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rised, 378--Literary matter, 379-.."The
Guiding Star," by Knight, quoted, ib.---
"Waste," ib.---Mrs. Heman's " Lights
and Shades," 380---Delta's "Blind
Piper," quoted, 380---Miss Keating's
verses, quoted, 382

Forsyth's First Lines of Chemistry, 545
Fox (Charles James) fond of Botany, 370
France, Tour in, by a spinster, 183
France, social life in, 24
Franklin's (Captain) Expedition to the

Polar Sea, 1

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German philosophy, 448-9----theological
scepticism, 446

German poetry, survey of, 543
Godwin (Mrs. C. G.), her Wanderer's
Legacy characterised, 547

Godwin's Commonwealth of England, 474
---his character of Cromwel, 478
Good Friday, Catholic ceremonies on ex-
plained, 164, &c.

Governments, affinity between and the
people, 338

Grammar of the German language, 281
Grant's Origin and Descent of the Gael,
145-Celtic Etymologies, 157-161
Granville's (Dr. A. B.) St. Petersburgh,
258-Character of the work, 258-260
and 424-Eau de Cologne, 260-Steam

navigation of the Rhine, 261-Liberal
system in the University of Bonn, 262—
Mechanics' Institution at Frankfort, 263
-Lands Industrie Comptoir, of Weimar,
264-Mademoiselle Sontag, 266-Jew-
ish musical instrument, ib.-Bird's-eye
view of St. Petersburgh, 267-9-Meteor
in Russia, 270-Dr. G.'s introduction at
Court, 270-2-Dinner at Count Woron-
zow's, 273-The Grand Duke Constan-
tine, 274-6

Gray, the poet, an entomologist, 370-His
Latin hexameters, ib.


Hall (S. C.), his Amulet, 531
Hall (Mrs.), her Juvenile Forget me Not,

Hall (Rev. Robert), his essay quoted, 635
Hall's (the Hon. Judge), Letters from the
West, 503---origin of the work, 504---
his description of Pittsburgh, 505---
anecdote respecting, ib.-scenery on the
Ohio, 506 account of Mr. Blanner-
hasset, 507-American inquisitiveness,
508-hospitality, ib.-disposition to emi-
grate, 510-falls of the Ohio, 511-ori-
gin and history of Shawnee, 512
Hare Indians, 4
Harwood's Curative Influence of the South-
ern Coast of England, 247-Mildness of
the climate of Hastings, 248-Sea-coast
advantages for invalids, 249-situation
of Hastings, 252-sea-bathing, 253-7
Hastings, climate of for invalids, 248-252
Hayti, its political relations, 204
Heaven, Vision of, by Montgomery, 301-
extracts from, 302-faults of, 303
Hell, Vision of, by Montgomery, 303-ex-
tracts from, 304, 5

Hemans (Mrs.) her "Lights and Shades"
quoted, 380-her verses quoted, 388
Herbert Lacy, a Novel, reviewed, 41-cha-
racters in the work, 4 1-outline of the
story, ib.-extract from, 44-46-charac-
ter of the story, 47
Herculaneum, excavations at, 283
Hereditary Monarchies, their advantages,

Hervey's (T. K.) verses on Cleopatra em-
barking on the Cydnus, 394---his Morn-
ing Dream, 532

Historic Muse, duties of, 14, 15
Hood (Thomas), his Gem, 389
Hospitality of the Americans, 508
Howitt (Mrs.), her Spider and Fly quoted,


Huttonian Theory, sketch of, 224


INN at Ponte de Lima, 294
Insects, their variety, 371, &c.
Irishman, character of a, 463
Ireland, present state of, 454
Irving (Washington), imitations of, 216
Italian Prose Writers, extracts from, 542
Jacobi's system, 450

Jewish origin of the American Indians, 279
Johnson (Dr.), compared with Dr. Parr,


