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15 And he took away the tirange Gods, 6 And so did he sa the citics of ManafTet. and the idol ont of the boule of the LORD, and Ephraim, and Simeon, even unto Nas and all the altars that he had built in the tail, with their mattocks round about. mount of the nonfc of the LORD, and in 7 And when he had broken down the Jerusalem, and cast them out of the city, altars and the groves, and had heaten the

16 And he repaired the alrar of the Lord, graven images into powder, and cut down and facrificed thereon peace-offerings and all the idols throughout all the land of Ir. thank-cilerdigs, and cuinmanded Judali to rael, le returned to Jerufalem. ferve the LORD God of lfrael.

8 9. Now, in the eighteenth year of his 17 Nevertheless, the people did sacrifice reign, when he had parged the land, and Ilill in the high places, jo unto the LORD the lioure, he fent Shaphan, the son of Aza. thcir God only:

tial, and Maatcial, the governor of the city, 18. Now ibe reft of the acts of Manar- and Joah, the fon of Joalaz the recorder, sels, and his prayer unto his God, and the to repar the houle of the Lond his God. words of the feers that fpake to him in the 9 And when they came to Hilkiah the high name of the Lord God of Würaci, behold, pricit, they delivered the nioncy that was they are zuritten in the book of thie Kings brought into the houfe of God, which the leof Drael:

vites that kept the doors had gatlicred of the 19 His prayer allo, and hit Gnd was eile hand of ManafTeh and Ephraim, and of all, treated of 'him, and all his fin, and his tref the remnant of lfrael, and of all Judah and pals, and the places wherein he built lugli Benjamin, and they returned to Jerufalem. places, and let up groves and graven images, to And they put it in the hand of the work before lie was humbled, behold, they are men that had the overlight of the house of writien among the sayings of the fcers. the LORD, and they gave it to the workmen

20 $ So Mamadeh tlept with his fathers, that wrought in the house of the LORD, to and they buried him in his own boole; and repair and amend the houle: Ainon his son reigncd in his lead.

11 Even to it e artificers and builders gare 21 9 Amon was two and twenty years old they it, to buy hewn itone, and timber for when he began to reign; and reigned two couplings, and to Hoor the houses which the years in Jerufalem.

kings of Judah had destroyed. 2. But he did that which ruas cvil in the 12 And the men did the work faithfully: sight of the Lorn, as did Kanalleh his fa- and the overfeers of them were Jaliath and ther; for Aman facrificed onto all the car. Obadiah, the Levites, of the fons of Merari: ved sinages which Manalleh his father had and Zechariah and Meshullam, of the sons made, and served them:

of the Kohathites, to fet it forward, auid 23 And humbled not himself before the other of the levites, all that could kill of Loan,

as Manatch his father had humbled inftruments of mufck. himieis: but Amon trespalled more and inorc. 13 Also they were over the hearers of bure

24 And his servants conspired againínim, dens, and were overseers of all that wrought and few him in his own house.

the work in any manner of service: and of 25 1 But the people of the land flew all the Levites there wae fcribes, and officers them that had confpired againtring Amon: and porters, and the people of the land made Jotiah his 14. And when they brought out the mofon king in his stead.

ncy that was brought into the kouse of the CHAP. XXXIV.

LORD, Hukiah the priest found a book of 1. Josiahs good reign : 3 ke dejtringeth idolatry: the law of the LORD given by Moles. 8 he repairrth ile temple ; 19 and, causing

15 And Hilkialı arwered and laid to Shathe lary to be read, renequith the covenant phan the fcribe, I have found the book of vith God.

The law in the house of the LORD. And Jolo beigas canat ne reigned in Jerufalem Ofiah was chylit years old when he began Hilkiah delivered the book to shaphan.

16 And Shaphan carried the book to the one and thirty years.

kings and brought the king word back a2 And he did that which was right in the gain, saying, all that was committed to thy fight of the LORD, and walked in the ways fervants they do it. of David his father, and declined neither to 17 And they have gathered together the the right hand nor to the left.

money that was found in the house of the 3.9 For in the eighth year of his reign, LORD, and have delivered it into the hand while he was yet young, he began to seck of the overfcers, and to the hand of the after the God of David his father: and in workmen. the twelfth year he began to purge Judah 18 Thien Shaphan the feribe told the king, and Jerufalem from the high places, and saying, Hilkiah the priett hath given me a the groves, ind the carved images, and the book. And Shaphan read it before the king molten images.

