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Shall vain words lave an or wha: emboideneth thee that thou answeret?

? Mine cye alfo is dit by reason of for

row, and all my members are as a iliadow. 41 allo could peak as ye do: if your cori 8 Upriglit mon fhall be aftonied at this, were in my fouls tead, I could leap up words and the innocent thall itir up linself againt Againit you, and thake mine licad at you, the lypocrite.

S Buiwouk strengthen you with my 9 The rightenus also shall hold on his way, mouth, and the moving of my lips should and he that hath clean hands thall be itronger allwage your grief.

and tronger. 6'1 hough I peak, iny grief is not affwaged 10 But as for you all, do ye return, and and though I forbear, what am I cafect! come now: for I cannot find one wire man

7 But now he hath inade me weary : thou among you. hait made defolate al my company,

u My days are part, my purposes are bro. 8 And thou hut filled me with wrinkles, ken off, even the thuughts of my heart. which is a witnels again me: and my lean: 12 They change the night into day : the nefs rising up in me bearcth witness to my liglit is thórt becaule of darknes.

13 If I wait, the grave is mine house: I 9 He teareth me in his wrath who hateth have made my bed in the darkness. me: he guatheth upon me with his teeth; 14 I have said to corruption, Thou art my mine enemy Tharperieth his eyes upon me. father: to the worin, Thou art my mothes

10 They have gajed upon me with their and iny fitter. inouth; they have Imitten me upon the 15 And where is now my hope: as for my cheek reproachfully; they have gathered hope, who lhall fee it? themselves together against me.

is They thall go down to the bars of the 11 God hath delivered me to the ungodly, pit, when our reil together is in the dult. and turned inc over into the hands of the

CHAP. XVIII. wicked.

1 Bilind reprovelh yoh for prefumption

and in. 12 I was at case, but be liath Intoken me patience. 's The calamitirs of the wicked. Wonder : he lith alto taken nie, by my neck, julen answered Bildad the Shuhite, and and thaken me to picecs, and ferine up for T

faid, his nark.

2. How long will it be cre ye make an 13 His archers compats me round about; end of words? mark, and afterwards we he cleaveth my reins afunder, and doth not will speak. Spare ; he poureth out my gall upon the 3 Wherefore are we counted as beasts, and ground.

reputed vile in your light. 14 He breaketh tne with breach upon 4 He tcarcth himself in his anger: thall breach; he runneih upon me like a giant. the earth be forsaken for thec? and shall the

15 I have fewed fackcloth upon my skin, rock be removed out of his place! and defiled my horn in the duit.

5 Yea, the light of the wicked thall be put 16 My face is foul with weeping, and on out, and the spark of his fire thall not tilne, mine eyelids is the shadow of death.

6 Thelight iball be dark in his tabernacia 17 Not for any injustice in mine lands: and his candle thall be put out with hiin. also niy prayer is pure.

7. The steps of his Itrength thall be trait18 o carth, cover not thou my blood, and ened, and his own counlel hall cast him Jet my cry have no place.

down. 19 Alco now behold, my witness is in 8 For he is cait into a net by his own feet, lieaven, and my reeerd is on higli.

and he walketh upon a fnare. 20 My friends fcorn me; but mine eye 9 The gin thall take him by the hect, and poureth out fears unto God.

the robber shall prevail against him. 21 Oh that one might plead for a man with

TO 'The fare ir laid for him in the ground, God, as a man pleadeth for his neighbour

and a trap for him in the way. 1: When a few years are come, then I thall

11 Terror Thall make him afrald on every go the way whence I thall not return.

fide, and shall drive hinn to his feet.

12 His ftrength thall be hunger-bitten, and C H A P. XVII.

deitruction Thall be ready at his fide. 1 Job appealetk from met to God. 6 The un.

