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192-political condition and prospects of
the United States, 193-198-Spanish
American Republics, 198-202-religious
state of Spanish America, 203-Hayti,
204---international relations between
America and Christendom, 205-208
American Indians, views of, 279---whether

descended from the Hebrews, ib.
America, influence of its republican ex-
amples on Europe, 344

America, Travels of the Duke of Saxe
Weimar in, 95

Amulet, by Mr. S. C. Hall, 531-its en-
gravings, ib.-Verses, by Mrs. Hemans,

quoted, ib.-Morning Dream, by T. K.
Hervey, quoted, 532-Verses by Fre-
derick Muller, quoted, 533-Essay, by
Robert Hall, quoted, 535-7
Ancillon's (Friedrich) Meditations of Ex-
tremes, 549

Andes, ascent of, 173---175
Angles, the regicide, 338---his letter re-
specting M. Mabreuil, 335

Animal Magnetising, process of, 523-its
abuses, 524

Anonymous Voyages and Travels repre-
hended, 167---169

Anniversary, by Allan Cunningham, 525—
character of the engravings, 526-of the
Literary Contents, ib.-Mr. Lockhart's
Hymn to the Virgin, 527-" Female
Beauty," quoted, 528-Verses, by John
Mayne, quoted, 530

Annuals (the) for 1829, their competition,


Antipathies, national essays on, 278
Arsenic, Tests for, 470

Asti, description of, 187

At Home, a novel, its character, and an .
extract from, 500

Atheism of the French, 337

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Court of St. Petersburgh, introduction to
the, 270

Criminal Trials, French, 325
Criminal Trials (French) 437-Castaing
tried for poisoning, ib.-Trial of Filleron,
a deaf and dumb man, 438-acquitted,
440-Trial of Descoutures, ib.-Ro-
mantic Love Story, 440-441-Trial of
Courvier, 444-found guilty, 446
Croker's (Crofton) Christmas-box, 415
Cromwell, singularity of his success, 475-
his character, 476-487-mingled charac-
ter of bigotry and business of his soldiers,
477-Godwin's account of his principles
and disposition, 478-portraits of, 479-
baffled in his schemes of ambition, 481-3
-Milton's account of, 484-5-his po-
litical errors, 488
Cunningham, Allan, his Anniversary, 525

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FACETIOUS Letter from Dr. Parr, 356
Fall of the Ohio, 511

Fanaticism in Edinburgh, 34
Fashions in Literature and their conse-
quences, 36-41

Fearn's Anti-Tooke, 416---character of the
work, 417---his views of Language,

Fearn's Correspondence with Dugald
Stewart, 88

Fellowes' Historical Skerches of Charles I.,
Cromwell, Charles II., &c., 14--- Duties
and performances of the Historic Muse,
14-15---defects and merits of the
Sketches, 16, 17---example of the quaint
style of 1655, 18---character of Charles
I., 19---Extract from the journal of the
court for trial of King Charles I., 20---
Dring's Catalogue of the Lords, &c., 23
"Female Beauty," quoted, 528
Female Character, its differences, 30
Female Writers, their distinguishing cha-

racteristics, 311

Field of Forty Footsteps, a tale,_310.--
Scene laid in the site of the London
University, 314---Miss Porter's Ramble
in the vicinity of Russell Square, quoted,
315-plot of the tale, 316---extracts
from, 317-322---merits of the Tale, 322
Field's Account of Dr. Parr compared with

Dr. J. Johnstone's Memoirs of him, 349
Fine Arts, terms objected to, 209
Foreign names of American cities 509
Forget-me-not (the) its prints characte-

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