19 And it came to pass, when the king had 4 And they brake down the altars of Baalim heard the words of the law, that berent his in his presence: and the images that were ciothes. on high above them he cut down; and the 20 And the king commanded Hilkiah, and groves, and the carved images, and the mol- Alikarn, the fon of Shapban, and Abdon, the ten images, "lie brake in pieces, and made son of Micah, and Shapisan the scribe, and dast of them, and frowed it upon the graves Alajah, a fervant of the kings, saying, of them that had facrificed unto them. 21 Go, engnire of the LORD for me, and for

5 And he burnt the bones of the press them that are left in traci and in Judah, conupon their altarr, and cleanited Judah and cerning the words of the book that is juuru: Jiruaalean.

for great is the wrath of the LORD that is

poured out upon us, because our fathers have 2 And he fet the priells in their charges, not kept the word of the LORD, to do ter and crncouraged tacin to the forvice of the all that is written in this book.

house of the 1.OPD, 22 And Hilkiah, and they that the king hard 3 And laid into the Levites that taught appointed, went to Huldah the prophetis, all iftacl, which were holy unto the Lord, the wife of Shalum, the son of Tikvatlı, the Put the holy ark in the house which solo ion of Hafrah, keeper of the wardrobe; mon, the son of David king of Israel, did (now the dweit in Jerusaleın in the college ;) build; it sturtl not be a burden rrpon gotle and they t'pake to her to that ofert. thoulders: terve now the LORD your God

23 $ And the answered them, Thus faith and his people Ifracl, the LORD God of Itrael, Tell ye the man 4 And prepare yours-ives by the houses of that fent you to me,

yourfathers, after your couries, according 24 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will to the writing of David king of lfrael, and bring, evil upon this

place, and upon the according to the writing of Solomon his fon, inhabitants thereof, rien all the curses that $ And and in the holy place, according to are written in the book which they have the divisions of tre families of the fathers of read before the king of Judah :

Tour brethren the people, and after the dia 25 Because they laye forsaken me, and have vision of the families of the Levites; burned inceple to other gods, that they might 6 so kill the paflover, and sandify yourprovoke

mc to anger with all the works of their felves, and prepare your brethren, that they bands; therefore my wrath thall be poured may do according to the word of the Lord out upon this place and in all rot be quenched. by the hand of Moles.

26 And as for the king of Judalı, who fent 7 And Jotiah gave to the people, of the you to enquire of the

LORD, ro thall ye say flock, lamhs and kids, all for thc patsoverunto him, 'Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, offerings, for all that were present, to the concerning the words which thou tatt heard, number of thirty thontand, and three thou

27 Because thine ucart was tender, and sand bullocks : these were of the king fisb. thou didnt humble thyself before God when itance. thou leardcft his words againt this place, 8 And his princes gave willingly unto the and against the inhabitants thereof, and peopie, to the priests and to the Levites : humbledit thyself hefore me, and didit rend Hilkiah, and Zechariah, and Jehiel, rulers of thy clothes, and weep. before me; I have the house of God, gave unto the priettsfor the eren heard thee also, alth the LORD.

paflovcr-offerings two thousand and lix hun28 Behold, I will gather thee to thy fa- dred small caille, and three hundred oxen. thers, and thou shalt be gathered to thy 9 Conaniah alto, and Sheinaiah and Netha. grave in peace, ncither thall thine eyes fee neel his brethren, and Haihanial, and Jehicl, all the evil that I will bring upon this place, and Jozabad, chief of the levites, gave unto und upon the inhabitants of the same. So the Levites, for pallover-offerings, live thou. they brought the king word again.

saud froll cattle, and five hundred oxen.
29 4 Then the king lent and gathered to. 10 So the service was prepared, and the
gether all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem. priets food in their place, and the Levites

30 And the king went up into the house in their courses, according to the kings
of the LORD, and all the men of Judah, and cominandment.
the inhabitants of Jerufalem, and the prietts, !! Ani' they killed the pasfover, and the
and the Levites, and all the people, great pricits fprinkled the blood from their hands,
and small: and he read in their cars all the and the Levites flayed het.
Words of the book of the covenant that was 12 And they removed the burat-offerings,
found in the house of the 1.ORD.

