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Pentecost; or, the Revival of the Work | the writer is an acquaintance of ours,

of God. By the Rev. GEORGE WIL- but we are unable to guess who among KINSON, of Chelmsford. Morgan and our friends can have perpetrated such a Chase.

capital book. The authorship, remains This is a prize essay, and, unlike the to us a mystery, but the work speaks usual productions of that class, it is for itself. We wish Mr. Darwin could really able, and in itself worthy of pub- induce the earthworms which mar our lication. It is a stimulating and encour- lawn to develop into oysters, for now aging treatise, but, at the same tiine, the black birds alone devour them, and judicious and practical. Lovers of re- then we should have a share of the vivals, and it is to be hoped that all spoilers. readers of the Sword and the Trowel Breaking the Rules, a Tale of Schoolare such-should read and circulate this excellent essay.

boy Life. By Mrs. H. B. PaulL.

Sunday School Union. Groom's Dictation and Orthographical An attractive juvenile book written in

Exercises. Tacey, City Road. the very best spirit. When we were at Tuese are cards which illustrate the school, we did not meet with boys exactly diversity of spelling and meaning in of this cut, nor with such a master either. words of similar pronunciation. Sen- We fancy that few ladies know much tences are given with blanks into which about the way in which boys in real life the proper word is to be placed by the quarrel, and, afterwards, make up their pupil. There is no novelty in these disagreements ; they do not manage exercises, but from their form they would matters usually after the manner of this be very handy, we shuuld think, in a book, but go on rather more in the anyschool.

how style. What they ought to be is Byopaths of Baptist History, a collection one thing, and what they are is another.

of interesting, instructive, and curious Warburton's Shakespeare Copy Books Information, not generally known, con- for Schools. Arranged by C. C. cerning the Baptist Denomination. WARBURTON. Cassell, Petter, and By Rev. J. J. GOADBY. Elliot Galpin. Stock.

It was a most sensible idea to place We admire the good sense with which strong nervous sentences, from great Mr. Goadby has selected all the interest- nasters, before the pupil's eye, instead ing incidents, and left out the dull de- of the meaningless lines so long in tails. If this book does not interest a vogue. “ Beauty commands esteem" reader, we give him up: heinust surely has been copied long enough, let it give be as ignorant as the writer in the last place to “ Brevity is the soul of wit." Westminster Review, who evidently We are not sure that we should bave knew more about pewter pots than selected Shakespeare as the quarry from Baptists.

whence to fetch the material for boys' Homo versus Darwin : a Judicial Ex- copybooks; at any rate, Cowper,

amination of Statements recently pub- Young, and other poets might be lished by Mr. Darwin regarding " The treated in a similar way, and so the Descent of Man." Hamilton, Adains, same admirable notion would be adapted and Co.

to a wider range of tastes. A POPULAR exposure of the fallacies of Digging a Grave with a Wine-Glass. By Darwin. So long as weak minds obse- Mrs. S. C. Hall. Partridge & Co. quiously bow before the Baal theories So far as a cause can be served by senof the hour, there will be need of sational fiction this story is calculated to Elijalıs to mock them. Here wit and aid that of total abstinence. It aims at argument are blended. We bave, as a exhibiting the progress and fatal effects frontispiece, the portrait of an Ascidian of the drinking which is, alas! so comtadpole—one of mur very remote an- mon among respectable females. Any cestors, according to Mr. Darwin; and, effort to arrest this most horrible evil is furtber on, the carte de visite of one of most laudable. our nearest allies, Mr. Gorilla, is politely Of Nurse Ellerton, published by the presented to us. We are informed that same house, much the same may be said.

The Relationships which bar Marriage, gospel, and truly poetical. We feel

considered Scripturally, Socially, and sure that our dear Chrisian friends Historically, being a respectful Address from whom the sunlight is hidden would to the Nonconformist Ministers of delight to sing them. Many of them England from the Ministers of the whom we know are beyond others happy Presbyterian Churches of Scotland. in the enjoyment of the inner light Hamilton, Adums, and Co.

which has glory without glare. We An address bearing the honoured names

give two of the sixteen hymus as speciof Candlish, Duff, Buchanan, Brown,

mens of the rest :Guthrie, &c., deserves—and, doubtless, “ They tell us that the stars are bright will receive—the attention of those to Which glisten in the sky; whom it is presented. Personally, we

But vain they shed their heavenly light differ from these esteemed brethren,

Upon the sightless eye. but we are open to conviction, and will

They tell us of the tints of morn

Hues of the purple west, give the paper a candid reading. This

The blossom of the snowy thorn, is the more easy for us, as our beloved

The ocean's sparkling breast. wife has no sister, and our judgment will therefore be impartial.

