state of people were. The man of the house was

our poor people here. On the 2nd I bapvery ill. I read the word of truth to them, tized three, and on the 9th two, persons, ali and prevailed on the sick man to fix his of whom have been brought out of the dark thoughts on Jesus. He began to weep,

ness of popery. This has enraged the priests. cried out that he was a great sinner, and Last night, as one of the poor women that implored for mercy and pardon. “You re

was baptized was going home from this, she member," said he, “that you gave me a tes

was met by two women and a man. One of tament some time ago. I used to be reading the women caught her by the hair and pulled it, and I greatly liked the fine reading that her to the ground, and the others kicked her was in it. But a friend of my wife took a

in the sides and back, and bruised and injured liking to it, and carried it away to read it her greatly; and having pulled bair out of too." “Well,” I said, “ put your trust in her head, told her to go and get cured with Jesus, of whom you read in that book, and the £10 she got from Mr. Hamilton. I he will save your soul." He exclaimed,

brought the doctor to see her this morning, “My trust and hope is in Jesus Christ.”

who says she is very ill. But she is a patient sufferer, and commits herself to the Lord.

Our people generally are suffering greatly

from the popish party, who throw stones and When I went out of the house, the wife dirt at them in the streets, cry turn-coat and followed me and said, "he desired me to get dipper, and set on them with dogs. You see, a testament, that our son may be reading dear brother, we need the sympathy and for him.” She came the following day to my prayers of God's people.




Manning, Mr.
L. A.Y.
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Inskipp, by Mr. Evans
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8. d. Kirkstall-by Mr. B. Hindle .............. 0 7 0 Whatmore, Mrs., per Mr. Tilley

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2 0 0 Cirencester-Friend, by Rev. M. White ... 1 0 0 Shoreditch Sunday School (additional)..... 0 17 6 Broughton--Mrs. Leach

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Rio Bueno, by Rev. J. Tinson...

15 00 Meopham Sunday School, by Mr French... 0 10 0 South Africa, Graham's Town, per R. Nel. Montreal--by Rev. J. Girdwood.......... 3 5 2 son, Esq., for Scotland and Ireland 38 00

Subscriptions and Donations thankfully received by the Treasurer, EDWARD SMITH, Esq. 60, Old Broad Street; Rev. J. Angus, and by the Secretary, Mr. FREDERICK TRESTRAIL, at the Mission House, Moorgate Street, London: and by the pastors of the churches throughout the Kingdom.



The following Sermon, by the late Rev. ANDREW FULLER, which has never yet appeared in print, has been kindly presented to the Committee by W. B. GURNEY, Esq. It was preached at Miles Lane Meeting House, on Tuesday, June 1, 1802, when the Society was designated the Baptist Itinerant Society. It is hoped that its perusal by the friends of the institution will be a means of deepening their conviction of the importance of home missionary operations.

Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him, let him know that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins."-James y, 19, 20.

The writer of this brief epistle accommo- after this, to have erred, to have turned aside; dates what he has to offer very much to the and if he should be restored, if he should be circumstances of those whom he addresses. recovered to the saving of his soul, let him Some of them were exposed to persecution, that is instrumental in recovering him know those he exhorts, in the eighth verse, to for his encouragement that in saving such an patience: “Be ye patient; stablish your one he has saved a soul from denth and 'hearts; for the coming of the Lord draweth hidden a multitude of sins. But though the nigh.” Some of them were oppressed by sinner who is here described is not a common affliction—those he directs to the throne of sinner, but rather one that has been in the grace. “Is any among you afflicted ? let path of profession, yet the language or the him pray," a remedy which, I doubt not, he principle held up will apply to such persons, had often found by happy experience useful. and to the use of means for their conversion Some of them were happy and cheerful—to and salvation; for it is true of every such them he says, “ Is any merry ? let him sing man that he is in the way to death, and it is psalms ;" let him express the feelings of his true that he who converteth him, who is inheart with songs of sacred joy. Amongst strumental of bringing him home to God, other cases, he supposes there would be some saves a soul from death and hides a multitude amongst them that would wander, that would of sins. In this light, therefore, I shall apply deviate from the paths of truth and righteous- this subject, and consider it as affording a ness, and here he inculcates the duty should stimulus to use all possible means for the such a case arise. Let those that are spiritual conversion of those that are in the way to restore them ; at all events let them labour death. to restore them. “ If any of you do err from That we may enter into the subject more the truth, and one convert him, let him know fully, it may be proper to notice, in the first that he which converteth the sinner from the place, the way of the sinner as here pointed error of his ways shall save a soul from death, out; secondly, that by which he is recovered and shall hide a multitude of sins.”

from it-conversion ; and, lastly, urge the The case which is here supposed is repre- subject as a stimulus to use all possible means sented as the case of a sinner-a sinner that for his conversion. was in an erroneous way-a sinner that was Let us take a view, my brethren, in the in a way that led to death ; and yet he was not first place of the way of an unconverted sina common sinner, for he is supposed to have ner. We may gather from this very brief been one of them. “Brethren, if any of description some very impressive views conyou do ert." He is supposed to have known cerning him. There are two or three ideas that something of the truth, he is supposed to belong to it. According to one it is supposed have been a professor of the truth, and yet, to be an erroneous way, for the sinner when

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