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by the beat of the flames and the falling ra'ters, tliey took refuge in another. These scenes were repeated during the night and the succeeding day. Two Roman Catholic churches were burned to ashes, one the St. Michael's Church, in Kensington, and the St. Augustin's Church, in Philadelphia city. Above 50 houses were also consumed. The mob held unbroken sway until the evening of Thursday, when tbey ceased, it would seem, from mere physical fatigue. In one of the churches a valuable library was entirely destroyed. The military and police were singularly inefficient. No one dared to take the responsibility of ordering the strong measures necessary in such a crisis.

With regard to the origin of the riots, it must be borne in mind that the meeting :it which the disturbance began was held in a strictly Catholic district, and thus the original provocation came from the Natives. On the other hand, the Irish seem to have bad warning of the fact, and

were prepared to resent it. Arms and ammunition were found in nearly all the houses in the vicinity; some of the muskets and rifles being new, and evidently placed there in anticipation.

The latest accounts received from Algiers leave no doubt that France is on the eve of a war with Morocco. While Marshal Bugeaud was busy carrying out his expedition against the Kabyles of Jurjura, it was all at once discovered that the old enemy of France, Abd-el-Kader, supported by the Emperor of Morocco, was preparing an expedition to invade the French territory in the neighbourhood of Oran, and has proclaimed a holy war against France. One of his sons, at the head of a considerable force (some say 10,000 men), has already joined the Emir Abd-el-Kader, both being prepared to make a joint invasion of the French territory.



His Majesty the King of Saxony, travelling under the assumed title of the Count de Hohenstein, and accompanied by M. de Minchewitz, his Prime Minister, and a limited suite, arrived at Dover May 28, from Ostend, and shortly alter proceeded by the South Eastern Railway en route for Buckhurst Park, the seat of Earl Delawarr, Lord Chamberlain. The next day his Majesty visited Knole Park, where he was entertained by Lord Amherst; Redleafe, the beautiful seat of Mr. W. Wells, a celebrated connoisseur in the fine arts; and Penshurst Place. On the 30th he visited Brighton, Arundel Castle, Chichester, and Portsmouth.

On the 1st of June, the Emperor of Russia, landed at Woolwich, where he was received by his Ambassador Baron Brunow, who conducted him to Ashburnham House, the Rus-ian Embassy, in Dover Street. On the following morning H. R. H. Prince Albert visited the Emperor, who attended Divine service at the chapel of the embassy in Wt-lbeck Street j and on bis return found tbe Earl of Hardwicke, Lieut.•Colonel B. Drummond.and Lieut.Colonel Wylde, who had received ber Majesty's commands to attend upon the Emperor during his stay. At halt-past

Gent. Mao. Vol. XXII.

one Prince Albert again came to conduct his Majesty to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen received the Emperor in the grand hall. The King of Saxony was also present. The Emperor afterwards visited the Queen Dowager and other members of tbe royal family, and the Duke of Wellington. In the evening he dined at Buckingham Palace.

On Monday June 3, the Emperor visited Messrs. Mortimer and Hunt, the jewellers, the Zoological (hardens, Lady Heytesbury (formerly ambassadress in Russia), the Countess of Pembroke, Sir Robert Peel, the Marchioness of Clanricarde, and the Marquess of Anglesey. The Duke of Devonshire lunched with his Imperial Majesty at Ashburnham House. In the afternoon he proceeded by railway to Windsor, having been preceded by the Queen, Prince Albert, and the King of Saxony.

On Tuesday, June 4, both monarchs attended the races at Ascot.

