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IOO guineas, to be presented in a goblet of equal value; this gift to be renewed every five years. Five gentlemen of high attainment in literature, art, and science, have been appointed by Dr. Swiney Bs bis executors. There is little doubt the whole of his extraordinary requests will be rigidly adhered to.

Capt. R. Faib, R.N.

Lately. At the Cape of Good Hope, Hubert Fair, esq. Captain R.N. and K. H. commanding the Comvay 26.

He was a native of the county Cork. His services were distinguished and eminently meritorious. In 1804, when master of (be Beaver sloop, with her boats and thone of the Scorpion, be assisted in cutting out the Dutch brig Atlanta, of 16 guns; and, while holding the same rank in the Amethyst, be was officially praised for his gallantry at the captures of the French fiigates Thetis, in 1808, and the Nieroen, in 1809. Subsequently, when lieutenant, he commanded u gunboat in the Walcberen expedition, and afterwards, in command of the Locust gun-brig in 1811, be drove ashore near Calais and caused the destruction of a French brig of war. He was also at the blockade and siege of Duntzic in 1812. The Locust was paid off in July, 1814, and Lieutenant Fair appointed to the T»y 24, on the 5th. Sept. following. He subsequently commanded the Griper revenue cruiser, received a handsome swonl from Lloyd's for his humane and meritorious conduct on some particular occasion, and was promoted to the rank of Commander (rom the Roynl Sovereign yacht, Sept. 6th, 1823. The Guelphic Urder was conferred upon him in Is.'i-l; and post rank in 1837. He fitted out the Comvay for the Cape station in May 1843.

James Stuart.

April 11. Aged 116, James Stuart, commonly known by the name of Jemmy Strength.

He was born on Dec. 25, 1728, at Charlston, in South Carolina, United States. His father, General John Stuart, was a near relative of the Pretender Prince Charles. He left America when seven years of age, and was a spectator Ht the battle ot Preston Pans, and witnessed the death of Colonel Gardiner and the flight of Johnny Cope. He beheld the triumphal entry of Prince Charles into Edinburgh, and was a spectator ut the battle of Culloden. When about 90 years of age he enlisted in the 42nd Highlander*, in which regiment he remained about seven years. He was an

ensign in General Wolfe's army, and fought at the battle of Quebec; after that war he sold his commission, but very soon after he again entered the army, and served during the American war, and was at the battle of Bunker's bill. After this be entered the Navy, and served under Rodney. He was also for several years a sailor on board of merchant vessels. About sixty years ago he settled in Berwick.upon-Tweed, or rather in Tweedmonth, and during that period he has travelled the borders as a wandering minstrel, scraping upon a wretched violin. He has had five wives and 27 children. Ten of his sons were killed in battle— five in the East Indies, two at Trafalgar, one at Waterloo, and two at Algiers. He was short in stature, but of remarkable strength; he is said, upon one occasion, about 30 years ago, to have gone beneath a cart loaded with hay, and carried it on his back for several yards. A fund was raised some time since which enabled the old man to spend the evening of bis long and eventful life in comparative ease and comfort. He said a few weeks ago that he "hudna been sae wecl aff this bunder year."

His death was caused by an injury which he received from a fall on Thursday April 4. The remains of this extraordinary man were, on Sunday, April 14, consigned to the tomb in T\veedmouth churchyard. The funeral was attended by an immense concourse of people, considerably more than 1,000.


April 1C. Aged 69, the Rev. Samuel Best, Rector of South Dalton, near Beverley, to which he was presented in 1802 by Lord Hotham.

April 18. At Blaenafon, near Narberth, the Rev. Daniel Evans, Curate of Llandyccfn and Monacblog, Pembrokeshire, and late Curate of Cilmaenlwydd and Castellduran, Carmarthenshire.

Apr\l\<). At Kedington, Suffolk,aged 89, the Rev. Barrinyton Hlomfield Syer, Rector of that parish, and for many years a magistrate of that county. Ha was of Cains college, Cambridge, B.A. 1778, and instituted to Kedington, which was in bis own patronage, in 1800.

