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ADVENTURE singular one of M. Vidocq,

Affinity of Languages discussed, 145-


Alexander (Emperor) his Consultation with
the French Marshals, 363-4
Alkalies, New Vegetable, 473
Allen's Anecdote of Dr. Parr's early As-
sumption of Clerical Dignity, 351
Ambrogetti, his melancholy, 60
American Inquisitiveness defended, 507
America, by a Citizen of the United States,
192-political condition and prospects of
the United States, 193-198-Spanish
American Republics, 198-202-religious
state of Spanish America, 203—Hayti,
204---international relations between
America and Christendom, 205-208
American Indians, views of, 279---whether
descended from the Hebrews, ib.
America, influence of its republican ex-
amples on Europe, 344

America, Travels of the Duke of Saxe
Weimar in, 95

Amulet, by Mr. S. C. Hall, 531-its en-
gravings, ib.-Verses, by Mrs. Hemans,

quoted, ib.-Morning Dream, by T. K.
Hervey, quoted, 532-Verses by Fre-
derick Muller, quoted, 533-Essay, by
Robert Hall, quoted, 535-7
Ancillon's (Friedrich) Meditations of Ex-
tremes, 549

Andes, ascent of, 173---175

Angles, the regicide, 338---his letter re-
specting M. Mabreuil, 335

Animal Magnetising, process of, 523-its
abuses, 524

Anonymous Voyages and Travels repre-
hended, 167---169

Anniversary, by Allan Cunningham, 525-
character of the engravings, 526-of the
Literary Contents, ib.-Mr. Lockhart's
Hymn to the Virgin, 527-" Female
Beauty," quoted, 528-Verses, by John
Mayne, quoted, 530

Annuals (the) for 1829, their competition,


Antipathies, national essays on, 278
Arsenic, Tests for, 470

Asti, description of, 187

At Home, a novel, its character, and an
extract from, 500

Atheism of the French, 337

Aurora Borealis, 6
Austrian politics, 340


BADCOCK, his hand in White's Bampton
Lectures, 352

Balmat, Saussure's guide to the summit of
of Mont Blanc, account of, 408
Bampton Lectures of White, written by
Badcock and Dr. Parr, 352
Baour Lormian, his Durante, 89---charac-
ter as a poet, ib.---his translation of Os-
sian's Address to the Sun, 90---appoint-
ed poet Laureat by Napoleon, 91---cha-
racter of his Duranti, 94
Barge riots at Shawnee, 512
Barker's Parriana, 79

Barker's Parriana compared with Dr.
J. Johnstone's memoirs of him, 549
Barry, the painter, anecdote of, 430
Barton's (Bernard) Fisher Girl, 392
Benavides, escape of, 176
Bennet, (Dr.) character of, 354
Bernay, description of, 185

Blannerhasset, (Mr.) interesting account of
him, 507

Blumenbach's Physiology, by Elliotson,

522-character of the Work, ib.-the
author's additions and omissions, 523--
Dr. Elliotson's notes, ib.-his belief in
phrenology and his doubts of Animal
Magnetism, ib.-Criminal Abuses arising
from Magnetising, 524-Race of the
Mamelukes in Egypt, 525
Bohemians of Belgium, account of, 507
Bonn, university of, liberal system in the,


Bookmaking, requisites of, 214

Bonstetten's Letters to Matthison, with
extracts, 136

Boston, state of prison of, 97

Bourbon, revolution extraordinary, 340
Boursier, widow, trial for poisoning, 325
Bowyear's (Miss) anecdotes of Dr. Parr's
childhood, 350

Brachinidae, their singular means of de-
fence, 374

Brand's Voyage to Peru, 104---character
of the work, 105---Pampas, 106---
natives of the Pampas, 107, 108---So-
ciety in Mendoza, 108-109---Passage
of the eastern Cordillera, 110-113---
Opera at Rio Janeiro, 114---Panipas,
and the natives of, 106-108
Brettel's Sketches in verse; 549
Brighton, shampooing baths at, 257
Brion (Admiral) character of, 17

British Insects, by Stephens, 369---their
variety, 372

Bruneau, the impostor, trial of, 325
Burton's Antiquities and Curiosities, 666
Byron's (Lord) monument, 545


CAPITULATION of Paris, situation of Na-
poleon at, 361-3.

