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published an extensive grammar, and also some political regulations, which last were left unfinished at his death. , , . . $ op t ion to all

Prokopius, of Moscopolis (a town in Epirus), has written and published a catalogue of the learned Greeks,

Seraphin, of Periclea, is the author of many works in the Turkish language, but Greek character; for the Christians of Caramania who do not speak Romaic, but read the character. i.,' ;

a Eustathius Psalidas, of Bucharest, a physician, made the tour of England for the purpose of study (zágiv uabyCews): but though his name is enumerated, it is not stated that he has written any thing.

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Kallinikus Torgeraus, Patriarch of Constantinople; many poems of his are extant, and also prose tracts, and a catalogue of patriarchs since the last taking of Constantinople.

Anastasius Macedon, of Naxos, member of the royal academy of Warsaw. A church biographer.

Demetrius Pamperes, a Moscopolite, has written many works, particularly “ A Commentary on Hesiod's Shield of Hercules," and two hundred tales (of what, is not specified), and has published his correspondence with the celebrated George of Trebizond, his cotemporary.

Meletius, a celebrated geographer; and author of the book from whence these notices are taken.

Dorotheus, of Mitylene, an Aristotelian philosopher: his Hellenic works are in great repute, and he is esteemed by the moderns (I quote the words of Meletius) Metà Tòv Orxudíony xal Zavopwria åpisos 'Eaarvwy. I add further, on the authority of a well-informed Greek, that he was so famous amongst his countrymen, that they were accustomed to say, if Thucydides and Xenophon were wanting he was capable of repairing the loss. . ..

Marinus Count Tharboures, of Cephalonia, professor of chemistry in the academy of Padua, and member of that academy, and of those of Stockholm and Upsal. He has published, at Venice, an account of some marine animal, and a treatise on the properties of iron.

Marcus, brother to the former, famous in mechanics, He removed to St. Petersburg the immense rock.on

which the statue of Peter the Great was fixed in 1769. See the dissertation which he published in Paris, 1777.

George Constantine has published a four-tongued lexicon.

George Ventote, a lexicon in French, Italian, and Romaic.

There exist several other dictionaries in Latin and Romaic, French, &c. besides grammars in every modern language, except English.

Amongst the living authors the following are most celebrated*:- . .

Athanasius Parios has written a treatise on rhetoric in Hellenic. ' . r, .,

Christodoulos, an Acarnanian, has published, in Vienna, some physical treatises in Hellenic.

Panagiotes Kodrikas, an Athenian, the Romaic translator of Fontenelle's “ Plurality of Worlds,” (a favourite work amongst the Greeks), is stated to be a teacher of

* These names are not taken from any publication.

the Hellenic and Arabic languages in Paris; in both of which he is an adept.

Athanasius, the Parian, author of a treatise on rhetoric.

Vicenzo Damodos, of Cephalonia, has written“ sis TÒ jego bápoapov," on logic and physics.

John Kamarases, a Byzantine, has translated into French Ocellus on the Universe. He is said to be an excellent Hellenist, and Latin scholar.

Gregorio Demetrius published, in Vienna, a geographical work: he has also translated several Italian authors, and printed his versions at Venice.

Of Coray and Psalida some account has been already given.

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* For a translation of this song, see p. 209.

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