On Wednesday, June 5, they witnessed a review in the Home Park, at which were present in command of their regiments General the Viscount Com. bermere, G.C.B. 1st Life Guards; General the Marquess of Anglesey, K.G. Royal Horse Guards; General the Right Hon. Sir George Murray, G.C.B. Royal M

Horse Artillery; Lieut.-Col. St. Quintin and the 17th Lancers, H. R. H. Prince George of Cambridge, their Colonel, being at present at the Ionian Islands; Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K.G. Grenadier Guards; Field-Marshal H. R. H. the Duke of Cambridge, K.G. Coldstream Guards; Field-Marshal H. R. H. Prince Albert, Scotch Fusiliers; General Sir William Anson, Bart. K.C.B. 47th Foot. The royal party afterwards visited "Virginia Water, and dined in the Waterloo Gallery. On Thursday, June 6th, (the cup day,) they again were present at Ascot races, as was the Queen on that day only. On Friday, June 7th, the Emperor returned to town, and honoured by his visits the Marquess of Londonderry, Sir James Graham, Viscountess Canning, (daughter of Lord Stewart de Rothesay, late ambassador in Russia,) and the Princess Radzivill; he dined at Buckingham Palace, and afterwards attended the Italian Opera. On Saturday, June 8th, the Emperor, with the King of Saxony and Prince Albert, visited the new Houses of Parliament and the United Service Club, and the Emperor held a levee at Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon the Duke of Devonshire gave a fete at his villa, at Chiswick, to his Imperial Majesty, at which the King of Saxony and H. R. H. Prince Albert, and nearly the whole of the nobility, were present. The Emperor and the Queen were at the Opera in the evening.

On Sunday, after divine service, his Imperial Majesty paid farewell visits to Sir Robert Peel and several other distinguished personages, and then returned to Buckingham Palace to lunch. The Queen took leave of her august guest in the Sculpture Gallery. At five o'clock his Majesty entered his carriage, accompanied by Prince Albert, for Woolwich. The Earl of Hardwicke had been appointed an extra captain of the Black Eagle steam yacht, to convey his Majesty to the Continent. At seven o'clock the vessel let go her moorings, and the Emperor landed at Rotterdam on Monday, after a passage of twenty-one hours. Previously to the Emperor's departure he made very munificent presents, not only to the Queen's household and his other attendants, but, among others, to the following objects:—To the Society for the Relief of Foreigners in Distress, 1000 guineas; to the Nelson Testimonial, 500/.; to the Wellington Testimonial in progress in Mr. Wyatt's studio, 500/.; to the Ascot Race-fund, 500/. annually; to the poor of St. George's parish, 200

guineas; towards the formation of a Hospital for distressed Germans, in London, 100 guineas.

The King of Saxony has remained in England during the month, and has visited most of our public institutions.

June 11. The first stone of a new Hospital for Consumption, to be erected at Brompton, was laid by Prince Albert. The charity was first projected by a private gentleman, Philip Rose, esq. of Brompton—a person of active benevolence, but of no great fortune. His labours, when his scheme became public, were attended with unexpected success. A beginning was made by administering relief to out-door patients; then a building was engaged to receive a certain number in-doors; and now arrangements are made for the erection of a building which shall afford accommodation for two hundred patients. Shortly before one o'clock Prince Albert arrived on horseback at the gate, where he was received by the committee, with the Duke of Norfolk at their head, by the Bishop of Worcester, and a long train of clergy, and by many noblemen and gentlemen. A procession was formed, and the Prince advanced towards the platform. The usual ceremonials followed, and the Prince proceeded to a fancy fair held for the benefit of the charity in the grounds of Chelsea Hospital. The proceeds of the day were large, 2300/.; of which 1200/. were taken in half-crowns at the fancy fair entrance. A tale written for the occasion by Mrs. S. C. Hall, entitled, "The Forlorn Hope," found a ready sale: of an impression of one thousand, seven hundred were sold on the first day.


On the 30th May, in the Court of Queen's Bench, at Dublin, Mr. Judge Burton passed sentence on Mr. O'Connell and his fellows, convicted of a conspiracy to procure the Repeal of the Union (see March, p. 306). Mr. O'Connell was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment, and a fine of two thousand pounds; and Messrs. John O' Connell, C. G. Duffy, T. M. Ray, Dr. Gray, Richard Barrett, and Thomas Steele, to nine months' imprisonment, and a fine of fifty pounds each. Mr. O'Connell is further to give sureties to keep the peace for seven years, himself in 5000/. and two sureties in 2500/. each: the others, for the same period, to give securities in 1000/. each, and two sureties for 500/. Mr. O'Connell has been committed to the Richmond Penitentiary.


