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B. C. 1490.

Completion of the work

of the tabernacle.
A. M. 2514. put the bells between the pome- and the covering of badgers' A. M. 2514.
B. C. 1490.
An. Exod. Isr

. 1. granates upon the hem of the skins, and the veil of the co- An. Exod. Isr. 1. Tisri to Adar.

Tisri to Adar. robe, round about between the vering, pomegranates;

35 The ark of the testimony, and the staves 26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a thereof, and the mercy-seat, pomegranate, round about the hem of the robe 36 The table, and all the vessels thereof, to minister in, as the LORD commanded Moses. and the shew-bread,

27 m And they made coats of fine linen of 37 The pure candlestick, with the lamps woven work for Aaron, and for his sons, thereof, even with the lamps to be set in order,

28 - And a mitre of fine linen, and goodly and all the vessels thereof, and the oil for light, bonnets of fine linen, and linen breeches of 38 And the golden altar, and the anointing fine twined linen,

oil, and the sweet incense, and the hanging 29 And a girdle of fine twined linen, and for the tabernacle door, blue, and purple, and scarlet, of needle-work; 39. The brazen altar, and his grate of brass, his as the Lord commanded Moses.

staves, and all his vessels, the laver and his foot, 30 9 And they made the plate of the holy .40 The hangings of the court, his pillars, crown of pure gold, and wrote upon it a writ- and his sockets, and the hanging for the court ing, like to the engravings of a signet, HOLI- gate, his cords, and his pins, and all the ves-, NESS TO THE LORD.

sels of the service of the tabernacle, for the 31 And they tied unto it a lace of blue, to tent of the congregation, fasten it on high upon the mitre; as the LORD 41 The clothes of service, to do service commanded Moses.

in the holy place, and the holy garments for 32 Thus was all the work of the tabernacle Aaron the priest, and his sons' garments, to of the tent of the congregation finished : and minister in the priest's office. the children of Israel did according to all that 42 According to all that the LORD comthe LORD commanded Moses, so did they. manded Moses, so the children of Israel 'made

33 And they brought the tabernacle unto all the work. Moses, the fent, and all his furniture, his taches, 43 And Moses did look upon all the work, his boards, his bars, and his pillars, and his and, behold, they had done it as the Lord had sockets,

commanded, even so had they done it: and 34 And the covering of rams' skins dyed red, Moses " blessed them. - Chap. xxxiii. 39, 40. Chap. xxviii. 4, 39 ; Ezek. xliv. • Heb. the incense of sweet spices.-- - Chap. xxxv. 10.- Lev. Chapter xxviii. 42.

:-p Chap. xxviji. 39. -4 Chapter ix. 22, 23; Num. vi. 23; Josh. xxii. 6; 2 Sam. vi. 18; 1 Kings Ixviii. 36, 37.- Ver. 42, 43; chap. xxv. 40.

viii. 14; 2 Chron. xxx. 27. ancient Persians, among whom it is still worn. It fresh oiled every day, for the purpose of being lighted seems to have been borrowed from the Asiatics by the in the evening.. See the note on chap. xxvii. 21. Norman crusaders.

Verse 43. And Moses did look upon all the work] Verse 30. The holy crown of pure gold] On Asi- As being the general superintendent of the whole, atic monuments, particularly those that appear in the under whom Bezaleel and Aholiab were employed, as ruins of Persepolis and on many Egyptian monuments, the other workmen were under them. the priests are represented as wearing crowns or tiaras,. They had done it as the Lord had commanded] and sometimes their heads are crowned with laurel. Exactly according to the pattern which Moses received Cuper observes, that the priests and priestesses, among from the Lord, and which he laid before the workmen the ancient Greeks, were styled otepavooopol, or to work by. crown-bearers, because they officiated having some- And Moses blessed them.] Gave them that praise times crowns of gold, at others, crowns of laurel, upon which was due to their skill, diligence, and fidelity. their heads.

