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Q. What miracles were wrought by Jesus Christ in the course of his ministry?

4. The blind beheld him, and the ear,

Which had been deaf, his voice could hear:
The dumb his praises speak; the lame
Leap like a hart, and bless his name:
The winds and waves his voice obey:
Death and the grave resign their prey:
Sickness confess'd his healing hand,
And devils fled at his command.


Q. Did he illustrate and confirm his doctrines by his example?

a. Yes! In his life the law appears
Drawn out in living characters:
Such virtues in his conduct shine,
As prove his doctrines all divine.


Q. Did Jesus Christ make an atonement for our sins by his death?

A. To save our souls from pains unknown,
He freely offered up his own;
While justice on his sacred head
The weight of our transgressions laid;
That sinners, who condemned stood,
Might find salvation in his blood.


Q. Were the sufferings and death of the Son of
necessary for our salvation?

A. If God's own Son would sinners save,
He must be humbled to the grave;
That so a pard'ning God might shew
What vengeance to our crimes was das.



Q. What kind of death did Jesus suffer for our sins?
A. Nail'd to the cross with tort'ring smart,
While anguish rack'd his tender heart,
See! by the hands of wicked men
The Lord of life and glory slain!


Q. What sort of treatment did he receive during his sufferings?

4. The barb'rous throng, the cruel priests, Around him stood like savage beasts: The glorious suff'rer they deride,

And mock the pangs in which he died.


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Q. What extraordinary circumstances attended his death?

A. The sun withdrew his wonted light,
And wrapt the earth in shades of night;
The earth, as if with terror struck,
Down to its deep foundation shook;
Lo! the Centurion cries aloud,
"This surely is the Son of God!"
While the rent rocks in that dread hour,
And opening graves, proclaim his pow'r.


Q. Did Jesus rise again from the dead?
A. In the cold tomb the Saviour lay,
Until the third, th' appointed day;
When he triumphantly arose,
Victorious over all his foes;

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Q. Is he employed in our behalf now he is in heaven?

A. With glory crown'd, upon his throne
At the right hand of God set down,
He pleads the merits of his blood,
And rules for all is people's good.


Q. What remarkable events took place after the
cension of Christ?

A. By a commission from the Lord,
Th' apostles preach'd his sacred word;
Preach'd as that spirit did inspire,
Which fell from heav'n in tongues of fire,
And gave them languages unknown,
That distant lands his grace night own.


Q. What success attended the preaching of the Gos-

4. Nations, that long in darkness lay,
Beheld witli joy a glorious day :
Gentiles and Jews together meet,
To worship at the Saviour's feet;
Their former enmity subdu'd,
And slain by his atoning blood.


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Q. Is the salvation revealed in the Gospel free for the chief of sinners?


A. Yes! Those who have most guilty been,
If truly humbled for their sin,

When they on Jesus Christ believe,
Pardon and peace from him receive.


Q. How are true believers distinguished from the rest of the world?

4. They love the Saviour with their heart, And from their former sins depart

Delight to hear and read his word,
And keep the statutes of the Lord.


Q. Can you change your own heart when you please?
A. It is not in my pow'r, I own,

To melt this stubborn heart of stone;
My evil passions to subdue;
And my depraved soul renew.

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Q. How then can this change be effected?
A. God, by his spirit must impart,
A penitent, believing heart;

Bestow the grace of faith and love,
And fix the mind on things above.


Q. Have you any encouragement in the word of God
to scek unto him for this great blessing?
A. This most important gift of heav'n,
To those who ask and seek, is giv'n;
Then be it my immediate care,
With importunity of pray'r,
To seek it in a Saviour's name,
Who will not turn my hopes to shame.


Q. What do you expect will become of your soul when your body dies?

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A. To distant climes, and seats unknown,
My naked spirit must be gone;
To God its Maker must return,
And ever joy, or ever mourn:
No room for penitence and pray'r,
No further preparation there
Can e'er be made: the thought is vain,
My state unalter'd must comniu.


Q Where will the wicked go when they leave the


A. The dust returns to dust again :
The soul, in agonies of pain,
Ascends to God, not there to dwell,
But hear her doom, and sink to hell.


Q. What will be the state of the righteous at the hour of death?

A. They die in Jesus and are bless'd,

From suff'ring, sin, and pain releas'd,
To dwell for ever in his sight,
In perfect knowledge and delight.


Q. Will the dead rise again?

A. When the archangel's trump shall sound,
And shake the air, and cleave the ground,
The sleeeping nations of the dead
At once shall quit their dusty bed:
Bone to its kindred bone shall cleave,
And cloth'd with flesh, new life receive.


Q. Will there be a general resurrection of both the just and the unjust?

A. Both saints and sinners, on that day,
The awful summons must obey:

But Oh! what diff'rent marks they bear,
Of transport some, and some of fear;
When marshall'd in the Judge's sight,
These to the left, those to the right;
That they may that last sentence hear,
Which shall their final state declare!

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