Johnstone's (Dr. John) works, memoirs,

and correspondence of Dr. Samuel Parr,
345-compared with the publications of
Field and Barker, 349-Miss Bowyear's
account of Dr. Parr's childhood, 350-
Anecdote of his early assumption of cle-
rical dignity, 351-Bampton Lectures of
Professor White, written by Drs. Parr
and Badcock, 352-Parr compared with
Warburton, 353-Parr's high corres-
pondents, ib.-Character of Dr. Bennet,
354-Dr. Parr on the Catholic Question,
355 his facetious epistle to the Presi
dent of Magdalen College, 356-cha-
racter of Dr. John Johnstone's work, 357
Johnstone's (John) specimens of the Poets
of Britain, 277-character of the book,

Josephine's divorce, 69-71
Josephine, memoirs of, 402-her adven-
ture with a sorceress, 411

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Legislation, errors of, 24
Liberalisme in France, 338

Life in India, a Novel, characterised, 501
Lima, desert shores of, 178
Lisbon dandy described, 209
Literary Souvenir, 393---character of the
engravings in, ib. and 394---extract from,
Cleopatra embarking on the Cydnus,"
by Hervey, 394---"The Sisters," ex-
tracts from, 395-400---" The Youngling
of the Flock," quoted, 400-402
Lockhart (J. G.), his Hymn to the Virgin,



Log-book-subaltern's, 115

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Maubreuil (Guerry de), trial of, 325-..
history of, 328--Plot proposed by Tal-
leyrand, ib.---Maubreuil's escape from
prison, ib.---in his second trial acquitted
by the Cour Royale, 329---his subse-
quent trials and appeals, 330---his exile
in England, ib.---his assault of Talley-
rand, 331---his trial and defence for this
assault, 331-2---Anglès, the regicide,
summoned as a witness, 333---Anglès'
letter, 335---Talleyrand's verbal com-
munication, ib. and 336---M. Maubreuil
seizes the Queen of Westphalia's jewels,

Mayne (John), his verses quoted, 530
Mechanics' Institution at Frankfort, 263
Memoirs of the Duc de Rovigo, 65
Memoirs of the Empress Josephine, 402-

Character of our reading population, 403
---account of the authoress, 404---her
account of Christian, king of Denmark,
quoted, 405---ditto of Madame de Stael,
406-7---Balmat, Saussure's guide to the
summit of Mont Blanc, 408---anecdotes
of Josephine and Napoleon, 409-413---
Paësiello and Méhul, 409.--account of
a sorceress, 411

Memoirs of Lorenzo de Ponte, by himself,

421-account of the author ib.

Memoir of General Miller, 167---escape of
Benavides, 176---desert shores of Lima,
178---Peruvians at the period of Pi-
zarro's invasion, 180---mines of Potosi,

Milton's account of Cromwel, 484
Military Resources of Ireland, 450-461
Military anecdotes, 115

Miller (General), memoirs of, 167
Mitford (Miss), her tragedy of Rienzi cha-
racterised, 419

Monarchies, hereditary, their advantages,


Montholon, anecdote of, 187.

Monroe (President) his declaration, 206
Montgomery's (R.) Universal Prayer,
Death, &c. 300--- His portrait charac-
terised, 301--his Vision of Heaven, 301
Extracts from, 302---Faults of the
poem, 303---his Vision of Hell, ib.---
extracts from, 304, 5-..his "Death,"
305---extracts from, 306-310---his Uni-
versal Prayer, &c. characterised, 310
Moore's (Thomas) Odes upon Cash, Corn,
and Catholics, from the Times, 548---
his "If and Perhaps," quoted, ib.
Mrs. Heman's verses quoted, 531
Muller, (Fred.) his verses quoted, 583
Musical feelings, 209-211
Musical instrument, singular one, 266

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NAPOLEON affronts Paësiello by uninten-
tionally praising Cimarosa, 409---al-
leged attempt to assassinate, 327---his
situation at the capitulation of Paris,
361---his system of espionage, 360---
his return from Elba, 367---his exposure
to intriguing courtiers, ib.
New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir, by
Mrs. A. A. Watts, 413---engravings in,