Caddick (Mrs.), Tales of the Affections,

Calandrelli, the Roman Astronomer, 181
Camporese (Mad.) anecdote of, 57-8
Castaing, trial of, for poisoning, 437
Catholic Bishop of Quebec, 99

Catholic Priesthood, state of, 162-cere-
monies on Good Friday, 161

Catholic Question, Dr. Parr's opinion of,

Causes, celebrated ones of the right of na-
tions, 138

Celtic Etymologies, 157-161

Charles 1., sketches of, 14---character of,
19---journal of court of, ib.---trial of, ex-
tract from, 20

Charles II., court of, intrigues, &c. 27-30
Chemistry, elements of, by Dr. Turner,
465-Dictionary of, by Ure, 466-
Sciences to which it is related, 466
Christendom and America, their inter-
national relations, 20-8

Christian, King of Denmark, account of,

Christmas-box, by Crofton Croker, charac-
terised, 415

Chronological Guide, 642

Clare (John) his verses quoted, 402
Clennell, the painter, melancholy history
of, 380

Cleopatra, embarking on the Cydnus, by
Hervey, quoted, 394

Clerical Dignity, early assumption of, by
Dr. Parr, 357

Coast (Southern) of England, its advan-
tages for invalids, 247

Colombia, recollections of, 167!
Coming Out, a fashionable novel, 310---
merits of, 323

Constantine (the Grand Duke) interview
with, 274-6

Convent at Tibaëns, 296

Conversations on Geology, 222---state of
the science, 221-3---character of the
work, 223 and 232---theories of the
earth, 223---Huttonian theory, 224---
Wernerian theory, 225---coral reefs and
islands, 226-228---Granville Penn's
Mosaic Geology, 229-232---his novel
account of the deluge, 239, 231
Coral Reefs, their formation, 226
Cordillera, passage of, 110-113

Court of St. Petersburgh, introduction to
the, 270

Criminal Trials, French, 325
Criminal Trials (French) 437-Castaing
tried for poisoning, ib.-Trial of Filleron,
a deaf and dumb man, 438-acquitted,
440-Trial of Descoutures, ib.-Ro-
mantic Love Story, 440-441-Trial of
Courvier, 444-found guilty, 446
Croker's (Crofton) Christmas-box, 415
Cromwell, singularity of his success, 475-
his character, 476-487-mingled charac-
ter of bigotry and business of his soldiers,
477-Godwin's account of his principles
and disposition, 478-portraits of, 479-
baffled in his schemes of ambition, 481-3
-Milton's account of, 484-5-his po-
litical errors, 488

Cunningham, Allan, his Anniversary, 525


DANGERS from the Esquimeaux, 7
Darwin, fond of natural history, 370
Deaf and Dumb Criminal acquitted, 440
Death, Montgomery's Poem on, 305---ex-
tracts from, 306-310

Death of Keeldar, by Sir Walter Scott,

Death's Head Hawk Moth, its cry, 375
Definite Proportions in Chemistry, 470
Delta's "Blind Piper," quoted, 380
Deluge, novel account of, 230
Detraction, by Mrs. Opie, 280
Detraction displayed by Mrs. Opie, charac-
terised, 592

De Wette's, Theodore, 446-plan of the
work, 447-philosophy of Kant, 448-
Theological Opinions of Schelling, 449—
System of Jacobi, 450-German Chris-
tianity, 452

Dring's Catalogue of the Lords, &c. 32
Duranti, by Baour Lormian, 89


EARTH, theories of the, 323

Eau de Cologne, original manufactory and
receipt for, 260

Ebers' Seven Years of the King's Theatre,
53---on the exposures of private indi-
viduals, 55---pecuniary history of the
opera, 55---defects of committee ma-
nagement, 56---anecdote of Mad. Cam-
porese, 57, 58--- Mad. Ronzi de Begnis,
53, 59---Ambrogetti, his melancholy, 60
Mademoiselle Noblet, 61---accounts
for the season of 1821, 62---Miseries of
an Opera Director, 63

[blocks in formation]