At Bath, aged 47, the Rev. John Hunter, M.A.

yfyri/21. In his 80th year, the Rev. Jamef Powell, for fifty-five years Vicar of Bitteswell, Leicestershire, to which be was presented in 1789 by the Haberdashers' Company of London, and for many years an active magistrate. He was of Clare ball, Cambridge, B.A. 1787, M.A. 1790, The beneficial effects of his residence at Bitteswell are recorded, so long since as 1805, in Nichols's Hist, of Leic. iv. 48.

April 23. At Blackheath, aged 80, the Rev. John Kendall, M.A. Vicar of Budbrooke, near Warwick, and Master of the Earl of Leicester's Hospital in that town. He was a native of Cumberland, and was brought up by his grandfather, the Rev. J. Kendall, Vicar of Isell, in that county. When very young he entered at Oxford, and shortly after he came to Warwick was a classical assistant at St. John's Academy in that town, under the superintendence of a Mr. Fowler. He afterwards established a school on his own account in the West street, and he officiated on Sundays as Curate at the neighbouring parish of Chesterton, and afterwards for a short time at Honiley. Having married a Miss Baly, who then kept a young ladies'school in'High streeet, he removed to her residence. There he remained until 1791, when, on the death of the Rev. George Lillington, the Master of Leicester's Hospital, he obtained that appointment (it is believed by the interference of the late Earl of Warwick) from the hereditary patron, Sir John Shelley Sidney. To this hospital Mr. Kendall removed his school, carefully keeping it separate from the other parts of the building. In 1797 he had about 60 scholars. In 1802 the Warwick corporation gave him the Vicarage of Budbrooke, within two miles of Warwick; he then relinquished his school. In this school (or academy, as it was always called,) the sons of the gentry of the town and neighbourhood were educated. Many of his pupils afterwards finished their education at Rugby, as well as at other public seminaries; and it was remarked by the head master of that school that from no town had he received scholars better advanced in the knowledge of the Greek and Latin classics than from Mr. Kendall. The annual delivery of speeches by his scholars, prior to the Midsummer vacation, at the Court House, in Warwick, added greatly to the high reputation he enjoyed. Mr. Kendall was much distinguished as a reader and a preacher, and until the close of his long and useful life he was uniform in bis kindness to the young clergymen in his neighbourhood. He was a valued friend of the celebrated Dr. Parr, who highly estimated his classical attainments; and those pupils who were so fortunate as to be placed under his care justly appreciated the great talent and kindly feeling of their respected tutor. He was kind to his parishioners, and his loss will long be felt by them. He was rather tall, and very gentlemanly in his

deportment. Mrs. Kendall died three or four years ago. They had two daughters.

April 24. The Rev. Enoch Thomas, Rector of Morfil, Perpetual Curate of Llanfair Nantgwyn, and for sixty years Curate of Whitchurch, co. Pembroke. He was presented to Llanfair Nantgwyn in 1808 by Thomas Bowen, esq., and to Morfil in 1815 by Sir R. Phillips.

April 27. In Brunswick-place, Cityroad, aged 92, the Rev. Henry Moore, formerly of Bristol, the confidential friend and biographer of the Rev. John Wesley.

April 29. At Lanlivery, Cornwall, aged 62, the Rev. Nicholas Kendall, for 29 years Vicar of that place, and for 39 Vicar of Talland. He was of Pembroke college, Cambridge, M.A. 1815.

April 30. At Stour Provost, Dorsetshire, aged 58, the Rev. Henry James Slingsby, Rector of the parish. He was formerly Fellow of King's college, Cambridge, B.A. 1809, M.A. 1812, and was presented to Stour Provost by that society in 1833.

May 4. Dr. Phipps, senior fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. He was the oldest of the senior fellows, and but for the state of his health would have been elected vice-provost on the death of Dr. Prior, last year.

May 6. At Brighton, aged 45, the Rev. Peter Still, M.A. Curate of Cattistock, Dorset, formerly Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1824. He was a son of Peter Still, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, by Mary, daughter of W. Strong, esq. also of Lincoln's Inn.