13 It thall devour the strength of his fkin; merciful dealing of men with the allia cd may even the firit-born of death thall devour his aftonth, but not discourage the righteous i Arength.

in his hope is not in life, but is death. 14 His confidence thall be rooted out of Minct, the graves are ready for me. Y breath is corrupt, my days are ex- his tabernacle, and it fhall bring hun to the

king of terrors. Are there not moekers with me? and Is It hall dwell in his tabernacle, because oth not mine eye continue in their provoca. it is none of his : brimstone thall be l'cattered tion!

upon his habitatios. 3 Lay down now, put me in a surety with 16 His roots thall be driel up beneath, and thee; who is he thai will firike hands with above thall his branch be cut oli. me ?

17 His remembrance that perith from 4 For thou hatt hid their heart from un- the earth, and he thall lave no rame in the dertlunding: therefore ibalt thou not exalt Atreet. them.

18 He Mall be driven from light into dark. 5 He that speaketh flattery to his riends, nels, and chased out of the world. even the tyes of his children thall fail. 19 He (hall neither have fon nor nephew 6 He hath made

me allo a by-word of the among his people, nor any reinsining In Hin ople, and aforetic 1 ss was a cabret, dwelings,

20 They that come after him thall be afte 26 And I houra, after my fkin, worms destroy nied at his day, as they that went before this body, yet in any feth thall I sec God: were allrighted.

27 Whoin I thai see for myself, and mine 21 Surely such are the dwellings of the cyes thall be!old, and not another; though vicked, and this is the place of him that my reins be confumed within me. knoweth not God.

28 But yo thall fay, Why perfecute we CHA P. XIX.

hini? fccing the root of the matter is found i fob, comp'aining of his friends cruelty, Metu in me.

oth there is misery enough in him to gratify it : 29 Bc ye afraid of the sword; for wrath 21 he calleth for pity.

bringeth the punishment of thc (word, that TH Hen Job answered and said,

ye may know there is a judgment. 2 tlow long will ye vex my soul, and

CHA P. XX. break me in picces with words!

Zophar fheroesh the certain downfall and por. 3 These ten times lave ye reproached me: tion of the quicked, He are not athanied that ye make yourfelves T

Hen answered Zophar the Naamathite,

and said, 4 And be it indeed that I have erred, mine 2 Therefore co my thoughts cause me to error remaineth with myself.

answer, and for this i make hafte, 5. If indeed ye will magnify yourjelves 3 I have heard the check of my reproach, against ine, and plead againit me my č. and the fpirit of my understanding causeth proach;

me to answer. 6 Know now that God hath overthrown 4 Knowett thou not this of old, lince man me, and hath compassed me with his net. was placed upon earth,

7 Behold, I cry out of wrong, but I am $ That the triumphing of the wicked &x not heard , I cry aloud, but there is no judg- short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a ment.

moment! 8 He hath fenced up my way that I can. 6 Though his excellency mount up to not pass, and he hath fet darkness in my the heavens, and his head reach unto the paths,

clouds; 9 He hath ftripped me of my glory, and 7 Hei he thall perish for ever like his own taken the crown from my head.

dung: they which have seen him thall fay, 10 He hath deffroyed me on every fide, and Where is he? I am gone: and mine hope hath he removed 8 He Niall fly away as a dream, and thall hke a tree.

not be found ; yea, he thall be chased away 11 He hath also kindled his wrath against as a vition of the night, me, and he counteth me unto him, as one of 9 The eye also which faw him shall fet his enemies.

him no more; neither shall his piace any 12. His troops come together, and raise up more bchold him. their way against me, and encamp round 10 His children thall seek to please the poor, about my tabernacle.

and his hands shall rettore their goods. 13 He bath put my brethren far from me, 11 His bones are full of the fin of his vonth, and mine acquaintance are verily estranged which thall lie down with him in the dutt. from me

12 Though wickedness be sweet in his 14 My kinsfolk have failed, and my fami. mouth, though he hide it under his tongue ; llar friends lave forgotten me.