that they might give according to the dis 3! And the king food in his place, and visions of the families of the people, to offer made a covenant before the Lord, to walk unto the LORD, as it is writton in the book after the LORD, and to kecp his command of Mofes, and so did ther with the oxen. mnents, and his teitimonies, and his llatutes, 13 And they roasted the pallover with with all his hcart, and with all his fonl, to fire, according to the ordinance : but the perform the words of the covenant which other holy offerings fod they in pots, and in are written in this book.

caldrons, and in pans, and divided them 32 And he caused all that were present in Je- speedily among all the people. rutalein and Benjamin to itard to ft. And the 14 And afterward they made ready for anhabitants of Jervalem did according to the themselves, and for the priests : because the covenant of God, the God of their fathers. prieits the fons of Aaron sete lufted in al

33 And Josiah took away all the abrimnina, faring of burnt offerings and the fat until tions out of all the countries that periaimed night; therefore the Levites prepared for to the children of teacl, and made all that themselves, and for the priests the fons of were prefent in Ifracl to terve, even to serve Aarot. the Lord their God. And all his days they 15 And the fingers, the fans of Afaph, ruere departed not from Enllowing the Lorn, thé in their place, according to the cominando God of their fathers.

ment of David, and Alps, and Heman, and CHAP. XXXV.

Jeduthun the kings feet and the porters 1 Josiah krejreth a solemn povrt22pro pecited at every gate: they might not de

voking Pharwah-necho, jain 44 Megiddo. part from their terrice; for their brethren MORAVSTA Jobati kept á pallover into the the Levites prepared for then

16 5m all the service of the LORD was to the paflever on the fourteemh deg of the first pated the same day. to keep the pallovet, eonsb.

and to ofier burnt-ofieringo ipan the wint


of thic Lord, according to the coinmand. eleven years in Jerusalem: and be did the ment of king Jotiah.

which was evil in the fight of the Lord his 17. And the children of Ifracl that were God. pretont kept the lafiwer at that time, and 6 Against him came up Nebuchadncoar ihc reatt of unleavened bread, seven days. king of Babylon, and bound him in telter's

18 And there was no pacover like to that to carry him to Babylo!). kept in Ifracl, from toe days of Samuel the 7 Nebuchadnezzar also carried of the verprophet; neither did all the kings of Israel sels of the house of the Lord to Babylon, kecp such a patiover as Jefiah kept, and thc and put their in his temple at Babylon. pricits, and the Levites, and all Judah and 8 Now the rest of the acts of Jehoiakim, Ifracl that were present, and the inhabita:sts and his abominations which he did, and that of Jerwakin.

which was found in him, behold, they are 19. In the eighteenth year of the reign of written in the book of the kings of Ifrael Joriuh was this pullover kept.

and Juxlalı: and Jeliojachin his ion reigned 20 9 After all this, wlien Jorial Irad pre.. in his feat. pared the temple, Necho king of Egypt came 9 9 Jehoiachin uns cight years old when the up to fight against Carchemith by Euphrates: began to reign; and he reigned three months and Joftal went out againit him.

and ten days in Jerusalear; and he did that 21 But lie sant ambassadors to him, saying, which wvri evil in the Gght of the LORD. What have I te do with thee, thou king of to And when the year was expired, king Judah! I come not against the this day, but Nebuchadnezzar fent and brought him to against the lioure wherewith I have war; for Babylon, with the goodly verlels of the house God conimanded in to make liajte: 'fora of the LORD, and made Zedekiah his bro. bear thec froin ne telling with God, who is ther king over Judah and Jerufalern. with me, that c dcitray thee not.

u Zedekiah was one and twenty years 22 Nevertheless, Joriali would not turn his old when he began to reign; and reigned face froin him, but difgailed himself, that cleven years in Jerusalem. he inight fight with hini, and licarkened not 12 And he did that which 702$ evil in the unto the words of Necho from the mouth fight of the LORD his God, and humbled not of God, and came to fight in the valley of hiro self before Jeremiah the prophet, speakMcgidio.

ing from the mouth of the LORD. 23 And the archers shot at king Jotiah; 13 And he also rebellel against king Neand the king faid to his fervants, "Have mé buchadnezzar, wbo liad made him (wcar by away; for I am sore wounded.

