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Hours from ten till three. Any the late distress among big numerous tenan. one finding a child, and immediately sending try at Wicklow, Ireland, not only distribua description of it, may, (though miles from ted large sums among them, bui sent fifty London) through this medium in a very tons of American floor, which were sold at short time communicate with its parents, Cork-rice and oatmeal purchased with the who will naturally send as above the mo. proceeds, and this vended to the poorest of ment the child is lost.

them at low prices. The Liverpool mail was lately robbed of

THE KING'S FEALTH, a box, consigned from Messrs. Barnard and

Windsor Castle, Aug. 2. Moseley in Liverpool, to Alderman Good. behere in London, containing guideas, dub

“ His Majesty has been generally in loons, and dollars, to the amount of 600!.

gond health, and tranquil spirits during this Lately, as three men employed on the

last month, though, perhaps, less uniformly new works carrying on at Sheerness dock.

than for some months preceding, his Majese yard, were descending in the diving bell, ty’s disorder has suffered no alteration. some accident occurred, and the signal to

“ HENRY HALFORD, be drawn up not being understood by the

“ M. BAILLIE, men above, two out of the three were un

" W, BEBERDEN, fortunately drowned; the one who was

“ R. WILLIS." saved made his escape from under the bell, French papers state, an English frigate which the others were unable to effect; as has arrived at Leghorn to take on board five soon as recovered the bodies were taken to millions of francs, sent by the King of Sarthe surgery, and means used to restore ani. dinia to re-imburse us for expenses of the mation, but unhappily without effect.

Jate war. A practice having prevailed with the Young Bernadotte (called Prince Os. masters of vessels of purchasing fish on the wald) appointed Viceroy of Norway, coast of France, with which they supply where he is to reside, the London market, to the manifest injury Lord Stewart, attended by his Secretary, of British fishermen, the Board of Customs arrived in London from Vieona, on Sunhave signified their determination to take day. legal steps against the importers, who are Recent accounts from India intimate the liable to a penalty of 1001, for every much probability of another

Mahratta war. offence, and against the masters of the im Facilities afforded by Sciodeah to the aggresporting vessels, who are liable to a penalty sions of the Pindarries, the alledged cause of 501.

of the contemplated hostilities. Sir Home Popham, Colonel M’Dovald, Mr. Shield appointed master of his Ma. Capt. Marryat, R. N. and Mr.Conolly, have jesty's band of musicians, vice Sir W. Parseverally determined to submit their mer. sons, deceased. cantile Telegraphic Codes to the public, The triuls of the deluded men who were The latter holds it possible to communis engaged in the Yorkshire insurrection of cate with proportionate symbols, from St. the 8th of June, have terminated in the George's, or Mount Windam, in the island acquittal of the whole. On Friday six of of Bermudit, with the signal stations in them were tried at the York Assizes, on a Ireland. The proposed symbols are acta. charge of burglariously taking fire-arms ally going out in his Majesty's sbip Forth, from a house in the road to Huddersfield. to prove them at that distance.

The evidence of the witnesses against them The Dey of Tripoli has presented the did not satisfy the jury of their guilt, and Prince Regent with such remains of anti- they accordingly found a verdict of acquity as are ipoveable at Lebyda, which is quittal. On Saturday four more, who were famous for being the site of Carthage. The supposed to be leaders of the mob, were Weymouth storeship, Mr. Turner command- put upon their trial, and also acquitted. ing, is now op her voyage thither, for the They were technically charged with being purpose of receiving and carrying to Eng. present, counselling, aiding and assisting, a jand those ancient monuments which are person unknown, in firing a loaded gun at represented as highly curious, and illustra Mr. David Alexander, one of the Hud. tive of that once splendid capital. It is dersfield cavalry, at Folly Hall Bridge, stated that the Dey has offered protection, near Huddersfield, on the night of the 8th as far as his authority extends, 10 any Euro of Jone Jast," pean who is willing to attempt the journey The Spanish General, Lary, whose fate has from Tripoli to Tombucioo.

excited so much interest, was shot at four A representation made to ministry by o'clock in the morning of the 5th iostant, a Spanish Ambassador, of British Ollicerg immediately on his arrival in the island of having joined the patriot cause. --Lord Majorca. Casılereagh disavows any countenance of The Minerva arrived off the Isle of Wight, them by Government, intimating that if spoke a ship off the Cape, on the 27th of taken they would be left to their fate. May, for Botany Bay, with convicts that

