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154 Threats against idols and idolaters. 196 Instances of blasphemers and their




155 Promises, warnings, and exhorta- 197 Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost:

tions against idolatry.

its punishment.

156 God's judgments upon idolaters. 245 | 198 Persons unjustly accused of blasphe-

157 Upon magicians.


158 Inchanters.

199 Of vows: they are religiously to be

159 Soothsayers.


160 Observers of times.

200 Vows to do duty.

161 Witches.

201 Sinful vows.

162 Wizards, -worshipping angels, &c.

163 Diviners; instances.

Fourth Commandment.

164 Diviners are deceivers, and false


246 202 Of the Sabbath.


165 Threatenings against them. 203 The Sabbath a day of rest from ser.

166 Familiar spirits; threats against those vile work.

that consult them,

204 Duties of the Sabbath ; worshipping

God, reading, hearing his word,


Third Commandment.

205 Works of charity and mercy to be

done on the Sabbath.

167 Profaning the name of God.

206 Promises to them that keep the Sab-

168 Swearing falsely.



169 Swearing by the creatures.

207 The care of God's people to sanctify

170 Swearing by false gods.

the Sabbath, and to prevent the

171 Swearing in common conversation.

profaning of it by others.

172 Swearing to commit sin, or to en. 208 Threatenings against Sabbath-break.

courage it.

173 Rash unnecessary swearing. 209 Sabbath privileges withdrawn.

174 The positive part of this command. 210 The change of the Sabbath from the

ment-God only is to be sworn by. seventh to the first day of the




175 The nature and duty of an oatha

176 Such oaths to carefully kept.

177 Things to be sworn to, are, truth


and duty

Duties toward Mankind.

178 Articles of peace ratified by oath.

179 Breach of such oaths punished.

1 Love.


180 Private compacts ratified by oaths. 2 How love toward mankind is pro-

181 Oaths sworn to kings.


182 The oath of a single person decides 3 Prayers and thanks to God for Chris.

controversy in certain cases.

tian love, as being his gift.

183 The duty and lawfulness of swear.

4 The influence and effects of love upon

ing.–Examples, viz.

Christians, &c.

184 God swears to Abraham. 248

5 Charity, with other graces, enjoined.

135 To give the land of Canaan.


186 To fulfil his covenant.-To continue 6 Approved examples of charity.

the seed of David.

7 Hatred ; threatenings against it.

187 To the perpetuity of Christ's priest. 8 Duty of the righteous toward those


that hate them.

183 To fulfil his threatenings against the 9 Prayers and complaints to God against

unbelieving and disobedient.

the hatred of the wicked.

189 Jesus Christ answers upon oath. 10 Promises to those that are unjustly

190 The angel swears.

hated, and threatenings against

191 Asseverations of sincerity, equal to their haters.


an oath among Christians. 11 Envy forbidden to the righteous.

192 Ancient forms of swearing. 12 The wicked, their envy hurtful to

193 Blasphemy forbidden.


194 Occasions of it to be avoided. 13 Envy a mark of an unconverted

195 From whence it proceeds.




14 Malice forbidden to the righteous. 62 To show kindness commanded.

15 Malice in the wicked.

256 63 To give comfort.

16 Anger forbidden.

64 Friendship, and faithfulness therein.

17 Instances of the anger of the righ- 65 Unfaithfulness in friendship. 268

teous against sin.

-Bearing with one another's weak.

18 Sinful anger, instances thereof.

nesses, &c.

19 Wrath.

257 66 Forbearing to judge one another.

20 Contention forbidden.

67 Setting good example.


21 Promises against contention. 68 Of enticing others, and being enticed

22 The righteous contend only against to sin.


69 Of gratitude, or returns of friend-

23 Peace commanded, with promises to ship.


70 Ingratitude.


24 Motives to peace among Christians.


25 Peace prayed for.

26 Peace the gift of God; promises and


instances thereof.

27 Peace with God the reward of the

Duties toward Ourselves.



28 Peace promised to the church of


1 Of temperance in meat and drink.

29 Unity.

2 Intemperance in meat and drink.

30 Honouring one another.


31 Despising others.


3 Drunkenness; the evils thereof.

32 Strite forbidden to the godly.

4 Of making others drunk. 271

33 Fightings, quarrels.

5 Sleep.

34 Divisions forbidden.

6 Labour commanded, and promises to

35 Offences forbidden.

261 the laborious, &c.

36 Threats against offenders.

7 Of the sluggard, the slothful, and idle.

37 Doing good to others.


38 Doing evil.

262 8 The study and pursuit of wisdom re-

39 Doing wrong:


40 Doing mischief, the character of the 9 The excellency of wisdom above all


other endowments.

41 Of being harmless.

10 Wisdom is profitable, pleasant and

42 Blameless.



43 Promises to the merciful. 263 11 Wisdom is the gift of God.

44 Unmerciful. Threats.

12 Wisdom prayed for.

45 Compassion and pity.

13 Wisdom and religion the same. 274

46 Cruelty of the wicked.

264 14 A fool's vain pretences to wisdom.