Gazette Promotions.

April 22. Lord Aberdour to be Lieut.-Colonel of the Mid Lothian Yeomanry Cavalry, vice the Earl of Morton.

May 23. Frederic Thesiger, esq. Her Majesty's Solicitor General, knighted.

May 80. George Tradescant Lay, esq. to be Consul at Anioy, iu China; Rutherford Alcock, esq. to be Consul at Foo-chow-foo, in China; Charles Edward Keith Kortright, esq. to be Consul at Carthagena, in New Granada; and John Wiluam Perry Fan-en, esq. to be Consul in the Philippine Islands.

May 31. 70th Foot, Capt. J. Brown to be Major.—Rifle Brigade, Capt. R. Walpole to be Major.—Unattached, brevet Col. the Hon. C. Gore, from Major half-pay unattached, to be Lieut.-Colonel; Major the* Hon. J. St. Vincent Saumarei, from the Rifle Brigade, to be Lieut.Colonel t brevet Col. W. Campbell, from Capt. h. p. 23d Foot, to be Major.—Brevet, Major A. M. Tulloch, half-pay Unatt. Military Superintendent of Out Pensioners, to be Lieut.-Colonel in the Army.

June 6. Samuel Wm. Need, of Langwith Lodge, Notts, esq. in compliance with the will of his maternal uncle Wm. Welfitt, of Pelham, co. Lincoln, esq. to take the name of Welfitt only, and bear the arms of Welfitt in the first quarter.

June 7. Knighted by letters patent, William Cornwallis Harris, Esq. Major Bombay Engineers.—11th Light Dragoons, Capt. I. Jones to be Major; unattached brevet Lieut.-Col. J. R. Rotton, from 11th Dragoons, to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Lieut.-Col. J. Crosse, from Major unattached to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Lieut.-Col. Sir F. Watson, from Captain

Portuguese Service, to be Major. Brevet,

Capt. W. S. R. Brady, 36th Foot, to be Major in the Army; Capt. Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester, 87th Foot, to be Major in the Army.

June 12. Edward Goulburn, Serjeant-atLaw, to be one of the Commissioners of the Court of Bankruptcy in London.

June 18. Major-Gen. Richard Goddard Hare, C.B. in compliance with the wish of his cousin, the late Sir Thomas Clarges, Bart, to take the name of Clarges after Hare.—AnneEliza Bryan (formerly George), of Gloucester-pl. Middx. spinster, the reputed dan. of the late George Bryan, of Jenkinstown, co. Kilkenny, Capt. Grenadier Guards, to use the name of Bryan only.—William Lee, of Cadogan-place, Middx. and Nibley-house^ co. Glouc. gent, in regard to the memory of his friend, John Jortin, or Charlotte-st. Bedford-square, of Woottonnnder-Edge, and of Nibley-house, esq. having succeeded^ to the estates of that gentleman in the counties of Gloucester and Kent, and the city of London, to take the name of Jortin after Lee.

June 20. John Cunliffe-Lister, of Farfieldliall, in Addingbam, co. York, second but now eldest surviving son and heir apparent of Ellis Cunliffe-Lister (formerly Cunliffe), of Manningnam-hall, in Bradford, co York, esq. by Mary, dau. of William Ewbank, afterwards Kay, of Hull, esq. to take the name of Kay only.—William Beauchamp Kershaw, only son of William Kershaw, nephew by the sister of Joseph Hanson, of Strangeways-hall, co. Lane. esq. to take the name of Hanson only, and bear the arms of Hanson.

June 25. Brevet, Captains Barton Tenison,

10th Foot; Henry Kean, 97th Foot; and the Hon. W. E. Fitzmaurice, 1st Life Guards, to be Majors in the Army.

Naval Promotions.

Commander W. Kelly (c), to the Conway.— Commander Sidney Usstier to the Wasp, 18, on the West India Station.—H. H. E. Allen to the lmaum receiving ship at Jamaica.—Lieutenant W. H. Aldham, of the Winchester, to the rank of Commander.

Members returned to serve in Parliament.