A most munificent act lately recorded of sailed from England on the 17th of March, Earl Fitzwilliam-the noble Earl, during The convicts bad attempted to take porer:


sion of the ship, when about 20 of them general, bad success ; only know of five were shot, and the remainder subdued. tish, besides seals, being caught by them, of

Lately, as Lord Castlereagh was playing which he had three." with a favorite dog of bis Jady's, at their The Report of the Committee of the seat at Foot's Cray, in Kent, the acimal bit House of Lords on the Poor Laws has been his hand, which becaine so much inflamed, prioted. The Committee advert in the first that Dr. Bankhead was sent for ;-his lord instance to the Statues connected with the ship continues at Foot's Cray, and bis ac subject from the 23d of Edward I (1. down cident appears to have been very serious. to the 430 of Elizabeth; and after a numThe sinews of the first and second fingers ber of remarks on the various provisions of have been divided by the animal's those Statutes, and on the different circum. teeth, and the first articulation, with the stances of the times in which they were nail of the first finger upon it, are nearly enacted, they proceed to state the great separated. There is an extensive lacera. increase in the Poor rates, and the causes to tion in the hand besides. His lordship was which it appears to be mainly attributable. in the act of preventing the dog from But the most important part of the Report attacking another dog, when it bit him. is that which contains various suggestions

By letters received from India to the 25th for the mitigation of the evil. They are 10 of February, we learn, that a considerable the following effect:-movement pervades the Native Powers That an alieration should be made in the throughout the north-eastern parts of the law of settlements, by providing, that every Peoinsula, and that the Pindarees, amount person resident for three years in any parish ing to nearly 80,000 in number, were in the without being chargeable (and who bas field. A detachment of these marauders been employed during the above period last year traversed the whole of India ; but in the said parish) shall obtain a settlement, it was at length fallen in with, and totally That, in case that recommendation sbould routed, by the company's cavalry, under be adopted by the Legislature, no person Major Lusbington, as detailed in former should acquire a settlement by hiring and dispatches.

service, or by apprenticeship. That no Charleston papers to the 1st of July have settlement should be acquired in any parish arrived, of which the following are by renting a tenement, unless it shall consist tracts:

of a house or land, or of a house with land, (From the Charleston City Gazette, of and shall be held onder one landlord, and in June 27.)

the same parish, at an annual bona fide rent By the British schooner Henry and Robert of twenty pounds, and for not less than Tedder, five days from Nassau, we are one year. That a power should be given informed, that a sbort time before he sailed to remove to their respective homes, persons a privateer brig, under the Cathagenian belonging to counties not within the operafag, was wrecked upon Cape Florida ; tion of the poor laws, who shall become the crew,

with about 140,000 dollars chargeable to any parish. That perinanert in specie, were saved by the Providence overseers and surveyors of the highways, wreckers, and broughi io Nassau, The with salaries, should be appointed ; and Government ordered them to be arrested as a power given to parishes, in certain cases, pirates, when a part of the privateers'-meo to occupy land with a view to the employseized upon a small wrecky vessel (the ment of the poor. That the right of voting Venus), put the specie on board her, and at vestries should be regulated according to eflected their escape.

The remainder, the proportion in which the individual about 18 or 20 in number, were committed is assessed to the Poor Rates. That regular to jeil, and their trial was going on when and periodical returns should be made to the the Henry and Robert sailed. The first Magistrales of Counties, of the state of lieutenant was a resident of Nassau, and every parish in respect to the management was among the number that made their

of the rates imposed for the relief of the escape.

poor, and the employment and relief of A letter has been received at Liverpool, those who are entitled to the care and attenfrom Hamburgh, announcing the loss of tion of the Overseers. That the adoption of four Greenlandmen; the crewys of whichi Saving Banks should be encouraged, as were however, savell. The following is an tending to increase the comforts and imextract of a letter from Mr. W. Bell, of prove the condition of the poor, and to Hamburgh, dared the 18th of July:-" Our render rhein less dependent on parochial refirst ship, the Emma, H. H. Carl, master, lief. That all persons of weight and influhas just arrived from Greenland. Her news ence throughout the country should be imis (of the 5th of July, when she was in lat. pressed with the great importance of a just, 72) that the Lion of Liverpool, the Dundee correct, and vigilant administration of the or Dauntless, of London, and two other laws relatiog to the poor. The Committed English vessels (one of them a brig), names, conclude by observing, that the advanced &c. unknown, are lost; crews saved. A period of the Session will of course pre. small brig, probably from Hull, on her clude the possibility of any immediate al. voyage fione, full. The German vessels, in teration in the present laws; but that tbey

consider this an advantageous circumstance, for Brussells, he visited the Chartereuse and as it will afford more time for deliberation the citadel. His Grace examined the plan, on a subject of such national importance. for the fortifications to be erected on the

• The Hon. Eden, son of Lord Hen- mountain of the Chartereuse, and as he ap-, ley, and grandson of the Lord Chancellor, proved of it, it is supposed these works will Northington, is appointed a Coinmissioner be soon begun. On the 3d his Grace left of Bankrupts, vice Mr. Courtenay, apo Brussels to proceed to Ghent, and thence lo pointed a Master in Chancery.

