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fancy articles for sale, or contributions in money, will be thankfully received by the following friends:

Mrs. J. Darley, Mrs. R. Terry, Mrs. W. Whitley, Mrs. T. Mitchell, Mrs. T. Hebblethwait, of Easthorp-lane; Mrs. J. Sheard, Millford, all of Mirfield; Mrs. Henshaw, Dewsbury; Mrs. John Jubb, Batley ; Mrs. W. Hutchinson, Brighouse; and Mrs. Collins, Hudders: field.

Beresford, G. Goodall, R. Calvert, and R. Day (Independents), and C. J. Potts, with the local secretary, Mr. Kelsall, rendered able and valuable assistance. The writer was absent from these meetings, on the Missionary Deputation to the North, but was happy to find on his return that all the services had been numerously attended, that the collections were in advance of previous years, and that the good cause had taken a firmer hold on the judge ments and affections of the people than before.

W. M.

ANNIVERSARY SERVICES AT StarFORD CHAPEL.—These services have ben of an highly interesting and instructive character. The first sermon was preached, Nov. 3rd, by the Rev. P. T. Gilton; the other, Nov. 10th, by the Rev. S. Hulme. The impressions made under these ministrations we hope will issue in saving and eternal effects. On Monday, Nov. 11th, the annual tea festival took place in the school, when about four hundred persons enjoyed, amidst the most exhilarating associations, not only refreshing tea, but the cheering society of Christians and other friends. At the after meeting, which was held in the chapel, in the absence of the Mayor, the Rev. W. Salt, with much interest, presided. Scldom, if ever, have we witnessed stronger religious and pleasing impressions produced on an audience than were felt and visibly expressed by the numerous assembly under the addresses which were delivered on the happy occasion. Al together the pecuniary aid received, amounted to about £40.

We are happy in being able to state that our day school is going on pros. perously; we have more than 300 names on the books, and an average attendance of about 200. This circumstance may afford stimulus and encouragement to other circuits to attempt the establishment and working of day schools.

Nov. 15th, 1850. H. WATTS.

MISSIONARY SERVICES.-DEWSBURY CIRCUIT.-On Lord's day, Oct. 20th, two excellent sermons were preached at Dewsbury, by the Rev. G. W. Ridley. The following Monday evening the Annual Meeting was held, when our valuable friend, Mr. John Jub, of Batley, took the chair, and opened the meeting by an appropriate speech. He was ably sustained by Mr. Crampton, of Hunslet, the Revs. G. W. Ridley, J. Livingston, J. Candelet, the preachers in the circuit, and other ministers of the town.

On the same Sabbath, two sermons, on behalf of our mission, were preached at Mirfield, by the Superintendent of the circuit; and on Tuesday evening following the Public Meeting was held, when our esteemed friend, Mr. Crampton, who presided with his usual good feeling, stated the object of the meeting. Addresses were also delivered by most of the ministers who assisted at Dewsbury the previous evening.

The speakers at both mectings appear to have been aided by the Holy Spirit, a gracious influence was experienced, greater interest, we hope, was excited on behalf of a perishing world; and the collections at both places were an advance upon those of the preceding year.

J. H.

MISSIONARY SERVICES. — Ashton CIRCUIT.-On Sunday, Oct. 20th, the Annual Sermons on behalf of our Missions, were preached at Dukinfield, by the Rev. C. J. Donald, of Manchester; and at Hyde and Hooley Hill, by the Rev. S. Jones, of Stockport. In the following week the Annual Missionary Meetings were held at the above places, and also at Higher Hurst; the Revs. G. Goodall, B. Turnock, James Dean, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Mills, officiating as chairmen. The Revs. C. J. Donald, S. Jones, S. Woodhouse, W.

MissioNARY ANNIVERSARY.-NORTH SHIELD'S CIRCUIT.-On Sunday, Oct. 20th, the annual sermons in aid of our missions were preached in Salem and and West Holborn chapels, by the Revs. William Mills and Josiah Howard (the deputation), and the Rev. Thomas Boy. cott, of Newcastle. On Tuesday, a public meeting was held at West Holborn, and on Wednesday at Salem. Our respected friend, Mr. J. D. Welch, presided on each occasion. The Report was read by the Rev. A. M'Curdy, and the meetings were addressed by the

esteemed deputation, the Revs. W. Cocker, T. Boycott, and J. Bensley.

