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( 11 ) Man's Soul. What shall it profit us if we gain the whole World by such a Loss? What Pleasures or Profits can we fecure the Enjoyment of, or what Pains Miferies can we flatter ourselves to be safe from without it? Those very Passions, which expose us to the Baits of Corruption, would, if we saw the Hook, or considered the fatal Coniequence, deter us from it. Fear would alarm us with Danger, Avarice with arbitrary Rapine, and Pride with Dependence. For what Slave can call his Life, or his Riches his own? What Slave who reflets, but mult feel them depending on the Pleasure and Caprice of his Muiter ! How mean and despicable a State the Dependence on the Will of another is, a Moment's Thought will suggest to che Man of Spirit; how dreadful and how tretched a Srate it is, a liccle Knowledge in Hiftory will convince us. For on che one Side, can any thing be meaner chanso be the Slave of such a Creature as ourFulves, whom God and Nature have ranked in no higher an Order of Being, perhaps a lower Degree of the famc Order; and on the ocher Part, whac Painter, what Orator can describe wich suitable Horrour, che dreadful Sceneswhich absolute Power hath acted in the World's Theatre; the Cruelcies which Tyrants have inflicted, and Slavesendured! Nor are chefe Tragical Instances confined to one

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Country, to one Period, they actend Slavery wherever the Monster goes, and are inseparable from her. A little Reflection therefore, a little Reason, a little Wisdom will protect us from fo Weak, so mad a Bargain, on the Consideracion of our own Welfare only: for it is a Bargain, which he must not only be a Villain, but a Fool too, who makes.

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And surely the least Grain of Goodness, tho' it were no larger than a Mustard-Seed, will

prevent us from bringing such Misery on others: The smallest Degree of pater, nal Affection, will inspire us to abhor the Thought of bequeathing such a Legacy to our Children. But if their Good, their Advancement be intended by any such wretched Acquisition ; if in order to make them rich, we make chem Slaves; if we build fine Houses for them, to hold by Navish Tenures; if we purchase for them vain and light Titles, together with real and heavy Chains, let us assure our felves, chey would be more obliged to us, it, like the Inhabitants of the Mountains and Deserts, we lefe them their Freedom and Dens for a

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( 13 ) our Choice, at least, if it was foolishly intended for their Welfare.

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But, if neither a due Understanding of, nor Regard so our own, or our Children's Interest in this World, can have any (way with us; yet let the dreadful Denunciacion in the Text, frighten us from this horrid Vice: Let us shudder at the Apprehension of drinking the Wine of the Wrath of God, poured out withouc Mixture, inco the Cup of his Indignation ; of being tormented for ever and ever with Fire and Brimstone, in the Presence of the Angels. A dreadful Sentence, indeed, and which, he must have more than mortal Bravery, or Folly, who can hear unmoved. But if there be a Person, the Hardness of whose Heart or Head, will receive no Impression from this Judgment, considered ac a Diftance, and applied to a Crime, not a Person yet will ic not fail to affect the most fool- hardy, when the Voice of God shall pronounce it in his Presence, and against hitelf.

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To go about to exaggerate such Punishments, as the Wrath of God, and eternal Misery, would seem strange and absurd. Let a Man attend but a Moment, leg bim open his Ears only, and he will receive na Idea from the Words I have read, not to


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