47 Forgiveness.

15 He receiveth not instruction.

48 Revenge.

16 He discovereth his folly.

49 Duty of giving and receiving good 17 His conduct towards his parents. 275


265 18 A fool is mischievous.

50 Rejecting evil counsel; the duty and 19 He is wrathful.

safety thereof.

20 Contentious.

51 Mutual obligation to giving and re- 21 A fool's words.

ceiving instruction.

22 His folly is his pleasure.

52 Of refusing instruction.

23 Treatment for fools.

53 To edify one another.

24 Folly and wickedness the same. 276

54 To exhort one another.

25 Patience toward God.


55 To warn one another.

26 Patience toward men.

56 To admonish one another. 266 27 Contentment.

57 To rebuke one another, and to hearken 28 Discontent, murmuring.

to rebuke.

29 Grudging.

58 Of not giving and receiving rebuke. 30 Meekness; the exercise of it required.

59 To reprove one another.


60 Of not hearkening to reproof. 31 How produced.

61 Gentleness.

267 |32 Examples of meekness.



33 Promises to the meek.

78 God's care of mothers.

34 Humility toward God.

79 God's care of children.


35 Toward men.

279 80 Grief of parents at parting with

36 Promises to the humble.

their children.

37 Promises to humbled sinners.

81 Godly parents blessed in the happi.

38 Examples of humility.

ness of their children.

39 The elect are humble.

82 The wicked punished in the cala-

40 Humbled saints; their expressions.

mities of their children.

280 83 Particular calamities threatened a.

41 Pride against God.

gainst the children of the wicked.

42 Pride against men.

281 -Captivity.

43 Spiritual pride-such seem to be 84 That they shall be slain by ene.



44 They are proud of their supposed 85 Suffer by famine.


wisdom and knowledge.

86 Other evils upon the children of the

45 The proud seek honour from men.


46 Threats and prayers against the 87 Erroneous principles in religion


282 have destroyed the natural affec-

47 Arrogancy.

tion of parents.

43 Loftiness.

88 Calamities upon wicked parents and

49 Haughtiness.


50 Exalting one's self.

89 Want of children to the wicked.

51 Lifting up one's self.

90 Promises to the godly who arc

52 Magnifying one's self.


53 Glorying.


54 Boasting.

55 Scorning

Fifth Commandment.

56 Threats against kings and nations for

for their pride, &c.

91 Duties of children toward parents.

57 Of marriage.

284 92 Dutiful children blessed.

58 Divorce by the law of Moses.

93 Disobedient and undutiful children;

59 Divorce was disapproved.

threats against them. 290

60 is expressly forbidden in the 94 Undutiful children cursed.

New Testament.

95 Duties of masters towards servants.

61 Of marriage with unbelievors.

96 Duties of servants,


62 The Jews were forbidden to marry 97 Duties of the civil magistrate, to ad.

with the heathen.

minister justice impartially. 292

63 Embracing Christianity did not dis- 98 Qualifications of the magistrate.

solve marriage contracts.

99 The magistrate's concern with re-

64 Husband's duties.

285 ligion.


65 Duties of wives.-Women's appa- 100 Good magistrates, a blessing pro-


mised to God's people.

66 Duties towards children.—To provide 101 Magistracy is of divine appoint-

for their support.


67 To defend them.

102 Sins of magistrates : perverting of

68 To pray for them.

judgment, respect of persons,

69 To instruct them.



70 Particular heads of instruction. 103 Perverting of judgment through

71 Instances of parents careful to instruct covetousness, taking gifts, &c.

their children.


72 Correcting children.

104 Through drunkenness.

73 Parents careful to marry their chil. 105 The misery of being governed by

dren into religious families.

weak or wicked rulers.

74 Portions given to children.

106 Wicked rulers set over people as a
75 Children are among the promised punishment for sin.

blessings of God to mankind. 287 | 107 Wicked rulers enemies to reli.
76 Children promised.


77 A desire of children natural to man- 108 God's providence over kings and




109 Particular instances of God's provi. 139 To esteem and love them.

dence exalting or abasing rulers. 140 To pray for them.


295 141 To give them support.

110 Duties toward governors. Praying 142 Despising and not hearkening

for them.

to their instructions: Threats.

111 Honour and respect to be shown to



143 Not supporting them.

112 Obedience to magistrates.

113 Rebellion against magistrates, the

sin and punishment thereof. 296

Sixth Commandment.

114 Disobedience to magistrates a duty, 144 Of murder.
when they command things con-

145 Cases wherein killing of a man

trary to God's law.

115 Ministers of Christ, their duties.

not to be punished with


The commission given to the



146 Threatenings against murderers.


116 Power committed to them.

117 Excommunication.

147 Instances of their punishment.


118 None may intrude into the ministe-

148 Striking, wounding, maiming; how

rial office.

to be punished.

