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Sympathy and mutual love. 1 BLEST be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.

2 Before our Father's throne,

We pour our ardent prayers; Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,

Our comforts and our cares.

Preserved by power divine

To full salvation here,
Again in Jesus' praise we join,

And in his sight appear.
2 What troubles have we seen,

What conflicts have we passed, Fightings without, and fears within,

Since we assembled last ! But out of all the Lord

Hath brought us by his love; And still he doth his help afford,

And hides our life above.
3 Then let us make our boast

Of his redeeming power,
Which saves us to the uttermost,

Till we can sin no more:
Let us take up the cross,

Till we the crown obtain;
And gladly reckon all things loss,
So we may Jesus gain.


3 We share our mutual woes,

Our mutual burdens bear; And often for each other flows

The sympathizing tear.

4 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain; But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again.

5 This glorious hope revives

Our courage ly the way; While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day.

Blest communion. 1 BLEST are the sons of peace,

Whose hearts and hopes are one; Whose kind designs to serve and please

Through all their actions run.

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain,

And sin we shall be free; And perfect love and friendship reign Through all eternity.


7798 Meeting, after absence. 1 AND are we yet alive,

And see each other's face? Glory and praise to Jesus give,

For his redeeming grace.

2 Blest is the pious house

Where zeal and friendship meet; Their songs of praise, their mingled vows,

Make their communion sweet. 3 Thus on the heavenly hills

The saints are blest above,
Where joy like morning dew distills,
And all the air is love.


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800 One Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Enter into thy wise design,
Eph. 4: 5.

And sweetly lose our will in thine. 1 ONE sole baptismal sign, One Lord below, above,

2 Why hast thou cast our lot One faith, one hope divine,

In the same age and place? One only watchword, love:

And why together brought From different temples though it rise,

To see each other's face; One song ascendeth to the skies.

To join with softest sympathy,

And mix our friendly souls in thee? 2 Our Sacrifice is one; One Priest before the throne,

3 Didst thou not make us one, The slain, the risen Son,

That we might one remain; Redeemer, Lord alone:

Together travel on, Thou who didst raise him from the dead,

And bear each other's pain; Unite thy people in their Head.

Till all thy utmost goodness prove,

And rise renewed in perfect love? 30 may that holy prayer, His tenderest and his last,

4 Surely thou didst unite His constant, latest care

Our kindred spirits here, Ere to his throne he passed,

That all hereafter might No longer unfulilled remain,

Before thy throne appear; The world's offense, his people's stain! Meet at the marriage of the Lamb,

And all thy gracious love proclaim. 4 Head of thy Church beneath, The catholic, the true,

5 Then let us ever bear On all her members breathe,

The blessed end in view, Her broken frame renew :

And join, with mutual care, Then shall thy perfect will be done,

To fight our passage through; When Christians love and live as one. And kindly help each other on,


Till all receive the starry crown,

6 0 may thy Spirit seal 801 Bear ye one another's burdens.

Our souls unto that day, 1 THOU God of truth and love,

With all thy fullness fill,
We seek thy perfect way,

And then transport away,-
Ready thy choice to approve,

Away to our eternal rest,
Thy providence to obey;

Away to our Redeemer's breast!


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3 llence may all our actions flow,
Love the proof that Christ we know;
Mutual love the token be,
Lord, that we belong to thee:
Love, thine image, love impart;
Staunp it now on every heart:
Only love to us be given;
Lord, we ask no other heaven.


Suect counsel. 1 GLORY be to God above,

God, from wbom all blessings now; Make we mention of his love,

Publish we his pra se below: 2 Called together by his grace,

We are met in Jesus' naine; See with joy each other's face,

Followers of the bleeding Lainb. 3 Build we each the other up;

Pray we for our faith's increase ; Solid comfort, settled hope,

Constant joy, and lasting peace. 4 More and more let love abcund;

Let us never, never rest. Till we are in Jesus fond, of our paradise possessed.


Love, the bond of union. 1 WHILE We walk with God in light, God our hearts doth still unite; Dearest fellowship we prove, Fellowship in Jesus' love: Sweetly each, with each combined, In the bonds of duty joined, Feels the cleansing blood applied, Daily feels that Christ hath cicd. 2 Still, O Lord, our faith increase, Cieanse from all tinrighteousness; Thee the unholy cannot see, Make, () make us meet for thee; Every vile affection kil, Root out every seed of ill, Utterly abolish sin, Write thy law of love within.

of one heart and mind. 1 Jesus, Lord, we look to thee; Let 11.3 in thy name agree; Show thyself the Prince of peace; Did our jary forever ceasc. 2 By thy reconciling love, Every stumbling-block remove; Lach to each unite, endea, Come, and spread thy banner here. • 3 Make us of one heart and mind, Courteous, pitiful, and kind, Lowly, week, in thought and word, Altogether like our Lord. 4 Let us for each other care, Lach the other's burden bear: To thy Church the pattern give, Show how true believers live. 5 Free from anger and from pride, Let is thus in God abide; All tre depths of love express, All the heights of holiness. 6 Let us then with joy remove To the family above; On the wings of angels fly; Show how true believers die.


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805 Witnesscs for Jesus.
1 COME, and Ict us sweetly join,
Christ to praise in hyarns divine;
Give we all, with one accord,
Glcry to our corrmon Lord;
Hands, and hearts, and voices raise;
Sing as in the ancient days;
Autecate the joys above,
Celebrate the feast of love.
2 Strive we, in affection strive;
Lei the surer lame revive,
Such as in the martyrs glowed,
Dying champions for their God:
We like them may live and love;
Cailed we are their joys to prove,
Saved with them fron future wrath,
Partners of precious faith.
3 sing we, then, in Jesus' name,
Now as yestercay the same;
One in every time and place,
Full for all of truth and grace:
We for Christ, our Master, stand,
Ligats in a Lerighted land:
We our ying Lord confess;
We are Jesus' witnesses.


806 Kany, but one.
1 CHRist, from whom all blessings flow,
Perfecting the saints below,
Ilear us, who thy rature share,
Who thy mystic body are.
Join us, in one spirit join,
Let us still receive of thine:
Still for more on tnce we call,
Thou who allest all in all.
2 Move, and actuate, and guide,
Divers gifts to each divide;
Placed according to thy vill,
Let us all our work suinil;
Never from our office move;
Needful to each other prore;
Litus daily rowth receive
More and more in Jesus live.
3 Sweetly may we all agree,
Touched with softest :yre pathy;
Kindly for cach outer care;
Lvery mcmter fcel its sliare.
Many are renow and one,
We who Jesus have put on;
Names, and sccts, and raitics fall:
Thou, O Christ, art all in all.


6, 3.



3 Up to that world of light

Take us, dear Saviour; May we all there unite,

Happy forever; Where kindred spirits dwell, There may our music swell, And time our joys dispel

Never-no, never!

807 When shall we meet again ! 1 WHEN shall we meet again,

Meet ne'er to sever?
When will peace wreathe her chain

Round us forever?
Our hearts will ne'er repose,
Safe from each blast that blows,
In this dark vale of woes,

Never-no, never!
2 When shall love freely flow

Pure as life's river?
When shall sweet friendship glow

Changeless forever?
Where joys celestial thrill,
Where bliss each heart shall all,
And fears of parting chill

Never-no, never!

4 Soon shall we meet again,

Meet ne'er to sever;
Soon shall peace wreathe her chain

Round us forever;
Our hearts will then repose
Secure from worldly woes;
Our songs of praise shall close
Never-no, never!


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