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Informed, he gathered up the hroken thread* And truth, and wisdom gracing all he said, Explained, illustrated, and searched so well The tender theme, on which they chose to

dwell, That reaching home, the night, they said, is

near, We must not now he parted, sojourn here— The new acquaintance soon hecame a guest, And made so welcome at their simple feast; He hless'd the hread, hut vanished at the

word, And left them hoth exclaiming, 'I'was the

Lord! Did not our hearts feel all he deigned to say, Did they not hurn within us hy the way?


Hail the day that sees him rise,
Ravish'd from our wishful eyes:
Christ awhile to mortals given,
Re-ascends his native Heaven,
There the mighty conqueror watts,
"Lift up your heads eternal gates,
g* Wide unfold the radiant scene,
"Take the King of Glory in."

Circled round with angel-powers,
Their triumphant Lord and ours,
Conqueror o'er death, hell, and sin,
Take the King of dory in:
Him, though highest Heaven receives,
Still he loves the earth he leaves;
Though returned to his throne,
Still he calls mankind his own.

See, he lifts his hands ahove;
See, he shows the prints of love;
Hark! his gracious lips hestow
Blessings on his church helow:
Still for us he intercedes,
Prevalent his death he pleads;
Next himself prepares our place,
Saviour of the human race.

Master (may we ever say) ,

Taken from our head to-day,

See thy faithful servants, see I
Ever gazing up to thee!
Grant, though parted from our sight,
High ahove yon azure height,
Grant our hearts may thither rise,
Seeking thee heyond the skies.

Ever upward may we move,
Wafted on the wings of love,
Looking when our Lord shall come,
Longing, gasping after home!
There may we with thee remain,
Partners of thine endless reign;
There thy face unclouded see,
Find our Heaven of Heavens in thee!



Bright portals of the sky, Emhoss'd with sparkling stars; Doors of eternity, With diamantine hars, Your arras rich uphold; Loose all your holts and springs, Ope wide your leaves of gold; That in your roofs may come the King of kings.

Scarf d in a rosy cloud, rle doth ascend the air; Straight doth the moon him shroud With her resplendent hatr: The next encrystall'd light Suhmits to him his heams; And he doth trace the height Of that fair lamp which flowers of heauty streams.

He towers those golden hounds He did to Sun hequeath; The higher wandering rounds Are found his feet heneath: The milky way comes near, Heaven's axle seems to hend, Ahove each turning sphere That rohed in glory, Heaven's King may ascend.

Now each ethereal gate, To him hath opened heen; And GloryTs King in state His palace enters in: Now come is this High Priest In the most holy place,. Not without hlood addrest, With glory Heaven, the earth to crown with grace.

Stars which all eyes were late,
And did with wonder hurn,
His name to celehrate,
In flaming tongues them turn;
Their orhy crystals move
More active than hefore
And entheate from ahove,
Their sovereign prince, laud, glorify, adore.

The quires of happy souls,
Waked with that music sweet,
Whose descant care controls
Their Lord in triumph meet;
The spotless spirits of light
His trophies do extol,
And arch'd in squadron's hright,
Greet their great Victor in his Capitol.

O Glory of the Heaven!
O sole delight of Earth!
To Thee all power he given,
God's uncreated hirth;
Of mankind lover true,
Endurer of his wrong,
Who dost the world renew,
Still he thou our salvation and our song.

From top of Olivet such notes did rise, When man's Redeemer did transcend the skies.


Lift up your heads ye everlasting gates,
And let the Prince of Glory enter in:
At whose hrave volley of siderial states,
The sun to hlush, and stars grow pale were

seen; When, leaping first from earth, he did hegin

To climh his angels wings, then open hang Your crystal doors; so all the chorus sang Of heav'nly hirds, as to the stars they nimhly sprang.