May 8. At Leeds, the Rev. Henry Keltlewell, B.A. formerly of St. Catharine's Hall, Cambridge, eldest son of the late Rev. William Kettlewell, of Kirkheaton, near Huddersfield.

May 8. At Godmanstone rectory, Dorset, aged 30, the Rev. George Christopher Vicars, M.A. late Curate of Barlaston, Staffordshire. He was son of the Rector of Godmanstone, and was formerly of St. John's College, Oxford.

May 10. At Cranley, Surrey, aged 65, the Hon. and Rev. Edward John Turnour, great-uncle to the Earl of Winterton. He was the seventh son of Edward first Earl of Winterton, and the only surviving son by his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John Armstrong, of Godalming, esq. He was of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, M.A. 1805, and was also M.A. of Cambridge. About twenty years ago he was for some years Curate to the Rev. Dr. White, at Hampstead, Middlesex. Mr. Tumour married first, in 1799, Elizabeth, daughter of William Richardson, esq. (who was the second husband of his mother the dowager Countess of Winterton); she died in 1824; and secondly, in 1825, Rebecca, eldest daughter of the Rev. David Jones, who survives him. By the former lady he had four sons and two daughters; and by the latter, four sons and one daughter; all of whom, except bis eldest son, survive him.

May 11. At Poppleton, Worcestershire, aged 93, the Rev. George Dineley, for 63 years Rector of Churchill, and for 58 years Rector of Poppleton. He was formerly a Fellow of Worcester college, Oxford, where he took the degree of M. A. 1776, and that of B.D. 1786. He was presented to Churchill in 1781 by R. Berkeley, esq., and instituted to Poppleton, which was in his own patronage, in 1786.

May 12. Aged 67, the Rev. James Buckoll, Vicar of Great Limber, Line. He was of Wadham college, Oxford, M.A. 1800, and was presented to bis living, in 1830, by the Lord Chancellor. He died from injuries received from being thrown from his pony phaeton on the 10th of April. His second son, Mr. E. 6. Buckoll, of Heckmondwike, near Leeds, surgeon, died six days before him.

May 12. At Rhayader, aged 77, the Rev. John Williams M.A. Vicar of North Leverton, Nottinghamshire, and of South Stoke, Oxfordshire. He was presented to the former living in 1795 by Christ Church Oxford; and to the latter in 1806, by the Prebendary of North Leverton, in the collegiate church of South, well.

May 13. At Lougbgall, co. Armagh, aged 67, the Rev. Silver Oliver, for 37 years Rector of that parish.

May 13. At St. Helier's, Jersey, aged 85, the Rev. William Garnett, late of the island of Barbadoes. He was of Queen's college, Cambridge, M.A. 1797.

May 21. At Cranbourn, Dorsetshire, aged 78, the Rev. Nathaniel Templeman. He was formerly of Trinity college, Cambridge, B.A. 1789, M.A. 1793.

May 24. Aged 76, the Rev. Robert Luke, senior Fellow of Sydney college, Cambridge. He graduated B.A. 1790 as 17th Senior Optime; M.A. 1793, and B.D. 1800.

May 25. In his 85th year, the Rev. Joseph Cook, of Newton hall, Vicar of Chatton, and of Shilbottle, all in the county of Northumberland. He was formerly Fellow of Queen's college, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1782 as 15th Wrangler, M.A. 1785; was presented to both bis livings in 1803 ; to Chatton by the Dukeof Northumberland, and to Shilbottle by the Lord Chancellor.

June 8. Aged 33, the Rev. John M'Gregor, B.A. Incumbent of Mellor, Derbyshire.



May 8. In Charlotte-st. Bedford-sq. Mrs. De Castro.

May 13. Aged 31, Capt. Marley Hutchinson, late of the 53d regt. third son of the late G. P. Hutchinson, esq., of Egglestone, Durham.

May 14, George Henry Horn, esq. of Craig's-court, Charing Cross.

May 15. Aged 62, Celia, wife of George William Wye, esq. of Kennington.

May 16. At Blackheath, aged 48, John William Hartshorne, esq.

In Upper Albany-st. Regent's Park, aged 47, Henriette-Julie, wife of Frederick Langley, esq.