13 Though he spare it, and forlake it not, 15 They that dwell in mine bouse, and my but keep it ftill within his mouth; maids, count me for a ftranger : 1 ann an 14 re his meat in his bowels is turned, alien in their fight.

it is the gall of alps within him. 16 I called my servant, and he gave me no 15 He hath fwallowed down riches, and answer: I entreated him with my mouth. he thall vonit them up again: God thall catt

17 My breath is ttrange to my wife, though them out of his belly. I entreated for the childrens fake of mire 16 He thall luck the poison of afpe: the own body.

vipers tongue fhall say him. 18 Ycá, young children despised me; I a: 17 He hall not see the rivers, the floods, rose, and they (pake againft ine.

the brooks of honey and butter, 19 All my inward friends abhorted me: 18 That which he laboured for, thall he and they whom I loved are turned againtt rettore, and thall not swallow it dow; ac

cording to his substance shall thc reftitution 20 My bone cleaveth to my skin and to be, and he shall not rejoice therein. my feth, and I am escaped with the skin of 19 Because he hath oppressed and hath

forsaken the poor; becanse he hath violently 21 Have pity, upon me, have pity upon taken

away an house which

he builded

riot me, Oye my friends; for the hand of God 20 Surely he thall not feel quietness in his hath touch:cò.

belly, he ihall not lave of that which he do ye perfecute me as God, and defired. tisfied with my fieth.

21 There shall none of his meat be left; 23.0 that my words were now written! therefore shall no man look for luis goods. ch that they were printed in a book!

22 In the fulness of his fufficiency he shall 24 That they were graven with an iron be in ttraits: every hand of the wicked hall pen and lead in ihe rock for ever!

come upon hiin. 25 For I know that iny Rcdeemer liveth, 23 When he is about to fill his belly, Godt and that

he shall Hand at the latter day upon tali cast the fury of his wrathi upon him, and this carth:

Thall rain it upon tum while he is eating,


my teeth.

are not

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24 He shall flee from the iron weapon, and 23 One dieth in his fun Grength, being We bow of tteel shall itrike him through. wholly at ease and quiet:

25 It is drawn and cometh out of the 24 His breasts are full of milk, and his bouy, yea, the glittering fword cometh out boner are moittened with marrow. of his gall; terrors art upon him.

25 And another dieth in the bitterness of 26 An darknes shall be hid in his secret his soul, and never eateth with pleasure. places: a tire not blown thall consume hi; 26 They tball lie down alike in the duft, it shall go ill with him that is lost in his and the worms thall cover them. tabernacle.

27 Behold, I know your thoughts, and 27 The heaven fhall reveal bs Iniquity; the devices whah ye wrongfully imagine a. and the earth thail rise up against him. gainst me.

28 The increale of his house ihal depart, 28 For ye say, Where is the house of the and his goods thall flow away in the day of prince and where are the dwelling-places of his wrath.

the wicked? 29 This is the portion of a wicked man 29 Have ye not asked them that go by chic from God, and the heritage appointed unto way? and do ye not know their tokens, him by God.

30 That the wicked is reserved to the day CHA P. XXI,

of dellruction they thall be brought forth Fob Mheweth that even in the judgment of to the day of wrath. man he hath reason to be grioved. 7 Soine. 34 Who shall declare his way to his face? times the wicked fo profper as they de- and who Thall repay him what lie hath done! Spise God: 16 Sometimes their deftrucion is 32 Yet thall he be brought to the grave, manifeft.

and shall remain in the tornb. But Job answered and faid,

33 The clods of the valley fall be sweet Hear diligently my speech; and let unto him, and every man thall draw after this be your confolations.

him, as there are innumerable before him. 3 Suffer me that I may speak; and after

34 How then comfort ye me in vain, that I have fpoker, mock on.

feeing in your answers there remaineth 4 As for me, is my complaint to man ! falschood! and if i were 10, why should not my spirit

CHAP XXII be troubled ?

1 Eliphaz Murveth that mans goodnes profiteth s Mark me, and be astonished, and lay

riot God: 5 he accufeth you of divers

fine, your band upon your mouth.

to which he impuieth his calamites. 6 Even when I remember Tam afraid, and it Eliphaz the Temänite answered trembling taketh hold on my feth.

