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(C. P. M. Tune, Meribah. Page 358.] 809 Entire dependence on Christ. 1 EXCEPT the Lord conduct the plan, The best concerted schemes are vain,

And never can succeed; We spend our wretched strength for naught; But if our works in thee be wrought,

They shall be blest indeed. 2 Lord, if thou didst thyself inspire Our souls with this intense desire

Thy goodness to proclaim; Thy glory if we now intend, 0 let our deeds begin and end

Complete in Jesus' name.
3 Now, Jesus, now thy love impart,
To govern each devoted heart,

And it us for thy will;
Deep founded in the truth of grace,
Build up thy rising Church, and place

The city on the hill.
4 0 let our love and faith abound;
O let our lives, to all around,

With purest luster shine;
That all around our works may see,
And give the glory, Lord, tv thee,

The heavenly light (tivine.




808 Ministers' prayer.
1 LORD of the living harvest

That whitens o'er the plain,
Where angels soon shall gather

Their sheaves of golden grain; Accept these hands to labor,

These hearts to trust and love, And deign with them to hasten

Thy kingdom from above. 2 As laborers in thy vineyard,

Send us, O Christ, to be Content to bear the burden

Of weary days for thee; We ask no other wages,

When thou shalt call us home, But to have shared the travail

Which makes thy kingdom come. 3 Come down, thou Holy Spirit!

And fill our souls with light, Clothe us in spotless raiment,

In linen clean and white; Beside thy sacred altar

Be with us, where we stand, To sanctify thy people Through all this happy land.



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810 Heralds of the cross.

4 The love of Christ their hearts constrains, 1 Go forth, ye heralls, in My name,

And strengthens their unwearicd hands; Sweetly the gospel trumpet sound; They spend their sweat, and blood, and The glorious jubilee proclaiin,

pains, Where'er the human race is found.

To cultivate Immanuel's lands. 2 The joyful news to all impart,

5 Jesus their toil delighted sees, And teach them where salvation lies;

Their industry vouchsafes to crown; With care bind up the broken heart,

Ile kindly gives the wished increase, And wipe the tears from weeping eyes.

And sends the promised blessing down.

AUGUSTUS G, SPANGENBERG, TR, BY J. WESLEY, 3 Be wise as serpents, where you go, But harmless as the peaceful dove;

812 And let your heaven-taught conduct show

The ministry instituted. Ye are commissioned from above.

1 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose, 4 Freely from me ye have received,

In splendid triumph o'er his foes,

Scattered his gifts on mer below,
Freely, in love, to others give;
Thus shall your doctrines be believed,

And still his royal bounties flow.
And, by your labors, sinners live.

2 Hence sprang the apostles' honored name,
Sacred beyond heroic fame:

In humbler forms, before our eyes, 811

Pastors and teachers hepce arise.
He giveth the increase.
I High on his everlasting throne,

3 From Christ they all their gifts derive, The King of saints his work surveys ;

And, fed by Christ, their graces live; Marks the dear souls he calls his own, While, guarded by his mighty hand, And smiles on the peculiar race.

'Midst all the rage of hell they stand. 2 He rests well pleased their toils to see; 4 So shall the bright succession run Beneath his easy yoke they move;

Through all the courses of the sun; With all their heart and strength agree

While unborn churches, by their care, lo the sweet labor of his love.

Shall rise and flourish large and fair. 8 See where the servants of the Lord, 5 Jesus, now teach our hearts to know A busy multitude, appear;

The spring whence all these blessings flow; For Jesus day and night employed,

l'astors and people shout thy praise, His heritage they toil to clear.

Through the long round of endless days.









3 For this let men revile my name; 813 Boldness in the gospel.

No cross I shun, I fear no shame: 1 SHALL I, for fear of feeble man,

All hail, reproach; and welcome, pain; The Spirit's course in me restrain?

Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.
Or, undismayed in deed and word,
Be a true witness of my Lord?

4 My life, my blood, I here present,

If for thy truth they may be spent; 2 Awed by a mortal's frown, shall I

Fulfill thy sovereign counsel, Lord;
Conceal the word of God most high?

Thy will be done, thy name adored.
How then before thee shall I dare
To stand, or how thine anger bear?

5 Give me thy strength, O God of power: 3 Shall i, to soothe the unholy throng,

Then let winds blow, or thunders roar, Soften tay truth, or smooth my tongue,

Thy faithful witness will I be: To gain earth's gilded toys, or flee

'Tis fixed; I can do all through thee. The cross endured, my Lord, by thee? 4 What, then, is he whose scorn I dread,

815 The angels of the Churches. Whose wrath or hate makes me afraid? A man! an heir of death! a slave

1 DRAW near, O Son of God, draw near; To sin! a bubble on the wave!

Us with thy flaming eye behold;
5 Yea, let men rage; since thou wilt spread Still in thy Church do thou appear,
Thy shadowing wings around my head;

And let our candlestick be gold.
Since in all pain thy tender love
Will still my sure refreshment prove.