MayM. In Park-pl. Maida Hill West, aged 65, William Gentle, esq. formerly of Honduras.

May 18. Maria, fourth dau. of the late Sir John Pinhorn.

May 19. Aged 70, William Prosser, esq. of Goswell-st. one of the oldest members of the Saddlers' Company.

In New Ormond-st. aged 72, Miss Jane Gaskell, a lineal descendant of William Penn and Robert Barclay.

May 20. In North Brixton, aged 73, James Dunford Capel, esq. one of the Cashiers of the Bank of England, having been in the service of the Bank 51 years. May 21. At Bayswater, aged 86, Mrs. Sarah Stafford, eldest surviving dau. of the late Robert Stafford, esq. of Huntingdon. In Nottingham-pl. aged 67, Anne, relict of Patrick Bartlet, esq.

AtMorden college, Blackheath, aged 94, Mr. Joseph Webb, a veteran of the ill-fated Royal George. A few minutes before the loss of the ship he had, with a boat's crew, pulled off from the vessel, when a midshipman requested permission to return, to fetch his dirk. Permission was granted, and the boat put back for that purpose; but his stay being too long on board, the boat's crew rowed off from the ship, which in a few minutes after sunk.

May 22. At the house of his brother in Grosvenor-st. aged 42, the Hon. Charles Wortley, youngest son of Lord Wharncliffe, President of the Council. He married Lady Emmeline Charlotte Elizabeth Manners, second daughter of the Dukeof Rutland (the Poetess,) by whom he has left a son and daughter.

Josephine-Catherine, only dau. of John Ince, esq. of Lower Grosvenor-pl.

May 23. At Notting Hill-terr. Robert Scott, esq. of Gloucester-pl. Portman-sq. In Cumberland-st. Portman-sq. aged 76, Eliza, wife of Adm. Carpenter.

In the Wandsworth-road, aged 75, George Gaudin, esq. one of the Cashiers of the Bank of England.

May 24. In Carlton House-terr, aged 69, William CrocWord, esq. Administration with his will annexed (no executor being named therein) has been granted to Mrs. A. F. Crockford, his widow. The will is dated as late as last month, and gives the whole of his property to his wife in nearly the following words:—" I give and bequeath the whole of my property of whatever description unto my dear wife, and her heirs, relying on her doing what is right." The personal property alone is sworn under the sum of 200,000/. and it is rumoured that his real estate is worth 150,000/. more. He formerly kept the fishmonger's shop adjoining Temple Bar, and, by a series of successful speculations on the " Turf," was enabled to purchase the bouse in St. James's-street, afterwards terribly famous as " Crockford's j" and it is said that there the deceased amassed the bulk of his immense property.

May 26. In Sackville-st. Piccadilly, Henry Budd, esq. of Oak House, Felthain, Middlesex.

Whilst on a visit at George Alexander's, esq. M.D. Sussex-terr. Hyde Park, aged 76, Sarah, relict of Walter Strange Page, esq. of Rochester.

May 28. In Sussex-pl. Regent's Park, aged 60, George L. Wilder, esq. third son of the late Rev. Dr. Wilder, of Purley Hall, Berks.

• At Chelsea, aged 68, Mary, widow of the late William Tebbs, esq. of Doctors' Commons.

May 29. At Tottenham, aged 62, Thomas Porter, esq.

In Vincent-sq. aged 81, Margaret, relict of William Tarte, esq. of Great James-st. Westminster.

Mrs. John A. Pigott, of Heathcote-st. Mecklenburgh-sq.

InBerkeley-sq.aged 63,Thomas Thornhill, esq. of Fixby Hall, Yorkshire, and Riddlesworth Hall, Norfolk, Secretary to the Jockey Club.

May 30. At Brompton, Anne, only dau. of the late Nicholas R. Garner, esq. formerly of Barbadoes.

In Augusta-terr. Clapham-road, aged 55, Stephen Cundy, esq. "May 31. In Tilney-st. Park-lane, aged 86, Benjamin Rawson, esq. of Nidd Hall, Yorkshire.

