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tendered Fordication, is in the Original wopveía; and fignifics any Prostitucion for Hire. It is primitively derived from wegów, to sell; accordingly, Xenophon says, whoever fells himself for Hire, is called wóza, and Sc Athanafius uses the Feminine in the fame Sense : But as Fornication was the commoneft, and, perhaps, earliest Prosticution, the Name of the Genus itself might be applied to this Gngle Species: A great and abominable Sin, no Doubt it is: Yer such as would hardly bring down the Judgment of God on a whole People. Nor is the Phrase, to drink of the Wine of the Wrath of ber Fornication, casily, I think, to be comprehended. Indeed, the Word Wine is frequently understood in a strongly metaphorical Sense; as the Wine of the Wrach of God, in the Text; and again, Chap. xvi. 19. so here, and in Chap. xviii. 3. where the Translators erroneously read Fornication, the Sense is doubtless extremely figurative; buc agreeable to the Scripture Language.

If we will receive any Idea, therefore, from this Passage, we must translate it thus: Because she hath watered all Nations, with the Wine of the Violence of ber Prostitution. The Greek is, ET IN TOU QIVOU του θυμδυ της πορνείας αυτής πεπότικε πάντα Am. But Dupos, which che Translators


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have rendered Wrath, as properly signifies
Violence; and St. Paul himself, 1 Cor. iii,
6. hath caughc us to express watering, by
the Verb WOTIEW : And thus the wife Man,
Prov. iv. 17. They eat the Bread of Wicked-
ness, and drink the Wine of Violence : Where
we may observe the Word Wine used in a
Sense very similar to what it here bears.


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And the first Verse of the Text itself directs us to this Exposicion: For what can be meant by worshipping the Beast and his Image, and receiving his Mark in their Hand, unless Prostitution for Hire? The Antients exprest Beaits and Money by the same Words. The Athenians called their Money by the Name of an Ox, because it was marked with the Figure of one, and che Latins immediately derive the Word, which we translate Money, from that which represents Beasts in general.

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That we can understand nothing but Money by the Mark of the Beast, is plain from the 16th and 17th Verses of the preceding Chapter ; where, speaking of the Works of the Beast, it is said of him, that be caufeth all, both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a Mark in their right Hand, or in their Forebeads, and that no Man might buy or sell,


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