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and she may dress her doll. Charles and Ann shall go in the yard and play.

4. Frank is a good boy; he loves his school and learns to read. He can spell hard words, and is head of his class.Frank shall have a new hat, and new shoes, and go to the fair.

5. Who will go to the fair and buy fine things? All good girls and good boys, who do as they are bid, shail go to the fair and buy fine things. EM

6. Jane is a good girl: she does as she is bid: her face and hands are clean, and she goes to school. Jane shall have a new frock, and a new fan, and red shoes.

7. Frank and Jane shall have a coach; and they shall ride in a coach. Ann, and Jane, and Frank and Charles, shall have nuts, and cakes, and pies, and all good things.


1. The sun is up: get out of bca: come) down stairs: wash your face: comb your hair: eat your breakfast: puss wants her breakfast: poor puss: she cries: she is hungry give her some breakfast.

2. Now take your book. Learn your task, learn it well. Mind the stops when

you read: speak your words plain. Do not tear your book: nor make dog's ears in it. Naughty boys tear books.

3. A cat will scratch: a dog will bark: a hog will squeal: a mouse will squeak: a worm will crawl: an ant will run: a flea will hop: a frog will jump: a bird will fly.

4. Horses haul wood. Cows give milk -Calves make veal. Ships go to sea. Men build ships. Boys and Girls learn s to read. Spiders make webs, and Bees

make honey.

1 5. Do you like honey? O how sweet! Bees get honey from flowers, and bring it ch home for good boys. If you learn to read well, you shall have some honey on your bread.

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1. Here is Frank; he is just come ne home: he has been at school like a good ur boy: Frank must have some dinner: here her is some soup for you: take your spoon. and is eat. Soup will make little boys grow. 2. Hold your plate, here is some meat ou take your knife and fork, and eat a little. en Do you want a drink? Take your cup


and drink some beer. Little boys should drink small beer.

3. Here is a plum pudding. Frank do you like pudding?. Give the boy a little. Boys should not eat too much: if they eat too much they will be dull and drowsy, and will not learn.

4. Now Frank you have done your dinner, sit down here-after dinner sit a while; after supper walk a mile. Sit down and I will tell you what Charles said one day when he came from school.

5. Charles said he would love his papa and mamma; and always do as he was bid. He would love his brothers and sisters, and would play with them. He would not play with bad boys.


1. Now boys you may go and play. You must not play with bad boys, for they will cheat. You must play fair. Cheating play will never prosper. If you cheat, good boys will not play with you.

2. Do not play too hard: you will hurt the little boys. Be brisk and lively at play; but you must not be rude. Use no

bad words when you play; naughty boys say bad words.

3. What will you play? Will you play the hide and hoop? or blind hob, or chuckers, or ball? Or will you whip the top, or jump the rope, or shoot marbles? Or what will you play?

4. Tommy says he will not play marbles; he calls it a low kind of play. He says the boys who play marbles, get into the dirt, and dirty their hands and their clothes; and you know you look ugly when you are dirty.

5. Here is a top. Can you spin your top? You should not spin your top on the foot pavement, because you will be in the way: People must walk on the foot pave ment. Go in the yard and spin your top there.

6. Can you play ball? Here is a ball for you; toss it up. This is a very good ball; I bought it for a very good boy: see how it will bound. Can you catch the ball? Come let us play.

7. Can you jump the rope? Little girls jump the rope. Girls must play sometimes as well as boys, and they cannot always be playing jack stones, you know; so they must jump the rope. It is good exercise for them.

8. Children, you must remember when you are at play, that God sees you all the time; he knows when you are naughty. He hears all you say; and if you say bad words he will be angry. If you are good when you play, God will love you.


1. Good boys and good girls go to church. Did you go to church? Billy went to church, and so did Betsy. The church is the house of God; and God loves little children when they go to church.

2. When you go to church you must sit still, and hear what the preacher tells you; he tells you to be good children and love your parents, and then God will bless you.

3. Did you hear them sing in Church? There all the people sing praises to God, and thank him for taking care of us. Once there was a very good man who lived in London; he wrote some very good songs for children; and here is one of them.

4. Lord, how delightful 'tis to see

Young children meet to worship Thee!
At once they sing, at once they pray,
They hear of heaven, and learn the way.

5. I've been to church, and love to go "Tis like a little heaven below;

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