7 Wherefore do the wicked live, become i Can a man be profitable unto God, as he old, yea, are mighty in power!

that is wise may be profitable unto himself? 8their feed is establithed in their fight 3 Is it any pleasure to the Almighty that with them, and their offspring before their thou art righteous or is it gain to him that cyes.

chou makelt thy ways perfca? Their houses are safe from fear, neither 4 Will he reprove thee for fear of thee! is the rod of God upon them.

will he enter with thee into judgment? 10 Their bull gendereth, and faileth not; s is not thy wickedness great and thing their cow calveth, and cateth not her call. inigaities infinite?

at They fend forth their little ones like a 6 For thou hatt taken a pledge from thy Bock, and their children dance.

brother for nought, and flripped the naked 12 They take the timbrel and harp, and of their clothing rejoice at the sound of the organ.

7 Thou latt not given water to the weary 13 They spend their days in wealth, and to drink, and thou hast with-holden bread in a moment yo down to the grave. from the hungry:

14 Therefore they say unto God, Depart 8 But as for the mighty man, he had the from us; for wc dcfire not the knowledge earth; and the honourable man dwelt in it. of thy ways.

9 Thou hart sent widows away empty, and 15 What i the Almighty, that we should the arms of the fatherless have been broken: serve him and what profit should we base, 10 Therefore mares are round about thee, if we pray unto him!

and sudden fear troubleth thee; 16 Lo, their good is not in their hand: the II Or darkness that thou canft not see; counsel of the wicked is far from me. and abundance of waters cover thee.

17 How oft is the candle of the wicked 12 Ii not God in the height of heaven) put out, and how oft cometh their destruc- and behold, the height of the ftars, how tion upon themi God dittributeth forrows in high are they! his anger

iz And thou sayek, How doth God know 18 They are as fubble before the wind, can he jadge through the dark cloud! and as chaff that the storm carricth away, 14 Thick clouds are a covering to him that

19 God layeth up his iniquity for his chil- he feeth not, and he walketh in the circuit dren:

he rewardeth him, and be thall know it. of heaven. 10 His eyes thall fee his dettraction, and he 15 Hatt thou marked the old way which thall drink of the wrath of the Almighty. wicked men have trodden;

21 For what pleasure hath be in fis house 16 Which were cut down out of time, 1 cut off in the miditt after him, when the number of lis months whole foundation was overdown with

flood; 93 Shall any teach God knowledge! fcc 17 Which fald unto God, Depart from us: 5 those that are high.

and what can the Almighty do for ubern

12 Neither have I gone back from the finned.

19 Yet be filled their houses with good 15 Therefore am I troubled at his presence; things : but the counsel of the wicked is far when I contider, I am afraid of him. from me.

16 For God maketh my heart soft, and the 19 The righteous fee it, and are glad: and Alınighty troubleth me: the innocent laugh them to fcorn.

17 Becauic I was not cut off before the 20 Whereas our fubftance is not cut down; darkness, seither hath he covered the dark but the remnant of them the fire contumethi nels from my face. 2 Acquaint now thylelf with him, and be

CAP. XXIV. at peace; thereby good thall come unto thee. Wickedness gueth aften unpunished. 17 There

22 Receive, I pray thee, the law from his is a secrei judgmeier for the rúicked. mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart.

23 I thou return to the Almighty thou Whi: lecing tinies are not lridden from thalt be built up, thou thalt put away ini- not see his days?

tbe Alınighty, do they that know him quity far from thy tabernacles.

2. Some remove the land-marks; they vio24. Then thale thou lay up gold as dutt, and lently take away flocks, and feed thereof; the gold of Ophir as the ftones of the brooks.