119 Teaching truth the duty of minis-



Seventh Commandment.

120 The good effects of preaching.

121 A good ministry promised.

149 Of adultery and fornication.

122 A faithful ministry. Promises to, 150 Threatenings; or the evil conse-

and prayers for them.

quences of adultery and fornica.

123 They are holy and unblameable in


lite and conversation. 302 151 Examples, exhortations, promises,

124 Their humility, self-denial, and &c. against adultery and fornica-

condescension in their office.




125 They seek not applause from men; Eighth Commandment.

They fatter not, &c.

126 They seek not riches; neither are 152 Precepts concerning property, and


the use of riches.

127 Their duty and encouragement to 153 Threatenings against theft.

speak boldly the truths of religion 154 Robbery forbidden; with threats.

without fear.

304 155 Fraud and cheating in commerce

128 Instances of becoming boldness in forbidden.

reproving sinners, and declaring 156 Concerning property in lands: The
the truth.

law thereof.


129 The sufferings of the apostles, &c. 157 Things found, lent, or entrusted

for religion.


with a neighbour. The law

130 Their temperance.


131 They pray for the people. 306 158 Oppression forbidden, and duties

132 The supports of Christians in gene- towards the oppressed.

ral, and of the Lord's ministers in 159 Restitution to the injured to be

particular, under sufferings for made.


307 160 Oppressors threatened.

133 Wicked ministers, their sin and 161 Prayers for the oppressed. 318


162 Promises to the oppressed.

134 Their covetousness.

308 163 Duties of the rich toward the poor.

135 Their intemperance.


136 Their slothfulness.

164 Lending without usury.

137 Of false prophets and false teach- 165 Giving alms.


ers.—They deceive the people. 166 Alms to be done in secret.

309 167 To be given to the poor of every

138 Duties toward the ministry. To


receive their instructions.

168 To poor Christians especially, 320



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169 Promises to the poor.

205 Possessing riches but not using them:
170 Of being uncharitable to the poor. the vanity thereof.
171 The stranger, widow, and fatherless : 206 Riches are attended with care and

duties toward them, and threaten- trouble.
ings against those that oppress 207 They recommend no man to the fa.


vour of God. 172 Promises to the stranger, fatherless, 208 The advantages which one man hath and widow. 322 over another by means of riches.

331 209 Trusting in riches and abusing them, Ninth Commandment.

the sin of the wicked, and avoided

by the godly. 173 Of witness-bearing. False swearing, 210 Riches take the heart and thoughts &c.

off from God and religion. 332 174 Lying forbidden.

211 The wicked rich man, his portioni. 175 Abhorred by God and good men. 212 The use of riches in the hand of a 176 Satan, and his children, are liars.

wise and good man. 177 Threatenings and prayers against 213 God maketh rich.

333 liars.

323 214 Riches promised to the righteous. 178 The words of the wicked injurious. 215 Instances of good men that were


rich. 179 Words of the wicked against God. 216 Riches not regarded by good men. 180 Evil speaking.

217 Things necessary to the support of 181 Talkativeness; rashness with the life promised to the righteous, tongue.


334 182 Flattery.

218 Deliverance from famine. 335 183 Talebearing.

219 Spiritual riches, or the interests of 184 Whispering.

the soul, the chief object of a wise 185 Backbiting

man's desires and pursuits. 186 Slandering, &c.

220 Raiment promised. 187 Reproach: Prayers and complaints 221 Supports of life miraculously sup. against it. 326 plied.

188 God will bring it upon the wicked.
189 Promises against reproach.
190 Reviling practised by the wicked,

and endured by the godly.
191 Railing.


Of Repentance. 192 Evil communications. 193 Unprofitable disputes about religion. 1 Repentance the first doctrine preach, 194 Cursing forbidden, and avoided by ed at publishing the gospel. the righteous.

2 The duty of repentance enforced by 195 Practised by the wicked.

threatenings. 196 The righteous; their care of their 3 Encouraged by promises. 337 words.

328 4 Promises to those that return to God. 197 They praise God with their mouths. 5 Remarkable instances of returning 198 The words of the righteous toward

sinners obtaining mercy, 329 6 Turning to God enjoined by com,

mands, and enforced by threaten. ings.

338 Tenth Commandment.

7 The cause and means of repentance and conversion.

339 199 Of covetousness.

8 Jesus Christ giveth repentance. 200 Threats against the covetous.-In- 9 God's law a mean of conversion.

stances of their punishment. 10 The ministry a mean of converted 201 An insatiable desire of riches.

202 Threats against unjust acquiring of 11 Repentance promised.

330j 12 Self-examination needful to repent,
203 Riches are not a lasting possession.
204 They cannot be carried hence to the 13 Consideration needful thereto, 340
other world.



14 Inconsideration of the wicked.


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