EnnisMUen.—Hon. Henry Arthur Cole. Kilmarnock, ^c—Hon. Edw. P. Bouverie. Lancathire(South).—William Entwistle, esq.

Ecclesiastical Preferments.

Rev. E. S. Bathurst, Kibworth Beauchamp R. Leicester.

Rev. J. R. P. Berkeley, St. Cleer V. Cornwall.

Rev. J. E. Bradford, Wigtord St. Mary V. Lincoln.

Rev. J. Byron, Keelby V. Line.

Rev. H. B. W. Churton, Icklesham V. Sussex.

Rev. C. S. Clarke, Lindsell V. Essex.

Rev. F. A. Crow, Alcester R. Warwick.

Rev. D. C. Delafosse, Shere R. Surrey.

Rev. W. Duncombe, Crowle V. Line.

Rev. J. Evans, WhixhaU P.C. Salop.

Rev. R. Gee, Abbots Langley V. Herts.

Rev. J. M. Heath, Enfield V. Middlesex.

Rev. R. L. Hoopper, St. George, Brandon Hill V. Bristol.

Rev. J. Jackson, Lidgate R. Suffolk.

Rev. J. Jarman, Laddock R. Cornwall.

Rev. E. G. Jarvis, Hackthorn V. Line.

Rev. J. W. Johns, Crowan V. Cornwall.

Rev. T. A. Kershaw, Milton R. co. N'p'n.

Rev. S. N. Kingdon, Bridgerule V. Cornwall.

Rev. E. R. Larken, Burton R. by Lincoln.

Rev. G. Monnington, Bitteswell V. Leic.

Rev. W. Neville, St. James, West Bromwich P.C. Stafford.

Rev. W. J. Parkes, Hilgay R. Norfolk.

Rev. J. D. Parmeter, Alderford-with-Attlebridge R. Norfolk.

Rev. H. Patterson, St. Jude's P.C. Chelsea.

Rev. E. R. Pemberton,Wandsworth V. Surrey.

Rev. F. Shelley, Beerferris R. Devon.

Rev. C. A. Steuart, Old Windsor V. Berks.

Rev. R. Stevens, Dunsford V. Devon.

Rev. Mr. Sorsby, Arksey V. co. York.

Rev. F. J. Taylor, West Ogwell R. Devon.

Rev. E. H. Thompson, Lyncham P.C Wilts.

Rev. J. S. Townsend, Coleridge V. Devon.

Rev. T. N. Twopeny, Little Casterton R. Rutlands.

Rev. F. Vincent, Slinfold R. Sussex.

Rev. H. Woolcombe, Cheriton-BishopR. Devon.

Civil Preferments.

Rev. J. J. Day to be Second Master of the Pro-
prietary School, Blackheath.
Rev. T. Taylor to be Master of the Grammar
School at Evesham.

Sir Thomas Fremantle, the new Secretary at War, has appointed Capt. Fremantle, R-N. to be his private secretary. Mr. Young, who succeeded Sir Thomas Fremantle at the Treasury, has continued Mr. Edwin Crafer in the office of private secretary.


March 28. At Stamford Villas, Fulham, the wife of Alfin. .Martin, esq. of Silton, Dorset, a dan.

May 20. At Julians, Herts, the wife of Adol

Shus Meetkerke, esq. a dau. The wife of ohn Humphery, esq. M.P. a son. 21. At

Fonmon Castle, Glamorgan, the wife of Robert

Oliver Jones, esq. a son and heir. 22. At

Wilton Place, near Sidbury, the wife of J. Cam

Thackwell, esq. a son and heir. 23. At

Avranches, the wife of the Hon. and Rev.

Robert Pltinket, a son. 24. At Menabilly,

Cornwall, the wife of Jonathan Rashleigh, esq.

a dau. 25. At Whitehill, near Edinburgh,

Lady Louisa Wardlaw Ramsay, a dau. 28.

In Fortland-pl. the wife of the Hon. Lieut.

Col. Wilbraham, a dau. 30. In Dover-st.

Piccadilly, the wife of Hugh Williams, esq. of

Kin.'Ion Manor House, Warw. a son and heir.

