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Oh happy shades to me unties' 218

Oh how delightful to the soul of man.. 42

Oh that the chemist's magic art 217

Oh the hour when this material 268

Oh my lov'd Rachel 240

Oh who is it comes from the field .... 208

O most adorahle, most unadored '17

Old tree thou art wither'd 56

On all-important Time 257

Once in the flight of ages past 122

One morning in the month of May .. 168 On Summer's hreast the hawthorn..,. 56 On the wild heath in mournful guise., 230

On thy heds of clover playing 60

On two hold hills Jerusalem is seen ., 208

O painted clouds sweet heanties 105

O Salem who in proud disdain 146

O that in unfetter'd union 267

O the wrath of the Lord is a terrihle., 180 O thoa Eternal one whose presence ., 5

O thou on earth heloved, adored 274

O thou who once didst wander here .. 164 Our little Enoch sleeps upon yon hed 118 Ours is a lovely world! how fair .... 28 Over head upgrew insuperahle height 52 O winter, ruler of the inverted year ., 47

Pale ragged Winter hending o'er.... 46 Pharaoh upon a gorgeous throne of state 103

Pilgrim, hurden'd with thy sin 170

Poor Oscar! how feehly thou crawl'st 210

Praise to God, immortal praise 134

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire .... 183 Pride, self-adoring pride was primal.. 124 Proof needs not here, for whether we 128

Prophet of the elder day 164

Pure spirit! O where art thou now !.. 252

.reioice! Rejoice! the son of Jesse 133 Religion! thou the soul of happiness 155

Retire !—the world shut out; 3

Rivers, arise; whether thou he the son 80 Rocks of my country, let the cloud .. 07 Roll on, thou deep and dark hlue ocean 02

Sa D City of the silent place 257

Said Justice, Man I'd fain know .... 205

Saviour, when in dust to thee, 164

Say, what canse moved our first parents 117 Say, ye that know, ye who have felt.. 78 Scarce had thy velvet lips imhihed .. 217


See how heneath the moon-heamsssmile 07

See the leaves around ns falling 46

See where it smokes along the sounding 171 See yonder comes the powerful King.. 108 Self-flattered, unexperienced, high .. 122

She is fallen, she is fall'n ..: 213

She was adorn'd with what all earth.. 117 Since o'er thy footstool here helow .. 276 Since 'tis thy sentence, 1 should part.. 177 Since trittes make the sum of human.. 283 Sing thy Creator's praise, and own .. 26 Sire of the stormy Alps, majestic power 08 Sleep- hreathes at last from out thee .. 241

Sleep little hahy, sleep 247

Slow glides the Nile amid the margin 104 So fades the lovely hloommg flower .. 255 So forth isse wed the seasons of theyeare 36 So sinks the day-star in the ocean-hed 251 Sound the loud timhrel o'er Egypt's.. 100 Star of the morn whose placid ray.... 141 Star of the evening, how I love to mark 113

Stay thon orh of golden flame 110

Stranger, panse, for thee the day .... 236 Suhlime emerging from themisty verge 110

Suhlime, ineffahle, angelic grace 189

Suffer that little children come to me 143

Survey the warlike Horse 70

Survivor sole, and hardly such of all.. 52 Sweet as the shepherd's tuneful reed.. 170 Sweet hird whom the winter constrains 74 Sweet flower, spring's earliest, loveliest 57

Sweet is the light of Sahhath Eve 264

Sweet is the scene when Christians die 269 Sweet Rohin, 1 hail thy appearance .. 74

Sweet Sahhath of the year 46

Sweet the hoor of trihulation 216

Tabor the place to prove his mission 143

The active hee on summer-morn 71

The airy ship at anchor rides 286

The Angel of the flowers one day .... 62 The Assyrian came down like a wolf.. 205 The bark that held- a Prince went down 252

The heams of April ere it goes 68

The chariot, the chariot, its wheels roll 274 The days and years of time are fled .. 275

The distempered mind hath lost 123

The dry leaves are falling 45

The evening was glorious 106

The glad hirds are singing 42

The glories of our mortal state 266 PACE.


