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Greenaun, and also visited several of the said, “I have great reason indeed, to be schools. I trust many heard the word with thankful to the Lord, who, through your profit.

Society, has afforded me the blessed opporBALLINA IMPROVES.

tunity of having a bible in my own house and

one to read it for me, when you are not here. Our meetings in town are generally profit Were it now the will of the Lord to remove able, and more encouraging than they were.

me hence, I could depart, entirely relying We have three meetings on the Lord's day, on the precious blood of Christ for salvation.” and two in the week. Formerly we had almost no congregation on the sabbath evenings, as most of our members lived in

Our excellent reader Pat, BRENNAN, the country. But I changed the time from after giving a heart-rending account of six to five, and several Christian friends of the distress which prevails in his district, other denominations have become regular hearers, and a good many, who make no

in Connaught, states
profession, come occasionally.


With pleasure I have to say, that the poor
On week evenings several of the scholars are very willing to hear the word of life ; and
belonging to the daily school, most of whose when I try to show them the preciousness of
parents are Romanists, are beginning to the bread that came down from heaven to
come, and on Lord's day evening also. The give life unto the world, very often, with tears
priests are greatly afraid of our school here. almost preventing speech, they cry, “Lord,
Last Sunday one of them threatened to evermore give us this bread.
curse all who would attend. This is the case
generally where the teachers are faithful;
but if their hearts be not in the work, they I found the schools well attended, although
creale no alarm.

distress can be seen in the faces of the childA CHILD'S USE OF A GREAT TRUTH.

Mr. Holmes has purchased some rice One of the little girls in our school asked with one meal a day. This has brought back

to supply those who attend the school at Emy daughter the other day this question :"Does not the blood of Christ cleanse from all the scholars. This school has been a

great blessing to the backward neighbourhood all sin ?" “ Certainly,” was the reply. "Is which it is in. During the past eight years the word all in it, miss ?" “Surely it is,” twelve of the scholars have been converted, she was told. “Then,” said the child,

left the Romish church, and eight of them may scud off to heaven as quick as we can,

are now in good situations, and are going on for toe have no call for purgatory.





We have often referred to the growing desire to have the scriptures, as a striking

Having expressed on former occasions

a strong opinion that the almost total and convincing proof of success. An

destruction of the potato crop will example, among many, from Pat. Guni eventually produce such changes in the NING's report for September last, will social habits of the people as will not be read without interest.

sensibly affect the moral condition, our THE WORD OF GOD THE GREAT COMFORTER. readers will be glad to see this view

The bibles and testaments which came last confirmed by some of those who have were thankfully received by all who got | laboured longest in Ireland. Mr. Bates, them. Many of our Romanist neighbours who is not accustomed to judge hastily are becoming acquainted with the truth. or speak without a good deal of previous The father of a young man, to whom I gave deliberation, thus expresses himself in a a bible, was suddenly struck with a dangerous letter dated October 12:illness. Previous to this, his daughter had read many portions to him. When ill, he There is much to be done yet, in every desired her to send for me, and as she was point of view, in Ireland. The extensive coming, I met her, as I was going that way. cultivation of the potato that has been As soon as I came to his bed, he reached out practised, has never called forth industry his hand to me; the tears flowed from his eyes, or enterprise. On the contrary it has rather and he could not speak. I spoke to him of cherished sloth, ease, and immorality; for it Jesus, and besought him to look to him for could be raised with so little trouble. May pardon and remission of sins through his we who are in the field be prepared for every blood. While I was speaking he recovered good word and work! May the spirit of himself, and sat up in bed. I read some zeal, and faith, and prayer, be poured out suitable portions of the word of life to him. upon us, that we may live to the glory of the In a feeble voice, but with strong feeling, he Redeemer !

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POSTSCRIPT. We again subjoin a list of contributions to the Relief Fund. We publish these lists with inore than ordinary satisfaction. The responses to our appeals have been so ready and prompt; they are all so voluntary, and withal are accompanied with such cordial tokens of Christian principle and feeling, as to show how widely after all, their influence is felt. We have learnt, with some surprise, that doubts exist in some quarters as to whether there is much distress in Ireland. Surely the accounts of the last week must dissipate them. Hunger has driven many almost to madness. Hence the fearful crimes and outrages ! But while we gladly bear testimony to the liberality of so many churches and individuals, some are lagging. What is Norwich uoing for this fund? And Manchester, Bristol, Leicester, and Liverpool partially, together with Cheltenham, Nottingham, and many other principal places, have not yet come forward. Surely it will not be long ere we have large contributions from these districts.


