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brethren, I hope, some fruits of your labour; | time, you might see a hundred assembled in though, perhaps, this being, as I have said, a this village, two hundred in that, and three less splendid work than some others, and not hundred in another, and so on. Nor is it enough so to attract much of the public merely an assembly to hear a sermon, for attention, some may be ready to think that when the preacher has finished his discourse, no fruits have arisen from it. But that does they do not immediately go away; no, they not follow. “The kingdom of God cometh stop; they must converse upon the subject not with observation." Your patronage has and inquire into his meaning, and whether encouraged perhaps not so much the positive the things be really as he has been speaking; itinerancy as diligent, faithful, and worthy and, perhaps, if he has three or four miles to characters to labour round their respective walk home, fifty of the people will sometimes posts, and this I am confident has been done accompany him, talking all the while about in many instances with very great effect. I the subject he has been speaking on. I do have known villages, and I now speak of not say that these things are general throughthose within my own immediate 'acquaint out the country, but such things are to be ance, which a few years ago did not contain found, and such an example as this is a fact more than a single family that appeared at which now exists in the case of one whose all to fear God, or to have any thought what character I have known for years, and whom ever about the salvation of their souls, any I know to be a man that fears God, and more than if they had been heathens, and at whose whole heart is interested in labouring this time, were you to walk on the Lord's for the conversion of souls. Is it not proper day along the road between one of those vil. such men and such efforts as these should be lages and the next Christian congregation encouraged ? Is it not proper that a society where Christ is faithfully preached, you should exist in the metropolis; that it should would see the road lined by the mile toge-cast a sort of parental eye over the whole ther, and you would not only see them nation, watching for these sort of openings, generally liking to hear the gospel, but you assisting these sort of efforts, yielding a foswould see and hear many inquiring “ What tering and friendly care towards them, and shall I do to be saved ?" This is not mere thus labouring with good men such as I have description of something which may exist ; I referred to in the propagation of the gospel speak that I know, and testify that which is of peace ? Such is the object of this society, within my own observation and acquaintance. and such I hope will be its continued efforts, I allow that for several years these sort of though perhaps the effect of those efforts may labours seemed unproductive. I have gone not be much emblazoned or much talked of and preached in dark and benighted places abroad. Nay, I have always thought that myself, year after year, till I have been ready the best way of proceeding in the country, or to think there was no hope, and it were as indeed in the city, is by a still and modest well to give it up, and yet after a while God course of action; to make no great boast, or has succeeded the effort with his blessing. talk about what is done; to name scarcely

I know another minister, and you know any men or places, for such things often exhim. I speak now to the members of this cite opposition, provoke jealousies, and draw society, for you have received a letter from upon us and our agents resentments. The him; a godly minister just this juncture, still and silent way of proceeding is Christ's who possesses perhaps rather an extraordinary way, and it is worthy of a Christian society unction, an extraordinary degree of zeal and like this to search and find out diligent lalove to the souls of men. I believe that man bourers, and to strengthen their hands, at the scarcely ever passes a day without carrying same time isting them in bearing the the gospel to some village or other; he works expense which they may be unable to meet. all the week round at every village within For this purpose a collection will be made his reach, and he has six or seven villages this evening at the doors, and if any persons within his reach where about three years ago present should be willing to become annual there was no gospel, nor any thing like evan subscribers to the institution, persons will be gelical religion. In that little circle, at this ready in the vestry to receive their names.

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0 5 0 Williams, Mr. J...... Other Contributions will appear in our next.

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Donations and Subscriptions will be gratefully received on behalf of the Society, by the

Treasurer, J. R. BOUSFIELD, Esq., 126, Houndsditch ; or by the Secretary, THE REV. STEPHEN JOSHUA DAVIS, 33, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON.

Post Office orders should give the name in full. Collector for London: MR. W. PARNELL, 6, Benyon Cottages, De Beauvoir Sq., Kingsland.


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The arrival of the emperor, Charles the 5th in the Low Countries, in the year 1540, was the signal for the renewal of the grievous persecutions which had already been endured by the protestants of Holland. Several severe proclamations were issued against both the persons and writings of the Anabaptists, on whom this persecution chiefly fell. It continued with unrelenting rigour and barbarous cruelty for more than fifteen years. During this period the faith of the sufferers was strengthened by the Christian ministrations of the eminent Menno Simons, who found refuge in the habitations of his companions in tribulation from the unceasing pursuit of his foes. The two following narratives are selected as affording brief examples of the severities entailed by adhesion to the truth as it is in Jesus in that day of darkness, as well as indicating the nature of the narratives contained in the deeply interesting volumes whence they are taken.

Her husband observing this, escaped Richst Heynes. Anno 1547.

with great peril and danger of his life ; ABOUT the year 1547, there was like- but her they severely treated, and wise a God-fearing woman named Richst cruelly bound, without any pity or Heynes, so called after her husband, accompassion, although pregnant, and so cording to the manner of their country. near her confinement that the midwife She lived in Friesland, in the Ylst, not was already with her. Notwithstanding all far from Sneek. This woman had like this they led her away, regardless of the wise taken upon her the easy yoke of tears and screams of her little children, the Lord Jesus, hearing and following to the prison at Leeuwarden, where, his blessed voice, and avoiding all who after three weeks' imprisonment, she were strangers and opposed thereto. was delivered of a son. This child bore This having been observed by the ene- the marks which its mother had remies of God, they sought very much to ceived from these inhuman hands, and hinder and extinguish the same. To more especially in its arms, to the great this end, they sent out cruel emissaries, astonishment of the beholders. who, like devouring wolves, got into They afterwards inflicted great tortheir power this harmless sheep. ments on this sheep of Christ, and tor

4 I


tured her to such a degree that she teacher, who mislead many, and this could not raise her hands to her head. we have been told concerning you by Thus was she treated in the inhuman others. We wish to know who are rack, chiefly because she would not give your friends. evidence against her brethren.

