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V. 25.

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The reader will observe, from the chronological notes in the margin of the preceding work, that in a few instances I have departed from the Usherian computation, for which he will find my reasons in the notes.

This table I have considerably enlarged by inserting the Edomitish kings and dukes, and a few other transactions of profane history contemporary with the facts mentioned by Moses, by which the reader will have a synopsis or general view of all the transaetions of the first two thousand four hundred years of the world, which stand upon any authentic records.

The first year of the world, answering to the 710th year of the Julian period, and supposed to be 4004 before the vulgar era of the birth of Christ. A. M. B. C. | A. M.

B. C. 1 First day's work : Creation of the hea- 4004 687 Birth of Methuselah, son of Enoch,v. 21. 3317 vens and earth ; of light, with the

874 of Lamech, son of Methuselah, 3130 distinction of day and night, Gen. i. 1-5.

930 Death of Adam, aged 930 years, v. 5. 3074 Second day: Creation of the firmament, . -987. Enoch is translated in the 365th year 3017 and separation of the superior and

of his age, v. 24., inferior waters, i. 6–8.

1042 Seth dies, aged 912 years, v. 8. 2962 Third day: The earth drained, the seas,

1056 Birth of Noah, son of Lamech, v. 29. 2948 lakes, &c., formed ; trees, plants, and

1140 Enos dies, aged 905 years, v. 11. 2864 vegetables produced, i. 9-13. 1235 Cainan dies, aged 910 years, v. 14.

2769 Fourth day: The sun, moon, planets, 1290 Mahalaleel dies, aged 895 years, v.17. 2714 and stars produced, i.'14-19.

1422 Jared dies, aged 962 years, v. 20: 2582 Fifth day: All kinds of fowls and fishes 1536 . God commissions Noah to preach re- 2468 created, i. 20–23.

pentance to the guilty world, and to Sixth day: Beasts wild and tame, rep

announce the deluge. He commands tiles, insects, and man, i. 24-28.

him also to build an ark for the safety Seventh day : Set apart and hallowed

of himself and his family. This comto be a Sabbath, or day of rest for

mission was given 120 years before ever, ii. 2, 3.

the flood came, 1 Pet. iii. 20; 2 Pet. Tenth day :. The first woman sins,

ii. 5; Gen. vi. 17. leads her husband into the trans

1556 Birth of Japheth, son of Noah, v. 32, 2448 gression, is called Eve, ii. 1-20.

compared with x. 21.
They are both expelled from Para-

of Shem.

2446 dise, iii. 22–24.

of Ham.

2444 N. B. This opinion, though rendered 1651 Death of Lamech, aged 777 years, V.

2353 respectable by great names, is very

31. , doubtful, and should be received with

1656 - of Methuselah, aged 969 years, 2348 very great caution. I think it wholly inadmissible; and though I insert it

The general DELUGE, vii. as the generally received opinion,

Noah, his family, and the animals to yet judge it best to form no guesses

be preserved, enter the ark the 17th and indulge no conjectures on such

day of the 2d month of this year, an obscure point.

vii. 11. The rain commences, and 2. Cain and Abel born, iv. 1, 2.


continues 40 days and nights, and 129 Abel killed by his brother Cain, iv. 8. 3875

the waters continue without decreas130 Birth of Seth, iv. 25..


ing 150 days; they afterwards be235 Enos son of Seth born, iv. 26. Hence 3769

gin to abate, and the ark rests on followed the distinction between the

Mount Ararat, viii. 4.
descendants of Cain and those of

Noah sends out a raven, viii. 7..
the former being called sons of

Seven days after he sends out a dove,
men, the latter sons of God, vi. 1-4.

which returns the same day; after 325 Birth of Cainan, son of Enos, v. 9. 3679

seven days he sends out the dove a 395 of Mahalaleel, son of Cainan, v. 3609

second time, which returns no more, 12.

vüi. 8-12. 460 of Jared, son of Mahalaleel, v.15, 3544 1657 Noah, his family, &c., leave the ark. He 2347 622 of Enoch, son of Jared, v. 18. 3382

offers sacrifices to God, viii. and ix,

V, 27,




A. M.
B. C. I A. M.

B. C. 1658 Birth of Arphaxad, son of Shem, xi. 2346

his allies pursues Chedorlaomer, de10, 11.

feats him and the confederate kings 1693 of Salah, son of Arphaxad, xi. 12. 2311

delivers Lot and the other captives, 1723 of Eber, son of Salah, xi. 14. 2281

and is blessed by Melchizedek, king 1757 of Peleg, son of Eber, xi. 16. 2247

of Salem, xiv. Building of the Tower of Babel, xi. 1-9.