See this meaning of the original word in the note on Verse 32. Did according to all that the Lord com- Gen. ii. 3. See also a fine instance of ancient courmanded Moses) This refers to the command given 'tesy between masters and their servants, in the case chap. xxv. 40; and Moses has taken care to repeat of Boaz and his reapers, Ruth ii. 4. Boaz came from every thing in the most circumstantial detail, to show Bethlehem, and said to the reapers, The Lord be with that he had conscientiously observed all the directions You! And they answered him, The Lord bless THEE! he had received.

It is, however, very probable that Moses prayed to God Verse 37. The pure candlestick] See the note on in their behalf, that they might be prospered in all their chap. xxv. 31.

undertakings, saved from every evil, and be brought The lamps to be set in order] To be trimmed and I at last to the inheritance that fadeth not away. This


Moses is commanded to


set up the tabernacle

on ALL.

blessing seems to have been given, not only to the John sufficiently prove: In the beginning was the workmen, but to all the people. The people con- Word, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD tributed liberally, and the workmen wrought faith-was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt fully, and the blessing of God was pronounced up- among us, (EOKNUWOEV Ev nuev, made his TABERNACLE

amongous,) full of grace and truth-possessing the

true Urim and Thummim; all the lights and perfecThe promptitude, cordiality, and despatch used in lions, the truth and the grace, typified by the Mosaic this business cannot be too highly commended, and are economy. John i. 1, 14. And hence the evangelist worthy of the imitation of all who are employed in adds, And we beheld his glory; as the Israelites beany way in the service of God. The prospect of hav- held the glory of God resting on the tabernacle, so did ing God to dwell among them inflamed every heart, be the disciples of Christ see the Divine glory resting on cause they well knew that on this depended their pros- him, and showing itself forth in all his words, spirit, perity and salvation. They therefore hastened to build and works. And for what purpose was the tabernacle him a house, and they spared no expense or skill to erected ? That God might dwell in it among the chil make it, as far as a house made with hands could be, dren of Israel. And for what purpose was the human worthy of that Divine Majesty who had promised to nature of Christ so miraculously produced ? That the

his residence in it. This tabernacle, like the Godhead might dwell in it; and that God and man temple, was a type of the human nature of the Lord might be reconciled through this wonderful economy Jesus; that was a shrine not made with hands, formed of Divine grace, God being in Christ réconciling the by God himself, and worthy of that fulness of the Deity world unto himself, 2 Cor. v. 19. And what was imthat dwelt in it..

plied by this reconciliation ! . The union of the soul It is scarcely possible to form an adequate opinion with God, and the indwelling of God in the soul. of the riches, costly workmanship, and splendour of Reader, has God yet filled thy tabernacle with his the tabernacle ; and who can adequately conceive the glory? Does Christ dwell in thy heart by faith ; and glory and excellence of that human nature in which dost thou abide in him, bringing forth fruit unto holithe fulness of the Godhead bodily dwelt ? That this ness? Then thy end shall be eternal life. Why tabernacle typified the human nature of Christ, and shouldst thou not go on thy way rejoicing with Christ the Divine shechinah that dwelt in it the Deity that in thy heart, heaven in thine eye, and the world, the dwelt in the man Christ Jesus, these words of St. I devil, and the flesh, under thy feet?

take up


Moses is commanded to set up the tabernacle, the first day of the first month of the second year of their

departure from Egypt, 1, 2. The ark to be put into it, 3. The table and candlestick to be brought in also with the golden altar, 4, 5. The altar of burnt-offering to be set up before the door, and the laver between the tent and the altar, 6, 7. The court to be set up, 8. The tabernacle and ils utensils to be anointed, 9-11. Aaron and his sons to be washed, clothed, and anointed, 12–15. All these things are done accordingly, 16. The tabernacle is erected; and all its utensils, &c., placed in it on the first of the first month of the second year, 17-33. The cloud covers the tent, and the glory of the Lord fills the tabernacle, so thal even Moses is not able to enter, 34, 35. When they were to journey, the cloud was taken up; when to encamp, the cloud rested on the tabernacle, 36, 37. A cloud by day and a fire by night was upon the tabernacle, in the sight of all the Israelites, through the whole course of the journeyings, 38. 6. M: AND the Lord spake - unto the testimony, and cover the ark A. M. 2014.

B, C. 1490. An. Exod. Isr. Moses, saying,

with the veil.

An. Exod. Isr. I. Tisri to Adar.

