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BISRA'M GHA'T, MUTTRA. Bisrám Ghát is the sanctum sanctorum of Muttra. Here, it is said, Krishna rested, or took bisram (rest), after his conflict with Kans, the giant, for the destruction of whom he had become incarnate. In the centre of the area may be seen a small cupola, under which a golden image of the god is seated on a velvet throne, bedecked with gold and silver lace. Two triumphal arches are before, under the outermost of which every evening a large chandelier, or lamp with many branches, is lighted and heaved up and down, while showers of flowers are thrown over it and horrid music sounds. This is the chief bathing place. Thousands of turtle live here on grain given by pilgrims.







This address is referred to in the Periodical Accounts, vol. i. p. 520, in the following terms. “ After the opportunity was over"-a designation service at Olney" the missionaries, accompanied by Mr. Fuller, set off for London. There they met with their brethren from Bristol, and presently felt themselves to be of one heart and of one soul. It was expected that the ship would sail in a few days, but it being detained in harbour beyond the time, opportunity was afforded for a public meeting in London; and which was held at Mr. Booth's place of worship, on Friday, May 10. Brethren Thomas Thomas, Timothy Thomas, and Batton engaged in prayer, and Mr. Booth addressed the missionaries at their own request, and in a very serious and suitable manner, on the interesting, honourable, and arduous nature of their undertaking. The London brethren were much interested in the work, and carried it very affectionately to the missionaries."

The following notes of the address, which have recently come into the hands of the secretary, were from the pen of a deceased lady who was present. Their publication will afford both a pleasant retrospect of transactions which took place forty-eight years ago, and a useful study for those who are still in the field of labour.

Your engagement, my dear friends, issionaries who are already engaged in the work nteresting, honourable, and arduous.

of evangelizing the heathen-how would they Interesting to yourselves in the sacrifices participate in our most delightful sensations, you make in leaving your native country, could they witness the solemnities of this day your relatives, and your religious connexions -how will their hearts be gladdened if you --interesting in the influence your change of are preserved in safety and in health, by country may have on your future destinies, mecting you on the plains of Hindostan. If and on those of your families—interesting to you are rendered instrumental in opening the your relatives and friends, who part with you eyes of the blind and unstopping the ears of almost without a hope of seeing you again in the deaf, your mission will be very interesting this world-interesting to the religious socie- to the poor heathen, though they know it not ties with which you are connected-interest yet. May I not say that your mission, if ing especially to the Society by whom you successful, will be interesting to the angelic are sent out, and to each of us who are pre- hosts? Yes ; you will recollect who it was sent, and who are deeply concerned for the that said, “ There is joy in heaven over one success of the cause in which you are engaged sinner that repenteth.' -interesting, highly interesting, to those mis Your engagement, my brethren, is honour