The gnarled oak hy some fair streamlet's 52
The heavens, O Lord, thy power .... 17
The horrid crags hy toppling convent 80

The insect that with puny wing 34

The King was on his throne 210

The lark has snng his carol in the sky 221

The light of Sahhath Eve 284

The Lord, my Pasture, shall prepare.. 166

The Lord of Hosts hath walked 157

The Lord our Cod is full of might.... 8

The Lord our Cod is Lord of all 0

The mighty frame of glorious grace .. 130
The morning dawns upon the place .. 154
The morning flowers display their sweets 252
The Niohe of nations, there she stands 84

There God unfolds his presence 270

There is a hird who hy his coat 76

There is a land where everlasting Suns 270
There is a gem that fights the eye .... 216

There is an hour of peaceful rest 278

There is a flower—a little flower 06

There is a stream which issues forth .. 170
There is a smile upon that cheek .... 246

There is—there is a joy 2S0

There often wanders oue whom hetter 230
The roaring tumult of the hillowed sea 145
The rose had heen wash'd, just wash'd 217
The rose was in rich hloom on Sharon's 243
There was :t sound of revelry hy night 226
The Saviour wept, his heaming eye .. 147
These are thy glorious works, Parent.. 31
These as ih,-y change Almighty Father 40
These eyes that were half-closed in dea,h 207
These hairs of age are messengers .... 122
The setting orh of night, her level ray lCrt

The sepulchre was gaping wide 143

The sleepy spring was still in hed .... 40
The snow-drop, Winter's timid child.. 56
The Son, on his great expedition now 21

The spacious firmament on high 28

The standards of imperial Rome 154

The stars are forth the moon ahove .. 112
The sun-heams streak the azure skies.. 101
The sun had sunk heneath the western 150
The sun is high, the Atlantic is unfann'd 04
The towering eagle soars from human 77

The wanton troopers passing hy 221

The wind hlows chill across those gloomy 102

The wolf is in thy kingly hall 258

The world is grown old 273

The world's something higger 203


The year hath seen its round 28*

They know the Almighty's power N4

This hook, this holy hook on every line 120
This fact is clear; hoth man and woman 28!l

This place is holy ground 271

This world that we so highly prize.... 128
Thou art, O Lord, the life and light .. 11
Thou art no lingerer in monarch's hall 100
Thou art our Father, Lord our Lord .. 2»o
Thoucolomed winglet, floating in the ray 60

Thou desolate and dying year 45

Thou didst, O mighty God, exist .... 7

Tho' pictured in thy form ( see 26-2

Thou hast thy heauties sterner ones .. 47
Thou most indulgent, most tremendous 131
Xhou sacred light, that right from wrong 167
Tho" short thy span, God's unimpeach'd "254

Thou sort-flowing Red run 152

Thou, whose rejoicing eye of light.... 108
Thou, whose spell can raise the dead.. 201
Thrice welcome, little English flower.. 60
Thro' shades and solitudes profound .. 170

Thus arrogant and thus ahsurd 205

Thus prayed the Prophet 202

Thus when Elijah mark'd from Carmei's 202
Time's glory is to calm contending Kings 257
Time in advance hehind him hides.... 250
Time, swift time from years their motion 121
Time was each lady thought no harm.. 287
'Tis eve, the sun's last rays are lingering 101

'Tis finished, he spake the words 155

'Tis her first grief, the hird is dead .. lilU

'Tis midnight, 'tis midnight 106"

'Tis pleasant to wander along on the sand 90

'Tis summer—'tis summer 44

To mark the sufferings of the habe.... 245
To men of other minds my fancy flies 82
To purify their wine some people hleed 232
To sit on rocks, to muse o'er flood.... 234
Traverse the world, go fly from pole.. 167
Triumphant arch that lill'st the sky.... 106
True Charity a plant divinely nursed.. 176
True hope is Jacoh's staffe indeed .... 173

Turn, turn thy hasty foot aside 204

Turn on the prudent ant thy heedful.. 71
Turn we to survey where rougher climes 83
'Twas a lovely thought to mark the hours 07
'Twas in the glad season of spring .... 233
'Twas midnight, and along each silent 222
'Twas morn 1 the rising splendor roll'd 104
'Twas morn, the dewy morn 248