In York-terr. Regent's Park, Alicia, relict of Andrew Seton Karr, esq. of Rippilaw, Roxburghshire.

At Clapham-common, aged 81,MaryBless-Atkins, relict of John Pugh, esq. formerly of Gracechurch-st.

In Russell-pl. aged 21, Albertina Elizabeth, dau. of the late J. C. Thierens, esq. of Demerara.

At the house of his brother Mr. James Mead, Trinity-st. Borough, aged 78,

George Mead, esq. late Superintending Surgeon in the Hon. East India Co.'s Service at St. Helena.

In Piccadilly, aged 72, David Grove, esq. At Peckham, aged 70, Pike Channel!, esq.

Lately. In Oxford-terr. Hyde Park, aged 25, George Augustus Wingfield, esq. barrister-at-law, third son of the late John Wingfield, D.D. Prebendary of Worcester. In Welbeck-st. aged 64, John Finney, esq.

June 1. In Brandenburgh-place, Fulham, aged68, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James Green, of Green's Hotel, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Aged 26, Edward-Germaine, youngest son of the late William Jones, esq. of Woodhall, Downham, Norfolk.

June 2. AttheMarquessofDownshire's house, in Hanover-sq. Walter, infant son of Mr. and the Lady Charlotte Chetwynd. In Sloane-st. aged 14, Henrietta, eldest dau. of G. W. Griffith, esq. Pantywyn, Cardiganshire.

June 3. In New Bridge-st. Blackfriars, Mary, wife of J. G. Conyers, esq.

At Hampstead, Maria, wife of Edward Page Clowser, esq.

June 4. At Dalston, aged 70, Lieut. Col. Robert Frederick, of Corsham, Wilts. At Tottenham, aged 73, Margaret, relict of John R. Mander, esq. of Stoke Newington.

At Prince's-pl. Kennington, aged 99, Jane, relict of Humphrey Bunster, esq. of Cornwall.

June 5. In Albemarle-st. the Right Hon. Barbara, Baroness de Mauley. She was only child of Anthony fifth Earl of Shaftesbury, by Barbara, only dau. of Sir John Webb, of Canford, Dorset, and married, in 1814, the Hon. William F. S. Ponsonby, third son of Frederick Earl of Bessborough, created a Peer at the coronation of her Majesty. Her body was removed to Canford for interment.

June 6. George Eraser, esq. late of Burwood-pl. and of Searle-st. Lincoln'sinn.

Aged 59, George Bowes Watson, esq. of Clapham Park.

June 7. At Brompton, aged 84, Ellen, relict of Dr. Heywood, many years resident of Greenwich, and afterwards of Emsworth, Hants.

In Mansfield-st. aged 22, the Lady Catharine Browne, third dau. of the Marquess of Sligo.

June 9. At Brompton, aged 81, A. J. Jellicoe, esq.

At Highbury, J. W. Sykes, esq. son of the late Mr. Sykes, of Newbury.

June 10. At Islington, Emma, widow of Capt. John Bradly, R.N.

At Hornsey, aged 78, Charles Danvers, esq. of Croom's Hill, Greenwich.

June 11. Aged 34, William Ten riant Harrison, esq. eldest son of Richard Harrison, esq. of Doughty-st.

In Chapel-st. Park-lane, Maria, relict of Francis Jodrell, esq. of Henbury Hall, Cheshire, and second dau. of the late Sir W. Lemon, Bart. She was married in 1807.

June 13. Maria, wife of J. 6. Harris, esq. of Old Palace-yard.

Aged 11, Basil-John-Leigh, eldest son; also, on the 16tb, aged 8, George-Alexander, second and only son of Basil Heron Godlie, esq. of the Ordnance Office, Tower, and of Goldie Leigh, Plumsted, Kent, and grandsons of the late Lieut.Gen. Thomas Goldie, of Goldie Leigh, near Dumfries.

June 14. In Somerset-st. Portman-sq. aged 63, Mary Vye Lee, of Ilfracombe, Devon.

In Hyde Park Gardens, Capt. J. B. Morris, late of the 1st Dragoon Guards.