Ath, a fortress of the second rate, which is A vast number of forged notes of one fortifying with the greatest care, and which, porod are in circulation ; so many have is included in the system of defence adopted been taken at the box and pit doors of the for the southern provinces of the kingdom, English Opera House, ibat the proprietor because it forms a central point in the line.. has been under the necessity of requesting The Duke will be at the head quarters of the Investigators of the Bank to permit their the Prussian army at Sedap by the 15th of inspectors to attend.

this mouth. His Majesty the King of Prus. The ship, Two Friends, sailed on Friday sia being expected there on the 13tb, all the night from Porismouth, with upwards of Prussian troops are already in motion for, 100 volunteer officers to join the Indepen- the great review which is preparing. Seseo dent cause in South America. Many of ral French refugees, who were at Brusselse, them are natives and residents of Ports. have received orders to quit the kiogdom, mouth, Portsea, and Gosport. A facility though they are not included in the ordiwas afforded to young men desirous of serv. nances issued by the King of France. It is ing in this cause, from General Menzies, the knowo that those who are included in thrm agent of the Republic at Venezuela, having have also received orders to quit oor terriarrived at Portsmouth in the course of the tories before the 15th of this month. These week. Those gone have served in all classes extraordinary measnres give rise to various -army, navy, and marines. The ship lias conjectures. 10,000 stand of arms, 10 000 muskets, aod The French papers during the week, con10,000 cutlasses, on board. She is cleared tain oo news of consequence. The funds, out for St. Thomas's.

continue to look up. It appears that the late Duke of North Kerry Assizes adjourned, a mortality pre.. umberland died intestate. His Grace, cer vailing in Tralee, the county towa, by tainly, previous to his last moments, gave wbich three die daily. away large sums of money: to two persoas Eighe convicts at Norwich, and all rein humble life he presented 5,0001, each, prieved. and thus avoided the legacy duty of 5001. At Maidstone, two out of 24 left for exeon each. In ready money, the Duke is said cution; viz. George Siggins, for a detestable to have left 1,300,0001.

crime, and William Morgan, for cruelly BRUSSELS, Aug. 2.- His Highpess the beating and robbiog Jane Nishet. Prince of Waterloo, Duke of Wellington, At York, Isaac Bradshaw, for rape, was after having visited the banks of the Meuse, left to suffer. arrived yesterday afternoon in this city, by Number of barristers at Chelinsford Asa the way of Louveine. There have also ar. sizes, exceeded 40; the causes only 13. rived Lord Richard Treoch, son of Lord Egham races begin the 2016 ; much spart Clancarty, the British Ambassador, coming anticipated; Prince Leopold among the from London; Mr. Hill, from Paris, with subscribers. despatches for his Excellency the Ainbassa Hop plantations io Sussex, declared to be dor: Madame la Maréchale Soult, Duchess improving. of Dalmatia, on her w:ty from Paris to Mr. While, of Fordington, Dear Wey. Germany with her family and suite ; and mouth, has contracted to supply superfine many English officers and gentlemen from Bour 60s. per sack, for twelve months, from Paris to London.

Ist of August. Letters from Constantinople announce, Mrs. Billington is said to have departed that there has been laiply concluded, under with her hushand, M. Falli-sant, for their the piediative of England, a convention be estate near Venice. tween Turkey and the Pope, by virtue of Madame Catalini has terminated her which the Christians will enjoy in Turkey wanderings and fixed herself at Paris. more liberty. According to the said letter, Pyne, the singer of Drury Lane, going to a printing office has heen established at Con Italy, with a view to improvement under stantinople, under the direction of ao Jiali.

pative masters, an, in which several works in Italian, Royal Sovereign and Royal George yachts Frencli, and Latin, have been already

sailed for Brighton. printed.