For Elizabeth. My God has commanded these wolves were in no wise satisfied, me to love the Lord my God, and therebut thirsted still for more innocent fore to honour my parents. I will not blood. But the faithful God, who is a thus tell you who are my parents ; for to refuge in time of need and a shield for suffer for Christ's name, is to the disall those who trust in him, guarded her honour of my friends. mouth, so that no one suffered through Council. On this we will not further her. After all means had thus failed press you, but we would know what to separate her from Christ, she was people you have taught. condemned at the place above named, Eliz. Oh no, gentlemen, excuse me and like a brute beast was put into a herein, and ask me concerning my faith, sack, and plunged into the water until that I will most readily confess. life was extinct. All this cruelty did Council. We shall use such severe this sheep of Christ endure, patiently measures as will make you confess. and unmoved, for the name of the Eliz. I trust through the grace of Saviour, and was faithful unto death. God, that he will keep my tongue, so Wherefore she was worthy to receive that I shall not become a traitor, and from God at last, and to enjoy for ever, deliver my brother to death. the crown of everlasting life.

Council. What persons were present when you were baptized ?

Eliz. Christ said, “Ask those that Elizabeth. Anno 1549. were present, or that heard it.”

Council. Now we see that you are On the 15th of January in the year a teacher ; for you wish to make your1549-reckoning the beginning of the self like Christ. year from new year's day—Elizabeth Eliz. No, gentlemen. God forbid I was apprehended. When they who should; for I esteem myself no better were to take her came into the house than the sweepings of the house of the (namely where she lived), they found Lord. there a Latin Testament. And having Council. What then do you hold conapprehended Elizabeth they said, “We cerning the house of God? Do you not have, we have the right person, we have consider our church to be the house of now the teacher ;” and asked, “Where God ? is your husband, the teacher, Menno Eliz. No indeed, gentlemen, for it Simons ?" &c., and they brought her to is written, “Ye are the temples of the the council-house. The next day two living God;" as God says, “I will dwell white Capuchin friars took her between in them, and walk in them." them and led her to the Block-house. Council. What do you think of our

She was then placed before the coun- mass ? cil, and they asked her upon her oath, Eliz. I do not approve of your mass, if she had husband ? Elizabeth an- but whatever agrees with God's word, swered, “It is not permitted us to that I highly esteem. swear; but our words must be yea, yea; Council. What do you think of the and nay, nay. I have no husband.

most holy sacrament? Council. We say that you are a Eliz. I have never in my life read in

holy scripture of a holy sacrament; but I do you then agree with the words of I have read of the supper of the Lord. James ? (She repeated the scripture which re Elis. Yes, truly, gentlemen. How ferred thereto.)

could I not agree with them ! Council. Be silent ; for the devil Council. Has he not said, “Go to the speaks by your mouth.

elder of the church, that he may anoint Eliz. This indeed, gentlemen, is but a you and pray for you ?” small matter; for the servant is not Eliz. Yes, gentlemen. Do you then better than his Lord.

mean to say that you are of such a Council. You speak with a proud church? spirit.

Council. The Holy Ghost has already Eliz. No, gentlemen ; I speak with saved you ; you need neither confession freedom of spirit.

nor sacrament ! Council. What did the Lord


when Eliz. No, gentlemen. I acknowledge he gave the supper to his disciples ? indeed that I have transgressed the

Eliz. What did he give them, flesh or command of the pope, which has been bread ?

confirmed by the emperor's proclamation. Council. He gave them bread. But show me any article in which I

Eliz. Did not the Lord then continue have transgressed against the Lord my sitting there? Who then could eat the God, and I will say, “Woe is me, poor Lord's flesh ?

miserable creature." Council. What do you hold concerning This is recorded as the first coninfant baptism, that you should have fession. had yourself baptized again ?

She was afterwards brought again Eliz. No, gentlemen; I have not before the council, and led into the been baptized again ; I was baptized torture tower, the executioner, Hans, once on my confession of faith ; for it being present. The council then said, is written that baptism belongs to be- “ We have thus far proceeded with lievers.

mildness, and if you will not confess, Council. Are our children then lost, we will treat you with severity. The because they have been baptized ? procureur-general spoke :

“ Master Eliz. No, gentlemen ; far be it from Hans, lay hold of her.”

Hans anme that I should condemn the children. swered, “Oh no, gentlemen, she will

Council. Do you not expect salvation confess voluntarily." And from baptism?

would not make a voluntary confession, Eliz. No, gentlemen. All the waters he put thumb-screws on both her thumbs in the sea cannot save me ; but salva- and fore fingers, so that the blood tion is in Christ; and he has com- sprang out from her nails. Elizabeth manded me to love the Lord my God exclaimed, “Oh, I cannot longer bear above all things, and my neighbour as it!" The council said, “ Confess and myself.

we will ease your pain.” But she cried Council. Have the priests power to to the Lord her God, “Help O my forgive sins ?

God, thy poor handmaid : for thou art a Eliz. No, gentlemen ; how can I helper in time of need." The council believe that? I say that Christ is the cried out, “Confess, and we will ease only Priest through whom is the for- your pain; for we spoke to you of giveness of sins,

confessing, and not of calling on God Council. You


that you believe all the Lord.” And she continued stedthat agrees with the holy scripture : 1 fastly calling upon the Lord her God, as

as she

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