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our Faules, lamenting our Unworthiness, and beseeching that'Asistance of him, which he is readier to give than we to ask ; being infinitely more sensible of our Miseries and Infirmities, than we our selves.

Secondly, Let us look up with loyal Hearts to the earthly Throne of a good and gracious Prince, who is ready to hear and redress his Subjects, whenever their Cries can come unto him,

Lastly, Let us be true and honest to one another, let us faithfully and justly discharge this great and importanc Dury, which we owe to our felves, our Wives, our Children, our Neighbours, and our Country; "by committing the Care and Guardianship of their Liberties and Properties to Men, who, we have Reason to be most confident, will, to their urmoft Power, preserve and defend then. This is the Day God hath once more committed our Freedom to our Hands, let us rejoice and be wise in it. No Man, who would not direct a Knife to his own Throat; who would not administer Poison to his Friend, or apply a Firebrand to his City; no such Man can, Delicate a moment, whether he

hall refute is Vote, notwithstanding any Confideration a Representacine whom be fufpects paučngo wa by Experi


( 19 ) ence, will betray his Truft, and deliver up his Country to that Enemy, which the Devil hach raised up against us; and this at a Season too, when the Gates of Hell are open, when the Devices of the Evil One are ripe, and when it is the last time we shall have an opportunity of struggling against thein.

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I conjure you therefore, dearly Beloved, as you have any regard for your worldly, or eternal Interest, as you are Men; as you are Britons, and as you are Christians; as you love, or desire the Welfare and Preservation of your Country; as you love your Wives, your Children, your Neighbours, nay your felves; as you would be thought worthy of your brave and free Ancestors, and as you 'respect the Esteem and Honour of Posterity. Lastly, as you would avoid the dreadful Sentence de nounced in the Text against such Prosti, cution; which he who is guilty of ic, must expect to hear from the tremendous Throne, and Voice of God at the last Day, when his ravished Daughters and murthered Sons; his ruined, impoverished, enslaved Children, and Children's Children, shall appear in Person against him, and demand Justice at the hands of God against the Prostitute.---By all chese, I conjure you reject the Mark of the Beast

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with corn, let no corrupt Motives induce you to deliver up your Country into the Power of Men, who will certainly betray you into final Slavery and Ruin.

Be convinced that you are playing your laft Scake, and play it wisely; since you may assure your felves, you will never have a future Opportunity of retrieving your corrupt Conduct here, or of avoiding the juft Punishment of it hereafter.

Now may the great God who searches all Hearts, and in his own good Time reftrains, and directs the perverse Will of Man, lead you all into the Ways of Truth and Righteousness, and put a timely Stop to thac Torrent of Corruption, which the Devil and his Angels have let loose over this Land, and which God only can prevent from overwhelmingus; To him therefore who bestowech Freedom, and delightech in it, may Freedom lift up her Voice, and ascribe, as is most due, ail Honour, Praise, Glory, Might, Majesty and Dominion for evermore. Amen.


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