RELIEF FUND. £ 8. d.

tud. Oxford-Bartlett, W. P. Esq, 5 0 0 Greenwich-Rev. J. Russen

5 0 0 M. E....... 0 10 0 Mr. J Russell, jan

2 0 0 Paignton--Troward, Miss.. 5 0 0 Ingham, by Mr. Middleditch

0 100 Northwold-Mr. G. Graves

5 0 0 Lynn, by do...... Gold Hill-Mr. Ives ... 014 9 Necton, by do...

0 7 6 Burnley - the Church, by Mr. Evans....... 1 10 0 Swaff ham, by do

0 10 6 Basingstoke-Mr. Draper 1 0 0 Eye- Mr. Branch

0 1 0 Newcastle under Line-Mr. Thompson 0 0 Tunbridge-- Mr. Wibmer..

2 0 0 Barton Mills--theChurch, by Rev.J.Hobson 3 6 0 Harston - the Church, by Rev. W. Garner 1 80 Howarth - Mr. Greenwood, jun 1 0 Newport, Wellen, and Yarmouth

2 0 0 Birmingham, Fancy Work, (sale of) by

halifax, Mrs. Walker

1 0 0 Misses Harwood. 1 0 0 Galasheils-by Mr. Henderson...

1 0 0 Spratton--the Church, by Rev. T. Clements 0 12 0 Exeter-Rev. W. Cross......

2 2 0 London--The Misses Farmer 2 0 0 Sheerness-A Little One..

2 0 0 By Miss Eastty... 1 1 6 Ramsgate - Miss Spencer

1 0 0 Mr. Matthews..........

1 0 0
Miss Gould.

100 Mrs. Glover..... 0 10 Eythorne-additional

020 Kensington Church 2 0 0 Coleford-by Rev. J. Penny

3 18 0 Miss Retlas, 07 6 Lincoln-the Church..

4 10 0 Plymouth, by Miss Square 1 10 0 Preston-Mr. T. H. Lewis ...

0 10 0 Widow's Mite..

0 1 0




£ 8. d.

... Cambridge-Mr. C. Foster

1 1 0 Worstead-collections and subscriptions Waterford-contribs. towards Dunmore

by Rev. J. C. Middleditch

10 0 0 School, by Rev. C. Hardcastle .... ...... 28 0 0 Ingham

8 15 0 Hebden Bridge-collection....................... 4 10 0 Norwich

42 150 Howarth- subscriptions 3 5 0

3 0 0 Rochdale-collections and subscriptions... 62 14 0 Swaff ham.

1 16 6 Oldham--collection .. 3 10 0 Fakenham...

2 16 0 Ashton under Line-subscriptions...... 2 0 0 Foulcham... Huddersfield and Lockwood, subscriptions 3 13 6

4 0 0 Salendine Nook-collections and subs...... 9 1 2


2 12 3 Colebrook, Miss, donation 5 0 Necton.

016 Ives, Mr. D. do....

08 3 Kensington--collection......... 5 0 0 Sevenoaks--by Rev. T. Shirley

10 1 0
Rev. F. Wills

1 0 0 Worcester-subscriptions by Mr. Laniell 3 11 0

6 0 0 Leighton Buzzard ... 2 10 Ryde- Mr. A. Young.....

0 100 Market Harborough-W. Andrews, Esq. 1 1 0 Redruth-collected by Rev. J. Spasshatt... 1 5. Tunbridge - Mr L. M. Wibmer... 0 10 0 A. E. 2...

5 00 Cowling Hill-Rev. N. Walton... 0 10 0 Homerton-Mrs. Moore.

1 0 0 Haverlordwest - W. Rees. Esq... 10 0 0

London - Friend, by Rev. J. Peacock
W. Walters, bsg........

1 0 0
Mary Sullivan..

0 16 0 11 0 0 Mr. Ridgeway, by Rev. S Davis ........

2 2 0 Sheernegg-A Little One... 5 0 0 Add to Camberwell collection....

1 0 0 St. Ives-W. C......

0 5 0

Brixton Hill-Salem Chapel, by Geo. Beaulieu Rails--Rev. J. B. Burt ............. 10 0 0

Kitson, Esq..........