Tiber frigate, Captain Dacres, also to On the Ist instant, the Duke of Welling. cruise off there to attend the Regent. ton arrived at Liege, with his Aides-de. Lord Strangford, the newly appointed camp Colonels Burgh, Percy, and Jones, British Minister to Stockholm, arrived safely and Mr. Kraenhoff, inspector of fortifica. in Sweden. tions. The next morning, before be set out The laws relating to military service are

Darrying into exeeution at Berlin with the magnitude, wbich were to act as occasion greatest rigour. All those liable to serve in might require. the Landwehr are placed, without distinc A private letter states, on the alleged anthn. tion, in the first and second class.

rity of direct intelligence from Vienna, that It is said, a conspiracy has been develop a treaty had been signed there, on the 7th of ed at Constantinople, in which the Janissa. May, between the courts of Madrid and Peries were to bave been the chief actors. The tersburgh, by which Russia had engaged 10 Divan has received, up to the eod of June, furnish Spain with five ships of the line, four the most flattering reports upon the state of frigates, and 16,000 troops, to accomplish afairs in Asia. The provinces, where the

the submission of the South American Colofire of sedition was just blazing forth, have nies, for which she was to receive as an inalso been appeased.

demnity Minorca and the two Californias. We hare abstaioed from remarking on a It is added, that the squadron and the trans. vague report which has however found some ports are all ready in the port of Sebastopal, couotenance from the foreign papers re.

in the Crimea, but that the Ottoman Porte ceived both on Friday and yesterday; and refuses to allow their passage through the it is, that Russia, in her cold and remote ca Bosphorus, in spite of the pressing imporpital, has felt so warmly for the affairs of tunities of Count Stroganoff, Ambassador Spain and the Spanish colonies, that ander a from Russia to Constantinople. public arrangement she has engaged to fur. Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold nish a powerful naval and military arma live quite retired and domestic, at Clarement for the subjugation of tbe insurgent mont, constantly manifesting liberality and provinces in South America. This story, kindness among the neighbouring poor. idle and romantic as it is, had a considera Lord Amherst and suite at length arrived ble effect on the Stock Exchange, and the in Eogland, from China. Cæsar, a ship variation in consequence in the market was taken up on purpose at Batavia, brought hings Dearly one per cent; the prices commenced Lordship to Spithead August 17, together at 80% in consols for the account, and closed with Captain Maxwell, and officers and as low as 79£. It is on this account, and crew of his Majesty's late ship Alcescothis account only, that the rumour received touched at St. Helena, and the whole party our notice ; for no person connected with introduced to Napoleon. the Baltic trade, and especially with the Ist battalion 66th bad arrived at St. HeEastern Baltic, suppose that it merits the Jena, to replace 530, coming home. least attention whatever. Russia is in no Las Casas continued at the Cape, waiting condition to advance money, in order to

letters from Europe. folól any such engagements, and Spain is 21st Dragoons ordered from the Cape to least of all capable of supplying funds to

India. Alexander, to assist in any such design. The Regnault D'Angely, one of Boney's forExchange of St. Petersburgh has remained mer Ministers, gone mad in America, and a is a condition that has disappointed all the statute of lunacy taken out against him at speculations of those evho calculated on its New York. advance ; and the persons who deposited Rigorous orders given to drive French * their money in the Russian Bank, in the in- Bonapartists out of the Netherlands, Cams dulgence of the Nattering hope of its in baceres and the artise David only excepled, provement, enjoy.none of the promised ad American papers arrived-bring accounts vantages, and are getting their money home that all the Independent Chiefs of Spanish by every expedient which avarice and in provinces of Venezucia met March %, at genuity can contrive. It is acknou ledged Cariaco, on the Main, where they formula in the Official Ukase, published under the Congress and Representative Federal GoImperial name, that the Loan which is vernment, putting General Bolivar and Don sought by the Russian Minisier of Finance, Fernando Toro at its head. and indeed with little prospect of success,

Bolivar and Marino were reinstated in is not to be contracted with any view of command of the armies, foreigo enterprizes, and least of all to trans Briou to be Adiniral of the Venezuelan Atlantic experiments, but, if possible, love- squadron. store the expiring credit of the Russian pa Proclamations issued to encourage resist per, which in its present state, threatens ihe ance of the people, and also a decree, change utler annihilation of the national coufidence ing the name of the island of Margarita into in the public engagements.

that of New Sparta, in consequence of the Letters received from Cadiz to the 25th heroic conduct of its inhabitants. nit. mention that the Spaniards had carried City of Assumption, the capital of that ito effect their intentions with refercure to island, to be the present seat of Government. the maritine depredations against their flag. Captors of St. Eustatia, on the 31 July, The Diana Spanish frigare sailed from 1781 (under the late George Rodney and thence on a cruize against the Insurgent pri. General Vaughan), will be pleased to hear tateers, which had not of late however been that Greenwich Rospital has received troublesome as heretofore: she had under 20.0001, for thein, which will be distributed

command several other ships of inferior ainong the claimants. Europ. Mag. Pol LXXII. Aug. 1811.

