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Lecter of the Text, and may allure him self of the Reward promised in it, namely, the Wine of the Wrath of God:

2dly. It is no less impossible foť us to conceive, we have any Right to sell the Liberties of our Children. The Power of Fatherhood is the Power of Preservation, not Destruction. Let him look to it, who squanders the Patrimony left him by his "Ancestors, and entails Beggary upon his Prosperity biler him look nearer to it, who profticutcran Liberia for Hire, and entails Slavoi on them. What our Ancestors bequeached to their Posteriry, we should carefully transmit to ours. The Use, noe the Disposal of the Blessing belongs to us and he who infamously barters it away whatever Price be may receive on this Gide the Grave. will find Come farther Confideration open porch

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If then we have Rights berties of our Country, our Children ourselves; if this besProli surely no Man

C lers infamous, de detestable Price when certainly implied, and perkat derstood, thanif it was opera nor that the Wretch, who Power of betraying. Wibe to Person whom he knows is less guilty chan chat He thas, deliver i or pues Dage who will (he kos into the Botod Robber of: of his Per Jast Instan who come more tan then WELT ward,

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( 10 ) hands of Traytors, who, we are assured, will frip her of her Liberties. If we are brihed to arm Villains with a Sword which we know, nay but suspect, they will rip up her Bowels wich,we are Patricides in the urmost extensive Sense; we have received the Mark of the Beast, have drank the Wine of Prostitution, and may affure ourselves a Taste of that bitter Cup of the Wrath of God.

Having therefore with that Breviry, which so obvious and plain a Proposicion requires, demonstrated to you the Narure of this publick Prostitution, I come now in the second place to dissuade you from fo black a Crime.

And first from the Consideration of your own worldly interest: Indeed, if there was no other Restriction, this alone might well be deemed sufficient; for viewing it in the Light of Prudence only, I thould conceive the shortest Deliberation would determine a reasonable Being 10 reject any Price for the invaluable Blessing of Liberty; that all the false Glosses which Vanity or Luxury, Avarice or Ambition could cast on the richest Bribe would be diffipated by a Moment's Reflection. We may say of Liberty, compared to all other worldly Poffeffions, as the Scripture doth of a


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