5 180 Thanks to Mrs. Hopking, of Newport, Essex, and Mrs. Cozens, of London, for parcels of clothing and

tracts, which have been duly forwarded. Also to Rev C. Stovel for several copies of his lectures, &c.

Subscriptions and Donations thankfully received by the Treasurer, EDWARD Smith, Esq., 60, Old Broad Street; Rev. J. ANGUS, and by the Secretary, Mr. Fred. TRESTRAIL, at the Mission House, Moorgate Street, London: and hy the pastors of the churches throughout the Kingdom.



The well known failure of the potato From last year's report, of which I enclose crop has rendered the position of many you a copy, you will see that our receipts of our agents in the agricultural dis- amonnted in all to £144 14s. 10d.

The tricts an afflictive one. Their sympathies been ascertained. I am doubtful if they will

receipts of the current year have not yet are constantly and painfully excited by equal those of last year, for in our agricultural the severe privations of some of the best dis rict the failure of the potato crop serionsly of their people, whose sufferings are affects the condition of the labouring population, endured with quiet resignation, and are

whose pence form the strength of our collecoften unknown except by the devoted tions. We have however, reason, to believe that missionaries. So much of their very hold opon the minds of our people. Notwith

the subject of missions has lost none of its limited income as depends on the standing almost contin nous rain, our congregacontributions of their hearers is rendered tions were as good as ever I have seen thieni in precarious, and in many instances re this district-in some cases better. The value duced in amount, while the general rise of missionary services, I apprehend, is not to be in the price of provisions renders it estimated solely by the amount of money condesirable that their stipends should be tributed, but also by the moral effect produced

on the minds of those who attend. It is the increased. The committee would gladly growing feeling of attachment in our churches augment the amount of their grants, but to the society that will ultimately tend most to the expenditure of the society is already its efficiency.

Yours very truly, considerably in advance of the income. They entreat the churches while attend- Secretary to the North Devon Auxiliary.

WILLIAM AITCHISON. ing to appeals of acknowledged urgency from the sister country and from distant parts, not to withhold or lessen their

A BAPTISTRY, ETC. WANTED. ordinary contributions for the benefit of The committee are not authorised by their own countrymen at a time when the constitution of the society to expend both their spiritual and temporal neces- any portion of its funds in bricks and sities demand the most earnest and mortar, stone and stucco. They have generous consideration. A few special great pleasure, however, in bringing the donations would render the committee, following interesting, cases under the just now, very valuable assistance. notice of their friends. The Secretary Notwithstanding the poverty which is will cheerfully receive and forward any experienced in many of the rural dis- contributions which may be sent in tricts the disposition to contribute to the answer to Mr. Hill's appeal. The church cause of God has not declined. The for which he pleads can only raise £30 following letter from the north of Devon per annum for their minister, who may will be read with interest :

be almost said to give his services

gratuitously. Barnstaple, Nov. 3, 1846.

Eastington, Glo'ster. MY DEAR BROTHER,-We have been busily Dear BRETHREN,—Having just complied, engaged in bolding the meetings of our seventh after several months' prayerful deliberatiou, with apuiversary, which are now completed, with the the unanimous and earnest request of the little exception of those of some remote villages. baptist church in this place to become their Our deputation, Rev. D. Wassel of Bath, and pastor, I am requested by them to write and Rev. J. Jackson of Taunton, have proved very ask you for some help in this their time of efficient advocates of the Home and Foreign need. They are few in number, about twentySocieties. Mr. J. of course confining his five members; but I can testify to their zeal advocacy mostly to the latter, being their agent. for the divine glory, their deep interest for the Their visit has given very extensive satis cause of Christ, and their great concern for the action.

salvation of souls.