The attendance on the Sabbath services, and at the public meetings, was good, considering the unfavourable state of the atmosphere. The services of all the brethren, for which we are truly grateful, were highly esteemed; but it is only just to say, that the pleasure derived from the excellent discourses and speeches of the Rev. W. Mills, was increased by his presence, as an old and beloved friend, he having tra. velled in this circuit when he was a young man.


MISSIONS. SHEFFIELD NORTH. The services recently held in the circuit in behalf of our Missions are thus adverted to by the “Sheffield and Rotherham Independent” of the 9th inst. : On Sunday last, two sermons, in aid of this religious denomination missions, were preached in Scotland Street Chapel, by the Rev. J. Hudston, of Nottingham. The sermons were appropriate, instructive, effective; that in the evening especially was distinguished by peculiar adaptation to our times, lottiness and richness of thought, and propriety and beauty of language. The rev. gentle man has received a very general request to place the manuscript without delay in the hands of the publisher. On

Monday evening, the annual meeting was held in the same place of worship, Mr. Councillor Crowther in the chair. After a brief, but neat and appropriate speech from the chairman, the Rev. J. Stokoe read the report, which was very satisfactory. In every department, financial and statistical, there was proof of additional vigour and commendable enterprize.” The meeting was afterwards addressed with ability by the Revs. S. Bellamy (Independent), W. Jeferson (Primitive), J. Hudston, J. H. Robinson, J. Poxon, and Mr. G. Fox. The collection, after these services, and kindred ones at Malin Bridge and Attercliffe, was about £22, being a slight increase on those of last year.

The sermons at Attercliffe and Malin Bridge were preached on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, by the Revs. J. H. Robinson and J. Stokoe ; and the meetings held at those places on the 5th and 6th were presided over by Mr. George B. Fox and Mr. Timothy Scott, Sheffield.

Sheffield, Nov. 9th. J. STOKOE.

P.S.-We were gratified to see our young friend, the Rev. W. N. Hall, on the platform, at the meeting held in Scotland Street Chapel. With great care and the divine blessing this esteemed brother, it is hoped, will soon be restored to his wonted health and usefulness,

J. S.


THE LAITY IN CONVOCATION.--At the dinner which succeeded the visitation of the Bishop of Chichester, held at Lewes a few weeks ago, his lordship said: “It may be interesting to you to learn, that if a Synod of the Church be assembled in Convocation or otherwise, it is the unanimous opinion of the whole bench of Bishops, without a single exception-I repeat it, without a single exception that there should be a considerable infusion of the lay element in its constitution.” I will not be quite positive that these were the exact words used, but they were to this precise effect. -Correspondent of the Guardian.

AN IMPORTANT GEOLOGICAL Dis. COVERY has just been made at Applecross, on the west coast of Scotland. A large mountain called “Tore More,” on being accidentally excavated the other day, presented a substratum of pure lime, within five feet of the surface; and on prosecuting the discovery by a fur..

ther excavation, it was ascertained beyond the shadow of doubt, that the whole mountain, except an average surface of twenty feet, consists of lime fit for the field, or the mason, the result of organic heat. The hill appears to have been at one time a stupendous limestone rock, submitted to the influence of immense heat.

A NOVEL IMPORTATION.-A correspondent of a morning paper says:“ It may be interesting to many of your protestant readers to be informed, that on the 4th of November instant nine cases were imported into London, in the steam-boat City of Boulogne, containing 21,000 crucifixes of different sizes, from one inch to two feet, several thousand figures of the Virgin Mary, and a large quantity of prints of bleeding hearts, &c., besides an immense number of rosaries and charms, probably in anticipation of a large conversion of our population to Romanism."

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DISCOURSES, ESSAYS, &c. The Rise and Progress of the Self-Culture: being the Substance Methodist New Connexion in Bir

of a Lecture to Young People - 355 mingham

S. Hulme's Second Defence against The Accumulative Evidence of Re

the Rev. R. Eckett's Sophistical vealed Truth .

. 14
and Unjust Criticisms

. The Sin and Danger of Worldly The Rev. R. Eckett's Attacks RcSpeculation and Carnality of

pulsed Heart .

56 The Providential Law of Human Historic Sketch of the Methodist

Distribution and its ulterior New Connexion in the Notting

Design . ham Circuit .

The Influence of the Christian SabAdditional Remarks on the History

bath on the Character of the of our Cause in Nottingham - 67 Labouring Community. : Thirteen Reasons why the Mem

" They say we don't get on; Is it bers of the Methodist New Con

True?” . . . . nexion should be thankful and The Spiritual Daguerreotype; or, take Courage . .

the Process by which the Believer The Hand of God in Recent Events 106 receives the Likeness of God 494 The Right Standard and the Wrong

An Affectionate Address from the Standard ; or, the Sin and Folly

Annual Committee to the Minisof Christians'Measuring Them

ters and Members of the Conselves by Themselves .

nexion, adapted to the Present Historical Sketch of our Cause at

Times : Boston .

