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Baptist, in Westminster - abbey. Exeter; William and David. And
Leaving no male-issue, his nephew his lord hip dying at London, on
David Cecil, son and heir to Sir the 18th of April 1643, was buried
Richard Cecil, his brother, succeed in the church of St. Martin's, Stam.
ed him in his honours. Sir Richard ford, near the remains of William
Cecil refided at Wakerly, in the lord Burghley his great grand-
county of Northampton; and in father. john earl of Exerer was
the 39th year of queen Elizabeth, only fix years of age, anno 1634 ;
was elected a member in the parlia. and by the lady Frances, his firit
ment called by king James I. when wife, daughter to John earl of Rut-
waiting on his majesty at Wooftock, land, had three children, John earl
in Oxfordshire, had the honour of of Exeter, David, who died young ;
knighthood conferred on him on and one daughter, Frances, married
the 28th of Aug. 1616. The re. to John lord viscount Scudamore,
maining part of king James's reign in the kingdom of Ireland. She died
he served in parliament for Stam- in June 1694, leaving one son,
ford, and having married Elizabeth, James lord viscount Scudamore,
daughter of Sir Anthony Cope of whose daughter and heir, Frances,
Hanwell, in Oxfordshire, knt. and was married to the late duke of
baronet, had issue David, his son Beaufort : on July 17, 1662, he was
and heir before-mentioned; which constituted lord-lieutenant of the
David succeeded his uncle William county of Northampton. His fe-
earl of Exeter, in his honours, in cond wife was the lady Mary,
the year 1640, but found the estate daughter to Mildmay Fane, earl of
much diminished by the fortunes of Westmoreland, widow to Sir Brian
the three coheirs, and the dowers Palmes of Altwell, in Rotland hire,
of two widows, his grandfather's, knt. but had no issue by her. He
and his uncle's. The former how- died at Burghley-house, near Stain-
ever died soon after; and the latter ford, on the 18th of March 1687-8,
in 16;8, and was buried at the and was buried in Si. Marin's,
upper-end of the south-itle, under church.
the north-wall, in the parish church He was succeeded in his honours
of St. James's Clerkenwell.

by John lord Burghley, his only The said David, earl of Exeter,' surviving son, who married Annt, married Elizabeth, daughter to John only daughter of William earl of earl of Bridgewater, by whom he Devonshire, and filter to Villian had six fons and ihree daughters; duke of Devonnire, a lätly cclen Thomas, the youngelt of the sons, brated by Mr. Prior, in one of his was buried at Tinwell, in Rusland. first poems; and her lord was liis shire, the 28th of May 16ft ; and patron. It is from Larghley Elizabeih, one of the daughters, dates his ingenious epidile so plecin was buried there, Nov. 13, 1638. wood Shephard, Esq; she was widiu Anne, another daughter, died young; of Charles lord Rich, fon and hair and Frances was married to Sir An- of Charles earl of Warwick. The thony Alley Cooper, afterwards earl of Exeter had by her John, his earl of Shaftesbury.' His song that son and heir; William Cail of fervived him, were John eart of Snape, in the county of York, E!;;

was several times member for Stam- in Feb. 1696-7, Annabella, daughford, as was his brother Charles, ter of John Bennet, lord Offulson, after him ; and Edward, who all who dying in Aug. 1698, he had three died unmarried; the latter no issue by her. He next married was at the siege of Barcelona, in the Elizabetli, eldest daughter, and one reign of queen Anne, and died in of the coheirs of Sir John Brownthat kingdom, after raising the low of Belton, in the county of fiege: also, four daughters, Chris. Lincoln, baronet. They were marrian, Anne, and Frances, who died ried in September 1699, and her young; and Elizabeth, married to ladyship died in the 43d year of Charles Boyle, late earl of Orrery in her age, on the 28th of Nov. 1723. Ireland, and baron of Marstown in They had issue five sons, John lord England. This noble earl had a Burleigh ; Brownlow, late earl of learned education, and an excellent Exeter; William, (who having been genius, for the improvement where- educated with his brother, the late of he twice visited Rome, and the lord, at St. John's college Cam. most polite parts of Europe ; fo bridge, where most of his predecessors that no person was better adapted had studied, gave great hopes of to adorn the court, or more proper keeping up the lustre of the family; to direct the administration of pub- but he died very early to the conlic affairs. But choosing a retired cern of all who had the happiness life, he resided chiefly in the coun- of his acquaintance) Francis, and try, in great honour and reputa- Charles, who died unmarried. Also tion; being affable and pleasing to a daughter, lady Elizabeth, the wife his friend, bountiful to the poor, of William Aitabie, Efq; chanceland a constant affertor of the reli- lor ofbhe Exchequer, and of the gion and liberties of his country. privy-council, to his late majesty ; His lady was a faithful companion which lady died on the 6th of April, in his travels, and present when he 1733; leaving several children. His died in his last returning from lordthip resigned his breath on the Rome, in the ville of Illy near Paris; 21st of Dec. 1721, and was buried The survived him three years, and with his ancestors at Stamford. was buried by him, under a very