Hark how the floods clap their applauding

hands, The pleasant valleys singing for delight, And wanton mountains dance ahout the

lands, The while the fields, struck with ihe hea

v'nly light, Set all their flow'rs a smiling at the sight; The trees laugh with their hlossoms, and

the sound Of the triumphant shout of praise, that

crown'd The flaming Lamh, hreaking through heav'n,

hath passage found.

Out leap the antique patriarchs all in haste, To see the pow'rs of hell in triumph led, And with small stars a garland interchas'd Of olive-leaves they hore, to crown his head, That was hefore with thorns degloried:

Afiit them flew the prophets, hrightly stoPd

In shining lawn, and wimpled manifold, Striking their ivory harps, Strung all in cords of gold.

To which the saints victorious carols snng; Ten thousand saints at once, that with the

sound The hollow vaults of, heav'n for triumph

rung: , The cheruhim their clamours did confound With all the rest, and clapt their wings

around: Down from their thrones the dominations

flow, And at his feet their crowns and sceptres

throw, And all the princely souls fell on their faces


Nor can the martyrs' wounds them stay hehind, But out they rush among the heav'nly crowd, Seeking their heav'n out of their heav'n to find,

Sounding their silver trumpets out so loud, That the shrill noise hroke through the starry cloud, And all the virgin souls in pure array, Came dancing forth and making joyous play;

So him they led along into the courts of day.

So him they led into the courts of day, Where never war, nor wounds ahide him

more, But in that house eternal peace doth play, Acquieting the souls, that knew hefore Their way to heav'n through their own hlood did score, But now, estranged from all misery, As far as heav'n and earth discoasted lie, Swelter in quiet waves of immortality.

Here let my Lord hang up his conquering

lance, And hloody armour with late slaughter

warm, And looking down on his weak militants, Behold his saints, midst of their hot alarm, Hang all their golden hopes upon his arm. And in this lower field dispacing wide, Through windy thoughts, that would their sails misguide, Anchor their fleshly ships fast in his wounded side.



Beyond the glittering, starry skies,

Far as the eternal hills, There in the houndless worlds of light,

Our dear Redeemer dwells.

Immortal Angels, hright and fair,
In countless armies shine;

At his right hand with golden harps,
They offer songs divine.

Hail I Prince, they cry, for ever hail!

Whose unexampled love
Mov'd thee to quit these glorious rohes

And royalties ahove.

Whilst, here, our gracious Lord vouchsafi!

To suffer rude disdain;
They cast their honours at his feet,

And waited in his train.

In all his toils and conflicts here,

Their sov'reign they attend;
And pause—and wonder how at last,

This scene of love will end!

When all the powers of hell comhin'd

To fill his cup of wo,
Their wond'ring eyes heheld his tears

In hlood and anguish How.

As on the torturing cross he hung,

And darkness veil'd the sky, Amaz'd, they saw that awful sight,—

The Lord Of Glory Die!

Anon he hursts the gates of death,—

Suhdues the tyram's power,
They saw th' illustrious conqueror rise,

And hail'd the hlissful hour!

They hrought his chariot from ahove,

To hear him to his throne; Glapp'd their triumphant wings, and cried,

"The glorious work is done!"

My soul the joyful triumph feels,

And thinks the season long,
Ere she her gracious Saviour see,

And join the raptrous song.



Profhet of the elder day 1
How thy lustre waued away,
When the greater Prophet came
Flesh-veil'd from his throne of flame!
Thou on earth hadst peerless heen,
Had not earth Jehovah seen.

Prophet of the latter days I
Beaming with unfading rays;
Brightness of the Father's light;
Image of his love and might;
Fill my soul with purer awe,
Than dark Sinai's fiery law.

Sprinkle with thy Paschal hlood;
Leal me through each hostile flood;
Sweeten Marah's hitter spring:
O'er my path thy manna fling;
Broach the flint rock's crystal wave;
Strongly succour—promptly save!

Soothe the passions of my hreast;
Guide me tow'rds the promis'd rest;
Keep thy hleeding cross in sight,
Lifted o'er the shades of night;
Bid me fear and douht no more,
'Till I land on Canaan's shore!