The sun that ushers in the day

The moon so fair and clear Within the Gates; or, Glimpses of the

Shrd not upon our eyes a ray Glorified Life. By G. D. Evans, of

To lighien or to cheer! Grove Road Chapel, Victoria Park.

But he who made the sun and moonElliot Stock.

Earth, ocean, air, and sky

Hath poured upon our clouded noon We rejoiced when we received this The Day-spring from on high. volume, for it proves that out of our Our hands can read, our fingers trace college, as out of Issachar, shall come The page of truth and love; “ those that handle the pen." The title And thus we joyfully embrace is well chosen, and will attract many

The message from above. readers ; the subject is surpassing in

Then let us willingly record interest, and the manner and matter of

His praise, who maketh known the writer are both excellent. We hope

To our benighted hearts his word,

And seals it as his own." our friend will meet with a genervus reception from the Christian public, in making this, bis second venture. The " Jesus source of light and knowledge, dedication to his most worthy and

Thou canst open up a way;

Turn the darkest night to brightness, earnest mother-one of the most useful

Brighten up the darkest day. of the members of our Tabernaclereflects honour upon the son.

What are scales upon the eyeballs

To the darkness of the mind; Ilymns for tke Blind. By William Living lar from Christ is b'indness,

M.Comb. Third Edition. Belfast. Near him, eye-sight to the blind. We do not observe any publisher's

Life is death when far from Jesus ;

Death is life when he is near; name to this sweet little bundle of ori.

From our path averting danger, ginal hymns. They are full of the From our smitten eye the tear."


On Tuesday, October 10th, recognition church to give Mr. Taylor & unanimnus services were held in connection with the invitation to the pastorate. Mr. Taylor settleinent of Mr. H. W. Taylor, as pastor then gave a very satisfactory and imof the Baptist Curch at Markyate Street, pressive statement of bis experience and the Herts. At the afternoon ineeting Mr. B. doctrines he intended to preach. Special Davies, of Greenwich, presided ; Mr. H. prayer was then off-red on his behalf by Dunnington, of Redbourne, read the Scrip- Mr. Genders, of Luton ; and the charge to tures and prayed. One of the deacons the pastor was given by Mr, Rogers, of sta:ed the circuinstances which induced the the Tabernacle Cullege. Mr. Richards a, Independent Minister at Redbourne, closed of help. All the Kent Baptists ought to the service. A public tea-meetings, very help. We will gladly receive any help numerously attended, was held in the which may be forwarded. School-roorn of the We-leyan Chapel. A The church at Tot'eridge Road, Enfield meeting was again held in the Baptist Highway, is building a chapel; vut we fear Chapel, at which Mr. Fergusson, English they will be in great difficulty unless they tutor at the Tabernacle College, presided. receive speedy help. They are a very diliMr. A. Walker, of Houghton Regis, prayed ; gent and earnest people, but the Enfield Mr. Gracey, the classical tutor of the Col. Gun Works are not now in full operation ; lege, addressed the church. After which and, hence, their wages are lessened, and addresses were given by Mr. D. Gould, of power to give decreasel. It is a case for Dunstable ; Mr. C. Trafford, Wesleyan ; prompt assistance. All the London churches Mr. Rogers, Mr. Tansley, Mr. Walker, Mr. should put their shoulders to the wheel. Genders, Mr. Amos, Mr. Dunnington, and A friend in Edinburgh s nds us generous Mr. Taylor. It is fifty-eight years ago aid to the Orphanage fro'n his stewardship since a similar service was helil in that account. Should not all Christians keep chapel. The chapel was well filled at both such an account? Is not the tentb, at the services ; many having attended from the very least, the Lord's ? neighbouriny towns, and several froin We have been cheered several times this Greenwich. where Mr. Taylor was well month by the gift of small sums (in one case known. Under Mr. Tavlor's ministry one shilling), with the intimation that our there has been a considerable revival ; in-o- sermons have been blessed to the salvation of much, that a commencement of efforts has the giver. been made to raise a larger and more com- Mr. Taylor, of Burnley, writes :-“I feel modious place of worship.

