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1. Tempeft, A. 3. Sc. 1.

2. Measure for Measure, A. 3. Sc. 1.
3. As You Like It, A. 2. Sc. 7.
4. Macbeth, A. 2. Sc. 2.




7. King John, A. 4. Sc. 1.

8. King Richard II. A. 5. Sc. 5. First Part of King Henry IV.

A. 1.

9. 10.

Sc. 2. A. 2. Sc. 4. 11. Second Part of King Henry IV. A. 3.

Sc. 1.

A. 4. Sc. 4.



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13. King Henry V. A. 4. Sc. 5.
14. King Richard III. A. 1. Sc. 4.
15. King Henry VIII. A. 3. Sc. 2.
A. 4. Sc. 2.
17. Julius Cæfar, A. 2. Sc. 1.
A. 3. Sc. 2.
A. 4. Sc. 3.



20. Timon of Athens, A. 4. Sc. 3.
21. Cymbeline, A. 2. Sc. 2.
A. 3. Sc. 3.
A. 3. Sc. 2.
A. 3. Sc. 4.
A. 3. Sc. 6.
A. 4. Sc. 6.

A. 3. Sc. 4.
A. 4. Sc. J.


23. King Lear,


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A. 3. Sc. 3.
A. 5. Sc. 2.

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HE BEAUTIES of POPE; or, ufeful and entertaining Passages, felected from the Works of that admired Author; as well as from his Tranflation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, &c. A new edition, in two vols. price 7s. fewed.


Calculated for the Heart of Senfibility. This volume contains a pleasing selection from the Works of that elegant Writer; among which are, The Story of Le Fevre and Uncle Toby, Maria, Shandy's Bed of Juftice, Yorick's Horfe, Corporal Trim's Brother, the Dwarf, the Pulfe, the Pye-man, the Sword, the Supper, the Starling, the Afs, Dr. Slop and Obadiah, Dr. Slop and Sufan, &c. &c. Alfo feveral of his most celebrated fermons, elegant fentiments, and familjar letters to his friends. The twelfth edition, ornamented with feven plates, including a portrait of Sterne. Price 3s. 6d. fewed.

Another Edition is also to be bad, beautifully printed in Octavo, m fine Vellum Paper, and bot pressed. Price Seven Shillings in boards.

THE BEAUTIES of Dr. SAMUEL JOHNSON, consisting of maxims and obfervations, moral, critical and miscellaneous. To which ae added, BIOGRAPHICAL ANECDOTES, felected from the late productions of Mrs. Piozzi, Mr. Bofwell, and other authentic teftimonies. This edition is embellished with an etching of the head of Dr. Johnson, taken from the life about a month before his death; alfo a fac fimile of his hand-writing. The eighth edition, price 3s. 6d. fewed.

THE BEAUTIES of the RAMBLER, ADVENTURER, COŃNOISSEUR, WORLD, and IDLER, in two vols. Price 7s. fewed.

THE BEAUTIES of the SPECTATOR, TATLER and GUARDIAN, in two vols. twelves. A new edition, price 75. fewed.

A VIEW of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, from the Creation to the Prefent Time. Including an Account of the celebrated Revolutions in France, Poland, Sweden, Geneva, &c. &c. Together with an Accurate and Impartial Narrative of the late Military Operations; and other important Events.

By the Rev. J. ADAMS, A. M.
In Three Volumes, Octavo, Price 188. in boards.


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Books lately published by G. Kearsley.


To deny Mr. ADAMS the Merit of laborious Industry would be unjust, and it would be no lefs fo if we did not acknowledge that this Work contains much useful Information, and may be read with Advantage by those who want Leifure or Inclination to confult original Writers, and to feek for Knowledge at the Fountain Head. Monthly Review, June 1796. FLOWERS of ANCIENT HISTORY.

Ditto MODERN Ditto.

By the Rev. J. ADAMS, A. M.

Juft published New Editions, materially enlarged, being the Third of
the above Books, each Price 3s. fewed.

They comprehend, on a new Plan, the most remarkable and interesting Events as well as Characters of Ancient and Modern Times, defigned for the Improvement and Entertainment of Youth.

Q. HORATII FLACCI quæ fuperfunt recenfuit et notulis inftruxit,
GILBERTUS WAKEFIELD, A. B. Coil. Jes. Cant. nuper Socius,
beautifully printed in Two Vols. foolfcap 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. in boards.
A few copies are to be had on large paper, Price 1l. is. in boards.