O Thou, who once didst wander here,

A pilgrim's weary way;
No stranger thou, to every fear

That shakes th' inhahitant of clay;
For sorrow's stormy cloud its torrent shed,
And aim'd its thunders at thy guiltless head.

The thorns that pierc'd thy hleeding hrow, Wound, as I pass, my pilgrim feet;

A stranger I, like thee, helow,

Seek in the grave my last retreat; There shall I slumher, free from rude alarms, From pain's sharp conflict, and from life's deep harms.

Safe from the false world's summer smiles,
Safe from the winter's angry frown,

Safe from the tempter's cruel wiles,
With thee, my Lord, I lay me down,

On thy low hed, till angels hid me rise,

And share thy triumphs in thy native skies.



Ye suhjects of the Lord, proclaim
The royal honours of his name:

Jehovah reigns he all our song,
'Tis he thy God, O Zion, reigns,
Prepare thy most harmonious strains

Glad hallelujahs to prolong.

Ye princes, hoast no more your crowns,
But lay the glittering trifles down

In lowly honour at his feet;
A span your narrow empire hounds,
He reigns heyond created rounds,

In self-suflBcient glory great.

Tremhle, ye pageants of a day,
Form'd like your slaves of hrittle clay,

Down to the dust your sceptres hend:
To everlasting years he reigns,
And undiminish'd pomp maintains,

When kings, and suns, and time shall end.

So shall his favour'd Zion live;
In vain confed'rate nations strive

Her sacred turrets to destroy;
Her sov'reign sits enthron'd ahove,
And endless pow'r, and endless love

Ensure her safety, and her joy.



Hail! great Immanael, ever honour'd name!

Spread it, ye angels, through heavens sacred frame:

Ye sceptred cheruhim hefore his throne,

And flaming seraphim, how humhly down:
He is your Head ; with prostrate awe adore him,
And lay, with joy, your radiant crowns hefore him.

Array'd in his refulgent heams ye shine,
And draw existence from his source divine;
Grateful, ye wait the signal of his hand,
Pleas' d to ohey your Sov'reign's high command;

In Him the indwelling Deity admiring,

To hear his hrighter image, still aspiring.

Mortals with yon in cheerful homage join,—
Their sweetest songs of praise with yours comhine:
Mean as we are, with griefs and sins heset,
We glory that in him we stand complete:
He is our Head, and we with you adore him,
And pour our wants, oar joys, our hearts hefore him.



Haffy me! O happy sheep!
"Whom my Shepherd deigns to keep;
Even my God, even he it is
That points me to these paths of hliss;
On whose pastures, cheerful spring
All the year doth sit and sing,
And rejoicing smiles to see
Their green hacks wear his livery:
Pleasure sings my soul to rest,
Plenty wears me at her hreast,
At my feet the murm'ring stream
Makes high noon forget his heam.
When my foolish weakness strays,
Tangled in forhidden ways,
He, my Shepherd is my guide,
He's hefore me, on my side,
And hehind me; he heguiles
Craft in all her knotty wiles;
Spreads heneath my steps a way
Clear as summer's hrightest day;
While my spirit tones new lays
To my faithful Shepherd's praise.

Come now all ye terrors, sally,
Muster forth into the valley,
Where triumphant darkness hovers
With a sahle wing that covers
Brooding horror. Come thou death
Let the damps of thy dull hreath
Overshadow even the shade,
And make darkness' self afraid.
There my feet, even there, shall find
Way for a resolved mind!
Still my Shepherd, still my God
Thon art with me, still thy rod,
And thy staff, whose influence
Gives direction, gives defence.
At the whisper of thy word,
Crown'd ahundance spreads my hoard:
While I feast, my foes do feed
Their rank malice not their need,
So that with the self-same hread
They are starv'd and I am fed-
How my head in ointment swims!
How my cup o'erlooks her hrims!
So, even so still may I move
By the line of thy dear love;
Still may thy sweet mercy spread
A shady arm ahove my head,

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