God: but he stiftened his neck, and harder 24 His servants, therefore, tock him out of ed his heart, from törning unto the LORD that chariot, and put liim ii the fecond cha- God of Ifrael. riot that he lad; and they brought lint to 14 5 Moreover, all the chief of the priests Jerusalem, and he died, and was buried in and the people tranfgrefled very much, after une of the fepulchres of his fathers and all all the abominations of the leathen, and Judah and scrufalem mourned for Jobah, polluted the houfe of the LORD, which lie

25 | And Jeraniah lamented for Jofiah; fiad hallowed in Jerusalem. and all the singing-men and the finging. 15 And the LORD God of their fathers rent womcn fpake of Jotial in their lamentations to them by his messengers, rifing up betimes, to this day, and made them an ordinarice in and sending; because he had compaffion on Israel: and, behold, they are written in the his people, and on his dwelling-place: Lamentations.

16 But they mocked the meffengers of God, 26 Now the rest of the acts of Jofiah, and and despised his words, and militted his prohis goodness, according to that which was phers, until the wrath of the LORD arofé a. written in the law of the ID,

gainit his people, till there was no remedy, 27 And his deeds, first and laft, behold, 17 Therefore he brought upon them the they are written in the book of the kinge king of the Chaldees, wlio flew their young of trael and Judah.

men with the fword in the house of their CHA P. XXXVI.

fanétuary, and had no compatton upon yoting i Jekaahas, succeeding, is deposed by Pharaoh. man or maiden, old man, or him that ttoop

Ś Tehoiakim, reigning ill, is carried into Ba- ed for age: he gave them all into his hand, bylon. . Jehoiachin fucceedeth. II Zede 18 And all the vessels of the house of God, kiahs evil reign.

great and small, and the treasures of the Wen the people of the land took Jehoa- koule of the LORD, and the treasures of the

of king, of ; king in his fathers stead in Jerusalem. to Babylon.

2 Jelioahaz has twenty and three years 19 And they burnt the house of God, and old when he began to reign ; and he reigned brake down the wall of Jerusalen, and burnt three months in Jerualem.

all the palaces thereof with fire, and dearoy3. And the king of Egypt put him down at ed all the goodly vessels thereof. Jerufalem, and condemned the land in an 20 And them that had escaped from the hundred talents of filver, and a talent of gold. Iword carried he away, to Babylon, where 4 And the king of Egypt made Eliakim they were servants to him

and his sons, unhis brother king over Judah and Jerudalem, til the

reign of the kingdom of Persia; and turned his name to Jchoiakim. And 21 To fulfil the word of the LURD, by the Nccho took Ichorlac his brother, and car. mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had en ried hiin to Erypt.

joyed lier fabbaths; for as long as the lay 5 ! Jehoiakim vas twenty and five years Herolate she kept fabbath, to fulfil tbrececore SN wlien he begani to reign; and he reigned and ten years.


22 9 Now, in the fint year of Cyrus king 23 Thus faith Cyrus king of Persia, AE of Pertia, that the word of the Lordipaev the kingdoms of the earth hath the LORD by the mouth of Jererniah roiglir be accon- God of heaven given ine; and he hath charg. pilled,) the LOUD itirred up the fpirit of eu me to build him and house in Jerufalem, Cyrus king of Periia, that he made a pro. which is in Judah: who u there among you clamation throughon: all his kingdom, and of all his people the Lord lis God be with put it also in writing, taying,

hiin, and let him gu up.

EZ RA. ( H A P. 1.

whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon 1 The proclamation of Cyrus for the building hui carried away unto Babylon, and came

of the temple. 5. The penple provient for again unto Jerusalem and Judah, every one their return, ? Cyrus Tejloreth The Duffels of unto his city : the temple to Shehuazzur.