2093 God promises Abram a numerous pos- 1911 1771 About this time Babylon was built by 2233

terity, xv. I. the command of Nimrod,

About this time Bela, the first king 1787 Birth of Reu, son of Peleg, xi. 18. 2217

of the Edomites, began to reign, 1816 Commencement of theregal government 2188

Xxxvi. 32. of Egypt, from Mizraim, son of Ham. 2094 Sarai gives Hagar to Abram, xvi. 2. 1910 Egypt continued an independent

Of her Ishmael is born, xvi. 15, Abram kingdom from this time to the reign

being then 86 years old. of Cambyses, king of Persia, which 2096 Arphaxad dies, 403 years after the 1908 was a period of 1663 years, accord

birth of Salah, xi. 13. ing to Constantinus Manasses.

2107. God makes a covenant with Abram; 1897 1819 Birth of Serug, son of Reu, xi. 20. 2185

gives him the promise of a son ; 1849 of Nahor, son of Serug, xi. 22. 2155

changes his name into Abraham, and 1878 of Terah, son of Nahor, xi. 24. 2126

Sarai's into Sarah, and enjoins cir1915 About this time, Ægialeus founds the 2089

cumcision, xvii. 1, 5, 6, &c. Abrakingdom of Sicyon, according to

ham entertains three angels on their Eusebius.

way to destroy Sodom, &c., xviii. 1948 Birth of Nahor and Haran, sons of 2056

He intercedes for the inhabitants ;
Terah, xi. 26.

but as ten righteous persons could 1996 Peleg dies, aged 239 years, xi. 19. 2008

not be found in those cities, they 1997 Nahor dies, aged 148 years, xi. 25. 2007

are destroyed, xix. 23. Lot is de2006 Noah dies, aged 950 years, 350 years 1998

livered, and for his sake Zoar is after the flood, ix. 29.

preserved, ver. 19, &c. 2008 Birth of ABRAM, son of Terah, xi. 26. 1996

Abraham retires to Beer-sheba, after2018 of Sarai, wife of Abram.


wards sojourns at Gerar. Abime2026 Reu dies, xi. 21.


lech, king of Gerar, takes Sarah, 2049 Serug dies, xi. 23.


in order to make her his wife, but 2079 Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, subdues 1925

is obliged to restore her, 'xx.
the kings of the Pentapolis, Sodom,
2108 Isaac is born, xxi.' 2, 3.

1896 Gomorrah, &c., to whom they con

Moab and Ben-ammi, the sons of Lot, tinued in subjection 12 years, xiv. 4.

born, xix. 37, 38. 2083 The calling of Abram out of UR of the 1921 2110 Abraham sends away Ishmael, xxi. 1894 Chaldees, where the family had been

13, 14. addicted to idolatry, Josh. xxiv. 2.

2118 Abimelech and Phichol his chief cap- 1886 He comes to Haran in Mesopotamia,

tain make an agreement with Abrawith Lot his nephew, Sarai his wife,

ham, and surrender the well of Beerand his father Terah, who dies at

sheba for seven ewe lambs, xxi. Haran, aged 205 years, xi. 31, 32.

22, &c. Abram comes to Canaan, when 75 years

2126 Salah dişs 403 years after the birth of 1878 of age, Gen. xii. 4. From this period

· Eber, xi. 15. the 430 years of the sojourning of the 2135 About this time Jobab, the second king 1869 Israelites, mentioned Exod. xii. 40,

of the Edomites, began to reign, 41, is generally dated.

Xxxvi. 33. 2084 Abram goes into Egypt because of the 1920 2141 Abraham is called to sacrifice his son 1863 famine, xii. 10; causes Sarai to pass

Isaac, xxii. for his sister. Pharaoh (Apophis)

2145 Sarah dies, aged 127 years, xxiii. 1. 1859 takes her to his house; but soon re-

2148 Abraham sends Eliezer to Mesopotamia 1856 stores her, finding her to be Abram's .

to get a wife for his son Isaac, xxxiv. wife, ver. 14-20.

2154 About this time Abraham marries Ke- 1850 2086 Abram and Lot, having returned to the 1918

turah, xxy. 1. land of Canaan, separate ; Lot goes 2158 Shem, son of Noah, dies 500 years 1846 to Sodom, and Abram to the valley

after the birth of Arphaxad, xi. 11. of Mamre, near to Hebron, xiii.