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The Lord has poured down his blessing upon Itinerant Society's progress, the committee are his word in a remarkable manner, consequently thankful to say that their work has been several have been, as far as we can judge froin favoured with tokens of the approbation of Grd. profession and conduct, converted, and the Amidst the factuations of trade, and the uncercongre-ation is considerably increased, so that tainties of the empire, the canse of Christ has we are happy to say, there is a demand for been quietly, but steadily advancing. Souls more pews, and a baptistry. It was formerly have been converted, and churches have been a primitive methodist place of worship, which formed. accounts for its being destitute of that essential It seems unecessary to notice, in detail, the concomitant to a baptist meeting-honse - a stations at Rotherham, Hunslet, Stapningley, baptistry. Some repairs in the vestry and Bingley, and Collingworth, as their respective chapel are also required. The converts hitherto letters are before the association. have been baptized at Kingstanley, a distance From the beginning of the present year, the of three miles; which of course makes against second church at Sheffield has been favoared the cause bere, as God always honours that with the services of Mr. Rodway, formerly the ordinance.

pastor of the baptist church at Gloucester, and Now we want immediately about £30. 1 the church at Wakefield with those of Mr. hope to raise £10 among ourselves, and in the Howieson, from the college. Both these staneighbourhood. “How much will you feel for tions are now in a greatly improved condition, os?" What will you have the goodness to do The congregations are larger than they were: for is now? The more you do, the more we and the churches more united, and more active sball feel disposed and the more we siall be in the service of God. able to do for your society in future.

At Daw Green a room was taken before the Your agents, and those of the Baptist Irish last association: and the word preached there and Foreign Missionary Societies, have all been has been blessed. For want of more attrntion received by the church bere op to the present the cause has latterly suffered. The manageday. The above-meu'ioned objects, however, ment of the Itinerant Society having been combuie reluctantly necessitated us to request your bined with the pastoral oversight of a church, Mr. Fuller to pass us by this time, trusting ihis has prevented the requisite attention from will not be the case next year. I will engage being given. Contentions baie arisen: and a strenuous effort shall be made, if you will do as division and weakness have followed. Recently, much as you can for us at the present juncture. however, a nnion has been effected between the This is the first reqnest made by them, may it station at Dewsbury, commenced by Mr. Allibe the last.

son, and that at Daw Green. Sonie devoted Yours fraternally, servants of God who were in the church at W. HILL. Chapel-fold have had their dismission: and

some others have been baptized. From Hartlepool, where an interesting Immediately after the last association, Mr. cause has recently been commenced, one | Law, who was leaving the college for missionof the deacons writes as follows:

ary service in the West Indies, was requested

to spend a few weeks in Barnsley. He preached Hartlepool, October 29, 1846.

almost daily in the streets and outskirts of the DEAR SIR, -You will be glad to hear that town. And after he left, the brethren, Mr. Mr.J. P--has resolved to stay and become Eady, Mr. Lindley, Mr. Green, of Shefbelil, our pastor. There is so great a prospect of and Mr. Fletcher of flunslet, supplied for usefulness that nothing, he states, can tempt him some time the services were still held in the to leave. Thus we are now likely to make open air. At Worsboro' Common, a neglected progress as we wish, so far as I can yet judge. village at the outside of the town, infidelity We received the grant of the committee through presented some opposition. But the attendance Mr. Sample, and right glad we were of it ; and gradually increased. One person at the Comwe recrived £2 10s. from Mr. Thomas Bell of mon offered the use of a house ; and shortly South Shielis, with a note stating that amount after, another in the town, a small school-room. should be sent quarterly making £10 annually; Two or three then came forward to assist in for this I hope we are grateful, and we trust such lending tracts and inviting persons to hear the helps will be the means of promotin: the world. They als began to nieet through the extension of the Redeemer's kingdom. Should week for reading the scriptures and prayer; you find that Mr. P. is deserving, I hope you and thus the work gradually deepened and will increase your grant till twelve months after extended. The zeal of our brother Mr. Eady the chapel is built. We wish him to have more appeared to increase with the increasing dethan can possibly be given, so long as we are in mands of the station. Though constantly such a small room: if you can I know yon will engaged through the week, he was always ready, do this, It is very likely next week we shall get when ri queste it, to take the journey of 12 or 14 a piece of ground for a chapelin a good situation. miles to make known Christ on the sabbath. We pray allt ese eilorts inay tend to the glory and throngh the blessing of God on his labours of the great Head of the church, and that we principally, there has been formed a church and all who profess to love and serve him may which now has 9 members; and in the congregabe endowed with every gite and grace of his tion several are considered hopeful inquirers Holy Spirit.

after the way of salvation.