with others that the Orphanage under Recognition services in connection with your care should be well supported. I have the settlement of M". J.C. Forth, as pastor nained the matter to a number of friends of the church at Wicksworth, Derbyshire, here, shopkeepers and other tradespeople, were held on Friday, the 22nd, and Loru's- and am glad to say that they willingly day, the 21th, ult. On the Friday, tea was agree to contribute small articles of wearing provided in the school-room ; after which apparel, etc., for the boys, which I will send a public meeting was held, presided over by to you in a few days. Mr. G. A. Young. After the Chairman “I think I shall be able to send you had stated the steps which had led to the pretty near as follows : - 100 pairs of invitation being given, the pastor gave a stockings, a few pairs of shoes and clogs, short account of his conversion, call to the and a lot of ties and comforters for their ministry, and the considerations which had necks; a few hundred yarus of cotton ; one led him to accept the oversight of that par. friend will give a box of tea; I hope to send ticular church. Mr. G. Rogers, of the Me. you at Christinas the 100 pounds of honey tropolitan Tabernacle College, delivered as before. the charge to the pastor, in which he "If friends in other towns would take showed the encouragement afforded to the the matter up in this way, great help might humble, diligent, and devoted preacher of be given to you. the gospel to seek and to expect divine as- "You are at liberty to make any use of sistance in his work. Mr. C. A. Davis, of this idea in any of your announcements in Chesterfield, and Mr W. Young, Indepen the Press.”—J. T. dent Minister of Wicksworth, cordially By last mail we learn that Mr. G. P. Lush, welcomed the pastor to the vicinity; and who studied under Mr. Ness during his stay E. H. Jackson, Ripley, delivered an ad- in Australia, has been recognised as pastor dress on “Nonconformity." A few gup of the Baptist Church in St. Kilda, an im. plementary words from Mr. Rogers on the portant and flourishing suburb of Melduties of church members to their pastor bourne. brought the proceedings to a close.

Mr. T. Davis, another of Mr. Ness's We are pleased to observe that the Bap- students, is pastor of the church in the adtist Church in West Retford, Yorkshire, joining suburb of Prabran, amongst a nuunder the care of Mr. J. J. Dalton, have merous and intelligent population. He and cominenced a new chapel. The founilation his charge continue to enjoy steady prosstone was generously laid by the Mayor, perity. who is also a Church warden. Our friends The project of a girls' Orphanage is needl liberal and present aid, for the sum taking a in re fixed shape. We endeaas yet raised is small in proportion to the voured last month to buy some ground, cost. We beg to recommend the case. but the price given by others was ex

The friends at Tunbridge are on th4 move orbitant. It may be that Providence means for building a chapel, but are greatly in need us to wait till some wealthy donor has

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ripened his intention of setting apart a large paved the way for a fourth. We nefer

We will follow, but not run before knew his equal for zeal and prudence corrthe pillar of cloud.

bined. In the course of twenty years se A Newhaven friend complains that we have not met with such another young man, have not mentioned the death of our be- who, with ordinary talents, had such sinloved friend, Mr. Sargeant, in these pages. gular grace, apostolic zeal, and shrewd We thought we had done so. It has been sense. We loved him much, and cherish a constant grief to us, and seldom out of hs memory. Alas! my brother, where our mind, and we have mentioned it in will thy like be found ! many ways. This dear brother was instru- Bap isms at Metropolitan Tabernacle, by mental in founding three churches, and Mr. J. A. Spurgeon, Sept. 28th-twenty.

Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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Statement of Receipts from September 21st, to October 19th, 1871.
£ 8. d.

£ s. d. Friend B 50 0 0 Mr. W. Davis

2 0 Mr. J. Kennard 0 10 0 Mr. S. Lewis...

0 10 6 Mr. J. Edwards 25 0 0 A. Friend, per Mr. J. Mills

1 0 J. C. Prescot

0 2 6
Mrs. R. Taylor

2 10 T. C. L. 2 0 0 Collected by Mr. R. Mills

0 10 6 Mr. E. Davies 0 10 0 Miss Maxwell

0 10 9 Mr. Shephard 5 0 0 Mr. Chew

50 Mrs. A. Rothine

1 1 0 Mrs. Bickmore, quarterly subscription 2 0 0 Dr. J. Knott

10 00 A Friend, per Mr. F. R. B. Phillips 3 15 Mr. W. Davison

0 4 0 Mr. W. Knight, per Rev E. Spurrier... 0 10 0 A Friend at Lunbury, per Mr. James

Mr. W. A. Butterworth ...

