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Gospel Songs


Church and Evangelistic Meetings

Edited by
S. G. Abriel and J. C. Schneider


The Biglow & Main Co.





Full Cloth Bound, gold stamp, 26c. por copy ; 56. extra, by mail.

$25 por 100, expross not propaid.

Copyright, 1906, by The Biglow & Main Co.


A37 preface

THE GOSPEL SONGS contained in this volume have been

1 very carefully selected by the editors with a view of presenting to christian workers and others, a book that would be of especial value in evangelistic work. It contains a choice selection of the old favorites, together with some of the newer compositions, also new songs which have not heretofore been published in any book. We believe every song is singable, and that the book is devoid of the padding usually found in books of this order. It has been carefully and prayerfully selected, and for evangelistic work we believe no better selection of songs can be found.

We wish to acknowledge the unfailing courtesy and valuable suggestions of I. Allan Sankey, son of the famous evangelist, Ira D. Sankey, and President of The Biglow & Main Company, without whose responsible interest this book as arranged and proposed would not have been possible.

To the following named firms and individuals we hereby tender our sincere thanks for their generous gifts and concessions on copyrighted pieces : Ira D. Sankey, Geo. C. Stebbins, Hubert P. Main, W. H. Doane, H. R. Palmer, John J. Hood, Mrs. Robert Lowry, Mrs. R. E. Hudson, Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp, Geo. C. Hugg, The John Church Co.


NOTICE.-Nearly all of the pieces in this Collection, both words and music, are copyright in the United States, Great Britain and Provinces, under the provisions of the laternational Copyright Law, and must not be reprinted or published for any purpose whatever, without the written permission of the owners thereof.

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1. He who safely keep - eth, Slumbers not, nor sleepeth; Tho' by all the
2. He will keep me ev - er, Where no power can sev-er From my heart, the
3. He will keep me ev - er; Like a gen-tle riv - er Peace from Him,my

world for-sak-en, Wherefore should I fear? That which He hath spo-ken love that hides me In His se- cret place. There in faith a - bid - ing, Lord and Saviour, Comes with joy to me; In its qui - et flow - ing,




Never can be broken; Who shall harm the trusting heart When He is near?
All to Him con-fid - ing, Thro' His spirit I am sealed An heir of grace.
Life and health bestowing, Till within the gates of pearl The King I ser !

Copyright, 1902, by The Biglow & Main Co.

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1. Lead me, O my Saviour, lead me, Clos - er would I cling to Thee,
2. Lead me, O my Saviour, lead me, Keep my heart from every snare;
3. Lead me, O my Saviour, lead me, Till at last, my journey o'er,

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Ere the shadows gath-er round me And my way I can- not see. Fierce tempta-tions oft as - sail me And I need Thy constant care. I shall see, a - dore and praise Thee With the ransomed ev - er - more.



me, Grant Thy strength and grace di . Lead'me, O my Saviour, lead me, my Saviour, Grant, o grant Thy



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No. 3. The Dearest Name of All is Jesus.

“A damo above every name."--EPH. 1: 21. JOHN R. CLEMENTS, arr.

8. P. DANKS.

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There is mu - sic in the Saviour's name.) 'Twas an Angel's voice proclaimed His birth. ''Tis the dearest name, 'Tis the I will sing of the wonders of His love.

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Je - sus,

Precious Je - sus, Thro' His name' e - ter-nal life I'll win.

Copyright, 1902, by The Biglow & Main Co.

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