3 They drive away the ass of the fa25 Yea, the Alnighty thall be thy desence, therlels; they take the widows ox for a and thou shalt have plenty of filver.

pledge; 26 For then thalt thou have thy delight in 4 They turn the needy, out of the way: the Almighty, and fhalt lift up thy face unto the poor of the earth hide themselves toGod.

gether. 27 Thou shalt make thy prayer unto hiin, 5 Behold, as wild alles in the desert go and he thall hear thee, and thou thalt pay they forth to their work, rifing betimes for a thy vows.

prey: the wilderness yieldeth food for them 18 Thou thalt also decree a thing, and it and for their children; Thall be ettablithed unto thee; and the light 6 They reap every one his corn in the field; tall thine upon thy ways.

and they gather the vintage of the wicked; 29 When men are cait down, then thou 7 They cause the naked to lodge without thalt fay, There is lifting up; and he shall clothing, that they have no covering in the save the humble person.

cold; 30 He thall deliver the island of the inno. 8 They are wet with the fhowers of the cent: and it is delivered by the pureless mountains, and einbrace the rock for want of thine hands.

of a thelter, CHAP. XXIII. .

9 They pluck the fatherless froin the breah, 1 Job longeth to appear before God, 6 in cote and take a pledge of the poor : fidence of his mercy. & God, who is inti.

10 They cauld him to go naked without Fidle, obferveth our ways. 11 Jobs innocency, clothing, and they take away the shear from 13 Gods decree is immutable.

the hungry TH Hen Job answered and said,

11 which make oil within their walls, and z Éven to day is my complaint bitter : tread their wine-pretres, and suffer thirt. my troke is heavier than my groaning; 12 Men groan from out of the city, and

3 Ob that I knew where I might find him! the soul of the woundcd crieth out : yet that I might come even to his seat !

God layeth not folly to them. 4 1 would order my cause before him, and 13. They are of those that rebel against fill my mouth with arguments.

the light, they know not the ways thereof, şi 'would know the words which he would nor abide in the paths thereof. answer me, and understand what he would 14 The inurderer, rifing with the light, say unto me.

killeth the poor and needy, and in the night 6 Will he plead againt me with his great is as a thier. power? No ; but he would put ftrength in me. 15 The eye also of the adulterer waiteth

7 There the righteous might dispute with for the twilight, saying, No eye thall Ice me: him: lo fhould I be delivered for ever from and disguiseth his face, my judge.

16 In the dark they dig through houses, & Behold, I go forward, but he is not there; which they had marked for themselves in and backward, but I cannot perceive him the day-time: they know not the light.

. On the left hand, where he doth work, 17 For the morning is to them even as the but I cannot behold him: he hideth bimself thadow of deach: if one know them, they are on the right hand, that I cannot see him : in the terrors of the shadow of death.

10 But he knowcth the way that take: 18 He is swift as the waters; their portion when he hath tried me, I thall come forth is cursed in the earth: he beholdeth not the as gold.

way of the vineyards. u My foot hath held his steps; his way 19 Drought and heat consiime the fnowhave I kept, and not declined.

waters : so doth the grave those which have commandment of his I have etteemed 20 The womb fhall forget him; the worm the words of his mouth more than my ne. thall feed sweetly on him he thall be no cessary food.

more remembered, and wickedness thall be 13 But he is in one mind, and who can broken as a trec. turn him and what his soul desireth, even 21 He evil-entreateth the bajren that bear that he doeth.

eth not, and doeth not good to the widow. !4 For he periormeth the thing that is ap 22. He draweth also the mighty with his pointed for mc; and many fuch things are power: hc riscus up, and no man is sure of with him.



23 Though it be given him to be in lafety 3 All the while my breath is in me, and whercon he retteth, yet his eyes are upoil the Spirit of God is in iny noftrils; their ways,

4 My lips thall not fpeak wickednels, nor 24 They are exalted for a little while, but my tonguc utter deceit. are gone and brought lew; they are taken Ś God forbid that I should justify you till I out of the way as all other, and cut off as die I will not remove my integrity from me the tops of the ears of corn,

6 My righteousnes I hold falt, and will not 25 And if it he not fo now, who will make let it go; my heart shall not reproach ne lo me a liar, and inake my speech nothing long as I live. worth

7 Let minc enemy be as the wicked, and CHAP. XXV.

he that riscth up againit me as the unBildad Thereth that man cannot be justified righteous. before God.