Lately. At Worlingham-hall, Viscountess

Acheson, a son. At Newbold Comyn, War

wicksh, Lady Somerville, a dau. Mrs. William Rivington, adau. In Chesham-pl. Lady

Arthur Ijennox, a dau. At Goldings, Lady

Townsend Farquhar, a son. At Burnham

Dingle. Lady Ventry, a son. At Aberdeen,

J-Ady Seton, a son. At lbstone-house, the

wife of Philip Wroughton, esq. a dau.

At Sampford Peverell, Devon, the wife of J. D.

Symes, esq. a son and heir. In St. James's

pl. Lady Emma Vesey, a son. At Cheltenham, Lady Blount, a son. At Lake-house,

the wife or George Lynch, esq. a son.

June 1. In Grosvenor-street, the Lady Mary Farquliar, a dau. In Grosvenor-place, the

wife of W.G.Craig, esq. MP. adau. 2. At

Needwood House, Staffordsh. the wife of Lorenzo R. Hall, esq. a son. 3. At High Park,

near Bideford, the wife of Richard Shute, esq.

a dau. 4. At Petersham-lodge, Surrey, the

wife of Andrew Buchanan, esq. her Majesty's Secretary of Legation at the Court of Russia,

a son. 5. At Limpsfield rectory. Surrey,

Mrs Walpole, a son. 6. At Gothic Villa,

St. John's Wood, the wife of the Rev. Edward Thompson, M.A. Minister of Charlotte Chapel,

Pimlico, a dau. 6. At Chatham, the wife

of Brigade-Major J. D. O'Brien, a dau.

7. At Bishop's Court, county Kildare, the

Countess of Clonmell, a dau. At Rogate

Lodge, Hon. Mrs. Charles Wyndham, a son. ■ 8. At Upper Phillimore Place, Kensington, Mrs. John Gottgh Nichols,adau. 9. At

Corpus Christi Lodge, Cambridge, the wife of

the Very Rev. the Dean of Bristol, a dau.

In Upper Harley-st. the wife of Edmund

Pepys, esq. a dau. 12. At Easton Court,

Herefordsh. the wife of Joseph Bailey, esq.

M.P. a son. 15. In Bryanston-sq- the Hon,

Mrs. Parnell.ason. 18. At Sydenham, Mrs.

John Rivington, a dau.


March 27. At Derby, the Rev. John Farrand, B.A. Rector of Cumberworth, Oxford, to Mary, eldest dau. of William Morley, esq. of Derby.

April 2. At Kensington, Capt. John Francis Grant, late of 1st. W. I. Reg. to Antoinette, widow of E. C Taylor, esq. of Broom Hall Manor, Sunning-hill.

8. At Skipton, the Rev. John Holdsworth, B.A. Second Master of the Skipton Grammar School, to Elizabeth-Hirst, daughter of Mr. Richard Shacklock, of Embsay.

9. The Rev. W. H. Newbolt, Rector of Paulerspury, co. Northamp. to Emily, youngest dau. of the Rev. J. Seagrave, Vicar of Aidbourne, Wilts.

10. At Dublin, 'William Wilson Carus Wil

son, esq. jun. of Casterton Hall, Westmoreland, to Mary-Letablere, dau. of Edward Litton, esq. Master in Chancery, and late M.P. for

Coleraine. At Childwall, Lane. J. W. Ni

choll-Carne (late Nicholl) D.C.L. Barrister-atLaw,of Dimlands House, Glam. to Mary-Jane, only dau. of P. W. Brancker, esq. of Field

House, Wavertree. At Hatfield, Herts, the

Rev. R. Davies, of Corpus Christi coll. Camb. to CeciliaGrantham, second dau. of the Rev. J. F. Faithful!, Rector of Hatfield. At Rochdale, the Rev. R. Keningale Cook, M.A. incumbent of St. John's church, Small Bridge, to Ellen, eldest dau. of Mr. Jonathan Neiid, of

Rochdale. At Warblington, Hants, the Rev.