2 still hold the stars in thy right hand,

And let them in thy luster glow,

The lights of a benighted land,

The angels of thy Church below.
Christ's constraining love.

3 Make good their apostolic boast; 1 SAVIOUR of men, thy searching eye

Their high commission let them prove; Doth all mine inmost thoughts descry;

Be temples of the Holy Ghost, Doth aught on earth my wishes raise,

And filled with faith, and hope, and

love. Or the world's pleasures, or its praise? 2 The love of Christ doth me constrain 4 Give them an ear to hear thy word; To seek the wandering souls of men;

Thou speakest to the churches now: Witb cries, entreaties, tears, to save, - And let all tongues confess their Lord; To spatch them from the gaping grave.

Let every knee to Jesus bow.



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816 Laborers in the vineyard. 1 AND let our bodies part,

To different climes repair; Inseparably joined in heart

The friends of Jesus are. 2 0 let us still proceed

In Jesus' work below; And, following our triumphant Head,

To further conquests go. 3 The vineyard of the Lord

Before his laborers lies;
And lo! we see the vast reward

Which waits us in the skies. 40 that our heart and mind

May evermore ascend,
That haven of repose to find,

Where all our labors end;
5 Where all our toils are o'er,

Our suffering and our pain! Who meet on that eternal shore

Shall never part again. 60 happy, happy place,

Where saints and angels meet! There we shall see each other's face,

And all our brethren greet:
The Church of the first-born,

We shall with them be blest,
And, crowned with endless joy, return

To our eternal rest.


817 Success certain.
1 LORD, if at thy command

The word of life we sow, Watered by thy almighty hand, The seed shall surely grow:



The virtue of thy grace

A large increase shall give, And multiply the faithful race

Who to thy glory live.
2 Now, then, the ceaseless shower

Of gospel blessings send,
And let the soul-converting power

Thy ministers attend.
On multitudes confer

The heart-renewing love,
Anu wy the joy of grace prepare

For fuller joys above.


818 The laborers are few.
1 LORD of the harvest, hear

Thy needy servants' cry;
Answer our faith's effectual prayer,

And all our wants supply. 2 On thee we humbly wait;

Our wants are in thy view;
The harvest, truly, Lord, is great

The laborers are few.
3 Convert and send forth more

Into thy Church abroad, And let them speak thy word of power.

As workers with their God. 4 0 let them spread thy name,

Their mission fully prove; Thy universal grace proclaim,

Thine all-redeeming love.


To God, the Father, Son,

And Spirit, One in Three,
Be glory, as it was, is now,

And shall forever be.


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L. M.


819 For the success of ministers.

[S. M. Tune, Olmutz. Page 306.)

821 1 FATHER of mercies, bow thine ear,

The joyful sound. Attentive to our earnest prayer:

1 How beauteous are their feet We plead for those who plead for thee;

Who stand on Zion's hill, Successful pleaders may they be.

Who bring salvation on their tongues,

And words of peace reveal! 2 O clothe their words with power divine, And let those words be ever thine;

2 How charming is their voice, To them thy sacred truth reveal;

How sweet the tidings are! Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal.

“Zion, behold thy Saviour King; 3 Teach them to sow the precious seed;

He reigns and triumphs here. Teach them thy chosen flock to feed;

3 How happy are our ears, Teach them immortal souls to gain,

That hear the joyful sound, Nor let them labor, Lord, in vain.

Which kings and prophets waited for, 4 Let thronging multitudes around

And sought, but never found! Hear from their lips the joyful sound;

4 How blessed are our eyes, In humble strains thy grace implore, And feel thy Spirit's living power.

That see this heavenly light! Prophets and kings desired it long,

But died without the sight.
[L. M. Missionary Chant. Page 220.] 5 The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ;
The commission.

Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, 1 “GO, preach my gospel,” saith the Lord, And deserts learn the joy.

“Bid the whole world my grace receive; He shall be saved who trusts my word;

6 The Lord makes bare his arm He shall be damned who won't believe. Through all the earth abroad;

Let every nation now behold 2 "I'll make your great commission known;

Their Saviour and their God.
And ye shall prove my gospel true,
By all the works that I have done,
By all the wonders ye shall do.

Doxology. 3 "Teach all the nations my commands, PRAISE God, from whom all blessings flow;

I'm with you tili the world shall end; Praise him, all creatures here below; All power is trusted in my hands,

Praise him above, ye heavenly host;
I can destroy, and I defend."

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.




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