166 The Supreme Importance of ReliAnswers to Queries

gion, argued from its Adaptation Memoir of Mr. James Beswick .

to the Wants of Man . . Answer to Query on the Salvation The Influence of Religion on the Inof Infant Children .

tellect. By the Rev. P. J. Wright The Sermon preached at the Open

The Evils and Folly of War. By ing of the Ebenezer Chapel,

Thomas Bullock . Leeds, on the 7th of May, 1797.

The Papal Aggression, and the DuBy the Rev. A. Kilham. ham . 297

ties of Protestants at this Crisis. 566 The Christian Sabbath Promotive

Precious Relics of the late Robert of the Health of the Labouring

Hall, Esq., formerly of Basford. 577 Community

· 345

THE DOMESTIC CIRCLE. “He is but a Child " .

20 The Highwayman Subdued and The Duty of Parents .

22 Restrained by Kindness Parental Duties and Reponsibili

On the Education of Children . ties

115 Continued. Meaning of the Word Husband :

117 Female Influence Historic Sketch of the Yarmouth Unfaithfulness Circuit

118 .

. Table of Queries


Subjects of Study.-Religion. By

119 F. Bullock Industry and Domestic Virtue

Tell the Boys to Pray better than Riches


Our Cause :




OUR SABBATH SCHOOLS. Nine Excellent Rules for the

of Class Leaders, Conductors of Teacher

Bible Classes, and Others Five Queries for the Consideration

Queries Answered








Candid Inquiry



and Integrity Re-


13 The Death-Bed of the Jew.
Mirth and Melancholy :

19 A most Awful Visitation,
On the Peace Movement, with some

The Warrior's R
Account of the Late Peace Con-

The Contrast
gress at Paris

24 The Orange Boy's Prayer.

A Heavy Burden, and how it was


Removed .

A Query .



It is the Price of Blood :

The Essential parts of Divine

Truth easily comprehended .
The Sick Widow ..

Report of the Board of Education .
Religious Liberty .

The Infidel Volney.

What can I Do ? .
31 Important Queries

Summary of London

George III.

Heaven-Daring Presumption Re A Divine Transformation.

The Gradual but Constant Waste
The Deadly Poison and its Remedy

of Life
The Pipe Abandoned . . Remarkable Tenacity of Life in
Death of Paine .

Wellington after the Battle of Look not to the Cause, but to the


Reminiscences by an Aged Servant
Prayer Answered and Integrity Re-

of the Methodist New Connexion 413
warded .

12 Letter from a “Friend” on the Ex-
An Illustration of Matt. xiii. 44 : 125 clusion of Weapons of War from
An Encouraging Circumstance :

the Great Exhibition of 1851 415
Calvary Calming the Conscience · 127 How to Secure Conjugal Happiness 416
Prayer in Death .

Answers to Queries . .

Christ Alone


The Peril and the Rock i

"I Don't Think of Dying". 418
Mankind in the Thirteenth Century The Prosecutor Restrained
Moral Statistics of the World

By Their Fruits shall Ye know
John Strong the Boaster ; or, the

Them .
Proud Humbled

Answers to Queries

The Paternal Fund.-A Letter to Advice Gratis to Sunday School
the Editor .

Teachers Suffering under the Pre-
A Second Letter on the Paternai"

valent Disease
Fund .:

A Word in Season

Editorial Remarks:

. . 181
His Heart is in It


The Catastrophe .

Dr. Achilli and the Inquisition : Wonders of Vision .
The Connexion Defended against

Observations on Time

the Misrepresentations of the Light the Lamps

Rev. R. Eckett

A Cure for Poaching

The Bible Triumphing over Infi Two Egyptian Murmies at Belfast 587
dclity .

The Supreme Authority of Christ
The Paternal Fund. A Letter to

in the Church .

the Editor

224 Lamartine at Nazareth
An Exposure of the Misrepresenta-

A Sketch of Chalmers at the Tron
tions of a Certain Reviewer 225 Church .

Music of Nature

Precious Saviour.