able. You are not going to quit your own, you must lay your foundations deep in Chris. country to pursue those studies by which you tianity. Endeavour to increase in your acmay attain knowledge that may be usetul quaintance with yourselves and with the merely in the present life, much less to obtain scriptures. Live much in the exercise of the spoils of oppression. It is honourable prayer. Your characters as missionaries must because you are governed by the dictates of be built on your character as Christians and conscience and influenced by a regard for the as ministers. The people among whom you happiness of your fellow men. You have not are going to reside may not understand all been induced by any persuasions to make the that you say respecting religion, but they will sacrifices you are about to make ; your con- understand the import of your conduct. They duct has been, I doubt not, the effect of sub- know something of what is meant by virtue, mission to the authority of the great Christian and will be able to see whether you practice Legislator, who has said, “Go ye into all it. Be careful, then, that your whole deportthe world and preach the gospel to every ment is consistent with the professions you creature ;" of conviction that to you these have made that it is a life of consistent words are addressed, and that it is the duty of piety. each of you to dedicate yourselves in this Niost of you who are now going out are in way to the service of God and of benevo- the conjugal state. Your wives have exlence to your fellow creatures, to promote pressed their readiness to accompany you, whose best interests you are willing to make and this not in consequence of over persuasuch large and such permanent sacrifices. sion, nor indeed of any persuasion that I am The cause in which you have embarked aware of, but influenced, as we believe you is honourable--it is the cause of God, of are, by a sense of duty and benevolence. the infinitely compassionate God, who is Let these wives, who renounce their country not willing that any should perish, but that and their friends to accompany you in such a all should come to the knowledge of the mission, possess your first regards, enjoy your truth. It is the cause for which He who most tender attentions. was the brightness of the Father's glory and When you shall be able to address the the express image of his person, left the natives in their own language, conscientiously realms of bliss, sojourned for a season among endeavour to make them converts to Christ, sinful men, and at last endured the painful and not to yourselves. Endeavour to bring and ignominious death of the cross. In the their consciences into subjection to Christ, faithful discharge of your mission you will and tell them you do not wish them to believe become fellow workers with God. You have what you say further than they find that it reason to expect the gracious assistance of the corresponds with the sacred scriptures. Tell Holy Spirit, and under his divine influence them that your religion is the religion of the you will be the means of delivering men from bible. Guard against being too highly elated the thraldom of Satan, and of bringing them if you should be successful preachers of the into the glorious liberty of the sons of God; gospel, I know nothing that a man has more thus extending the Redeemer's kingdom, and reason to dread on his own account than being causing him to see of the travail of bis soul. a remarkably successful preacher. We are This is an honour not conferred on angels, at all times too ready to sacrifice to our own but upon those who are redeemed from among net, and burn incense to our own drag, and men, and are made the children of God. Oh, while men are rejoicing in being eminently how great the honour, how blessed the privi- useful in the conversion of sinners, they somelege of making known to the sons of men times pierce their own souls with many sorsalvation by the cross of Christ, and of bring. rows. Do not, on the other hand, despond if ing forward the fulfilment of that prophecy you should labour long before the word is which forms your encouragement--that all blessed, and you see the fruit of your labours. the kingdoms of the world shall become the Recollect, if there should be reason to recur kingdom of Jesus Christ.

to such a circumstance, the pious and for a T'he engagement you have made is arduous. long time unproductive labours of one of the You know not yet the sacrifices you will be first missionaries, David Brainerd; recollect called upon to make; you know not yet the the self-denying, and, in their earlier period, self-denial you will be called upon to practice. the discouraging labours of the Moravian It is a cause in which confessors have suffered brethren Greenland. Trace the effects of imprisonment and martyrs have bled; not perseverance in this labour of love, and rethat I wish you to seek for martyrdom or to meinber that he that goeth forth with tears court persecution in other forms, but it is bearing precious seed, shall return at length necessary to your success that you should laden with sheaves. cultivate a proper spirit both as ministers and Permit me to add one word before I conas missionaries. Permit me to propose for your clude. Carefully avoid all political interimitation the spirit and the conduct of Him ference with the governments under which who is styled 'in scripture the Apostle and you may reside. You are not sent to teach High Priest of our profession.

men what political system is the best, but you If you wish to be successful as missionaries are the servants of Him whose kingdom is

not of this world. Carefully, then, abstain | proper manner towards their civil governfrom every thing which might tead to lessen ors, showing by your own example that your usefulness, and teach those who hear Christianity is a system highly beneficial to you to conduct themselves in a peaceable and civil society.


CALCUTTA. Mr. Lewis, whose arrival in this city has already been announced, speaks cheerfully of his prospects. Writing on the 2nd of July, he says,

I am now giving all my time and strength ing. We greatly admire and love them all, to Bengali, and I hope, judging from the and we esteem it no small privilege to be pleasure with which I study it, and from the associated with men so truly affectionate and ease with which I have acquired the rudi- endowed with so much piety, and with such ments, that I shall soon master it.

prolonged experience. At present, the only assistance I am able We are at present well. Mrs. Lewis's to render to the brethren is in the way of health has been decidedly improved by the relieving them occasionally in English preach- change. Our little boy thrives very nicely.

BARISAL. The accounts which have reached us respecting this station have been of a mixed and perplexing character. Missionaries who have visited it believe that a very great number of the recent converts have been in truth turned from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God; but there are circumstances relating to Mr. Barciro himself which are, to say the least, very questionable and suspicious in their aspect. Our most recent information is from Mr. Thomas, who says, under date of July 2nd,