2. Which caine with Zcrubbabel : Jeshua, ow, in the tirit year of Cyru: king Nchemiah, Seraiah, Reclaiah, Mordecai, Bil. of Persia (that the word of the LORD thun, Mipar, Bigcai, Reham, Baanah. Tlie by the mouth of Jerciniali iniglit be number of the men of the people of lfrael. fúifilled, the LORD tried up the

3 The children of Paroth, two thouland spirit of Cyrus king of Perfia, that he in de an hundred leventy and two. a proclamation throughout all luis kingdom, 4 The children of Shephatiali, three hun. and put it also in writing, saying,

drel leventy and two. 2 Thus faith Cyrus king of Pernia, The LORD 5 The children of Arah, feven hundred God of licaven hath gives me all the kingdoms seventy anul tive. of the earth; and he hath charged me to build 6 The children of Paliath-Moab, of the him an house at Jertfalein, which is in Judah: children of Jeibua and Joab, two thousand

3 Who is there among your of all his peo- eight trundred and twelve. ple: his God be with him, and let him go

Ź The children of Elam, a thousand two up to scrufalem, which is in Judah, and hundred fifty and four. build the house of the LORD God of Israel

8 The children of Zattu, nine hundred (he is the God) which is in Jerusaiem. forty and five. And whosoever remaineth in any place

9 Tlie children of Zaccai, seven hundred where he fojourneth, fet the men of his and threescore. place help him with silver, and with gold, 10 The children of Bani, fix hundred forty and with goods, and with beasts, befides the and two). free will offering for the house of God that 11 The children of Bebai, fix hundred is in Jerufalein.

twenty and three. Si Then rose up the chief of the fathers 12. The children of Azgad, a thousand of Judah and Benjainin, and the priests, and two hundred twenty and two. the Levites, with all them whore fpirit God 13 The children of Adonikam, fix hundred had railed to go up to build the 'hause of fixty and fix. the LORD which is in Jerusalem.

14 The children of Bigvai, two thousand 6 And all they that were about them tisty and fix. Arengthened theit hands with velfels of fil. 15 The children of Adin, four hundred ver, with gold, with goods, and with bealts, fifty and four. and with precious things, besides all that was 12 The children of Ater of Hezekiah, willingly offered.

vinety and eight. 7 T Aro Cyrus the king brought forth the ver 17 The children of Bezai, three hundred fels of the house of the LORD, which Nebuch: twenty and thrce. Adnezzar had brought forth out of Jerufalem, 18 'The children of Jorah, an hundred and and had put them in the house of his kods; twelve.

8 Even thote did Cyrius king of Pertia bring 10 The children of Halbum, two hundred forth by the hand of Mithrouath the trca- twenty and thrce. furt, and numbered them unto Shejhbazzar 20 The children of Gibbar, ninety and live. the prince of Judah.

21 The children of Beth-ichem, an hun9 And this is the munber of them: thirty dred twenty and three. chargers of gold, a thousand chargers of fil 22 'The men of Netophah, fifty and fix. ver, nine atid twenty knives,

23 The men of Anathoth, an hundred 10 Thirty basons of gold, silver barons of a twenty and wicht. second fort four lundred and tin, and other 24 The children of Azmaveth, forty and two. vellels a thousand.

25 The children of Kirjath-arim, Chephi. 11 All the vessels of gold and of filver zeere sal aou Beeroth, feren hundred and forty Are thoufand and four hundred. All these and three. did Sheihbazzar bring up with them of the 26 "The chOdren of Ramah and Gaba, fix captivity that were brought up from Baby• hurdred twenty and one. los unto Jerusalem.

27 The men of Michmas, an hundred CHAP. IL.

twenty and two. 1 The number that returned. 62 of the priells :N Tae maen of Betli-ci and Ai, twa hun. which could not thew thrir pedigice. dred twenty and three. Tow there are the children of the pro 29 The cluildren of Ncho, fity and two.

vince that went up out of the capti 30 The children of Magbith, an hundred vity of thole which has been carried away, filty and (x.


31 The children of the other Elam, a thou 61 And of the children of the prießts: the land two hundred fifty and four.

childrer of Habaiah, the children of koz, 32 The children of 'Harim, three hundred the children of Bareiliai; which took a and twenty,

wife of the daugiiters of Barzbllaithc Gilead. 33 The children of Lod, Hadid, and Ono, ite, and was called after their name;) feven hundred twenty and five.

62 These fought their register among those 34 The children of Jericho, three hundred that were reckoned by genealogy, but they forty and five.

were not found: therefore were they, 10 35. The children of Scnaah, three thousand polloted, put from the priesthood. and lis liundred and thirty.