1 1 Menlove 03 Mrs. Evans

0 10 0 Mr. T. Wilson 0 10 Collected by Mrs. Bydawell

0 4 2 A Scottish shepherd 2 10 HD. P.

0 10 Mr. W. J. Hardie 0 A. Friend, Scotland

20 06 Mr. W. Jenes 0 10 0 Mrs. Stevenson

2 10 0 A Friend and Reader of Sermous 5 0 0 Rev. J. Pegg, Turks Island

1 0 0 The Misses Dransfield

2 2 0 Collection at Kingsgate Street Chapel, Mrs. Charlotte Ware 07 6 per Rev. W. H. Burton

8 80 Remember New Zealand...

0 10 o Collection at Eld-lane Chupel, ColchesTwo Friends, South Wales 10 0 0 ter, per Rev. E. Spurrier

7 15 1 Collection, per Mr. Aubrey

1 6 Contents of Box at Door of Baptist Mr D. Macpherson 5 0 Church, Warkworth

1 ISO Mr. J. P. Shaw

0 Two Bushels of Corn, per Mr. Bate 100 John Ploughman 0 0 Mr. W. Tucker

100 Dunweston Chimer and his Boys 6 Mr. F. T. Tucker

0 10 0 H. E. 0 Mr. W. A. Long

5 @ Mr. W. Thomas

6 6 Weekly offerings at Tabernacle, Sep. 24 20 11 i Mr. Tapscott

1 0

Oct. 1 42 15 4 Singapore 1 0 10

8 40 05 Irvine... 1 0 0

15 39 3 11 Ebenezer

1 1 0 A Friend, Glasgow, per Rev. G.

£357 14 10 Rogers

20 0 0





0 5 5 0

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Stockwell Orphanage.

Statement of Receipts from September 21st, to October 19th, 1871,

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£ 8. d.

£ 8. d. Mr. R. E. Sears 0 5 0 Mrs. Kelsey

0 10 0 Every Little Helps 0 2 4 Mr. Baber

0 10 0 Mír. W. Wippell 0 19 11 Mrs. Brown

0 10 0 Mrs. M. A. Hall 0 10 0 Mr. W. A. Butterworth

1 1 0 l'er Mr. E Davies

0 90 Collected by the late Mrs. Daintree 0 10 0 Mr. T. Messer 1 1 0 A Reader of Sermons, B.D.

0 10 0 Mrs. Gardiner 1 10 0 H. D. P.

02 6 S. C. C., Monaghan 2 0 0 Mrs. Stevenson

2 10 0 Mr. T. Wilson 0 10 0 Mrs. Tunstall

0 16 0 A Scottish Shepherd 2 10 0 Miss S. Pulh

01 Two Friends in Battersea 010 0 Master Simpson

0 6 9 DI. J.A. 0 10 0 Pupils of Finsbury College

1 8 0 Mr. W. Jones 0 10 0 Master Spurgeon, Jalden

0 11 0 A Reader of Sermons, Stirling 0 10 0 Miss Taylor ...

1 10 1 New Deer, AberJ. B., Hereford

05 0 deen'shire 0 5 0 A Grimsby Methodist

0 2 6 Mr. R. S. Faulconer 10 10 0 A Friend, per Mr. Groombridge

0 Mrs. Tanner 0 3 0 Mrs. Penaluna

0 10 0 Warrington 0 10 0 Miss Smithies

0 10 6 A Thankoffering, Market Harboro' 0 10 0 A Highland Girl

02 0 Kettering 0 2 6 Mrs. Allan

2 0 0 Mr. & Mrs. Scruby... 2 0 0 Mr. Foster

0 10 6 A Sermon Reader, Perth

0 2 0

Miss Smith

1 0 0 A Friend and Reader of Sermons 5 0 0 Mrs. P. A. Phillips

1 0 0 A Friend, by Mrs. Hurst 1 0 0 Miss Darkin...