2168 Birth of Jacob and Esau, Isaac their 1836 2090 The kings of the Pentapolis revolt from 1914

father being 60 years old, xv. 22, &c. Chedorlaomer, xiv. 4.

2177 About this time Husham, the third 1827 2091 Chedorlaomer and his allies make war 1913

king of the Edomites, began to
with the kings of the Pentapolis ;

reign, xxxvi. 34.
Lot is taken captive: Abram with 2183 Abraham dies, aged 175 years, xxv.

1.7,8. 1821


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B. C. A. M.

B.C. 2187 Eber dies, 430 years after the birth of 1817 2266 Dinah defiled by Shechem, and the sub- 1738 Peleg, xi. 17.

sequent murder of the Shechemites 2200 God appears to Isaac, and gives him 1804

by Simeon and Levi, xxxiv.
glorious promises, xxvi. 4. He
2276 Joseph, aged seventeen years, falling

1728 stays at Gerar during the famine,

under the displeasure of his brothers, xxvi. 6.

they conspire to take away his life, 2208 Esau marries two Canaanitish women, 1796

but afterwards change their minds, xxvi. 34.

and sell him for a slave to some 2219 About this time Hadad, the fourth king 1785

Ishmaelite merchants, who bring him of the Edomites, began to reign,

to Egypt and sell him to Potiphar, xxxvi. 35.

xxxvii. Deluge of Ogyges in Greece,1020 years 2278 Pharez and Zarah, the twin-sons of 1726 before the first Olympiad,

Judah, born about this time, xxxviii 2225 Jacob by subtlety obtains Esau's bless- 1779

27-30.. ing, xxvii. He goes to Haran, and 2285 Joseph, through the false accusation of 1719 engages to serve Laban seven years

his mistress, is cast into prison, for Rachel, xxviii., xxix.

where, about two years after, he inEsau marries Mahalath, the daughter

terprets the dreams of the chief-butof Ishmael, xxviii. 9.

ler and the chief baker, xxxix., xl. 2231 Ishmael dies, aged 137 years, xxv. 17. 1773 2288 Isaac dies, aged 180 years, xxxv. 28. 1716 2232 Jacob espouses Rachel seven years 17722289. Joseph interprets the two prophetic 1715 after his engagement with Laban;

dreams of Pharaoh, xli. Leah is put in the place of her sis

Commencement of the seven years of ter; but seven days after he receives

plenty. Rachel, xxix.

2290 About this time was born Manasseh, 1714 2233 Reuben is born, xxix. 32..


Joseph's first-born. 2234 Simeon is born, xxix. 33.

1770 2292 About this time was born Ephraim, Jo- 1712 2235 Levi is born, xxix. 34.


seph's second son. 2236 Judah is born, xxix. 35.

17682296 Commencement of the seven years of 1708 2237 Dan is born, xxx. 5, 6.


famine. 2239 Naphtali is born, xxx. 7, 8.

1765 2297 Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy 1707 2240 Gad is born, xxx. 10, 11.


corn, xlii. I, &c. 2242 Asher is born, xxx. 12, 13.

1762 2298 He sends them a second time, and with 1706 Evechous begins to reign over the Chal

them his son Benjamin, xliii. 11. deans 224 years before the Arabs

Joseph makes himself known to his reigned in that country (Julius Afri

brethren, sends for his father, and canus.) Usher supposes him to have

allots him and his household the land been lhe same with Belus, who was

of Goshen to dwell in ; Jacob being afterwards worshipped by the Chal

then 130 years old, xlv.,.xlvi. deans.

2300 Joseph sells corn to the Egyptians, and 1704 2247 Issachar iş born, xxx. 17, 18,


brings all the money in Egypt into 2249 Zebulun is born, xxx. 19, 20.


the king's treasury, xlvii, 14. 2250 Dinah is born, xxx. 21.

1754 | 2301 He buys all the cattle, xlvii. 16.- 1703 2259 Joseph is born, xxx. 23, 24.

