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The Words on the Cross



Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." ST. LUKE Xxiii. 34

Even while thy life-blood flows,
Craving pardon for thy foes:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 Saviour, for our pardon sue,
When our sins thy pangs renew,
For we know not what we do:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 O may we, who mercy need,
Be like thee in heart and deed,
When with wrong our spirits bleed:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.


"To-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise."
ST. LUKE xxiii. 43

1 Jesus, pitying the sighs

Of the thief, who near thee dies,
Promising him Paradise:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 May we, in our guilt and shame,
Still thy love and mercy claim,
Calling humbly on thy Name:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 0 remember us who pine,
Looking from our cross to thine;
Cheer our souls with hope divine:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.


"Woman, behold thy son!" "Behold thy mother!" ST. JOHN xix. 26, 27

1 Jesus, loving to the end

Her whose heart thy sorrows rend,
And thy dearest human friend:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 May we in thy sorrows share,
And for thee all peril dare,
And enjoy thy tender care:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 May we all thy loved ones be,
All one holy family,
Loving for the love of thee:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.


"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" ST. MATT. xxvii. 46

1 Jesus, whelmed in fears unknown,
With our evil left alone,
While no light from heaven is shown:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 When we vainly seem to pray,
And our hope seems far away,
In the darkness be our stay:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 Though no Father seem to hear,
Though no light our spirits cheer,
Tell our faith that God is near:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.


"I thirst." ST. JOHN xix. 28 1 Jesus, in thy thirst and pain, While thy wounds thy life-blood drain, Thirsting more our love to gain: Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 Thirst for us in mercy still;
All thy holy work fulfill:
Satisfy thy loving will:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 May we thirst thy love to know;
Lead us in our sin and woe
Where the healing waters flow:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.


"It is finished."

ST. JOHN xix. 30

1 Jesus, all our ransom paid,
All thy Father's will obeyed,
By thy sufferings perfect made:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 Save us in our soul's distress,
Be our help to cheer and bless,
While we grow in holiness:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 Brighten all our heavenward way
With an ever holier ray,
Till we pass to perfect day:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.



Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit."
ST. LUKE Xxiii. 46

1 Jesus, all thy labour vast,
All thy woe and conflict past,
Yielding up thy soul at last:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

2 When the death shades round us lower,
Guard us from the tempter's power,
Keep us in that trial hour:
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

3 May thy life and death supply
Grace to live and grace to die,
Grace to reach the home on high:
Hear us, Holy Jesus. Amen.

Thomas B. Pollock, 1870




ESTING from his work to-day,
In the tomb the Saviour lay;
Still he slept, from head to feet
Shrouded in the winding sheet,
Lying in the rock alone,
Hidden by the sealed stone.

2 Late at even there was seen
Watching long the Magdalene;
Early, ere the break of day,
Sorrowful she took her way
To the holy garden glade,
Where her buried Lord was laid.

Six 7's

3 So with thee, till life shall end,
I would solemn vigil spend:
Let me hew thee, Lord, a shrine
In this rocky heart of mine,
Where in pure embalmèd cell
None but thou may ever dwell.

4 Myrrh and spices will I bring,
True affection's offering;

Close the door from sight and sound
Of the busy world around;
And in patient watch remain
Till my Lord appear again. Amen.


Thomas Whytehead, 1842, cento



HE grave itself a garden is, Where loveliest flowers abound; Since Christ, our never-fading life, Sprang from that holy ground.

2 O give us grace to die to sin,
That we, O Lord, may have
A holy, happy rest in thee,
A Sabbath in the grave.

3 Thou, Lord, baptized in thine own blood, And buried in the grave,

Didst raise thyself to endless life,
Omnipotent to save.

4 Baptized into thy death we died,
And buried were with thee,

That we might live with thee to God,
And ever blest might be.

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