0 6 9 A Domestic Servant 1 0 0 Mrs. Braginton

0 1 11 Miss Maria Gooding 1 5 0 Miss A. McLellen

0 5 0 Mrs Stocks 0 6 11 Mr. J. Hall

0 39 8. N. 0 1 0 Mr. J. Campbell

0 11 3 A Friend, Dunstable 0 10 0 Mr. W. A. Long

5 0 0 " A Scotch Friend Srom a Balance at

Mr. F. T. Tucker

0 10 0 Credit of a Stewardship Account ... 10 0 0 A Sermon Reader

10 00 Mr. T. Crocker, South Australia 2 10 0 Mr. J. Harvey

1 1 0 A. Z.

1 0 0 Annual Subscriptions :Two Friends, South Wales 10 0 0 Per Lady Burgoyue

6 15 0 Bliss Broughton 0 10 0 Mr. John Skinner ...

1 1 0 W. Raphoe

1 0 0 Per F. R. T.: Mrs. R. Adams 0 10 0 Mr. Lockett

0 5 0 A. G. P. 05 0 Mr. Tidmarsh

0 5 0 8. H. 0 2 6 Mrs. Tidmarsh

0 5 0 A Reader of Sermons, Dumfries 1 0 0 Mrs. Gibson

0 6 0 A Country Minister 0 3 0 Mr. Underwood

0 5 0 A Family of Seven, Sittingbourne 1 15 0 Miss Winckworth

0 5 0 1 10 0 Mr. Woodman

1 0 0 Orphan Boys' Collecting Cards, per Mr. Pedley

1 1 0 Mr. Charlesworth:Mr. Tapscott... 1 1 0 | Amey, H.

0 7 6 Mrs. Lascells

1 1 0
Abbey, J.

0 5 4
M. D. S.
08 6 Ayres, A.

0 9 2 A Sermon Reader, Buckingham

Brick, Ed.

0 1 6 shfre... 0 1 0 Boraston, J.

0 5 4 A.S. 0 1 0 Ball, c.

0 1 10 Irvine 1 0 0 | Brownlie, W.

0 2 8 Mr. King 0 5 0 Bourne, A.


1.6 Mr. Turner 0 10 0 Brazendale, J. C.

0 2 6 Miss Duncombe 0 5 0 Brooker, H.

0 1 3 Rev. G. Cobb... 05 0 Bramble, H.

0 3 4 Mr. Lamb 0 5 0 Bruchlacher

0 1 2 J. and M.C. 3 0 0 Baker, J....

0 8 6 Mr. H. Lever 05 0 Barclay, H.

0 4 A Widow 1 0 0 Bailey, c.


3 4 Mrs. R. Taylor 2 10 0 Blighi, F....

O 2 0 Mrs. R. Willcox 0 10 0 Carter, R.

0 4 10 W.J. B. 10 0 Court, R.

0 1 6 Mr. Angus 5 0 0 Cox, Charles

0 3 0 Mrs. Whittemoro 0 10 0 Charlesworth, Anne

0 2 1 Mrs. Sarah Gibson 0 10 0 Cork, H. L.

0 2 0 A Reader of Sermong, Kingussie 0 10 0 Coles, G..

0 5 2 Mrs. M. Woodhams 0 6 0 Cockerton, T.

0 3 0 Mr. H. Pledge 1 0 0 Day, Alf...

0 2 Mrs. Legge 0 15 6 Davis, J. R.

0 3 0 Mrs. Barnes 1 1 0 Digby, c.

0 4 Mr. C. Cracknell, per Mr. Greenwood 2 0 0 Dunn, John

0 4 0 Miss Fells 0 5 0 Dean, G.

0 5 Mrs. Arinitage 0 10 0 Dixon, Thos.

0 0 8 Miss Maxwell 0 10 0 Evans, T.

0 3 0 Mr. Ford 0 6 0 Ehlers, R.

0 4 Miss Bull 0 10 0 Einmett, G.

0 4 0 Mrs. Dring 1 2 7 Evans, E. E.

6 4 Mr. Stevens 0 5 0 Edmunds, B.

0 1 6 Mr. Chew 5 0 0 Fanner, W.

0 5 0 Arthur, Ada, Walter and Edward 2 2 0 Forncse, E.

0 3 4 Mr. A. Searle 1 0 0 Gatten, G.

03 0




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