1745 2302 All the Egyptians give themselves up 1702 2261 About this time Samlah, the fifth king 1743

to be Pharaoh's servants, in order to of the Edomites, 'began to reign,

get corn to preserve their lives and Xxxvi. 36.

sow their ground, xlvii. 18, &c. 2265 Jacob and his family, unknown to La- 1739 2303 The seven years of famine ended. 1701 ban, set out for Canaan.. Laban,

About this time Saul, the sixth king hearing of his departure, pursues

of the Edomites, began to reign, him; after seven days he comes up

Xxxvi. 37. with him at the mountains of Gilead;

2315 Jacob, having blessed his sons and the 1689 they make a covenant, and gather a

sons of Joseph, Ephraim, and Maheap of stones, and set up a pillar as

nasseh, dies, aged 147 years. He a memorial of the transaction, xxxi.

is embalmed and carried into CaJacob wrestles with an Angel, and has

naan, and buried in the cave of his name changed to that of Israel,

Machpelah, xlix. 1. xxxii. 24-29.

2345 About this time Baal-hanan, the se- 1659 Esau meets Jacob, xxxiii. 4.

venth king of the Edomites, began Jacob arrives in Canaan, and settles

to reign, xxxvi. 38. among the Shechemites, xxxiii. 18. 2369. Joseph dies, aged 110, having go- 1635 2266 Benjamin born, and Rachel dies imme- 1738

verned Egypt fourscore years. diately after his birth, xxxv. 18.

2387 About this time Hadar or Hadad, the 1617

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B. C.A. M.

B. C eighth and last king of the Edom

2474 Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, born forty 1530 ites, began to reign, xxxvi. 39.

years before he was sent by Moses 2429 About this time the regal government 1575

to spy out the land of Canaan. of the Edomites is abolished, and

2494 Ramasses Miamun died in the 67th 1510 the first aristocracy of dukes begins,

year of his reign, under whom, and xxxvi, 15, 16.,

his son Amenophis, who succeeded 2471 About this time the second aristocracy 1533

him, the children of Israel endured of Edomitish dukes begins, xxxvi.

the cruel bondage and oppression 40-43.

mentioned in Exodus i.

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THE name by which this book is generally distinguished is borrowed from the Septuagint,

in which it is called Exodos, Exodus, the going out or departure ; and by the Codex Alexandrinus, Esodos Alyurtou, the departure from Egypt, because the departure of the Israelites from Egypt is the most remarkable fact mentioned in the whole book. In the Hebrew Bibles it is called nisu ob VE-ELLEH SHEMOTH, these are the names, which are the words with which it commences. It contains a history of the transactions of 145 years, beginning at the death of Joseph, where the book of Genesis ends, and coming down to the erection of the tabernacle in the wilderness at the foot of Mount Sinai.

In this book Moses details the causes and motives of the persecution raised up against the Israelites in Egypt, the orders given by Pharaoh to destroy all the Hebrew male children, and the prevention of the execution of those orders, through the humanity and piety of the midwives appointed to deliver the Hebrew women. The marriage of Amram and. Jochebed is next related; the birth of Moses; the manner in which he was exposed on the river Nile, and in which he was discovered by the daughter of Pharaoh; his being providentially put under the care of his own mother to be nursed, and educated as the son of the Egyptian princess; how, when forty years of age, he left the court, visited and defended his brethren; the danger to which he was in consequence exposed; his fight to Arabia ; his contract with Jethro, priest or prince of Midian, whose daughter Zipporah he afterwards espoused. While employed in keeping the flocks of his father-in-law, God appeared to him in a burning bush, and commissioned him to go and deliver his countrymen from the oppression under which they groaned. Having given him the most positive assurances of protection and power to work miracles, and having associated with him his brother Aaron, he sent them first to the Israelites to declare the purpose of Jehovah, and afterwards to. Pharaoh to require him, in the name of the Most High, to set the Israelites at liberty Pharaoh, far from submitting, made their yoke more grievous; and Moses, on a second interview with him, to convince him by whose authority he made the demand, wrought a miracle before him and his courtiers. This being in a certain way imitated by Pharaoh's magicians, he hardened his heart, and refused to let the people go, till God, by ten extraordinary plagues, convinced him of his omnipotence, and obliged him to consent to dismiss a people over whose persons and properties he had claimed and exercised a right founded only on the most tyrannical principles. The plagues by which God afflicted the whole land of Egypt, Goshen excepted, where the Israelites dwelt, were the following:

1. He turned all the waters of Egypt into blood. 2. He caused innumerable frogs to come over the whole land. 3. He afflicted both man and beast with immense swarms of . vermin. 4. Afterwards with a multitude of different kinds of insects. 5. He sent a grievous pestilence among their cattle. 6. Smote both man and beast with boils. 7. Destroyed their

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