At Huldersfield, abont 12 months since, a The following extracts are from the room was taken for sabbath-evening worship, by report of the Yorkshire Auxiliary. :

Mr. Lomas and Mr. Ash. They felt that the

large town in their neighbourhood demanded In presenting their annual report of the their sympathy and their efforts; and therefore,

besides attending to their own churches, de. Four of the number have been baptized, and termined on preaching Christ among its popnla- added to the Stanningley church. Mr. Harrison, tion. For eighteen months before, there lad one of Mr. Colcroft's deacons, has been very bren a weekly prayer-li eeting, held by a few zealous and persevering in this effort. And baptists in the town: and when the riom was towards the expense of erecting a room, a taken, they considered the step an introductory subscription list has been com enced, headed answer to prayer. They heartily united in by the treasurer of the society, with a promise circulating tracts and giving invitations; and of twenty pounds. the blessing of God manifestly attended the From this brief report of the stations which means. It soon appeared desiralle to have have been recently formed, it will he perceived worship on sabbath morning, as well as evenirig: that the labours and the expenditure have not and soon afterwards it appeared a duty to upite been in vain. Money has been consecrated to God. in church fellowship those who were labouring Piety, zeil, and talents have been employed: together in the work of the Lord. The and, though the blessing of the Holy Sp rit, forination of this separate organization has been three churches have been bronght into existence made a blessing. It has increased the number in the year. The measure of success has not of labourers, and deepened their interest in been satisfactory: not what should now he the work. Already the church has 25 members desired: but it is encouraging. It should call in its community ; and at this annual meeting forth gratitude. It ought to stimulate future seeks a place in the association.

exertion. At Ripor, soon after the last assosiation, the It is a duty to remark that a very important Deat and commodious room which the Tempe- part of the labour which God has thus blessed, rance Society had fitted up, was engaged for the has been gratuitously rendered. The committee worship of God. The conmittee had appoint: d tahe this opportunity of expressing their thanka deputation to visit the place, because of the fulness for this valuable lielp. Besides being very liberal offer of assistance which had been indebted to the breihen whose names bave made there. This deputation had recommended been mentioned, there is a simiar debt of the committee to begin. The providential 'gratitude owing to many other bretiiren. residence and zealous co-operation of vir. 1 It is earnestly hoped that such services will Thomas furnished additional reasons for comp yo be kindly continued; and that other brethren ing with this ad ice ; and after Mr. Law liad will render similar aid. But to proceed with spent a few weeks at Barnsley, he was requested the work, and extend it, as the county demands to go to Kipon. The congregation at once extens:on-as inviting fields are calling fr became much larger than had been expected. extension, larger contributions will also be The word preached has also been made useful. required, they will, though there is at this Some have been converted to God: and there is merring a Walance in the treasurer's hands. reason to conclude that Christians bive been Even with the stations now liegun, the next year growing in grace. Mr. Peacock of Masham, is sure, at several places. to be much more Nir. Atty of Bedale, Mr. Davies of Borobridge, 'expensive than the last; and the whole year is with two of his deacons, Mr. Morley and Mr. likely to be much more expensive than any Norris, have rendered valuable assistance by which the society has hitherto known. The supplying the station sometimes. Al other commencement of other stations will of course times it has been very acceptably supplied from involve additonal ontlay.. the college. Mr. Pigg, who is just leaving Subscriptions, enlarged subscriptions, donaHorton, has been invited hy the Ripon friends to tions, collections, and the services of collectors, supply them for a quarter of a year.

| as well as the aid of the brethren who preach, are At Armley a room has been taken, and therefore all earnestly sought. Some of the supplies for a season have been sent; but members of the society ale contributing 5. or hitherto, at that place, and that only of the new £10, or (20; and others, sums in proportion, stations, the attempt has not been successful. with the hope that many more will come to. ward

A few months since a room was taken for with increased assistance to help them in this worship at Fartoun in Pudsey. Mr. Colcrof work of paramount importance. And the had long been having meetings in diflerent parts committee implore an interest in the of the extensive and populous parish. And their frienis, that the contributions may be latterly, Mr. Jones of Krkstal had preacled accepted, and the Services blessed. They there with much acceptance. But an increased wou'd have their work reinembered in private, measure of religious instruction seemed to be domestic, social, and public prayer. Its past required. And the attendance has justified year's success is allattributable to the G disho this conclusion. The room has been frequently hears prayer: and for its future increasing Alles in the week as well as on the sabbath. Sucess, il attained, there must be otiered more Several have already attributed their conversion Tersent and abundant prayer. to the services which have been held there.

prayers of

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