Aged 52, Anna-Matilda, relict of Philip Western Wood, esq. and dau. of the late John Cowley, esq. of Guildford-st.

June 15. Emily, wife of Philip Hughes, esq. of Fitzroy-sq.

At Addison-terr. Kensington, John Baud, esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Aged 22, Elizabeth, dau. of the late John Charrington, esq.

June 17. In Euston-sq. aged 65, John Lainson, esq. For nearly ten years he filled the office of Alderman of Bread-street ward, in which he carried on business, under the firm of Lainson, White, and Co. Manchester warehousemen, for nearly half a century. He succeeded the late Mr. Alderman Atkins, in 1835, and served the office of sheriff in 1838. Inl842the period for his being chosen Lord Mayor arrived, but, feeling himself incompetent to the duties of that office on account of ill health, he resigned his gown. He was a magistrate for Middlesex. He has left a widow and large family.

At Blackheath, aged 16, CharlottePowell, only dau. of J. Bannister, esq. of Coleshill-st. Euston-sq.

June 18. At Blackheath Park, aged 22, Emma, second dau. of the late Robert Bill, esq.

In Bernard-street, Russell-sq. aged 33, George Peregrine Nash, esq. eldest son of George Peregrine Nash, esq. of Bedford. At Camden villas, Camden Town, aged 73, Ann, relict of Thomas Eagles Prentice, esq. of Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

June 19- In Conduit-st. Ebenezer Rae, esq. of Aigburth, Liverpool.

Beds.May 11. Aged 74, Charles Gent. Mag. Vol. XXII.

Short, esq. He was surgeon to the Bedford Infirmary from its foundation in 1)102 to the year 1832, when he was appointed Consulting Surgeon. He served the office of Mayor on three occasions in the old corporation, and during three successive years immediately after the passing of the Municipal Reform Act ; on hig election for the sixth time, the estimation of his friends and fellow-townsmen was testified by a presentation of plate.

May 15. At Copt Hall, near Luton, aged 81, Elizabeth, dau. of the late Ebenezer M'Culloh, esq. of Edinburgh, by his second wife, Penelope, sister of the late Patrick M'DouallCrichton, fifth Earl of Dumfries.

Berks.— May 20. At Windsor, Susannah, relict of R. Battiscombe, esq.

May 22. Aged 70, John Engall, esq. who for nearly half a century (during four reigns) held the appointment of Steward at her Majesty's Home Park, Windsor.

June 5. At Reading, aged 70, Thomas Coles, esq.

June 10. At Cookham Grove, aged 52, Joseph Fleming, esq. of Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn.

Bucks.May 19. At Little Germains, Chesham, Elizabeth, third dau. of the late Edward Lucas, esq. of Edmonton.

Lately. At Edlesborough, aged 82, Elizabeth, widow of the Rev. F. H. Barker, Rector of North Church, Herts.

Cambridge. June 8. At Little Abington, aged 38, Mary, wife of William Brown, esq. and eldest dau. of the late Mr. William Salt, solicitor, Maldon.

June 18. At Melbourne, Great Royston, aged 89, James Wortham, esq.

Cheshire.April 25. Beatrice, wife of Francis Philips, esq. of Bank hall, near Stockport, and of Abbey Cwm Hir, co. Radnor.

Cornwall May 22. At Mevagis

sey, aged 86, John Pearce, esq.

Cumberland.June 13. At Whitehaven, aged 78, John Harrison, esq. one of the justices of the peace, and a deputylieut. for Cumberland.

Devon.— May 11. At Stonehouse, S. B. Douglas Anderson, Lieut. 49th regt. May 18. At Stonehouse, Anna-RoseBernard, youngest dau. of James Bleazby, esq. late of Cork.

May 20. At Plymouth, Anne, wife of William Langdon, esq. of Inwood Lodge, Somerset.

Lately. At Lympstone, aged 79, Catharine - Jane, relict of Col. John Thomas Wright, and sister of Sir Stafford Northcote, Bart. She was married in 1782.

June 3. At Tiverton, aged 68, William Leigh, esq. late of Bardon, Somerset.

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