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Where lone Utraikey forms its circling cover )
And weary waves retire to gleam at rest, "uy bra
How brown the foliage of the green hill's grove,
Nodding at midnight o'er the calm bay's breast,
As winds come lightly whispering from the west,T
Kissing, not ruffling, the blue deep's serene :
Here Harold was receiv'd a welcome guest; -T

Nor did he pass unmov'd the gentle scene, ...] - For many a joy could be from Night's soft presence glean.


On the smooth shore the night-fires brightly blaz’d,
The feast was done, the red wine circling fast, 28
And he that unawares had there ygaz'd
With gaping wonderment had star'd aghast; 1.
For ere night's midmost, stillest hour was past. )
The native revels of the troop began; . '
Each Palikar his sabre from him cast,

And bounding hand in hand, man link'd to man, Yelling their uncouth dirge, long daunc'd the kirtled clan.

Childe Harold at a little distance stood ;
And view'd, but not displeas'd, the revelrie," "to
Nor hated harmless mirth, however rude: didi
In 'sooth, it was no vulgar sight to see more
Their barbarous, yet their not indecent, glee;" +
And, as the flames along their faces gleam'd, ..!
Their gestures nimble, dark eyes flashing free,

The long wild locks that to their girdles stream'd, While thus in concert they this lay half sang, half scream'd.30


PLA 31 TAMBOURGI! Tambourgi! * thy 'larum afar" Gives hope to the valiant, and promise of war; All the sons of the mountains arise at the note, Chimariot, Illyrian, and dark Suliote!

* Drummer.'. '

nii "pa!, i il Oh! who is more brave than a dark Suliote, spino, porn In his snowy camese and his shaggy capote ? .....' To the wolf and the vulture he leaves his wild flock, 11 buld's And descends to the plain like the stream from the rock.

Shall the sons of Chimari, who never forgive ..
The fault of a friend, bid an enemy live? .
Let those guns so unerring such vengeance forego?
What mark is so fair as the breast of a foe?

Macedonia sends forth her invincible race;
For a time they abandon the cave and the chase;"
But those scarfs of blood-red shall be redder, before
The sabre is sheath'd and the battle is o'er.

Then the pirates of Parga that dwell by the waves,
And teach the pale Franks what it is to be slaves, in bo
Shall leave on the beach the long galley and oargsta, nid nl
And track to his covert the captive on shore. 11H verl

Inget,. .. ,

I ask not the pleasures that riches supply,
My sabre shall win what the feeble must buy; if !lirim
Shall win the young bride with her long flowing hair, -, !"
And many a maid from her mother shall tear.'-' w !
. . .ii

i it nļ d 11,!' ! !

I love the fair face of the maid in her youth,
Her caresses shall lull me, her music shall sooth;

Indby ito ne
Let her bring from the chamber her many-ton'd lyre,
And sing us a song on the fall of her sire.

i 1!'

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Remember the moment when Previsa fell, 32 se tension
The shrieks of the conquer'd, the conquerors” yell;"
The roofs that we fir'd, and the plunder we 'shar’d,
The wealthy we slaughter'd, the lovely we spar’da!

. 9.
I talk not of mercy, I talk not of fear;
He neither must know who would serve the Vizier :
Since the days of our prophet the Crescent ne'er saw
A chief ever glorious like Ali Pashaw.

, 10. - Downton Dark Muchtar his son to the Danube is sped, T Let the yellow-hair’d* Giaours † view his horse tailf with

dread; . i si When his Delhis g come dashing in blood o'er the banks, How few shall escape from the Muscovite ranks!

+ Infidel.

* Yellow is the epithet given to the Russians.
| Horse-tails are the insignia of a Pacha.
$ Horsemen, answering to our forlorn hope.

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