8 for what is the hope of the hypoctite, 'Hen answered Bildad the Shuhite, and though he hath gained, when God taketh

away his soul? 2 Doninion and fear are with him; he

2 Will Gol hear his cry when trouble maketh peace in his high-places.

cometh upon him! 3 Is there any number of his armies ? and

to Will he delight limself in the Aimighty! upon whom doth not his light arise!

will he always call upon God! 4 How then can man be juftified with

111 will teach you by the hand of God: Thal God? or how can he be clean that is born which is with the Almighty will I not conceal: of a woman?

12 Bchold, all ye yourselves have seen it; 5 Behold, even to the moon, and it fhineth why then are ye ihus alcogether vain? not : yea, the stars are not pure in his fight : 13 This is the portion of a wicked man

6 How much less man, that is a worm; and with God, and the lieritage of opprefTors, the son of man, which is a worm?

which they thall receive of the Almighty. CHAP. XXVI

14. If his children be inultiplied, it is for Fob, reproving the uncharitable spirit of Bil the sword, and his offspring thall not be dad, 5 acknoreledgeth the power of God to satisfied with bread. be infinite and unfearchable.

15 Those that reinain of him thall be B Ut Job answered and faid,

huried in death; and his widows shall not 2 How halt thou helped him that is with: weep. out power? horu (aveft thou the arm that 10 Though he beap up silver as the duft, kath no ftrength!

and prepare raiment as the clay; 3 How hait thou counselled him that hath 17 He may prepare it, but the juit thall put so wisdom! and how halt thou plentifully it on, and the innocent shall divide the filver. declared the thing as it is!

18 He buildeth his house as a moth, and 4 To whoin halt thou uttered words and as a booth that the keeper maketh. whose spirit came from me!

19 The rich man thall lie down, but he 5 Dead things are forined from under the shall not be gathered; be openeth his eyes, waters, and the inhabitants thereof.

and he is not. 6 Hell is naked before him, and dettruc.

20 Terrors take hold on him as waters, a tion hath no covering.

teinpett fealeth him away in the night. 7 He stretcheth out the north over the 21 The caft wind exrricth him away, and empty place, and hangeth the earth upon lic departeth; and, as a storm, hurlech him nothing

out of his place. 8 He bindeth up the waters in his chick 22 For God fhall catt upon him, and not clouds, and the cloud is not rent under them. fpare: he would rain fee out of his hand. 2 He holdeth back the face of his throne, thall hits him

out of his place.

23 Men shall clap their hands at him, and and spreadeth his cloud upon it. 10 He hath compared the waters with

CHAP. XXVIII. bounds, until the day and night come to an

I Though man may, seasch decp in!o nature, yet end.

to understand Gods ways is beyond his reach; 11 The pillars of heaven tremble, and are 23 being comprehended by God only. attonithed at his reproof.

SU 12 He divideth the sea with his power,

Urely there is a vein for the filver, and a

place for gold where they fiue it. and by his understanding he finireth through 2 Iron is taken out of the earth, and brafa the proud.

i molten out of the itone. 13 By his Spirit he hath garnithed the 3 Hefetteth an end to da:kness, and searchIcavens; his hand hath forined the crooked eth out all perfection; the ttonca of darkness, serpent.

and the thadow of death. 14 Lo, thefe are parts of his ways; but how 4 The Mood breaketh out from the inita. little a portion is beard of hiin but the bicant; even the raters forgotnen of the thunder of his power who can understand ? foot: they are dried up, they are gone away CHAP. XXVII.

from men, : Jon prottfleth his fincerity. & The hypocrite 5. As for the earth, oux of it cometh bread;

i totho hope. 11 The blelings ruhich the and under it, is turned up as it were fire. wicked have, are turned into curfes. . The stones of it are the place ai (apOrcover, Job continued his parable, phirca, and it hath dull of gold. and

> There is a path which

no fowl knoweth, 2 As God liveth, who hath taken away and which the vultures eye hath not seen: my judgment; and the Almighty, who hath & The lions whelps have not trodden It, Texcd my soul;

for the fierce lfon pala by it

ca the Almighty


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