Flowers for the Parlor and Garden

J.E. Tilton & Company, 1870 - 411 páginas

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Página 7 - Neath cloistered boughs, each floral bell that swingeth And tolls its perfume on the passing air, Makes sabbath in the fields, and ever ringeth A call to prayer. Not to the domes where crumbling arch and column Attest the feebleness of mortal hand, But to that fane, most Catholic and solemn, Which God hath...
Página 140 - Bring flowers to the shrine where we kneel in prayer, They are nature's offering, their place is there ! They speak of hope to the fainting heart, With a voice of promise they come and part, They sleep in dust through the wintry hours, They break forth in glory — bring flowers, bright flowers ! THE CRUSADER'S RETURN. "Alas! the mother that him bare, If she had been in presence there, In his wan cheeks and sunburnt hair She had not known her child.
Página 180 - O'er hill, and dale, and desert sod, That man, where'er he walks, may see In every step, the stamp of God ? HYMN IN SEED-TIME.
Página 14 - Ephemeral sages! what instructors hoary For such a world of thought could furnish scope? Each fading calyx a memento mori, Yet fount of hope. • Posthumous glories! angel-like collection! Upraised from seed or bulb interred in earth, Ye are to me a type of resurrection, And second birth. Were I in churchless solitudes remaining, Far from all voice of teachers and divines, My soul would find, in flowers of God's ordaining, Priests, sermons, shrines!
Página 62 - One thing I warn thee: bow no knee to gold; Less innocent it makes the guileless tongue, It turns the feelings prematurely old; And they who keep their best affections young, Best love the Beautiful!
Página 307 - THE grass is wet with shining dews. Their silver bells hang on each tree, While opening flower and bursting bud Breathe incense forth unceasingly; The mavis pipes in greenwood shaw.
Página 127 - The carnation has the marks on its petals, from the centre to the edge, in flakes or stripes of colors, on a white ground. The picotee has a white or yellow ground, the edges of the petals being fringed with various shades of red and purple. Carnations are divided into five classes, namely: 1. Scarlet Bizarres ; 2. Pink or Crimson Bizarres ; 3. Scarlet Flakes ; 4. Rose Flakes ; 5. Purple Flakes. Bizarre is derived from the French, meaning odd or irregular. The flowers in these classes have three...
Página 398 - Oanadepsis, or Bloodroot, is well known as one of our earliest spring flowers. The flowers and leaf proceed from the end of a fleshy root, and all, on being wounded, emit a bright orange-red juice. We copy a good description of the root : " The bud or hybernaculum which terminates the root is composed of successive scales or sheaths, the last of which acquires considerable size as the plant springs up. By dissecting this bud in the summer or autumn, we may discover the embryo leaf and flower of the...
Página 133 - ... commencing the cut just below it; then reach a hooked peg, thrust it into the soil, catching hold by its hook of the layer as it descends, and press it gently down to the soil. Do the next in the same manner, and so on till every shoot is layered ; then cover them all with the sifted mould about three quarters of an inch deep, and that pot or plant is completed. Then give a slight watering, and the layers want no further care till they are rooted, which will be in about a month or six weeks.
Página 117 - Give it sun, and it will be a mass of bloom all winter. A pretty way is to train it up the side and across the window on strings. Do not, however, give it a very large pot, or it will all run to leaves.

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