Charles Brune Henville, Fellow of Winchester, and Rector of Hamble le Rice and Bursledon, to M. Lind McArthur, dau. of Thomas Meik, M.D. physician to the garrison of Portsmouth, and widow of John McArthur, of Hayfieid Hall, Hampshire.

11. In Bermondsey, the Rev. Thomas C. Dixon, A.M. of Brightwell, Berks, to MaryAnne, dau. of James Harkness. esq. At Ca

versham, J. surgeon, Reading, youngest son of the late Rev. William Harrinson, Bardsey, near Leeds, to Ellen, youngest

daughter of Mr. John May, Caversham. At

North Cadbury, Som. the Rev. Robert Blackburne, Fellow of Brasenose college, eldest son of the late Robert Blackburne, esq. of Madeira, to Eliza-Frances, younger dau. of the late C. C. Clutterbuck, esq.

13. At Great Badminton, the Rev. E. J. Everard, B.A Rector of Didniarton, GIouc. to Marie- M adeleine-Cecile, eldest dau. of the late Rodolph L de Rusilion, of Yverdun, in the Pays de Vaud.

May 7. At St. Pancras Church, Middlesex, Mr. Samuel Wing, of Bedford, to ElizabethCox, eldest dau. of Mr. Richard Francis, of the same place.

8. At Radford Semele, Mark Jocelyn Lay, esq. second son of J. G. Lay, esq. of Great Sey, Essex, to Lucy, dau. of John Greaves, esq. of

Radford Semele. At Great Yarmouth, Tho».

Mallett Wythe, esq. of Biney Lodge, Norfolk, only son of Thomas Wythe, esq. of Middleton, in the same county, to Rosabelle-Mary,

only dau. of the late E. Tompson, esq. At

Halifax, Robert-John, eldest son of Robert Bentley, esq. of Rotherham. to Sarah, second dan. of the late Thos. Hirst, esq. of Low House,

Bradford. At Brighton, Walter Morton,

esq. of Brighton, and Higginstown, co. Westmeath, to Maria, dau. of John Jones, esq. Grand-parade, Brighton. At Jersey, Thomas Reed, esq. East India Civil Service, to Dorothy-Daun, youngest dau. of the late T. L.

O. Davies, esq. of Alresford. At Frankfort

on-the-.Maine, Arthur Farre, M.D., of Curzonst. to Jessie-Bethune, eldest dau. of LieutCol. Macdonald, C.B., K. St. A. At St. Pancras, Raymond D'Arcy Newton, esq. of Kensington and Wnrwick-sq. second son of the late Thomas Newton, esq. of Clapham-comiiioii, to Henrietta, second dau. of Samson Goldsmid, esq. of Mecklenburgh-sq.

9. At Paddington, Capt. Sir Spencer Vassall, R.N., K II., to Letitia. only dau. of the late E. B. Napier, esq. of Pennard House, Somerset, and widow of the Rev. C. H. Puls

ford, Canon Residentiary of Wells. At St.

Stephen's, near Canterbury, the Rev. J. G. A.

Baker to E. G. Andrewes. At the Catholic

Church, Chelsea, Sir Pyers Mostyn, Bart, of Talacre, to the Hon. Frances Georgiana Fraser,

second dau. of Lord Lovat. At St. Mary's,

Bryanston-sq. Charles Davidson, esq. Barrister-at-Law, and Fellow of Christ's Coll. Camb. to Mary-Edzabeth, eldest dau. of J. H. Christie, esq. Barrister-at-Law. At Bristol, John

Collins, esq. of Bouiton Moor, Pembrokesh., to Ann-Ames, only dau. of the late J. T. Dew, esq.—At All faints, Norwood, Joseph Neville esq. of Croydon, to Eleanor, only child of John Russell, esq of Norwood. At St. Paneras, John Parsons, esq. of Bridgewater, to Ellen, third dau. of the late James Remnant,

esq. of Hampstead. At Richmond, Yorksh.

J. Bailey Langhorne, esq. to Jennett, second

dau. of the late Ottiwell Tomlin, esq. At

Rugby, the Rev, Robert Minnitt, Perp. Curate of Heywood, Lane, to Helen-Mary, youngest dau. of the late Michael Smith, esq. of Rugby.

