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Let us not deceive our felva). Let us not affect an Ignorance of thofc Schemes, which the Devil and his Emiffaries have laid againk us, and which, unless cimely, unless now opposed, must end in our Destruction. Can a Man open his Eyes, his Ears, and his Understanding, without perceiving many Evidences of the Contrivance and Opera. tions of Sacan, who is always manifeft in his Works. So obvious are chefe Machi. nations, they need not naming ; to far advanced, they require the most immediate Resistance ; so deeply laid in Hell, chat the most powerful Opposition can only overcome them.

It greatly concerns us, therefore, to fly on this Occasion, to all the means of Preservation which are left us.

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And, First, Let us humble our ING before the Throne of chat Almighry Being whose infinite Power isi at all time to whenever it shall pleaf himstoku his Will; who can prove the realstore che fallen, and defeat the purpo of che wicked, how artfully foco cont ved, or how, neat fooroo o fection. Before, in wich Tear and

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