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A Lecture on the Soul's Immor-

Sunday School Teacher's Disease. 410
tality, delivered to the Teachers An Encouragement to Sunday
of Park Sunday School. . 258 School Teachers


The Great Redemption - Voices

ness and Beauty - The Three
from the Garden--Scripture Na-

Questions—The Old Testament
tural History :

Pocket Commentary-British In-
Memoirs of' Emincnt Sunday

fluence and Responsibility - A
School Teachers-England in the

Manual of Congregational' Prin-
Eighteenth Century - The Philo-

ciples — Motives to Piety- The
sophy of Food and Nutriment in

Mercy Seat-Scripture Illustra-
Plants and Animals- The Holly

tions of the Lord's Prayer-
Tree-Scripture Baptism : 81 The Sabbath – Modern Astro-
Discourses on the Immatcriality

nomy - The Geography of
and Immortality of the Soul-

Plants – Life and Times of
White's Arithmetical Exercises

Leo X., &c. &c . , 320_325
-Lessons for Infant Classes

An Exposition of the Book of Re-
Steps to the Bible Mine - The

velation-Missionary Encourage-
Sabbath and other Pocms- The

ments in India-The Wall's End
Remains of the Rev. R. Waller

Miner-Wesleyan Delegate Tak-
-The Teacher Taught -Horæ

ings-Brief Outline of Study of
Paulinæ - British Fishes and

Theology-Memoirs of the Life,
Fisherie-A True Estimate of

Character, and Labours of the
the Rev. A. Kilham and his

Rey, John Smith-The Pearl of
Principles-Characters, Scenes,

Days-Vital Religion Described
and Incidents of the Reforma-

--The Tabernacle and its Furni-
tion- The Christian's Daily Trea-

ture -- Hubert Lee - Youthful
sury-A Biblical and Theological


. 421-423
Dictionary - The Teacher's The Prize Tale : The Soldier's Pro-
Friend – Florence Arnott-

gress-The Domestic Worship-
Works by Jabez Burns, D.D.--

per--The Way of Salvation-The
The Appeal-Daily Worship-

Jordan, and the Dead Sea-Iona
Countess of Huntington's New

- Charles Hamilton-Notes, Ex.
Magazine-Works by the Sunday

planatory and Practical, on the

School Union . 129-134 Gospels--Scripture Lessons 473, 474

The Principles of Wesleyan Metho-

Poems: Sacred, Historical, and
dism, Ascertained by Historical

Descriptive–The Fear of Death;
Analysis, and Defended by Scrip-

or, Why should the Atheist Fear
ture and Reason-The Soul, its

to Die? With Reasons why the
Nature and Destinies — Grace

Christian should not fear Death
and Clara . . . 189, 190 -Notes, Explanatory and Prac-
Fox's Book of Martyrs-Transla-

tical, on the New Testament-
tion of Hermann Venema's In-

Spiritual Blessings—The Peo-
edited Institutes of Theology-

ple's Service of Song – The

Luther: his Mental and Spiritual

Child's Own Book of Poetry 523, 524

History; with Special reference Monthly Series. London in the
to its early Periods, and the

Olden Time --- Recantation De-

Opening of the Reformation-

manded and Refused--A Univer-

The Imprisonment and Deliver-

sal Geography, in Four Parts;

ance of Dr. Giacinto Achilli, with

Historical, Mathematical, Physi-

some Account of his previous

cal, and Political, The Christian

History and Labours - Plain

Garland-Personal Responsibility

Letters to Parents of Sunday

in Relation to the Evangelical Al-

Scholars -- Procrastination --

liance-Six Lectures to Working

Mental and Moral Excellence,

Men on Christianity-Influence

and the Way to attain it-

of Physical Agents on the Dere-

Outline of a New Mode of

lopment of the Tadpole of the

Classification of the Names of

Triton and the Frog--The Creed

Persons mentioned in the Scrip-

of Error-Spiritual Heroes--Se-

tures--India and the Gospel; or,

venty Scripture Chants --- The

an Empire for the Messiah- The

Apostle of the Gentiles and his

Young Wife; or, Hints to Mar-

Glorying---The Christian Alma-

ried Daughters—The Silent Dis-

nack for the Year 1851---The

solution-Nos. 1 and 2 of the

Scripture Pocket-Book for 1851---

Domestic Worshipper. 274–277 A Series of Lectures to Children

The Life of a Vagrant-Minutes of

..-Flora Mortimer---Monthly Sc-

Conference, 1850—The Mirage of

ries. Ancient Egypt--- The Sab-

Life-Gems from M. Henry--

bath School and other Pocmi---

Faith and Assurance - Biblical

The Last Enemy, and the Sure

Biographical Exercises — The


Senses and the Mind -Bright-

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