2 A

BIRTIIS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, Robert Carr.-In his 45th year, Mr. William IN THE EAST INDIES.

Peters.-John George, the infant son of MADRAS.

Mr. Jonathan Thompson.-Al Ganjam, Mr.

assistant-surgeon Rile, of the medical esMarriages.--At St. Mary's church, the tablislıment at this Presidency. Rev. W. A. Keating, M.A. chapiain to the

BENGAL, garrison of Port St. George, to Margaret Marriages. --A! the Kirk sessions, m. Wray, third daughter of Thomas Lewis, Simpson, of Bellecouchee, Esq. to Miss Esq. of Dean Lodge, Ealing, Middlesex. Elizabeth Bryant, youngest daughter of the Lieutenant Acheson French, of his Majesty's late James Bryant, Esq.-At St. John's 80th regiinent, to Miss Maria Aradosn Cathedral, Captain Wm. George Graham, Bower, youngest daughter of Mr. P. to Miss Eliza Sophia Horn. Bower, of St. Thomé.

Deaths.- The lady of Thomas Ross Dent, Births. The lady of Major Dickson, Esq. Coroner of Calculia.- Anastatius C.B. 6th regiment light cavalry, of a son. Jolin, Esq. a Greek merchant, aged 55 The lady of W. Cooke, Esq. of a son. - The years. Jady of John Douglas White, E-q. of a

BOMBAY. daughter. - At Cochin, the lady of Captain Birth.- Al Girgaon, the lady of Captain H. C. Harvey, of the 20 baltalion 19.h Egan, Marine ballalion, of a son, regiment, of a son.-At Birhampore, the Deaths.- Robert Stephen Kitson, Esq.Jady of lieutenant-colonel Steele, 2d regi. Mr. John Barretto, aged 31 years.- At ment, of a daughter.-At Cuddalore, Mrs. Colabah, Elizabeth, danghter of Captain Cockburn, of a son.

Lodwick, Marine battalion. Deaths.-At the Presidency, George Ilay,

PENANG, Esq, of the house of Messre. Hunter, Hay Marriages.-- At Penang, C. W. H. Wright, and Co.-Eliza Harriell, infant daughter Esq. Deputy master-attendant, to Mies Stew. of lieutenant Darling, of his Majesty's 30th art, eldest daughter of Caplaiu Samuel regiment.-Mrs. Caroline Carr, wife of Mr. Stewart, of that place.

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ATELY, at Stoke-upon-Trepi, M. A. Joseph Ilutton, of Walthamstow, to Miss

S. Carroll, Esq. late of the 3d Dragoon Holt, of Nottingham. Guards, to Louisa Wilmot Heathcote, dangh 24. At Leyton, the Rev. N. Cotton, Rec. ter of Sir John Edenser Heathcote, Kulgit, tor of Thorsby, to Chariotte, daughter of of Longton Hall, Staffor«Ishire.

Joseph Cotton, Esq. Deputy Master of the March 24. At Madras, the Rev. W. A. Trinity House. Keeting, M.A. senior chaplain to the garri 20. Captain William Johnson Campbell, son of Fort St. George, to Margare: Wray, son of the late Lieutenant-General Colin daughter of Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Ealing, Campbell, to Anna Marin, only daughter Middlesex.

of the late Sir Francis Vincent, Bart, of JULY 8. Henry Topcon, Esq. of Black. Sroke D'Aberdon, Surrey, and formerly his bank, Yorkshire, to Miss Jesse (irant, third Mjesty's Minister to the Republic of Venice. daughter of Sir Charles Archibald Grant, 30. Arthur Cuthbert Marsli, Esq. son of Bart, of Money Muck.

W. Marsh, Esq. of Knightsbridge, io Anne, 19. Mr. Thomas Wortner, of Islington, daughter of James Caldwell, Exq. of Linto Miss Barrett, of Protonville.

Jey Woorl, Staffordshire, 24. At St. Mary's, Islingloo, the Rer. Aug. 6. At Queen-square Chapel, Lath,

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