2 On the first day of the a first 4 And I thou shalt bring in the Tisri to Adar. month shalt thou set up the tabernacle of table, and set in order 'the things that are to the tent of the congregation.

be set in order upon it; & and thou shalt bring 3 And thou shalt put therein the ark of in the candlestick, and light the lamps thereof. a Chap. xii. 2 ; xiii, 4.- Lb Ver, 17; ch. xxvi, 1, 30.- Ver. Ver. 23; chapter xxv. 30; Lev, xxiv. 5, 6. Heb. the order 21 ; chap. xxvi. 33; Num. iv. 5. d Ver. 22; ch. xxvi. 35.

thereof. -6 Ver. 24, 25. NOTES ON CHAP. XL.

days after they had left Egypt. Such a building, Verse 2. The first day of the first month] It is with such a profusion of curious and costly workmangenerally supposed that the Israelites began the work ship, was never gof up in so short a time. But it was of the tabernacle about the sixth month after they had the work of the Lord, and the people did service as left Egypt; and as the work was finished about the unto the Lord; for the people had a mind to work. end of the first year of their exodus, (for it was set Verse 4. Thou shalt bring in the table, and set in up the first day of the second year,) that therefore order the things, fc.] That is, Thou shalt place the they had spent about six months in making it : so that twelve loaves upon the table in the order before menr the tabernacle was erected one year aļl but fifteen ' tioned, See the note on chap. xxv. 30,

A. M. 2514.
B. C. 1490.

The tabernacle is erected,


and its utensils placed in it. A. M. 2514. 5 h And thou shalt set the altar 15 And thou shalt anoint them,

B. C. 1490.
An. Exod. Isr. 1. of gold for the incense before the as thou didst anoint their father, An. Exod. Isr. 1.
Tisri to Adar.

Tisri to Adar. ark of the testimony, and put the that they may minister unto me hanging of the door to the tabernacle... in the priest's office : for their anointing shall

6. And thou shalt set the altar of the burnt- surely be. P an everlasting priesthood throughoffering before the door of the tabernacle of out their generations. the tent of the congregation.

16 Thus did Moses : according to all that 9 And i thou shalt set the laver between the the LORD commanded him, so did he. tent of the congregation and the altar, and 17 And it came to pass in the A. M. 2514.

B. C. 1490. shalt put water therein.

first month in the second year, on An. Exod. Isr. 2. 8 And thou shalt shut up the court round about, the first day of the month, that Abib or Nisan. and hang up the hanging at the court gate. the a tabernacle was reared up.

9 And thou shalt take the anointing oil, and 18 And Moses reared up the tabernacle, and * anoint the tabernacle, and all that is therein, fastened his sockets, and set up the boards and shalt hallow it, and all the vessels thereof: thereof, and put in the bars thereof, and reared and it shall be holy:

up his pillars. -- 10 And thou shalt anoint the altar of the burnt- 19 And he spread abroad the tent over the offering, and all his vessels, and sanctify the tabernacle, and put the covering of the tent altar : and it shall be an altar m most holy. above upon it; as the LORD commanded Moses.

11 And thou shalt anoint the laver and his 20 And he took and put the testimony into foot, and sanctify it.

the ark, and set the staves on the ark, and put 12 6 And thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons the mercy-seat above upon the ark : unto the door of the tabernacle of the congré- 21 And he brought the ark into the tabernagation, and wash them with water.

cle, and set up the veil of the covering, and 13 And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy covered the ark of the testimony'; 'as the LORD garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; commanded Moscs. that he may minister unto me in the priest's 22 · And he put the table in the tent of the office.

congregation, upon the side of the tabernacle 14 And thou shalt bring his sons, and clothe northward without the veil. them with coats

23 a And he set the bread in order upon it

Verse 26.-i Ver. 30; chap. xxx. 18. Chap. xxx. 26. • Chap. xxviii. 41. P Num. xxv. 13, Ver. 1 ; Num. vii. 'Chap. xxix. 36, 37.- um Heb. holiness of holinesses.- n Lev. 1.-r Chap. xxv. 16. Chap, xxvi. 33; xxxv. 12.viii. 1-13.

xxvi. 35. Ver. 4.

