A Mythological, Etymological, and Historical Dictionary: Extracted from the Analysis of Ancient Mythology

C. Dilly, 1793 - 449 páginas

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Página 430 - Beat on the Tower, and to its lowest base Shook it convulsed. And now all intercourse, By some occult and overruling power, Ceased among men ; by utterance they strove Perplexed and anxious to disclose their mind ; But their lip...
Página 167 - Cush would not obey. They went off under the conduct of the arch-rebel Nimrod, and seem to have been for a long time in a roving state ; but at last they arrived at the plains of Shinar. These they found occupied by Ashur (ch.
Página 334 - Celtae, were first known. I question, whether there be in the world a monument, which is much prior to the celebrated Stone-Henge. There is reason to think, that it was erected by a foreign colony; one of the first, which came into the island.
Página 76 - The offerings which people in ancient times used to present to the Gods were generally purchased at the entrance of the Temple ; especially every species of consecrated bread, which was denominated accordingly. One species of sacred bread which used to be offered to the Gods, was of great antiquity, and called Boun.
Página 25 - These were all of the line of Ham, who was held by his posterity in the highest veneration. They called him Amon: and having in process of time raised him to a divinity, they worshiped him as the Sun: and from this worship they were styled Amonians.
Página 225 - ... holy. The people who prosecuted this method of worship enjoyed a soothing infatuation, which flattered the gloom of superstition. The eminences to which they retired, were lonely and silent ; and seemed to be happily circumstanced for contemplation and prayer. They who frequented them were raised above the lower world, and fancied that they were brought into the vicinity of the powers of the air and of the Deity who resided in the higher regions.
Página 295 - ... mercy to those who sued for it On this account they were doomed to destruction; and, for this purpose, there was a mighty eruption of waters from the earth, attended with heavy showers from above, so that the rivers swelled, and the sea overflowed, till the whole earth was covered with a flood, and all flesh drowned. Deucalion alone was preserved to re-people the world.
Página 334 - The stones thus placed, they oftentimes poized so equably, that they were affected with the least external force, — nay, a breath of wind would sometimes make them vibrate. We have many instances of this nature in our own country, and they are to be found in other parts of the world; and, wherever they occur, we may esteem them of the highest antiquity.
Página 259 - ... character? For my part, I believe that there was no writing antecedent to the* Law at mount Sinai. Here the divine art was promulgated; of which other nations partook ; the Tyrians and Sidonians firft, as they were the ncareft to the fountain-head.
Página ix - It is to be observed, that when colonies made any where a settlement, they ingrafted their antecedent history upon the subsequent events of the place. And as in those days they could carry up the genealogy of their princes to the very source of all; it will be found, under whatever title he may come, that the first king in every country was Noah.

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