At Walcot Church, Bath, William Purey

Cust, esq. eldest son of the Hon. William Cust, to Emma-Matilda, only child of the late W. Chaplin, esq. formerly Commissioner of

the Deccan. At St. Marylebone, John

Nodes Dickinson, esq. one of Her Majesty's Judges of the Supreme Court at Sydney, to Helen, youngest dau. of the lateCapt. Jauncey,

R.N. of Dartmouth. At Charlton, near

Cheltenham, J. Grenfell Movie, esq. 10th regt. Bombay army, eldest son or J. G. Moyle, esq. late President of the Medical Board, Bombay, to Bessie, eldest dau. of Frederick Ross, esq.

10. At Naples, Joseph Delafield, esq. eldest son of the late Joseph Delatield, esq. of Bryanstonsq. to Eloisa, dau. of the Cavaliere Bevere, of Naples.

11. At St. Marylebone, Benjamin Terry Hodge, esq. of Sidmouth, to Rosalind-Kananga, only dau. of the late John Hare, esq.

of Bedforu-sq. London. At St. George's,

Han.-so. Lieut-Col. Fraser, R. Art. to Catherine eldest dau. of the late Robert Hamilton, esq.

of Fenton, Staffordshire. At Banbury, Edw.

Cobb, esq. of Calthorpe House, to Octavia, dau. of the Rev. H. H. Piper, of that place.

12 At Manchester, John Freeman, esq. of Pentonville, to Louisa, youngest dau. of Benjamin Primrose-st. in the former place.

13. At Trinity Church, St. Marylebone, Thomas Horlock Bastard, esq. eldest son of T. H. Bastard, esq. of Charlton Marshall, Dorset, to Margaret, widow of Capt. James

Keith Forbes, E. I. Co.'s Civil Service. At

Hadzor, the Rev. B. Davis, of St. George's Church, Worcester, to Julia, third dau. of the lateKev. R.H. Amplilett,and Rector of Hadzor.

14. At Long Melford, Suffolk, the Rev. Geo. Coldham, M. A. Rector of Glemsford, and youngest son of the late James Coldham, esq. of Anmer Hall, Norfolk, to Henrietta, eldest dau. of the Rev. H. B. Faulkner, M.A. Westgate House, Long Melford. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, John-Patten, second son of J. H. Good, esq. of Kensington Palacegreen, to Henrietta-Elizabeth, only dau. of the late William Griffith Williams, esq. of Cefn Cwm Mwd, Anglesea. —— At Wandsworth, Wm. B. Twining, esq. of the Strand, youngest son of George Twining, esq. of East Sheen, to Margaretta, youngest dau. of Benjamin Bovill, esq. of Milford-lane, Strand. At

Southampton, John-Edmund, eldest son of J. Mortlock Lncou, esq. of Great Yarmouth, to Louisa-Matilda, dau. of the late Edw. Shewell,

esq. At Plymstock, Devon, Nicholas Were,

esq. solicitor, of Plymouth, to Sophia, second dau. of Christopher Harris, esq. of Thorncott,

Devon Henry Grace Wilson Sperling, esq.

only son of the late Rev. H. G. Sperling, Rector of Papworth St. Agnes, Hunts, to Anna-Margaretta, eldest dau. of the Rev. C. 1). Brereton,

Rector of Little Massingham, Norfolk. At

St. James's, Westminster, William Pocock, esq. of Charterhouse-sq. to Ann, second dau. of Nathaniel Hill, esq. of Regent-st.