- Chap

Verse 15. For their anointing shall surely be an priests ceased from that period also : and why? Beeverlasting priesthood ] . By this anointing a right cause the true priest and the true sacrifice were come, was given to Aaron and his family to be high priests and the types of course were no longer necessary after among the Jews for ever ; so that all who should be the manifestation of the antilype. born of this family should have a right to the priest- Verse 19. He spread abroad the tent over the taberhood without the repetition of this unctions as they naele. By the lent, in this and several other places, should enjoy this honour in their father's right, who we are to understand the coverings made of rams' had it by a particular grant from God. But it appears skins, goats' hair, &c., which were thrown over the that the high priest, on his consecration, did receive building ; for the tabernacle had no other kind of roof. the holy unction ; see Lev. iv. 3 ; vi. 22 ; xxi. 10. Verse 20. And put the testimony into the ark] That And this continued till the destruction of the first tem- is, the two tables on which the ten commandments had ple, and the Babylonish captivity; and according to been written. See chap. xxv. 16. The ark, the golden Eusebius, Cyril of Jerusalem, and others, this custom table with the shew-bread, the golden candlestick, and continued among the Jews to the advent of our Lord, the golden altar of incense, were all in the tabernacle, after which there is no evidence it was ever practised. within the veil or curtains, which served as a door, ver. See Calmet's note on chap. xxix. 7. The Jewish high 22, 24, 26. And the altar of burnt-offering was by, priest was a type of Him who is called the high priest the door, ver. 29. And the brazen laver, between the over the house of God, Heb. x. 21; and when he came, tent of the congregation and the brazen altar, ver. 30; the functions of the other necessarily ceased. This still farther outward, that it might be the first thing case is worthy of observation. The Jewish sacrifices the priests met with when entering into the court to were never resumed after the destruction of their city minister, as their hands and feet must be washed beand temple, for they hold it unlawful to sacrifice any. fore they could perform any part of the holy service, where out of Jerusalem ; and the unction of their high / ver. 31, 32. When all these things were thús placed,

B. C. 1490.

The Divine glory


fills the tabernacle. A. M. 2514. before the LORD; as the LORD gregation, and when they came A. M. 2514.

B. C. 1490. An. Exod. Isr. 2. had commanded Moses. near unto the altar, they wash- An. Exod. Isr: 2. Abib or Nisan.

24 ' And he put the candle-ed; d as the LORD commanded Abib or Nisan. stick in the tent of the congregation, over Moses. against the table, on the side of the tabernacle 33 And he reared up the court round about southward.

the tabernacle and the altar, and set up the 25 And whe lighted the lamps before the hanging of the court gate. So Moses finishLord; as the Lord commanded Moses. ed the work.

26 * And he put the golden altar in the tent 34 ? Then a cloud covered the tent of the of the congregation before the veil :

congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled 27 y And he burnt sweet incense thereon; as the tabernacle. the LORD commanded Moses.

35 And Moses 8 was not able to enter into 29 ? And he set up the hanging at the door the tent of the congregation, because the cloud of the tabernacle.

abode thereon; and the glory of the LORD 29 « And he put the altar of burnt-offering filled the tabernacle. by the door of the tabernacle of the tent of 36 h And when the cloud was taken up from the congregation, and offered upon it the over the tabernacle, the children of Israel i went burnt-offering and the meat-offering; as the onward in all their journeys : LORD commanded Moses.

37 But if the cloud were not taken up, 30 . And he set the laver between the tent then they journeyed not till the day that it of the congregation and the altar, and put was taken up. water there, to wash withal.

38 For the cloud of the LORD was upon 31 And Moses, and Aaron, and his sons, the tabernacle by day, and fire was on it by washed their hands and their feet thereat: night, in the sight of all the house of Israel, 32 When they went into the tent of the con- throughout all their journeys. Chap. xxvi. 35.

Ver. 4; chap: xxx. 37; Verse 5; 2 Chron. v. 13 ; vii. 2; Isa. vi. 4 ;' Hag. ii. 7, 9; Rev. xv. 8. chap. xxx. 6. -- Chap. xxx. 7. -2 Ver. 5; chapter xxvi. 36. a Ver. 6.