He was succeeded in his honours magnificent and elegant monument, by John lord Burleigh, his eldest brought, among other exquisite son and heir; but he dying unworks, from Rome, and erected in married on the gih of April 1722, the church of St. Martin's, in Stam. was succeeded by his brother and heir, ford.

Brownlow Cecil, Esq; then member His eldest son and heir, John earl of parliament for Stamford. He of Exeter, served in parliament for married, in the year 1724, Hannahthe county of Rutland, in 1695 and Sophia, daughter of Thomas Cham1698; and on the death of his fa- bers of Derby, Esq; by whom he ther, took his seat in the house of had two sons and three daughters ; i'eers on the 28th of March 1700; the right honourable Brownlow, lord and the oaths as lord-lieutenant of Burleigh, now earl of Exeter ; lady the county of Rutland, on Dec. 11, Margaret-Sophia Cecil, who died in 1712. His lord hip married firft, Feb. 1737-8; the hon. Thomas


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born in 1734

Chambers Cecil, born July 25th, Horatio Townsend,'Esq; one of 1728; lady Elizabeth Cecil, born the commillioners of the Excise. July 22, 1729; and lady Anne, Armorial Bearings.] Barry, of ten

His fordship dying argent and azure, over all fix on Nov. 3, 1754, was succeeded in elcutcheons, 3, 2, and 1, fable, each his honours and estate by his eldest charged with a lion rampant of the son.

field. Brownlow, now earl of Exeter, Crefl.] On a chapeau, gules, was elected member of parliament turned up ermine, a garb, or, lupa for Stamford, and likewise for the ported by two lions; that on the county of Rutland; he was also dexter-lide argent, the finilter chosen for the same county for the parliament which met on the 31st Supporters. Two lions ermine. of May 1754. On June 22, 1752, Mot10.). Cor

unum, via his lordship took the oaths as lord. One heart, one way. lieutenant and custos rotulorum of Chief Seats) Ar Burleigh, near the said county of Rutland. His Stamford, in the county of Norlordhip married, July 24, 1749, thampton; and Grosvenor-street, Letitia, føle daughter and heir of London.


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A Genealogical Account of Compton, Earl of Northampton.

THIS noble family are descend palace at Salisbury; and installed

ed froin the Comptons of one of the knights companions of Compton, in Warwickshire, who the most noble order of the Garter were lords of that place before the on the 2117 of April 1629. conquest. The first time we find George Compton, late earl of this family mentioned in history, is Northampton, was constituted lordin the reign of Edward the Confef. lieutenant of Warwick Mire by king for ; but it does not appear that James Il. on the 2gih of March they had taken the surname of 1686 ; but on refusing to join ini Compton, till the reign of Henry II. , the measures proposed for repealing Sir Henry Compton was created the penal laws, his commission was baron of Compton in the fourteenih fuperfeded, and the earl of Sunderyear of the reign of queen Elizabeth, land inade lord-lieutenant and custos and accordingly took his seat in the rowulorum in his dead. House of Peers. He was one of

In the next reign, on the 16:hi peers appointed for the trial of of March 1683, he was again con: the queen of Scots; and attended Itituted lord lieutenant of Warwick as one of the four principal aslistants shire; and at the coronation of king to her corpse at her funeral. Williain, and queen Mary, carrier the fixteenth year of James I. Wil- the scepter and cross.

On the acliam lord Compton was created celfon of queen Anne, his lordship carl of Northampton in the billiop's was sworn one of the privy.council, April, 1763





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