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( 14 ) be heighten'd by any other. Can so cold an Indifference then seize us in a Macter of such infinite Concern? Will Men, whom che Wind ruffles, whom a Fly can disorder, provoke the Wrath of God? Can a Creature, who trembles at the momentary Punishments inflicted by an earchly Judge, laugh at the Sentence of an eternal? Can he who starts at a Whipping.Poft, look confidently and stedfastly in the Face of Damnation ?


Or is ic that we disbelieve these chings ; that we have drank of the Infidelity of the Age ? a Cup too liberally distributed abroad : But it is a poisonous one, and offers us the Wine of Ignorance, not of Knowledge ; a Draughe, however delicious it may seem, which will be followed by chat bitter Potion mentioned in the Text, namely, the Wine of the Wrach of God.

Indeed this Infidelity is more than credible, from the Vice which I would caution you against; Men of such darkened Understandings, as are not able to see a liccle forward into the Consequences of things, who can be hood. winked, and blinded. batbClitrering of a little Bribe

924 mon adable to them rante cool.cher Spéculations Society Focuricy, they




(15) could never be seduced to pare with, can hardly be imagined to have Intellectuals clear enough to penetrate into Eternity. Such a Distance may easily baffle their weak Sighi, may misrepresent the brighteit Truchs to their Minds, and make them prefer the Trash and Trifles, the Bribes and Bawbles, which Corruption lays before them, to all the Glories which God shall unveil hereafter ; and embolden them to snatch the present Toy at the hazard of all the Punishments which he hath threatned, and will surely inflict on them.

But let us, my Beloved, hear these things with open Ears, and consider them with a lively Faith: For tho’ the Punishment of the Wicked is not present, (and probably not far off neither) let us be as. jured it is certain. And, God grant such an Assurance may have so good an Effect on all who hear me this Day, that they may never hereafter be in Danger of hearing so dreadful a Sentence.

I proceed now to my third Purpose: To apply what hath been here said to the presene Occasion.

You will now within a few Day elect Representatives to serve you in the chluing Parliament, In other Words you_ar ço commit the Care of your Liberties, and


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