Num. it. Lev. xvi. 2; 1 Kings viii. 11; 2 Chron. v. 14. b Chap. xxix. 38, &c.- Ver. 7; chapter xxx. 18.

Li Heb. journeyed.

- Chap. Chap. xxx. 19, 20.

17; x. 11; Neh.ix. 19.

Num. ix. 19–22. - Ver. 8; chap. xxvii. 9, 16. xxix. 43 ; Lev. xvi. 2; Numbers ix. '15; 1 Kings viii. 10, 11: Chap. xiii. 21 ; Num. ix. 15. then the court that surrounded the tabernacle, which explained in the notes on chap. xiii. 21, to which, as consisted of posts and hangings, was set up, ver. 33. wel} as to the general remarks on that chapter, the

Verse 34. Then a cloud covered the tent] Thus reader is requested immediately to refer.. God

gave his approbation of the work; and as thís was Verse 38. For the cloud of the Lord was upon the visible, so it was a sign to all the people that Jehovah tabernacle by day) This daily and nightly appearance was among them.

was at once both a merciful providence, and a demonAnd the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.) strative proof of the Divinity of their religion : and How this was manifested we cannot tell ; it was pro- these tokens continued with them throughout all their bably by some light or brightness which was insuffer-journeys; for, notwithstanding their frequently reable to the sight, for Moses himself could not enter in peated disobedience and rebellion, God never withdrew because of the cloud and the glory, ver. 35. Precisely these tokens of his presence from them, till they were the same happened when Solomon had dedicated his brought into the promised land. When, therefore, the temple ; for it is said that the cloud filled the house of tabernacle became fired, because the Israelites had the Lord, so that the priests could not stand to minister obtained their inheritance, this mark of the Divine prebecause of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had sence was no longer visible in the sight of all Israel, filled the house of the Lord; 1 Kings viii. 10, 11. but appears to have been confined to the holy of hoPreviously to this the cloud of the Divine glory had lies, where it had its fixed residence upon the mercyrested upon that tent or tabernacle whích Moses had seat between the cherubim; and in this place contipitched without the camp, after the transgression in nued till the first temple was destroyed, after which the matter of the molten calf; but now the cloud re- it was no more seen in Israel till God was manifested moved from that tabernacle and rested upon this one, in the flesh, which was made by the command and under the direction of God himself. And there is reason to believe As in the book of GENESIS we have God's own that this tabernacle was pitched in the centre of the account of the commencement of the WORLD, the camp, all the twelve tribes pitching their different tents origin of nations, and the peopling of the earth ; "50 in a certain order around it.

in the book of EXODUS we have an account, from Verse 36. When the cloud was taken up] The the same source of infallible truth, of the commencesubject of these three last verses has been very largely I ment of the Jewish CHURCH, and the means used by



Concluding observations.


Masoretic notes. the endless mercy of God to propagate and continue former case, by the words in the original with which his pure and undefiled religion in the earth, against they commence. I shall point these out' as in the which neither human nor diabolic power or policy have former, carrying the enumeration from Genesis. ever been able to prevail! The preservation of this The THIRTEENTH section, called nisu shemoth, bereligion, which has ever. been opposed by the great gins Exod. i. 1, and ends chap. vi. 1. mass of mankind, is a standing proof of its Divinity. The FOURTEENH, called xixi vaera, begins chap. vi. As it has ever been in hostility against the corrupt 2, and ends chap. ix. 35. passions of men, testifying against the world that its The FIFTEENTH, called a bo, begins chap. x. 1, and deeds were evil, these passions have ever been in hos- ends chap. xiii. 16. tility to it. Cunning and learned men have argued to The sixteenth, called mboo beshallach, begins render its authority dubious, and its tendency suspi- chap. xiii. 17, and ends chap. xvii. 16. cious; whole states and empires have exerted them- The sevENTEENTH, called on yithro, begins chap. selves to the uttermost to oppress and destroy it; and xviii. 1, and ends chap. xx. 26. its professed friends, by their conduct, have often be- The EIGHTEENTH, called d'obvy mishpatim, begins trayed it: yet librata ponderibus suis, supported by chap. xxi. 1, and ends chap. xxiv. 18. the arm of God and its own intrinsic excellence, it The NINETEENTH, called on terumah, begins lives and flourishes; and the river that makes glad chap. xxv. 2, and ends chap. xxvii. 19. the city of God has run down with the tide of time The-TWENTIETH, called 7718n-tetsavveh, begins chap. 5800 years, and is running on with a more copious xxvii. 20, and ends chap. xxx. 10. and diffusive current,