FACETIOUS Letter from Dr. Parr, 356
Fall of the Ohio, 511

Fanaticism in Edinburgh, 34

Fashions in Literature and their conse-
quences, 36-41

Fearn's Anti-Tooke, 416---character of the
work, 417---his views of Language,

Fearn's Correspondence with Dugald
Stewart, 88

Fellowes' Historical Skerches of Charles I.,
Cromwell, Charles II., &c., 14--- Duties
and performances of the Historic Muse,
14-15---defects and merits of the
Sketches, 16, 17---example of the quaint
style of 1655, 18---character of Charles
I., 19---Extract from the journal of the
court for trial of King Charles I., 20---
Dring's Catalogue of the Lords, &c., 23
"Female Beauty," quoted, 528
Female Character, its differences, 30
Female Writers, their distinguishing cha-
racteristics, 311

Field of Forty Footsteps, a tale, 310---
Scene laid in the site of the London
University, 314---Miss Porter's Ramble
in the vicinity of Russell Square, quoted,
315-plot of the tale, 316---extracts
from, 317-322---merits of the Tale, 322
Field's Account of Dr. Parr compared with

Dr. J. Johnstone's Memoirs of him, 349
Fine Arts, terms objected to, 209
Foreign names of American cities 509
Forget-me-not (the) its prints characte-

rised, 378---Literary matter, 379-.."The
Guiding Star," by Knight, quoted, il.........-
"Waste," ib.--- Mrs. Heman's " Lights
and Shades," 380---Delta's "Blind
Piper," quoted, 380---Miss Keating's
verses, quoted, 382

Forsyth's First Lines of Chemistry, 545
Fox (Charles James) fond of Botany, 370
France, Tour in, by a spinster, 183
France, social life in, 24

Franklin's (Captain) Expedition to the
Polar Sea, 1

Probability of a north-west Passage, 2-
Scenery on the Mackenzie River, 4--
Hare Indians, 4---Winter Amusements,
5---Aurora Borealis, 6---Anecdote of a
Seaman, 6---in danger from the natives,
7---Esquimeaux Encampment, 10---
Appearance of Whales, 13---Rocks on
fire, 13

Franklin's Grave, 103

French Criminal Trials, 325

Friendship's Offering characterized, 402-.-
Verses, by John Clare, quoted, ib.
Fiction, disadvantages of, 232


GAEL, origin and descent of the, 145
Gallantry of an American judge at Cincin-
natti, 510

Gem (the) by Thomas Hood, 389---En-
gravings of, their merits. 390 Literary
Defects, ib." Death of Keeldar," by
Sir Walter Scott, quoted, 390-392-
"The Fisher Girl," by B. Barton,
quoted, 392

Genoa and the Genoese, 188-191

Geneva, Tour in the States of, by a Spin-
ster, 183

Geology, conversations on, 221-State of
the science, 221-3
German Grammar. 281

German philosophy, 448-9---theological
scepticism, 446

German poetry, survey of, 543
Godwin (Mrs. C. G.), her Wanderer's
Legacy characterised, 547

Godwin's Commonwealth of England, 474
---his character of Cromwel, 478
Good Friday, Catholic ceremonies on ex-
plained, 164, &c.

Governments, affinity between and the
people, 338

Grammar of the German language, 281
Grant's Origin and Descent of the Gael,
145-Celtic Etymologies, 157-161
Granville's (Dr. A. B.) St. Petersburgh,
258-Character of the work, 258-260
and 424-Eau de Cologne, 260-Steam

navigation of the Rhine, 261-Liberal
system in the University of Bonn, 262—
Mechanics' Institution at Frankfort, 263
-Lands Industrie Comptoir, of Weimar,
264-Mademoiselle Sontag, 266-Jew-
ish musical instrument, ib.-Bird's-eye
view of St. Petersburgh, 267-9-Meteor
in Russia, 270-Dr. G.'s introduction at
Court, 270-2-Dinner at Count Woron-
zow's, 273-The Grand Duke Constan-
tine, 274-6

Gray, the poet, an entomologist, 370—His
Latin hexameters, ib.

[blocks in formation]

Hall (Rev. Robert), his essay quoted, 635
Hall's (the Hon. Judge), Letters from the
West, 503---origin of the work, 504---
his description of Pittsburgh, 505---
anecdote respecting, ib.-scenery on the
Ohio, 506 account of Mr. Blanner-
hasset, 507-American inquisitiveness,
508-hospitality, ib.-disposition to emi-
grate, 510-falls of the Ohio, 511-ori-
gin and history of Shawnee, 512
Hare Indians, 4

Harwood's Curative Influence of the South-
ern Coast of England, 247-Mildness of
the climate of Hastings, 248-Sea-coast
advantages for invalids, 249-situation
of Hastings, 252-sea-bathing, 253-7
Hastings, climate of for invalids, 248-252
Hayti, its political relations, 204

