De Quincey's Writings, Volumen11

Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853

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Página 245 - ... dykes of the low, fat, Bedford level will have nothing to fear from all the pickaxes of all the levellers of France. As long as our Sovereign Lord the King, and his faithful subjects, the Lords and Commons of this realm - the triple cord which no man can break...
Página 246 - ... rights; the joint and several securities, each in its place and order, for every kind and every quality, of property and of dignity, — as long as these endure, so long the Duke of Bedford is safe: and we are all safe together — the high from the blights of envy and the spoliations of rapacity; the low from the iron hand of oppression and the insolent spurn of contempt. Amen ! and so be it : and so it will be, Dum (loin us jEneae Capitoli immobile saxum Accolet; imperiumque pater Romanus habebit.
Página 245 - British monarchy, not more limited than fenced by the orders of the state, shall, like the proud Keep of Windsor, rising in the majesty of proportion, and girt with the double belt of its kindred and coeval towers...
Página 245 - Such are their ideas ; such their religion, and such their law. But as to our country and our race, as long as the wellcompacted structure of our church and state, the sanctuary, the holy of holies of that ancient law, defended by reverence, defended...
Página 63 - Time must be given for the intellect to eddy about a truth, and to appropriate its bearings. There is a sort of previous lubrication, such as the boa-constrictor applies to any subject of digestion, which is requisite to familiarize the mind with a startling or a complex novelty.
Página 106 - And after it has ceased to be a badge of inspiration, metre will be retained as a badge of professional distinction ; — Pythagoras, for instance, within five centuries of Christ, Thales or Theognis, will adopt metre out of a secondary prudence ; Orpheus and the elder Sibyl, out of an original necessity. Those people are, therefore, mistaken who imagine that prose is either a natural or a possible form of composition in early states of society. It is such truth only as ascends from the earth, not...
Página 272 - ... in vain ? He had infused into it much knowledge and much thought ; had often polished it to elegance, often dignified it with splendour, and sometimes heightened it to sublimity : he perceived in it many excellences, and did not discover that it wanted that without which all others are of small avail, the power of engaging attention and alluring curiosity.
Página 150 - Roman aide-decamp's 5 doctrine, two groups or clusters of Grecian wits ; two depositions or stratifications of the national genius: and these were about a century apart. What makes them specially rememberable is —the fact that each of these brilliant clusters had gathered separately about that man as central pivot, who, even apart from this relation to the literature, was otherwise the leading spirit of his age. It is important for our purpose...
Página 246 - Tacitus of the Temple of Jerusalem, t Bedford level, a rich tract of land so called in Bedfordshire. of each other's being, and each other's rights ; the joint and several securities, each in its place and order for every kind and every quality of property and of dignity, — as long as these endure, so long the Duke of Bedford is safe ; and we are all safe together; — the high from the blights of envy, and the spoliation of rapacity ; the low from the iron hand of oppression, and the insolent...
Página 225 - Massy diamonds compose the very substance of his poem on the Metempsychosis, thoughts and descriptions which have the fervent and gloomy sublimity of Ezekiel or Aeschylus, whilst a diamond dust of rhetorical brilliancies is strewed over the whole of his occasional verses and his prose.

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