[blocks in formation]

opinion of the Catholic Question, 355-
facetious letter from, 356
Parriana, Notices of Dr. Parr, 79-cha-
racter of the work, ib.-Parr's vanity,
80-Mr. Barker's extravagant eulogiums
upon, 81-Rev. J. Stewart's Poems ex-
travagantly praised, 82-3-Dr. Johnson
and Dr. Parr compared, 85-Prints of
Dr. Parr, ib.-Character of Kett, 87
Peach's Religious Discourses, 162-state
of the Catholic priesthood, ib.-Catholic
ceremonies on Good Friday explained,


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Rovigo (Duc de) Memoirs of, 65 and 358
-Napoleon at Warsaw, 67---Savary at
St. Petersburgh, 68---Josephine's di-
vorce, 69-71---police stratagems, 72-3
---spy-system at Paris, 73-4---bribe of
the English throne to the Duke of Wel-
lington, 77---character of the memoirs,
78---this work the very romance of his-
tory, 358---character of M. Savary, Duc
de Rovigo, 359-360---Espionage of Na-
poleon, 360---situation of Napoleon at
the capitulation of Paris, 361-3---Tal-
leyrand, Marmont, and Macdonald, 363
---consultation of the Emperor Alex-
ander with the French Marshals, 363-4
-the Empress Maria Louisa, 365---
Napoleon's return from Elba, 365-367
---Savary's exile in St. Helena, and
arrival in England, 368-9-character of
the work, 369.

Roué (the), a novel, reviewed, 47---cha-
racter of the work bad, ib.-extracts
from, 47-49

Roumage, trial of, 325
Rousseau, a zealous natural historian, 370
Russia, Designs of, by Evans, 120


SANSCRIT origin of Greek and Gothic,

Savary, at St. Petersburgh, 68
Savary (Duc de Rovigo), his character
359-60---character of his memoirs, 369
---his exile in St. Helena, and arrival in
England, 368-9

Sayings and Doings, third series, 243---
character of, ib.extract from, 243-

Saxe Weimar (Duke of), his travels in
North America, 95---his account of the
prison at Boston, 97---Falls of Niagara,
98---Passage of the Rapids, ib.---Ca-
tholic Bishop of Quebec, 99---the
Shakers, ib.---omen of an eagle, 101
---New Orleans, 102---Franklin's grave,

Scenery on the Mackenzie river, 4
Scepticism, Theological, of Germany, 446
Schelling's Theology,

Scott's (Sir Walter)" Death of Keeldar,"

Sea-bathing, rules for, 253-257

Sea-coast is advantageous to Invalids, 249
Shampooing Baths at Brighton, 257
Shakers, state of their colony, 99
Shawnee, origin of the town, 512
Sisters (the) extracts from, 395
Sontag (Madmoiselle), her character, 266
Society, characters of, 26
Social Life in England and France, 24---
errors of legislation, ib.---character of
Society, 26---court of Charles II. and its
intrigues, 27-30---female character, 30
---court of William and Mary, 31---
opera anecdotes, ib.---Restoration of
1660, 33---fanaticism in Edinburgh, 34
---revolutionary character of France, 34
Sorceress, adventure with one, 411
South American Republics, 198
Souvenir (the Literary), characterized, 393
Souvenir, Juvenile, by Mrs. A. A. Watts,

Smith (J. T.), his Nollekens and his Times,
427-endeavours to render his old mas-
ter ridiculous, ib.

Spider and Fly, by Mrs. Howitt, quoted,


Spinster's Tour in France and Genoa, 183
---character of the book, 134---descrip-
tion of Bernay, 185---Religious views of
the authoress, 186---anecdote of Month-
olon, 187--Asti, ib.---description of
Genoa, 188---the Genoese, 191
Spy System at Paris, 73-4

Stael (Madame de), account of, 405
Statue-mending at Rome, 431
Steam Navigation of the Rhine, 261
Stebbing (Rev. H.), his May Morning
Sports, 540

Stevenson on Deafness characterised, 280
Stephens's British Entomology, 369-study

of insects does not weaken the fancy,
370---celebrated men of genius fond of
Natural History, ib.---Gray's Hexameter
on Insects, ib.---varieties of insects, 371-
372-ridicule of entomology and its ori-
gin, 373---means of defence in the
Brachinidæ, 374--cry of the deaths'-
head hawk-moth, 375- arrangement

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