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or care Teh Panel Trades and Mer-
chandise rind Trading are often very ho-
nourably mentioned in Scripture,

Money therefore may be taken in Ex-
change for Wares : So likewise for La-
bour. St. Luke cells us, Chap. x. i. The
Labourer is wortby of bis Hire, which
Paul to Timotby, Chap. v. 18, confirms ;
So that the Servant may safely receive his
Wages from his Master, while he doth
that only which is lawful for them. Nor
indeed can the accepting a Reward for do-
ing well, be supposed within the Danger
of fo terrible a Sentence. No; it must

be the receiving Money unlawfully; the receiving Money to do ill; which can be considered as receiving the Mark of the Beast, in the Language and Meaning of


my Text.

Now Money is certainly received unlawfolly, when we give that in exchange for is which is pot our own; or which, cho' perhaps entrusted to our Carc, or even Ule, is not howeyer in our power to dispole of

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1 thall not descend minutely to private Instances, by which Men entitle chemselves to this dreadful Cup which cootains the Wine of the Wrath of God: But as the Text respects chiefly publick Corruption and Prostitution, I shall confine myself to Instances of that kind only.

If it be necessary then for every Man before he barters, strictly to examine whether he hath a lawful Capacity of disposing of chat for which he receives che Mark; surely, no one can suspect that he has the least Right to sell the Liberties of his Country. We are Members of Society as Servants are Members of a Family, to labour in our several Callings for the good of this Great Mistress, but without the least Power of giving or selling any of her Poffeffions. When we betray her Interest, we are guilty of a Breach of a Trust; and by how much higher the Places are in which we are employed, by how much greater the Confi dence is which Society repoles in us, so much greater is our Breach of Trust, to much the more pernicious Traycors we become: but he who in the owed meanest Office perverts his Durincos ruptly sells that litcle Share of the public Interest, which is committed to his Charge receives the Mark of the Beast within the

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