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Tis the Author's defire, that the following pages ・Should be confidered as written for all thofe, whom

they exactly fuit. And in order to this he informs the reader, that in general,

ZELOTES reprefents any zealous folifidian, who, thro' prejudice, looks upon the doctrine of Free-will as beretical.

HONESTUS any zealous moralift, who thro' preju dice alfo, looks upon the doctrine of Free-grace as cnthufiaftical.

LORENZO - any man of fenfe, yet unfettled in his religious principles.


any unprejudiced enquirer after truth, who hates bigotry, and should be glad to fee the differences among Proteftants fettled upon rational and fcriptural


A SOLIFIDIAN is one who maintains that we are completely and eternally faved [folâ fide] by fole faith by faith alone; and who does it in fo unscrip tural a manner as to make good works unnecessary to eternal salvation; representing the law of Christ as a mere rule of life; and calling legalifts, pharifees, or heretics, all those who confider that law as a rule of Judgment.



HE Author of the Checks has promised to his readers an answer to the Rev. Mr. Top lady's piece, entitled, More Work for Mr. Wesley. His reafon for poftponing the finishing of that part of his Logica Genevenfis, was the importance of the Equal Check, which clofes the controverfy with Mr. Hill. He faw life fo uncertain, that, of two things which he was obliged to do, he thought it his duty to fet about that which appeared to him the more useful. He confidered alfo, that it was proper to have quite done with Mr. Hill, before he faced so able a writer a's Mr. Toplady. And he hoped, that to lay before the judicious a complete fyftem of truth, which, like the fun, recommends itself by its own luftre, was perhaps the best method to prove that error, which fhines only as a meteor, is nothing but a mock-fun: However he fully defigns to perform his engagement in a short time, if his life is fpared.

Madeley, Nov. 12,


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