Heaven, Vision of, by Montgomery, 301-
extracts from, 302-faults of, 303
Hell, Vision of, by Montgomery, 303—ex-
tracts from, 304, 5

Hemans (Mrs.) her "Lights and Shades"
quoted, 380-her verses quoted, 388
Herbert Lacy, a Novel, reviewed, 41-cha-
racters in the work, 4 1-outline of the
story, ib.-extract from, 44-46-charac-
ter of the story, 47

Herculaneum, excavations at, 283
Hereditary Monarchies, their advantages,


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Johnstone's (Dr. John) works, memoirs,

and correspondence of Dr. Samuel Parr,
345-compared with the publications of
Field and Barker, 349-Miss Bowyear's
account of Dr. Parr's childhood, 350-
Anecdote of his early assumption of cle-
rical dignity, 351-Bampton Lectures of
Professor White, written by Drs. Parr
and Badcock, 352-Parr compared with
Warburton, 353-Parr's high corres-
pondents, ib.-Character of Dr. Bennet,
354-Dr. Parr on the Catholic Question,
355- his facetious epistle to the Presi
dent of Magdalen College, 356-cha-
racter of Dr. John Johnstone's work, 357
Johnstone's (John) specimens of the Poets
of Britain, 277-character of the book,


Josephine's divorce, 69-71

Josephine, memoirs of, 402-her adven-
ture with a sorceress, 411

Juvenile Forget me Not, by Mrs. Hall,
characterised, 537


KANT'S Philosophy, 448

Kauffmann (Angelica), anecdote of, 435
Kett (Rev. Henry), character of, 87
Klattorski's German Grammar, 281
Keating's (Miss E. A.) verses quoted, 382
Kenedy's origin and affinity of languages,
145-One primitive tongue denied, 149
-Greek, Latin, and Gothic, from Sans-
crit. 149, 153, 155-far-fetched ety-
mólogies, 155

King's Theatre, seven years of, by Ebers,

Kinsey's Portugal illustrated, 285-Late

events alluded to, ib. and 286-Faults of
the work, 287-Merits, 288-Lisbon
dandy, 289-poverty of the Portuguese
physicians, 290-Oporto at the dismis-
sion of Saldanha, 291-Portuguese pea-
santry, 292-Scenery at Viamra, 293-
Valenca described, 293-4-Inn at Ponte

de Lima, 294---convent at Tibaëns, 296
--Vineyards of Oporto, and state of the
wine trade, 298-9

Kit Wallis, a sketch quoted, 386
Knight, the Comedian, his 'Guiding Star"
and his " Waste," quoted, 379
Kuzzilbash (the), a Novel, 236---outline
of the story, 236---extracts from, 237-


LAMB (Charles), his widow reprehended,

Language may be studied under two dif
ferent views, 416

Legislation, errors of, 24
Liberalisme in France, 338

Life in India, a Novel, characterised, 501
Lima, desert shores of, 178
Lisbon dandy described, 209
Literary Souvenir, 393---character of the
engravings in, ib. and 394---extract from,
"Cleopatra embarking on the Cydnus,"
by Hervey, 394---" The Sisters," ex-
tracts from, 395-400---" The Youngling
of the Flock," quoted, 400-402
Lockhart (J. G.), his Hymn to the Virgin,


Log-book-subaltern's, 115


MACDONALD (Marshal), his character, 363
Mackenzie River and its scenery, 4
Mamelukes cannot propagate their race in
Egypt, 525

Maria Louisa (the Empress), destitution
of, 365

Marmont, his character, 363

Marriage in High Life, a Novel, character-
ised, 489---outline of the story and of
the characters,
490---extracts from,
492, 3
Maubreuil (Guerry de), trial of, 325-..
history of, 328--Plot proposed by Tal-
leyrand, ib.---Maubreuil's escape from
prison, ib.---in his second trial acquitted
by the Cour Royale, 329---his subse-
quent trials and appeals, 330---his exile
in England, ib.---his assault of Talley-
rand, 331---his trial and defence for this
assault, 331-2---Anglès, the regicide,
summoned as a witness, 333---Anglès'
letter, 335---Talleyrand's verbal com-
munication, ib. and 336---M. Maubreuil
seizes the Queen of Westphalia's jewels,


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