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Extracted from various Authors.


By the Reverend Mr. M ADAN.


Let the Word of CHRIST dwell in you richly in all Wif
dem; teaching and admonishing one another in Pfalms,
and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, finging with Grace in
your Hearts to the LORD. Col. iii, 16.

Speaking to yourselves

Pfalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual
Songs, finging and making Melody in your Heart to the
LORD. Eph. v. 19.

Worthy is the LAMB that was flain, to receive Power,"
and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour,
and Glory, and Bleffing. Rev, v. 12.


Printed by HENRY COCK; and
Sold at the Lock-Hofpital, near Hyde-Park-Corner.


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T is a true Obfervation I have fomewhere met with, that there is no Part of divine Worship in which we more. refemble the Saints in Light, than when we are finging the Praises of our GOD. As this is fo delightful an Exercise to all truly ferious Perfons, I can't but think that every Attempt to render it as edifying as poffible, will be acceptable,



The Pfalmift fays, Pf. xlvii. 7. Sing ye Praifes with Understanding. But this can not be done where the Song aboundeth with Phrafes, either abftrufe in themfelves, or beyond the Capacities of the Generality.

Again, it must be allowed there are Matters of private Judgment and mere Opinion, concerning which it is far better to think and let think, than to difpute; thefe fhould not appear, if by any Means they can be avoided, in a Book, chiefly defigned for Social Worship: for we cannot join as we ought in Teaching and admonishing one another in Pfalms and Hymns and Jpiritual Songs, if they are mix'd with any Subject Matter for Difference and Difputation.

Neither can any Plan for this, or indeed for any Part of Worship be right, that is not laid upon the true Foundation for all the Praife that fhall afcend unto our GOD,. now and for ever, even CHRIST JESUS. THE RIGHTEOUS. In this Respect we muft fay, Other Foundation can no Man lay, than that is laid, which is JESUS CHRIST, I Cor. iii. 1. Hence it is, that the Pfalms of David are fo tranfcendently delightful; they are full of CHRIST: David tells us, Pf. xlv. 1. His Tongue was the Pen of a ready Writer, becaufe be fpake of the Things he made touching the King. And our Hymns, as well as our Prayers and Sermons, if not made touching this everlafting King, are no better than Nadab and Abihu's strange Fire, an Abomination to the LORD. Whatfo ver ye do. in Word or Deed, do all in the Name of the LORD JESUS, giving Thanks to GOD and the Father by Him, Col. iii. 17. ·

First then, I have endeavoured to felect fuch Hymns, as may be moft Useful for Edification in refpect of Plainefs and Simplicity of Expreffion. Not but too many will think I have not fucceeded in this Point, and that there are expreffions here and there as abftrufe as if they were written in Arabic. But let thefe Readers turn to

1 Cor.

1 Cor. ii. 14. and there they will find the true Reason why they don't understand them, namely, because they are the very Words, or have a very near Relation to the very Words of that divine Book which was given by the Infpiration of the Spirit of GOD. In order to guide fuch, I have put Marginal References where I have thought needful, to keep them, if haply they may be kept, from defpifing the Words of GoD himself, and ignorantly fall into the grievous Sin of ridiculing the Scriptures. But these may be alfo ufeful for others, and if rightly attended to, will point out many very edifying Paraphrafes in various Parts of this Book upon the facred Text.


2dly, I have endeavoured to avoid inferting any thing that could tend to doubtful Difputations, therefore have contrived as far as poffible in collecting this little Volume, to lay afide all thofe Notions about Non-Effentials, concerning which, the best People have and do differ, that with one Heart, as well as one Voice, all Chriftians may join in the Praises of our common LORD-I fay all Chriftians, for Fundamentals there are we muft infift upon, which if any Man doth not maintain and believe, we cannot allow him to be a Chriftian.

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