The TWENTY-FIRST, called run tissa, begins chap. Labitur, et labetur in omne volubilis ævum.

xxx. 11, and ends chap. xxxiv. 35.
The twenty-second, called Sap" raiyakhel

, begins “ Still glides the river, and will ever glide." chap. xxxv. 1, and ends chap. xxxviii. 20. We have seen how, by the miraculous cloud, all the

The TWENTY-THIRD, called 'tipo pekudey, begins movements of the Israelites were directed. They

chap. xxxviii. 21, and ends ehap. xl. 38. struck or pitched their tents, as it removed or became

It will at once appear to the reader that these sec

tions have their technical names from some remarkable stationary. Every thing that concerned them was under the direction and management of God. But

word, either in the first or second verse of their comthese things happened unto them for ensamples; and

mencement. it is evident, from Isa. iv. 5, that all these things typi

MASORETIC Notes on Exodus. fied the presence and influence of God in his Church, and in the souls of his followers. His Church can Number of yersEŞ in Veelleh shemoth, (Exodus,) possess no sanctifying knowledge, no quickening power 1209. but from the presence and influence of his Spirit. By The symbol of this number is mg; aleph dethis influence all his followers are taught, enlightened, noting 1000, 7 resh 200, and Ò teth 9. led, quickened, purified, and built up on their most The middle verse is ver. 28 of chap. xxi. : Thou holy faith ; and without the indwelling of his Spirit, shall not revile God, nor curse the ruler of thy people. light, life, and salvation are impossible. These Divine Its parashioth, or larger sections, are 11. The syminfluences are necessary, not only for a time, but bol of this is the word "x ei, Isa. Ixvi. 1: Where is through all our journeys, ver. 38; through every the house that ye will build unto me? In which x changing scene of providence, and through every step aleph stands for 1, and 'yod for 10. in life. And these the followers of Christ are to pos- Its sedarim are 29. The symbol of which is taken sess, not by inference or inductive reasoning, but con- from Psa. xix. 3, 7ın yechavveh: Night unto night sciously. The influence is to be felt, and the fruits SHOWETH FORTH knowledge. In which word, ' yod of it to appear as fully as the cloud of the Lord by stands for 10, chcth for 8, i vau for 6, and 7 he for day, and the fire by night, appeared in the sight of all 5 ; amounting to 29. the use of Israel. Reader, hast thou this Spirit? Its pirkey, perakin, or present chapters, 40. The Are all thy goings and comings ordered by its conti- symbol of which is baha belibbo, taken from Psa. nual guidance? Does Christ, who was represented xxxvii. 31: The law of God is IN HIS HEART. In this by this tabernacle, and in whom dwelt all the fulness word, a beth stands for 2, 5 lamed for 30, a beth for of the Godhead bodily, dwell in thy heart by faith? 2, and i vau for 6; amounting to 40. If not, call upon God for that blessing which, for the The open sections are 69. The close sections are sake of his Son, he is ever disposed to impart; then 95. Total 164. The symbol of which is 77yd* yisashalt thou be glorious, and on all thy glory there shall decha, from Psa. xx. 2 : STRENGTHEN THEE out of be a defence. Amen, Amen.

Zion. In which numerical word yain stands for 70, On the ancient division of the law into fifty-four o samech for 60, 7 caph for 20, 'yod for 10, and 7 dasections, see the notes at the end of Genesis. Of leth for 4; making together 164. these fifty-four sections Genesis contains twelve ; and Number of words, 16513; of letters, 63487. the commencement and ending of each has been marked But on these subjects, important to some, and triin the note already referred to. Of these sections fling to others, see what is said in the concluding note Exodus contains eleven, all denominated, as in the l on GENESIS.


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