Twas not the moon in glory streaming 136

'Twas on the horder of a stream 65

Twas twilight, for the sunless day ..,. 228
Twice has the sun commenced his annual 120
Two of far nohler shape, erect and tall 117
Types of eternal rest, fair huds of hliss 263

Unfading hope, when life's last .... 175
Unhappy White, while life was in its 254

Upon a rock's extremest verge 05

Upon the hill the Prophet stood 109

Wanton drole whose harmless play.. 77
Weep not my mother, weep not .... 346
What hid'st thou in thy treasure caves 04
What is it that gives thee mild queen 111

What is life? a rapid stream 266

What is the world'! a wildering maze 120
What suns have shone, what storms .. 202
When all thy mercies, O my God.... 32
When heechen huds hegin to swell .. 58
Whene'er we climh the mountain's head 12
When forced to part from those we love 239
When I have seen thy snowy wing .. Si)
When I consider how my light is spent 235
When I rememher Christ our hurden 156
When Jordan hush'd his waters still.. 140
When life is forgot and night hath power 105
When marshall'd on tin; nightly plain 141
When my hreast lahours with oppressive 35

When on Sinai's top I see 150

When spring unlocks the flowers 185

AVhen the first day-heam hless'd the sky 104
When thro' ihe torn anil the wild tempest 146


When we our weary limhs to rest.... 208
When with a serious musing I hehold 63

Wherefore do the heathen wage 206

Where now the vital energy that mov'd 47
Where seas of glass with gay reflection 55
Where southern suns and winds prevail 80
Which is the happiest death to die 1.. 267
While wits thro' fiction's regions ramhle 283
Whoe'er like me with tremhling anguish 255
Who is my mother or my hrethren?.. 143
Whom call we gay? that honour long 168
Whose imp art iiiou with dimpled cheek 110
Whose is that sword, that voice? .... 212

Who shall avenge the slave 1 233

Why wakes that moan of deep distress? 207

Winter' has a joy for me 49

Wisdom is humhle, says the voice.... 295
With drooping hells of clearest hlue.. 6"3
With him his nohlest sons might not.. 117

With him went Douht, staggering 126

Within this awful volume lies 120

Wo and wailing shall he o'er then 270

Ye flaming powers and winged warriors 141
Ye humhle souls that seek the Lord.. 150
Ye nymphs of Solyma hegin the song 132

Ye suhjects of the Lord proclaim 164

Yes! there are real mourners 250

Ye stars! hright legions that hefore .. 113

Yet let me in some odorous shade 54

Yet once more and once more awake 137
Ye viewless minstrels of the sky .... 103
Youth is the vision of a morn 120



His and Perfections ....

Praised .... .... ....

Crbation And Providence

Creation descrihed ....

Beanties and Glories of ....


Mysterious, kind, and universal

Rural And Desceiptive.

The Seasons of Ihe Year ....

Trees, Flowers, and Insects

Birds and Beasts ....

Amphihious Animals and Fishes ....

Countries ,...

Local Scenery ....

Rivers, Seas, and Mountains ....

Winds, Clouds, &c

Heavenly Bodies ....


Adam and Eve .... ....

Childhood, Youth, and Manhood ....

Evil Passions, &c. .... ....

Word Op God And Redemption.

The value and truth of the Scriptures

The scheme and wonders of Redemption

Jesus Christ .... .... ....

The Holy Spirit Relioion.

Christian Life, graces and privilege .. Paraphrases Op Sceipture ....

Sentimental And Pathetic ...,

Pestilence and Earthquake ....

War and Shipwreck .... ....

Slavery ,,,. ....

Solitude and Blindness .... ....

Melancholy and Madness ....

Separation .... .... ....

Sickness and Domestic Bereavements

Elegies and Epitaphs .... ....

Time And Eternity.

Nature and Intluence of Time ....

Morning and Evening .... ....

Sahhath .... .... ....

Death and Judgment .... ....

Heaven .... ....

Eternity .... .... ....

Miscellaneous .... ....

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