15. At St. Mary's, Lambeth, the Rev. J. E. Cox, M A. of All Souls' College, Oxford, to Emily-Clara, youngest dau. of the late John Pittman, esq. of Warwick-sq. and South Lam

beth.—At the Holy Trinity Church, J. Watson, esq. of Scalby, near Scarborough, to MaryAnn-Letitia, eldest dau. of the late T. Knaggs, esq. of Scarborough.——At Barking, Suffolk, John Butterworth Walker, esq. of Iver, Bucks, to Eleanor, only child of the late Robert Robinson, esq. of Westminster. At Ramsgate,

James Webster, esq. of Ramsgate, to EmmaCurtis, youngest dau. of the late G. T. Hardy,

esq. of St. Lawrence, Thanet. At Mangots

field, the Rev. Charles J. Maddison, son of the Rev. John Maddison, and grandson of the late Charles Maddison, esq. of Belmont, Bath, to Julia-Noel, younger dau. of the late Rev. Benjamin Cracknell.DD. At Paris, John Manley, esq. M.D. to Ellen, eldest dau. of the late Solomon Sawrey, esq. of Bloomsbury-sq.

16. At Knowle, Warw. James Roberts West, esq. of Alscot Park, to Elizabeth, third dau of J. M. Boultbee, esq. of Springfield House,

near Knowle. At Curry Rivel, Som. Henry

Burford Norman, esq. of Duchess-st. Portland-pl. to Harriet-Jane, fifth dau. of the Rev.

Samuel Alford, Heale House. At East

Tisted, Hants, John, eldest son of Thomas Webber, esq. of Escot Cottage, Ottery St. Mary, to Martha, only dau. of George Dyer,

esq. At Abingdon, John-Henry-Westcar,

youngest son of the late Jonathan Peel, esq. ofCulham, to Catherine, eldest dau. of J. T.

Hester, esq. At Glastonbury, Somerset, the

Rev. Walter Allnutt, M.A. of St. Catharine's Hall, Camb. to Anna, dau. of the late John Bull

Emery, esq. of Glastonbury. At Aberford,

Yorkshire, T. D. F. Tatham, esq. only son of T. J. Tatham, esq. of Bedford-pl. Russell-sq. and Three Ash, Althorne, Essex, to Barbara, dau. of the Rev. James Landon, Vicar of Aberford, Yorkshire, and Aymestry, Hereford.

At St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, the Rev. Josh. Watkins Barnes, MA. Fellow of Trin. coll. Camb. and Vicar of Kendal, to Emma-Lucretia, dau. of Charles Lestourgeon, esq. late of Cambridge.— At Docklow, Weston Cracroft, esq. formerly of the Royal Dragoons, eldest son of Robert Cracroft, esq. of Hackthorn and Harrington, Lincolnshire, to Williama-Emma, youugest dau. of W. G. Cherry,

esq. of Huckland, Herefordshire. At Bal

dock, George De Vins Wade, esq. of Baldock, Herts, to Ann, eldest dau. of George Henry Hicks, esq. M.D. At All Souls', John Gregory Forbes, esq. of Oxford terr. Hyde-park, only surviving son of the late Capt. James Keith Forbes, Hon. E. I. Co's Service, to Harriet-Elizabeth, eldest dau. of William Mac Intyre, esq. M.D. of Harey-st.

18. At Camberwell, Richard Incledon, esq. eldest son of the late Capt. Incledon, R.N. to Maria, dau. of the late Charles Heathcote

Tatham, esq. architect. At Croydon, Robert

Russell, esq. of Croydon, to Mary, eldest dau.

of Thomas Russell, esq. of Croydon. At

Paris, Mr. W. Parker, to Marian, youngest dau. of the late Henry Gray, esq. of Dean's Court, Doctors' Commons, and Stanhope-pl. Hyde Park.

20. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Viscount Melgund, eldest son of the Earl of Minto, to Emma-Eleanor-Elizabeth, only dau. of the late Gen. Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart. G.C.B.

21. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. the Rev. Henry Cockerell, Vicar of North Weald liassett, to Elizabeth-Fanny, eldest dau. of the late W.

Hesse Gordon, esq. At St. Marylebone,

William John Whyte, of Vernon-pl. Bloomsbury-sq. to Abigail, fourth dau. of the late Judah Cohen, esq. of Park-cresc. Portland-pl.

At Banstead, Surrey, Edward Burnaby

Tinling, esq. Capt. R.N. |to Mary-Ann, dau. of the late Francis Brace, esq. and niece of the late Vice-Adm. Sir Edward Brace, K.C.B. Commander-in-Chief at the Nore. At St.

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