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the Word we rob it of future power. There is a better method; one far more attractive and powerful in its influence upon the young. It is that of responsive concert recitation or reading of the Bible text.

For this practice, "Responsive Exercises" have been here arranged, hoping this may yet prove the favorite method for daily use.

It is believed that this Manual may prove equally acceptable to Sabbath Schools, giving the best selections for devotional reading, also Responsive Recitations to vary the regular services of Sabbath School and Sabbath School Concert.

To High Schools, Academies, and Colleges it is recommended as furnishing in convenient form such selections from Scripture as are best adapted to morning devotional services.

To Parents it may prove an efficient helper on the Sabbath. To all children and youth it presents the Bible in an intelligible and inviting aspect.

It is here affectionately dedicated to all who love the Oracles of God, and would have them written in letters of light upon the memory and the heart of the young; who would give them an honored place and a living power in every school, to charm the heart of childhood, and to instruct and purify the heart of youth.

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