63 And the Tirthatha faid unto them, that 36 9 The prietts: the children of Jedaiah, they should not eat of the most holy things, of the house of Jethua, nine hundred leventy till there ttood up a priest with Úrim and and three.

with 'Thummim. 37 The children of Immer, a thousand 64 | The whole congregation together fifty and two.

was forty, and two thousand three hundred 38. The children of Pashur, a thousand two and threescorc. hundred forty and seven.

65 Besides the servants and their maids, 39 The children of Harim, a thoufand and of whom there were feren thouland three (eventeen.

hundred thirty and seven : and there were 40 Tho Levites: the children of Jeshua among them two hundred tinging-men and and Kadmiel, of the children of Hodaviah, Singing women. seventy and four.

66 'Their horses recre seven hundred thirty 41 Ý The lingers: the children of Afaph, and fix; their mules, two handred forty an hundred twenty and eight.

and five: 42 4 The children of the porters: thechil. 67 Their camels, four hundred thirty and dren of Shallum, the children of Ater, the five; their alies, fix thousand leven hundred children of Talmon : the children of Akkub, and twenty: the children of Hatita, the children of Siro 68 And some of the chief of the fathers, bai, in all, an hundred thirty and nine. when they came to the house of the LORD,

43 9 The Nethinims: the children of Zi- which is at Jerusalem, offered freely for the ha, the children of Halupha, the children of house of God to set it up in his place; Tabbaoth,

69 They gave after their ability, unto the 44 'The children of Keros, the children of treasure of the work, threéfcure and one thou Siaha, the children of Padon,

fand drisms of gold, and five thousand pound 45. The children of Lehanalı, the children of filver, and one hundred prieits garinents. of Hagabah, the children of Akknb,

70 So the pricits, and the Levites, and 46 The children of Hagad, the children some of the people, and the fingers, and the of Shalmal, the children of Hanan, porters, and the Netlinims, dwell in their

47. The Children of Giddel, the children cities, and an Israel in their cities. of Galiar, the childrer of Reaiah,

c 1 A P. II. 48 The children of Rezin, the children of the allar is je? wp. 4. Offerings frequenteil, Nekoda, the children of Gazzam,,

$ The foundations of the temple laid. 49 The children of Uzza, the children of Nd when the seventh month was come, Palcal, the children of Retai,

50 The children of Afnah, the children of citics, the people gathered themielves toMehumim, the children of Nephulim, gether as one man to crufalem.

51 Tir children of Tak buk, the children 2 Then food up letnia, the son of Jozadak, of Hakupha, the children of Harir, and his brother the pricits, and Zerubband,

52 The children of Hazlith, the children the fon of Shealtiel, and his brethren, and of Mehida, the children of Hartha,

builded the altar of the God of Israel, to $3 The children of Barkos, the children Olier burnt-ofierings thereon, as it is written of Sisera, the children of 'Thamah,

in the law of Moses the man of God. 54 The children of Neziah, the children 3 And they fet the altar upon his bases : of Hatipha.

(for fear nas upon them becaife of the peo55 The children of Solomons (crvants : ple of those countries, and they offered the children of Sotai, the children of So- burnt-ofierings thereon unto the LORD, tuen phereth, the children of Peruda,

burnt-offerings morning and evening. 56. The children of Jawlah, the children of 4 "They kept also the feat of cabernacles, Darkon, tive children of Giddel,

as it is written, and offered the daily burnt$The children of Shephatiali, the chil- offerings, by mumber, according to the cusdren of Hattil, the children of Pochereth tom, as the duty of every day required ; of Zebaim, the children of Ami.

5 And afterwand offered the continialburnt: $8 An the Nethinims. and the children of offering, both of the new-moons, and of all Solomons fervants, were three huudrexline the rt featto of the Lord that quere consety and two.

crated, and of every one that willingly of59 And thefe were they which went up fcrcd a free-will offering unto the LORD. from Tel-melah, Tel-harsa. Cheruh, Addan, 6 From the first day of the seventh month and Immor: but they could not thew their began they to offer burnt-offerings unto the father house, and their feed, whether they Lord: but the foundation of the temple of were of Urael.

the LORD was not yet laid. 60 The children of Delaiah, the childid 7 They gave mogey allo unto the masons, of Tobiah tee children of Nekoda, fix hun- and to the carpenters; and meat, and drink, dred fifty antyo.

and ofl, unto them of Zidon, and to the

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