Brother Parry has been into a part of the native Christians of eight villages, to take Barisal station, and met with about 200 of them under his charge, and is very anxious the native Christians, who are desirous of that somebody should take charge of the religious instruction, In a letter received others, but to enable him to do anything for yesterday he gives a list of twenty-three vil. the religious benefit of the people of those lages, containing about 200 families, and eight villages, he will be obliged immediately comprehending about 900 individuals, who to select men from among bis converts to are said to have embraced the Christian labour there. This we shall encourage him name, and to be desirous of religious instruc- to do. tion. Of this number upwards of 200 bave been baptized. He gives a very distressing From other stations the intelligence is, on account of the sufferings of the native Chris- the whole, encouraging; and I begin to liaus in some of the villages, where they have entertain the hope that the very painful been plundered of all the property they had, events which have taken place at the Barisal and driven from their houses, by their land- station will ultimately, and probably at no Jords.

distant period, turn out to the real advantage Nr. Parry did not go so far as Barisal, of the cause. It is a time of reproof and having to appear in one of the local courts on reproach, but it is also a sisting time; and behali of the poor persecuted people, with a although there is assuredly a good deal of view to obtain justice for them. He has chaff, I believe there is also a good deal of engaged to comply with the request of the precious grain,

JESSORE. During the month of April Mr. Parry had the pleasure of receiving seven converts into the church under his charge on a confession of their faith in Christ by baptism.


Mr. Smylie has also been encouraged by the addition by baptism of one hopeful convert to the church under his pastoral care.


On the 17th ultimo Mr. Small had the satisfaction of baptizing and receiving into the church one female convert, the wife of one of his catechists.


Mr. Heinig has recently visited a town named Aharora, about twelve miles from his station. It contains about three thousand inhabitants, carries on a trade in sugar, stones, wood, and iron, and is in a large valley extending many miles in length and breadth, which appears to be very fruitful, abounding in groves of trees, in whose shade weary travellers find protection from the burning sun. Giving an account of his journey, Mr. Heinig says

After having pitched my tent in a garden turned to my tent), my tent was continually abounding with mangoe trees which were in crowded from morning till ten o'clock at night. full bloom, and promised a plentiful crop, my They did not allow me time to get my meals, arrival was noised abroad in the town. Many and I did not ask them to leave me, because came to see me, and would at once bave I wished to improve the opportunity as much entered my tent to engage in conversation, as possible, as my slay was very short, being but being weary from my long walk, I re- obliged to return on Friday evening to prequested them to leave me for a few hours, and pare myself for the sabbath ; however, my I would come to the city and deliver my mes- mind was so much worn out from much sage.

With this they complied. In the talking, instructing, and endeavouring to afternoon I went into the bazar and pro- direct their minds from the worship of their claimed the message of salvation before a gods and idols to the only thing needful, that large congregation, who heard with great. I felt a little rest quite necessary. attention and apparent delight. This was Intending to start the next inorning early, not the effect of fear or reverence which the I thought a few hours' bodily rest would natives generally show when they first see a strengthen me for the march, but I was quite missionary coming amongst them, but which disappointed, for a heavy storm came on is soon succeeded by impudence. These about nine o'clock in the evening, when people formerly were often visited by Mr. those people who had been with me hastened Bowley, and had heard and conversed much to their bomes. I was obliged to keep awake with him about salvation by Jesus Christ, the whole night on account of the vivid and therefore I brought no strange things flashes of lightning and the strong wind, before them. Crowds followed me to my which threatened to tear my tent every tent, where we conversed in a more quiet moment. I and all my things were comand convenient manner. They stayed with pletely covered with dust. Weary from me till a very late hour. The next morning watching, I anxiously awaited the daybreak, I went early into the bazar, and preached and when the wind had a little abated i and conversed to a considerable length; and started, with many good wishes of the people, afterwards I went to some of their houses, who had again come to bid me farewell, and where I was welcomed by those who were arrived home about twelve o'clock. Though the teachers of the people; others of the very weary, yet I felt happy in my mind, and higher class also came and took their seats. though I cannot speak decidedly of any con. They evidently showed regard for the saving versions amongst this interesting people, yet I truths of the gospel, and if any made the do trust many of them were seriously im. slightest attempt to make light, or to mix his pressed. Since I have been engaged in mis. notions with the explanation of Christ's sionary labour, I have never felt more plea. coming and his merits, the rest of the hearers sure and joy in the work, and the recollection immediately prevented him interrupting the of this visit will continue to be sweet to my mind. conversation. After that time (having re- I distributed 150 gospels an-1 abo::t 100 tracts.

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