Report on the Assessment of Electronic Government Information Products

Jeanne Hurley Simon
DIANE Publishing, 2001 - 160 páginas
A research survey covering: the Federal Depository Library Program and how it works; project phases and study goals and objectives (Phase II) of this report; methodology; survey analysis and findings; structure of the questionnaire; responses; study questions: preferred medium and format standards, public access to products, and authenticity and metadata; qualitative findings; site visits to Federal Depository Libraries; agency meetings; interviews with webmasters, preservation specialists, and information resources management specialists; discussion of quantitative and qualitative findings; and next steps. Bibliography. Charts and tables.

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Página 75 - Study to Identify Measures Necessary for a Successful Transition to a More Electronic Federal Depository Library Program (June 1 996) (as required by Congress in the Legislative Appropriations Act for FY 1996).
Página xi - Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Circular A-130, Management of Federal Information Resources (November 30, 2000) and Circular A-ll, Part 3, Planning, Budgeting, and Acquisition of Capital Assets (July 2001).
Página E-19 - HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) - The underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what action Web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands.
Página E-20 - The documents are formatted in a language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that supports links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video files. This means you can jump from one document to another simply by clicking on hot spots. Not all Internet servers are part of the World Wide Web.
Página E-17 - An electronic message center. Most bulletin boards serve specific interest groups. They allow you to dial in with a modem, review messages left by others, and leave your own message if you want. Bulletin boards are a particularly good place to find free or inexpensive software products. In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of BBSs.
Página E-19 - In addition to storing user data in files, the file system creates and manages metadata — information about how, when, and by whom a particular set of data was collected and how the data are formatted.
Página E-18 - ... component of the government, or at government expense, or as required by law. except that which is required for official use only, is for strictly administrative or operational purposes having no public interest or educational value, or is classified for reasons of national security e) The definition of •government information...
Página 9 - The case then went to a hearing, was argued for eight days, during the last week of September and the first week of October, 1884, and was decided by Judge Wallace in favor of the Bell patent about the first of December, 1884.
Página E-18 - A feature supported by most browsers that makes it possible to divide the browser display area into two or more sections (frames).
Página E-19 - Short for Portable Document Format, a file format developed by Adobe Systems. PDF captures formatting information from a variety of desktop publishing applications, making it possible to send formatted documents and have them appear on the recipient's monitor or printer as they were intended.

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