P. VIRGILII MARONIS OPERA emendabat et notulis illuftrabat, GILBERTUS WAKEFIELD, A. B. Coll. Jes. Cant. nuper Socius, beautifully printed uniform with his edition of Horace, in Two Volumes, folfcap 8vo. Price 12s. in boards.

A few copies are to be had on large paper, Price 1l. 11s. 6d. in boards. "This Edition of Virgil affords a new proof of the learning and abilities of Mr. Wakefield; and it confpires, with his other publications, to give him a high rank among the scholars of the age.'


Critical Review, Aug. 1796.

A TRANSLATION of the NEW TESTAMENT, with Notes Critical and Explanatory, by GILBERT WAKEFIELD, A. B. &c. in Two Volumes, 8vo. the fecond edition, with improvements, Price 16s. in boards.

A few copies are to be had on large paper, Price 1l. 1s. in boards.

<< The alterations in this Edition are numerous, and materially improve
the Work, as well the Expence of the Publication is reduced by means of
a fmaller type and fuller page, which have enabled the Author to comprize
the Work in Two Volumes inftead of Three."

"For a farther Account of this valuable Publication, (which will be highly acceptable to every one who ftudies and reveres the New Testament, ftill, we truft, even in this age of reason, no inconfiderable number) we refer to our Review for July, 1792.*


Monthly Review, June 1796.

Of Mr. Wakefield's qualifications for the important task which he has here undertaken, his various writings may enable the Public, in fome measure, to form a judgment. That he poffeffes a competent knowledge of the ancient languages (the first requifite in a tranflator of the New


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Books lately published by G. Kearsley.

Teftament) will not be questioned by thofe who have read his Silvs Critica, and his Commentary on St. Matthew; and the principles of biblical translation which Mr. W. lays down, he appears to us to have very diligently, and in the main, very successfully followed.

To the work is added Notes, chiefly intended to justify the variations of the prefent from the commonly received verfion; these notes, as ufual, abound with proofs of the Author's learning and ingenuity, &c. &c." Monthly Review, July 1792.

ELEGANT ANECDOTES, BON MOTS, and CHARACTER-ISTIC TRAITS of the greatest Princes, Politicians, Philofophers, Orators, and Wits of Ancient and Modern Times; fuch as Voltaire, Des Cartes, Sir R. Steele, Dean Swift, Addifon, Dr. Johnson, Mr. Hogarth, Boilieu, Count de Gramont, Dryden, Metaftafio, Eralmus, Bishop Burnett, Charlemagne, James I. Duke of Marlborough, Mr. Fox, Pope, Henry IV. of France, Foote, Lord Lyttleton, &c. By the Rev. J. ADAMS, A. M. The third edition, in two thick volumes, price 8s.

With a Map of the furrounding Country, and a Plan of the Cities of Lon don and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark,

KEARSLEY'S STRANGER's GUIDE, or COMPANION through LONDON and WESTMINSTER, and the COUNTRY ROUND; containing a Defcription of the Situation, Antiquity, and Curiofities of every Place within the circuit of fourteen miles. Price 3s. 6d. bound in red.

"To Strangers this Work must prove particularly useful, and may not be unproductive of gratification even to thofe who are acquainted with the capital, it embraces fuch a circuit as affords multiplicity of objects interefting to curiosity." Critical Review.

THE POETICAL WORKS of SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL. D. Containing London, a Satire; and the Vanity of Human Wishes, both imitated from Juvenal; Irene, a Tragedy; The Winter's Walk; The Midfummer's Wish; and fundry other pieces. Price 35. in boards.

The feventh edition, much enlarged, and ornamented with a confiderable number of elegant engraved plates,

A COMPLETE NARRATIVE of CAPTAIN COOKE's VOYAGES ROUND the WORLD; containing a faithful account of all his discoveries, with the transactions at each place; a defcription of the inhabitants with their manners and customs; a full detail of the circumstances relative to Capt. Cook's death, and an account of his life. By CAPT. KING,

Thofe who fuperintend the education of youth of either fex, cannct put into their hands a more acceptable work, for the amusement of leisure hours, than thefe late voyages of difcovery; which abound with matter highly interesting and entertaining. They are comprised in two large volumes, clofely printed, price Ss. in boards.. Either volume may be had feparate, price 4s.

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