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L.M. with refrain
O words with heavenly comfort

Whate'er I do, where'er I be,
Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me.

He leadeth me! He leadeth me!
By his own hand he leadeth me!
His faithful follower I would be,
For by his hand he leadeth me.

2 Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom,

Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom,
By waters calm, o'er troubled sea,
Still 'tis his hand that leadeth me.

He leadeth me, etc.

3 Lord, I would clasp thy hand in mine,

Nor ever murmur nor repine;
Content, whatever lot I see,
Since 'tis my God that leadeth me.
He leadeth me,


4 And when my task on earth is done,

When, by thy grace, the victory's won,
E’en death's cold wave I will not flee,
Since God through Jordan leadeth me.
He leadeth me, etc.

Joseph H. Gilmore, 1862


HOU say'st, "Take up thy cross,

O man, and follow me”;
The night is black, the feet are slack,

Yet we would follow thee.

2 But, О dear Lord, we cry,

That we thy face could see,
Thy blessèd face one moment's space,

Then might we follow thee! 3 Dim tracts of time divide

Those golden days from me; Thy voice comes strange o'er years of


How can I follow thee?
4 Comes faint and far thy voice

From vales of Galilee;
Thy vision fades in ancient shades;

How should we follow thee? 5 O heavy cross: of faith

In what we cannot see!
As once of yore thyself restore,

And help to follow thee. 6 If not as once thou cam'st

In true humanity,
Come yet as guest within the breast

That burns to follow thee. 7 Within our heart of hearts

In nearest nearness be:
Set up thy throne within thine own:
Go, Lord; we follow thee. Amen.

Francis T. Palgrave, 1866

247 EAD us, heavenly Father, lead us

O’er the world's tempestuous sea; Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,

For we have no help but thee; Yet possessing every blessing,

If our God our Father be.

2 Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us,

All our weakness thou dost know; Thou didst tread this earth before us;

Thou didst feel its keenest woe; Lone and dreary, faint and weary,

Through the desert thou didst go.

3 Spirit of our God, descending,

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy; Love with every passion blending,

Pleasure that can never cloy: Thus provided, pardoned, guided, Nothing can our peace destroy. Amen.

Janses Edmeston, 1821


Four 10's EAD us, O Father, in the paths of

peace; Without thy guiding hand we go astray, And doubts appall, and sorrows still in

crease; Lead us through Christ, the true and

living Way.

2 Lead us, O Father, in the paths of truth;

Unhelped by thee, in error's maze we

grope, While passion stains, and folly dims our

youth, And age comes on, uncheered by faith

and hope.

3 Lead us, O Father, in the paths of right;

Blindly we stumble when we walk alone, Involved in shadows of a darksome night,

Only with thee we journey safely on.

4 Lead us, O Father, to thy heavenly rest,

However rough' and steep the path

may be, Through joy or sorrow, as thou deemest

Until our lives are perfected in thee.

William H. Burleigh, 1868

Also the following 42 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah 305 O for a closer walk with God 355 Saviour, like a shepherd lead us 378 Jesus, I my cross have taken 449 Jesus, still lead on 493 O Master, let me walk with thee 534 Lead on, O King eternal 536 O happy band of pilgrims



LL people that on earth do dwell,

Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice: Him serve with fear, his praise forth tell,

Come ye before him and rejoice.

2 Know that the Lord is God indeed;

Without our aid he did us make: We are his folk, he doth us feed,

And for his sheep he doth us take. 3 O enter then his gates with praise,

Approach with joy his courts unto; Praise, laud, and bless his Name always,

For it is seemly so to do.

4 For why? the Lord our God is good,

His mercy is for ever sure; His truth at all times firmly stood, And shall from age to age endure. Amen.

William Kethe, 1561; Psalm 100



FR skies

Let the Creator's praise arise! Let the Redeemer's Name be sung

Through every land, by every tongue! 2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord,

And truth eternal is thy word:
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore
Till suns shall rise and set no more.

Isaac Watts, 1719; Psalm 119

Doxology Praise God, from whom all blessings flow! Praise him, all creatures here below! Praise him above, ye heavenly host! Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

Amen. Thomas Ken, 1692


GOD of God! O Light of Light!
Thou Prince of Peace, thou King of

To thee, where angels know no night,
The song of praise for ever rings:
To him who sits upon the throne,

The Lamb once slain for sinful men,
Be honour, might; all by him won;

Glory and praise! Amen, Amen!

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